Becoming Hers Ch. 05

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Karen tried to be nice to Alex over the next week. She hadn’t planned on an extra week in chastity, and she knew it would be tough. Of course, she still expected him to meet her at the door when she got home, and she still wanted her foot rubs. It wasn’t her fault that Alex kept kissing her feet and sucking on her toes. Sure, she made him get naked first, and she might have been using her feet to tease his cage while he worked. It was still his choice to moan like a little whore and suck on her toes. She had only asked for a foot rub!

Alex, for his part, couldn’t stop watching porn. He knew it would only end in frustration, but it was the closest he could get to gratification. He even started fingering his ass in the shower a bit. At first, it was uncomfortable and humiliating, but the hornier he got the less he cared. By the end of the week, he was starting to enjoy it.

By Friday, Karen’s period was long since finished. It had been done a couple days, but she had big plans and wanted a weekend evening. Alex was borderline delirious with need, most of which was self-inflicted.

Karen couldn’t stop daydreaming at work, planning the ways she was going to make Alex beg and beg. She had worn a skirt that morning, and more than once found herself idly toying with her pussy. On the drive home, she was less bashful and rubbed herself at stoplights, leaving a noticeable wet spot on her panties.

When she opened the door, Alex was there waiting for her, as always. She really had gotten used to this! She pulled him in for a deep kiss and guided his hand up her skirt so he could feel how wet she was. Her bush had really filled in, and her pussy was soaked. Alex realized there was no pad, and immediately dropped to his knees to get a taste.

“No no, we’ll get there,” she said as she pushed him away and pulled her panties off. “Take off your clothes.”

Alex stripped down to just his cage. He was blushing, which never failed to turn Karen on. Her pussy was crying out for attention, but she had other priorities. She showed him the inside of her panties.

“Taste how much I was thinking of you.” she said.

Alex licked, relishing her lady juices. Karen pushed the panties into his mouth and led him upstairs.

Alex’s cock barely stirred in its cage — his mind was clearly elsewhere. He hadn’t tasted Karen in several days, and getting to smell and taste her was driving him wild with a different sort of need. Sure, he still wanted to cum, but all he could think about was getting between her legs and making her cum. He wanted be at her feet, kissing and caressing them, or between her legs lovingly lapping at her pussy, or kissing her ass as she laughed at him. It didn’t matter, he just needed to serve her however she wanted.

“You’re getting pretty stubbly down there, aren’t you?” Karen mocked him. “Go shave, and wash your cock. I can smell it from here.” She was right. The smell of two weeks of piss and sweat was unmistakable. He did his best to clean it, but the closed tube only ever got so clean.

“But, I don’t want to see that thing. Go clean up and put your cage back on like a good boy. When you come back, be sure to knock if the door is closed. It’s polite.” Karen said. Alex turned to leave.

“And don’t even think of playing with your cock! Take a cold shower if you have to, but don’t you dare.”

Alex took the key and did as he was told. It was nice to wash up, but it took a few tries to get the cage back on afterward. When it was finally in place and comfortable, he went to the bedroom door and knocked. Karen made him wait outside a couple minutes, wearing only his cage.

“Come in.” Karen called, eventually. Alex found her on the bed, still in her work clothes, staring at her tablet with one hand down the front of her skirt. He could hear people fucking.

Karen simply spread her legs without looking up. She was focused on the porn, so Alex climbed onto the bed and started by kissing her feet. Impatient, Karen kicked him away and pointed to her pussy.

Alex didn’t hesitate. He had been thinking of this since she came home and was finally getting what he needed. She was a lot hairier than the last time he had gone down on her, and he found he liked it. As he settled in, Karen flipped the skirt over his head so that all he could see was her pussy. Between the effect of her pubic hair and the enclosed space, the smell was intoxicating. He licked every inch of her pussy, savoring the taste. He had been dreaming about this for days and relished the moment.

Alex attacked Karen’s pussy with two and a half weeks of pent up frustration, but she put a hand on his head to slow him down.

“Mmmm, easy there. I don’t want to cum yet. Just take your time and make me feel good.” She said as the porn played in the background. Alex could hear some poor guy begging to cum. It sounded like he was in pain, and the way Karen ground her hips into his face told him how much she was enjoying it.

So, Alex slowed down and did his best to keep Karen going escort ankara without getting off quite yet. He sucked on her labia, kissed all around her mound, and even nuzzled the tuft of pubic hair above her vagina. He made out with her sex in every way he could think, and then did it all again and again while she watched porn. It was hot and humid under her skirt. The air felt close, making her pussy his entire world.

Karen was enjoying herself, too, lounging in bed watching porn while being serviced like a queen. She saw men begging to cum but denied, and other men milked. In particular, she liked the ones where the men lapped up their sticky mess. Every time she saw that, she could feel herself get closer to cumming. But, she didn’t. She took her time and luxuriated, watching porn and being serviced.

When she was ready, and a little concerned Alex’s tongue might fall off, Karen told him to make her cum. Alex obliged and shortly her body was convulsing in the throes of a massive orgasm. She grabbed Alex’s hair and ground his face into her pussy as she came.

Coming down from her orgasm, Karen had Alex lie in the middle of the bed. She took one of his arms and attached a cuff to his wrist, which she snapped into a restraint on the corner of the bed. Alex was surprised, but she shushed him as she did the same to his other wrist. She followed up cuffing his ankles together and tying that to the foot of the bed, leaving him in a T shape.

“I got us a new toy. I think you’ll like it!” She said cheerily as she tightened the straps. She took off the rest of her clothes and straddled him. He could feel the heat of her pussy against his constrained member as she kissed him, probing his mouth with her tongue.

“Now, let’s see what’s in here. I haven’t seen your cock in ages!” She kept up the cheery act as grabbed hold of his straining member. He felt the cage unlock and his cock started growing immediately. She watched it grow, pushing the tube up and laughing at the ludicrous scene. Getting the base ring off squeezed his balls painfully, but he was too distracted to care. Karen kissed him deeply and lowered herself onto his cock.

As soon as the tip was inside, she heard him catch his breath and felt his body tense. She stared him down as she lowered herself all the way, enjoying feeling full.

“I … I … I can’t…” Alex gasped.

“Oh hush, I know. Just let me enjoy it a minute.” Karen scolded as she sat on his cock. She was careful not to move around too much, but she did enjoy watching Alex squirm and feeling him twitch inside her. Alex held back with everything he had, gritting his teeth.

“Beg.” Karen said.

“Wuh?” Alex said, confused.

“Beg.” Karen repeated.

“Please, please may I cum!” Alex tried to fake begging. He was right on the edge, but it was all so fast he was too confused to be desperate.

“No silly,” she leaned in close, saying, “beg me to not make you cum right now and ruin it.”

“What?! No, no! Please, I don’t want to cum like that!” Alex begged, struggling to hold on.

“Oh? You don’t want to cum?” Karen asked innocently. “Well, that’s not a problem!” She slowly slid off, driving Alex right to the brink. She then turned around so her pussy was in his face, but just out of reach of his tongue.

“Well, if you can’t fuck, then what are we going to do?” She asked, slapping his rock-hard cock and laughing. Alex was silent, staring at her beautiful, bushy pussy.

“Well?” Karen pinched his nipple to get his attention.

“Uhh.. anything you want?” Alex stammered.

“That’s a good start, but dangerous.” Karen said as she sat back, covering Alex’s face with her pussy. She could feel him trying to lick desperately. “Hey! Not yet.” She tweaked his nipple again, and watched his cock twitch in response.

“If he needs a break, then we’ll give him a break.” Karen said, reaching for her tablet. She opened the porn she had been watching and hit play. Alex was treated to the sounds of some other guy begging for his release.

“Wow, it looks like this takes so much practice. Look at how he doesn’t cum.” Karen remarked. She leaned forward and started fondling Alex’s freshly shaven cock. “Let me know when you get close,” she said.

It didn’t take long before Alex was squirming and begging her to stop.

“Good boy! You can lick me, but be gentle.” Karen said as she sat back on his face, hitting play. The guy in the video was whimpering as his domme teased him mercilessly. Alex tenderly licked Karen as she started to tweak and rub his nipples. His nipples were so sensitive that he didn’t even notice when he started moaning and humping the air. Karen laughed, slapping his cock playfully.

About a minute later, she leaned forward and started stroking him again. Like before, Alex was soon panting and begging her to stop. She sat back again so he could lick her as she watched porn and played with his nipples. The sub in the video was whimpering as his domme massaged his prostate with her finger and jerked escort mersin him off. Karen moved so she could show Alex the video.

“Look, it’s like you in the shower. Do you want me to do that again?” Alex didn’t respond but he did blush.

She made him watch for a few minutes as she alternated between playing with his nipples and stroking his cock. Alex was constantly on edge and Karen was doing her best to keep him there. She made him watch through the end of the video when the domme was kind enough to let the man cum, but ruined it for him without warning. Karen really liked that part and sat back on Alex’s face as she surfed for a new video.

Karen browsed through various videos as she leaned back on Alex. Sometimes she’d cut off his air, but was careful to not do it too long. His cock stood at attention as she browsed everything from pegging to watersports looking for something fun. She eventually settled on of a slave wearing a chastity cage servicing his mistress on all fours.

“He does such a good job. Look at how focused his is on making her cum — I wonder if he ever gets to cum.” She said as she reached for his cock. She stroked him slowly through the entire twenty minute video, alternating between bringing him to the edge and sitting on his face. By the end of the video, Alex’s cock was starting to get sore from being so hard, but he never wanted it to end.

When the video was done, Karen asked a simple question, “do you want to cum?”

“Oh god yes!” Alex cried. He couldn’t remember ever being this out of his mind with need, but he had been servicing her for almost an hour and she had been mercilessly edging him for most of it.

“What do I get for it?”

“I don’t know, anything you want, please I just want to cum.”

“You should be careful saying that.”

“Really, anything. Please, I just want to cum.”

“I’ll go easy on you.” She smiled. “I want to see you eat your cum.”

“Uh huh, sure, okay, please just let me cum.” Alex didn’t hesitate. Normally, he’d be grossed out, but right then he would have agreed to anything.

“One more thing: don’t swallow right away. I want to see it in your mouth.” Karen said.

Alex gasped as she took his cock in her mouth in one sudden motion, but she kept it open, never actually touching him. His shock was replaced with confusion and then insane frustration as he felt her hot, moist breath and knew how close he was. He frantically struggled against his bonds, crying out.

“Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod pleaseeeee!” Alex panicked. He uselessly struggled, trying to hump her mouth to get some satisfaction as Karen laughed her cruel, cruel laugh. She kept her mouth like that for a moment that felt like an eternity before closing her lips.

The shock was enough to send Alex over the edge. He came so hard he screamed out. Karen pumped his cock in her mouth as he came harder than he could remember.

As he came, Alex felt a fog lift. What had he agreed to? It seemed fine when he said it, but the idea of eating his own cum was disgusting now. His head was clear, and he wanted nothing to do with the promise he made.

Karen finished draining his cock and brought her mouth above his. Alex hesitated a moment, and Karen looked at him sharply, making an irritated noise. Alex sighed and dutifully opened his mouth. Karen slowly dribbled it out. He didn’t swallow immediately, but let her admire the sight. Two weeks of pent up frustration was a lot of cum!

“Oh fuck, that’s so hot,” she said, reaching to touch herself. She had been teasing herself the past half hour and needed release. “You are a filthy little slut, aren’t you? For a second, I thought you were going to go back on your deal.” Karen kept rubbing her pussy. “That would’ve been a bad idea. Okay, swallow.”

Alex swallowed the load, feeling it stick to the back of his throat — the vaguely mineral aftertaste lingering. Karen quickly undid the restraints and got Alex’s head back between her legs. “You came, now it’s my turn.” She demanded. Alex’s exhausted tongue complied, quickly bringing her to another massive orgasm. Afterwards, she had him stay between her legs as she came down, keeping him there for yet another orgasm. When she was finally, truly exhausted, she let him come up and gave him a kiss.

“That was so good. I hope you had a good time.” Karen smiled. Alex could still taste his own cum.

“It was great, love. I’d be up for a much better fuck now if you are” Alex said, guiding her hand to his freshly-hard cock.

“Mmm yeah, I could use a fuck,” she said. She let him fuck her for a while, but every time he asked to cum, she said no. His staying power was good since he just came, so at least she was able to get a good fuck before he really started begging.

“Ohhhh, no. Get that out of your system now and you’ll be useless for another week,” she told him when she’d had enough. “He’s getting locked back up.” Karen handed him the cage. Alex looked at her sheepishly, but she shooed him out of the room.

When izle he got back to bed, Karen was already half asleep. She snuggled up and gave him a kiss as she drifted off.

The next morning, Alex woke Karen up with gentle kisses, working his way down her body as she woke up.

“No today, honey. I’m still pretty good from last night.” Karen brought his back up. She could see the disappointment written on his face.

“Oh, I see. You were hoping I’d still be horny and you could get some, huh?”

“Mayyybee.” Alex tried to be cute.

“Ugh, fine. If you’re going to be a pain in the ass I’ll help drain that thing.” Karen sighed.

“Really?!” Alex was ecstatic. This was unexpected!

“One condition.”

“Uh oh.”

“If I’m nice enough to let you cum, you should thank me by eating it.” Karen said matter of factly. She could see the conflict written on Alex’s face as he considered it.

“Alright, fine. I’ll eat it if you want.” Alex said, frustrated.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Karen got up to walk away.

“No, no! It’s okay. I’ll do it. Please?” The thought of losing the opportunity made Alex desperate.

“Well, since you want to, sure.” Karen smiled and got out the key and made quick work of getting the cage off and Alex hard. She wanted to get the day started and worked on making him cum as quickly as possible. When he was realized what she was doing, Alex asked her to slow down so he could enjoy it.

Karen ignored Alex’s plea, and he wasn’t stupid enough to try and stop her. Alex came quickly, but when he started to cum she pulled her head away and laughed at him. Alex screamed out in surprise. His cock twitched violently, the orgasm completely ruined, and dribbled out a fair amount of cum.

“Gah! What? Why? I thought you were being nice.” Alex whimpered.

“Because it’s fun, and because I could.” Karen said. “You got to relieve some pressure, and I got to enjoy myself.” She scooped up some cum and held it to his mouth.

“Really? Do I have to?” Alex whined. Like last night, the instant he came his head cleared and he lost interest in eating his cum. It really didn’t taste good and it was humiliating.

“If you want to cum again this month you do.” Karen was visibly annoyed at his reluctance.

Alex opened his mouth to receive the load. He made a face as he swallowed it, in time for Karen to bring up the next scoop. He ate the whole, ruined load and sucked Karen’s finger clean afterwards.

“Good boy.” Karen said when he finished. “Don’t forget that you agreed to two months and it’s only been one. I’ve still got another month of deciding when, and if, you cum.”

“Yes, dear.” Was all Alex could think to say. He wasn’t sure how to react, but part of him was looking forward to what the next month had in store.

“You know what? Maybe that’s the cost of me letting you cum from now on.” Karen smiled.

“Are… are you sure?” Alex asked.

“Are you questioning me?”

“No…” Alex sheepishly looked away.

Karen saw Alex’s still-uncaged cock start to grow. The ruined orgasm hadn’t done much to calm him, and the idea of eating his own cum did turn him on. Just a little. The idea was always so much more appealing than the reality.

“Well, it looks like part of you is excited.” She said, grabbing him. The blood rushing back so soon after orgasm hurt a little, but Alex tried to not let it show. “Why don’t we let him breathe a bit. Give him a few days before he’s locked back up.”

“Oh, that sounds nice. Maybe we could have some more fun this weekend.” Alex nuzzled up to her.

“Hahaha! I hope you don’t think you’re getting to cum again. You’re so reluctant to eat it, maybe you don’t deserve to cum.” Karen gave his cock a swat and got up to leave.

That Saturday was a perfectly normal day for them, but Alex couldn’t shake the feeling that he was exposed. He had gotten so used to the cage that going out without it felt weird — and he couldn’t stop from getting random erections. Even the feeling of his pants sliding against his cock was enough to get him excited.

By the evening, he was incredibly horny and tried to get Karen to fool around. She wasn’t in the mood for sex, but was happy to spend some time edging him.

“Ready to eat it?” She asked after the fifth time he almost came. Alex wasn’t sure and hesitated a moment to consider it.

“Guess not.” Karen said as she got up. “Maybe tomorrow.” Karen rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning was the same story. After her morning orgasm, Karen edged Alex by riding his cock. When she had gotten the fuck she wanted she asked again, and again Alex hesitated slightly. Again, Karen left him wanting.

Alex had another hard day being uncaged and horny. By the evening, he was starting to get desperate and knew what he had to do. When Karen asked if he would eat his cum he immediately and enthusiastically agreed.

“Good boy.” She said as she slowly teased his cock. “Maybe tomorrow you’ll get that chance. Tonight, you can think about all the times you hesitated.” She released his cock and went to get ready for bed. As frustrating as it was, Alex was painfully aroused at the way Karen was treating him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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