Becoming Bi

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I’d been friends with Dave since junior school. When it became clear later that he was more interested in cock than pussy, nothing changed. We still hung out together and did all the things that friends do. Except he had boyfriends and I had girlfriends.

We went to different colleges but ended up in New York after graduation and resumed our friendship.

We were out for a movie one night and decided to go for a few beers after. Normally we ended up in my local bar but this night Dave told me he wanted to go to his favorite hangout. It was down in the Village and I didn’t need to be told that it wasn’t going to be like the place we usually went.

We found two stools at the bar and got our beers and I looked around. This was obviously a gay bar. I wasn’t surprised. Dave’s inclination was no news to me.

Dave asked if I was OK there and I answered that I was. Then he asked if I ever thought about sex with another guy. I had to admit that it had crossed my mind a few times.

Dave just nodded and smiled. Like he knew already.

Two men entered the bar and walked up and greeted Dave. He introduced us: this was Paul, his boyfriend, and Paul’s friend Mick. They took the available seats at the bar, which put them on either side of us and Dave went into deep conversation with Paul, leaving me with Mick to talk to.

“Never seen you here before.”

“No, this is my first time.”

“First time here, or first time in a bar like this one?”


“Really? So what brings you here tonight? Dave?”

“Yeah we go way back.”

“But you’re not…”

“No but it doesn’t bother me.”

“Well that’s cool. But I bet since you’re Dave’s friend you’ve thought about what it might be like, haven’t you?”

“Well, yes, Mick. I have, but I never did anything.”

“Nothing? Never stroked your cock looking at gay porn?”

“Well, I suppose so…”

“Well, that’s something, isn’t it? Have you done it more than once?’


“I knew it! It’s OK, I know lots of straight guys that do that. Do you cum hard?”

He was asking some pretty intimate questions, but for some reason I was just answereing them.

“Yes. Yes I do.”

“It’s the excitement of the new. Tonight’s maybe a good night to try something a little more hands-on.”

Was he coming on to me?

I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Amused? Flattered? Intrigued? Maybe all of those. But scared, a little, too. I changed the subject.

We drank beers and talked about hockey and movies and politics and a bunch of other things. Mick was funny and charming and I found that I was really enjoying his company.

Dave said he was going to leave. That would usually end the night for me as well, and we’d share a cab home, but Dave was going to Paul’s place so I was free to stay.

I thought about going home any how, but Mick asked me to stick around. It was still quite early so, why not, I thought.

We got a couple more beers and spotted a booth that had freed up and went and got comfortable.

We continued talking. Mick was sitting close.

I was pretty keyed up, he was clearly interested in me and I liked him but this was something beyond my experience.

At those times when I’d thought about doing something with another guy I’d always assumed it would be Dave, which would be a more comfortable way to experiment.

But Dave wasn’t here, Mick was. And Dave had never come on to me like this. I was facing a ‘fantasy becoming reality’ moment that was a little more intimidating than I had imagined.

I was curious though. I had always been curious, I guess.

Our drinks were done so I went to the bar for another round.

I felt Mick’s hand caress my ass as I got up from the booth. It was electric.

I had a few minutes to think about it as I stood at the bar. I decided that I liked it.

Then I felt Mick come up behind me and take my arm.

He led me to a corridor behind the bar and pushed me up against the wall. He leaned against me, curled one hand behind my neck and pulled my face towards his.

His lips were on mine in an instant and I succumbed to his forceful body language.

I opened up my mouth and he kissed me in earnest.

As strange to me as it was, I was very aroused and kissed back. My arms went around him and we kissed passionately. His tongue entered my mouth and I felt his other hand slipping down between our bodies.

He deftly undid my belt, top button and zipper in just a few seconds and slipped his flattened palm down into my boxers.

I didn’t stop him. In fact, I was probably kissing him with more passion.

I felt him move his hand down further until he was touching my cock.

I was hard and sensitive.

Other men were coming and going along the corridor but I was too engrossed to care.

Mick’s mouth on mine took on more urgency as he grasped my erect penis and started stroking.

I held on tight and kissed him back as hard as I could, letting him know that I was enjoying what bahis siteleri he was doing.

Another guy passing us stopped to watch and then reached down and fondled my ass for a while as Mick jacked my cock.

Two men’s hands on me, one in front and one behind, was too much.

Mick picked up the pace with his hand and I couldn’t stop myself. I came.

It spurted out onto his hand and dribbled down over my cock and balls and soaked my boxers. The other guy patted my ass and then wandered off but Mick’s lips never left mine until I finished cumming.

Then he let go of my cock, pulled away and smiled.

His hand came up to my lips and he told me to lick it clean for him.

It was erotic enough to just take his fingers in my mouth but with my own cum on them I was very turned on.

I hadn’t ever tasted my cum before and it was a strange flavor, but I carefully cleared all of it from Mick’s fingers and palm.

Then he pulled up my jeans and closed the fly and belt. I could feel the rest of my cum in my boxers, covering my cock and balls.

I had had a girlfriend in my early teens who used to rub me through my jeans until I came in my pants – it was as far as she would go – and this felt the same. I enjoyed the wetness in my underwear.

Mick said we should maybe not bother with that last beer and instead go to his apartment which was close by.

I agreed and we were there within minutes.

We talked about what had just happened. I told him I’d enjoyed it. It was the first time I had ever done anything like that but he had made me cum stronger than I had for years.

Then Mick asked if I would like to sleep with him.

I hesitated and he told me we would only do what I felt comfortable doing. So, with some trepidation, I finally agreed and allowed him to lead me to his bedroom.

I stood by his king-size bed as he began to undress me. Even though I had masturbated to gay and bi porn, I had never looked at a real-life man with sexual feelings before.

But Mick was gentle and nice and good-humored and put me at my ease and I was turned on by him.

I found that, beyond the quick handy in the bar, I wanted sexual contact with this man.

I was reacting to him with a hard-on that I didn’t try to hide.

He smiled as the last of my clothing came off. Stood there looking at me in my nakedness and then turned me around so he could take in my entire nude body.

He had me lie on his bed and asked if I had ever seen another man’s erection, in the flesh. I had not and told him so.

He responded by turning his back on me and quickly stripping off all his clothes.

When he turned back I saw his cock for the first time. He was very hard and his shaved pubic area made his cock stand out and look enormous. I couldn’t take my eyes away.

“Do you want to touch it?” He asked.

I rolled over to the side of the bed and reached out to him.

His cock felt wonderful in my hand. Firm and warm and alive.

I felt the weight of it and he told me I could stroke him if I wanted.

I started gently running my hand up and down his shaft as he stood over me.

It was very exciting and my other hand drifted down to my own cock. I was stroking myself and stroking him at the same time. Fantastic sensations were crowding my mind.

Mick lay down beside me and I felt the full length of his hot naked body against my own.

He rolled over onto me and began kissing me again with the same passion he had used in the bar.

My arms came up around his neck as I kissed him back.

I felt him pressing his legs between mine and opened my thighs so that he could lie between them. I felt his cock rubbing my own as he started humping against me.

I reached down and my hand found his ass. It was smooth and firm and I loved how it felt as it raised and lowered against my cock.

He pulled away and told me that he would love to suck my cock.

I was all for it.

But then thought I would like to suck his too, so I switched myself around on the bed. Now we could lay on our sides and take each other in our mouths.

I felt my cock entering Mick’s mouth and opened my lips for his to enter mine.

The frantic kissing had made my lips puffy and sensitive and wet and Mick’s cock felt so nice in my mouth.

I gripped his shaft and sucked his cock as he did the same for me.

The excitement was so much that I knew I would cum very fast and warned Mick. His response was to roll onto his back, pulling me up above him.

I was on all-fours sucking his cock while mine was deep in Mick’s mouth. He gripped the cheeks of my ass and pull me further in. He made me cum in his mouth. I sucked and licked his cock while I shot my load.

My second climax in less than an hour and this one even more intense than the first.

I had discovered that a man’s cock in your mouth as you ejaculate is a powerful way to enhance your orgasm. He sucked and swallowed every drop of my cum. All the while I was bobbing my canlı bahis siteleri head up and down to slide his cock into and out of my mouth.

I was so turned on and I was desperate to give him the same pleasure that he had just given me. I gripped his hard shaft as I sucked and licked him. Then Mick’s body stiffened and I knew he was about to cum.

I forced more of his cock between my lips. My hands found the cheeks of his sexy ass and I grasped them tightly, making sure he understood that I was willing to let him cum in my mouth.

This must have been the signal he needed because he started to shoot right away.

The cum burst from his cock and filled my mouth.

I held on tight and swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. There was so much.

He grasped my buttocks as he came. His face rubbed against my own cock.

It was very loving and sensual and I was enjoying every aspect of the experience.

The feeling of his cock in my mouth, the texture of the smooth skin of his ass. His firm body touching the length of mine, the taste of his cum. Everything.

Eventually I pulled off him and moved back up so were were once again face-to-face.

We lay there looking at each other. I was grinning like a fool.

It was cooling off on top of the bed so we climbed in together and got under the covers. I lay with him between his crisp cotton sheets and I touched him all over; exploring a man’s body for the first time.

He took me back in his arms and I felt his warm naked manly body holding mine.

We kissed deeply over and over and then finally drifted off to sleep.

After my one night with Mick I headed back up-town to my apartment. It had been a one-time thing, I was sure. We’d exchanged numbers but I didn’t plan to call, this had been so far outside my experience and I told myself that I was completely straight… right?

Except I couldn’t stop thinking about what we’d done and it became the most prevalent image in my masturbation fantasies.

And I was masturbating more frequently. Lying on my bed and stroking my cock thinking about him pushing his hand down my pants. Thinking about his hard cock in my hand, his lips on mine, his tongue pushing into my mouth. I started using my other hand while I was stroking myself, imagining it was his. I would lie there and spread my legs as I wanked off. Remembering Mick lying between my thighs. Wondering how it would have felt if he had put his erect penis into me.

One evening I shaved off all my pubic hair, as Mick did, which gave me an amazingly strong erection and an intense orgasm when I inevitably jerked myself off after I was done.

The girl I was dating was surprised – even a little shocked, I think – when she first saw my smooth cock and balls.

But there was no doubt it was a turn-on for her. When we went to bed, her pussy was wet before I even touched her and my cock slipped into her silky cunt in one thrust.

I was barely into her when she had her first orgasm and she came again as I shot my load. With her second cum I felt wetness on me that was more than just my own cum: her own climax had been so strong that she had squirted.

I had never made her do that before. As it turned out, no other guy had either. She was exhilarated by discovering a new level of orgasm.

Her own trimmed bush was gone completely the next time we were together. I loved the feeling of our bare skin touching as I fucked her. I seemed so much more intimate.

But even while I was with her, I would sometimes fantasize about what I had done with Mick, and about what I might have done.

One night we were fucking and she was on top of me. I started to spread my legs as she rode my cock.

With my hands, I pressed on the side of her thighs. She understood the message I was sending. She closed her legs while keeping my cock inside her cunt and I spread wide. Now we were in the missionary position but she was in the ‘male’ position and I was in the ‘female’.

She humped herself between my thighs and I grabbed the backs of my knees to hold my legs wide and in the air.

She got into it and rode my cock that way while looking down at me, teasing me and talking dirty.

“You like this.”

“You like being the little girl.”

“Like having your legs wide apart while I fuck you.”

And grinding her bald pussy down onto my aching cock.

I could only whimper.

“Yes, yes, fuck me”.

I was submitting to her and she was taking the lead role, for sure. And then I told her I was going to cum and she pressed herself down harder between my spread legs and drove my cock deeper into her pussy and I shot cum for ever, it seemed like.

She lay between my legs and lifted herself up on her forearms and looked at me. Just staring. And I could see her thinking.

“So… that was interesting,” she said.

I could only agree.

My cum was dribbling out of her pussy down onto my bald scrotum and further I felt it trickle between the cheeks of my ass. I could feel it tracing canlı bahis a trail down over my exposed anus. I was enjoying how it felt.

Then she lifted herself off my cock and her hand reached down and rubbed all the cum over my smooth skin. I kept my legs in the air. My ass was lifted and she slipped her hand down and between the spread cheeks.

Still rubbing my cum, her finger found my asshole and she tickled around the rim.

I groaned slightly and she knew I was enjoying it. Her finger tip stopped over the entrance of my ass and she pressed slightly. I groaned again and she pressed harder.

“You like this, baby?” she asked.

I admitted that I did and she pressed more and her finger went into me. Then she started to move her finger in and out of my ass, lubricated by my own cum.

I lay there on my back with my legs in the air, feeling exposed and vulnerable and completely into it.

She soon stopped, to my dismay, and then it was time for her to go home. I jerked off again, the moment the door closed behind her. This time, I tickled my own ass as I stroked my cock. I didn’t last long.

I didn’t see her for a week, but every day I was stroking myself and thinking about what we’d done. Combined with my recollections of Mick, my masturbation fantasies had never been richer and my cums had never been more intense.

Next time my girlfriend came over she told me she’d been thinking a lot about the last time and that she’d liked it and she asked if I wanted to explore further in the direction we had taken.

I was so pleased that she had saved me the potential embarrassment of broaching the subject. I told her that it had been very exciting and I’d love to try more.

This was clearly the answer she’d expected because she had come prepared.

“I bought you a butt plug. Don’t worry, it’s the small size. It think you might like it”.

There were no prelims… she told me to strip and lie on the bed with my legs apart.

My cock was hard but she ignored it.

She had lube with her, as well as the toy, and I watched as she poured some into her palm and reached under me and started to rub onto my ass and then up between my cheeks.

She teased me for several minutes, never quite touching my sensitive anus, always just going close and then moving her fingers away.

All the time she was looking at me, smiling, telling me how much I was enjoying having her touch my ass. Like I needed to be told!

It became increasingly urgent for her to move to the next level. I wanted to feel her finger go into me. I started squirming around on the bed, trying to make my asshole reach her fingertips. She laughed and said I was desperate to be penetrated.

I was.

I wanted to feel something entering my ass.

Finally her finger pushed into me, as it had done, so briefly, the previous week.

I looked up at her.

“Oh baby, that feels so good.”

She pressed in deeper.

She poured a little more lube directly onto the finger she had in my ass and pushed in and out, making sure that my ass was well and truly ready for the next step.

Then out came the butt plug. It was not large, but it was much bigger than her finger and, as she started to rub lube onto it, I began to change my mind.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go slow,” she said.

She placed the tip against my ass.

She pushed slowly but firmly.

She met resistance.

She withdrew slightly, told me to relax, and then pressed again.

She repeated the process.

I relaxed a little more each time, and each time it went a little further into me.

Finally, the widest part was into my ass.

It had slipped all the way in, stopped by the flange at the bottom.

With her hands free, my girlfriend stood and looked at me. The plug in my ass felt so good. I felt filled up. Lying naked with my legs spread, my ass impaled and my girlfriend standing over me, watching. I felt subordinate to her in a way that was beyond erotic.

She undressed and climbed up onto the bed. She straddled my head with her crotch, facing my feet, and lowered her smooth pussy down onto my mouth. Her pussy lips were engorged and felt stiff and rubbery. Her juices covered my mouth. I took her clitoris between my lips. It had never felt larger or harder. I sucked and sucked her sweet pussy, playing my tongue over her clit. Flattening my tongue so that the slightly rough texture rubbed against her, the way I knew she liked.

She ground her cunt down onto my face. She had become so wet as she was shoving the butt plug into me that dribbles of her juices had leaked out of her cunt and between the cheeks of her ass.

She lifted herself so that I could tongue all the way to her asshole. Again she lowered herself. The tip of my tongue found her little rosebud and I pressed it in as far as I could.

Tongue-fucking her ass, I reached up and grabbed the tops of her thighs to pull her down more forcibly onto my face.

Then she leaned forwards and her ass moved away from my tongue and her pussy came back for more. As her pussy reached my mouth, I felt her mouth on my cock.

Her hands reached between my spread thighs and she started to withdraw the butt-plug from my ass as she sucked me off.

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