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Becoming a Boy 62

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I appreciate all the emails I have received providing comments and suggestions as well as encouragement to write more chapters. Thanks for letting me take a long break between chapters for ongoing work and personal time. I hope to have more time for writing now, Sir Mike says there are no excuses for my delays, so I will do my best to be better at it. Thanks to Zach, EM, and Britneysho for thoughts and ideas as always.

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No virgins here tonight, I thought. I was out of luck. I wasn”t really surprised. I had been thinking about it and I didn”t think I knew any virgins. I mean, there might be someone on campus who had not had sex for some reason or another, but I didn”t know them. I was pretty sure they wouldn”t be hanging out at this party anyway. There were some HOT men here. I wandered back to the kitchen and grabbed a beer. I kept looking around the crowd.

I was nervous here. I really wasn”t sure how to behave. I had been given directions by Ian, but then he”d gone off somewhere. I figured he was fucking some girl. I didn”t get it fully. He”d made me do all sorts of things so that I would be what he wanted me to be, yet he still was always off fucking other people. Not just like one or two others, but random others. My parents even. Why wasn”t I enough to keep him happy? I”d done everything he wanted. I took a sip of my beer. I was looking down. I looked at my chest and noticed how big I had gotten. I ran a hand over my pecs and my nipples hardened immediately. Doing that a couple times even got my dick to start hardening. The two were connected I knew that. My eyes gazed further down my body. My legs really filled the jeans out. Well, except in the crotch area. There was a slight bulge I could feel but really I looked nothing like Ian in his jeans. I wondered what my butt looked like, I was leaning on the counter thinking I would turn around and take a look myself.

Just as I was about to do that though I felt someone come up alongside of me. I glanced over, and realized it was Alonzo. His hand reached out and I saw how big it was. When he touched my ass I never made a move to stop him. Next thing I knew his paw was feeling, rubbing, and then finally pinching my ass. I jumped a little.

“Whoa, boy. No need to get all nervous. Just checking out possibly the finest ass at the party tonight,” he smiled as he said it. His voice was deep and oh so sexy. I could feel the heat in my face as I looked up at him.

“Thank you, uhm, Alonzo. I”m glad you, uh, noticed it.” Jeez, that sounded stupid. He chuckled.

“Can”t miss it, boy. You have trouble getting into those jeans? I mean, you fit them like they were tailored to your ass.”

“No, uhm, their women”s jeans,” I admitted. “My butt is too big for men”s sizes,” I started explaining. Alonzo adjusted the front of his jeans. Shit, I wonder if that was getting him hot? “You like my ass?”

He grinned. “Damn, boy, there”s not a man in here tonight that hasn”t been staring at it. Don”t you know how that butt gets a man going?” He reached his hand out again, but I intercepted it on the way. “What? You don”t like me touching it? You gonna tease us with it, but not share it?”

“I can”t do that. Ian won”t let me share that with anyone but him,” I explained. If he was as big as Donor seemed to think then I knew he was bigger than Zach.

“That so? So you must be his boy, if he keeps that pussy to himself.” I blushed.

“Yeah, I belong to him,” I confirmed.

“Damn he better be treating you right, making you shut off that ass to anyone else. That”s a damn shame.”

“You”re sweet,” I told him.

“Next thing you”re going to tell me is he don”t take you out and show you off at all.”

I had to think about that. Ian didn”t really take me out. Being social was hanging at the frat with folks. I didn”t get to do much except his cleaning, laundry, chores, and then all of my homework and swim team stuff. Suddenly it felt like a lot.

“Uhm, no, I don”t go out much with him. I have a lot to do with being on the swim team and chores, homework and stuff,” I admitted.

“Swim team?” he asked as if it weren”t possible. “With that ass?”

“Oh, uhm yeah, I was on the team last year. This year, I”m the team manager,” I admitted. “I got too, uhm, big, to swim well.”

Alonzo laughed. He had a big laugh. I took it that it meant he was happy most of the time.

“Yeah, too big. It”s that big booty.”

“I”ve put on a lot of weight since last summer,” I explained. “Ian set out a gym routine for me and it”s really changed my build. I, I really had no idea no much until recently. He likes me this way.” I felt sorta defensive about it all of a sudden. It wasn”t like I didn”t enjoy doing it. I liked the workouts now. Ian complimented me from time to time, so he liked it too. I liked how it made me attractive to him. Other people liked it too.

“If he has any sense, he”d be taking you out and showing you off more. A good obedient boy like you is a prize, you need to be treated like one.” He paused and looked around. I saw his eyes drawn to a guy on the other side of the room, a dark-skinned guy who I took to be Latin of some kind. “Del!” he hollered. “Ain”t you gonna say, hi?”

Del walked over smiling. I thought he was hot. He had arms to die for. They were nearly as big as Ian”s arms. He stretched his t-shirt out in all the right places. He also looked like he had a package on him in those tight jeans. He was really hot! I didn”t look at guys much, well at least not outside of the ones I knew, but this guy was hot.

“Alonzo! Thanks for inviting me. Good crowd tonight!”

“Del, this is Timmy. Timmy, Del is a friend from when I lived in the dorms.”

We said hellos and shook hands. He had a good grip and I felt flutters in my stomach. I hope I didn”t blush, he was really cute. I don”t know why I thought that, I had a man who I belonged to anyway.

“Who”s got your ass these days?” Alonzo asked. I was surprised by his assumptions. This guy didn”t look like a bottom to me.

“Not you, `Lonzo. I keep that for a good man, not a player like you,” he replied. Ian thought of himself as a player. I guess maybe Alonzo was the same way.

“Now, Del, why are you going to say that about me? Haven”t I always treated you well?” Alonzo looked a little hurt.

“You treat me just fine. But I want to settle down, find a husband,” he said. He stared at me. “But I might meet a handsome man while talking with you,” he told me.

I wasn”t sure what to say. Obviously, he wasn”t a virgin, based on his chatting with Alonzo, so I wasn”t going to do anything with him tonight. I wondered if he was looking at my ass. I realized I needed to say something, as both men were staring at me.

“Do you mean me?” I wondered aloud. “I”m flattered.” Jeez that sounded stupid.

“Well, you are the only one here other than Alonzo,” he smiled.

“Oh! Uhm, well thanks. My, uh, boyfriend is here tonight. I”m not really looking,” I tried explaining.

“No worries, stud. If you happen to lose him, keep me in mind,” Del said and wasted no time in wandering off.

“What was that about?” I asked Alonzo. I hardly knew Alonzo, but I sure didn”t know what to make of Del. “I”m so lost here. I”m still new to everything gay,” I tried to explain.

“Don”t worry about him,” Alonzo told me. “He”s just out looking. He has a need to fill those holes of his and thought you might help him.”

“He thought I was a top?” Alonzo laughed. “What?” I asked.

“Yep, that was his assumption. He is focused on getting a man inside his ass, and obviously turning that into a husband. He just took a look at you and said, `muscles, looks, he”s a top” to himself. He wasn”t thinking.”

“He”s gorgeous,” I said. “I figured he was a top. He”s got all those muscles, that chest.” I thought he was HOT.

“Del? Nah, he got that body so he can attract a certain type of man. Same reason you look like you do. Your man wants you looking like him eventually, I”d guess. He knows you aren”t a top, but he wants to look at one when he”s fucking a guy regularly.”

“I could be a top!” I told him. “If I wanted,” I added. “That”s what I want tonight. I want to find a guy to fuck. Ian says I can fuck a virgin, if I can find one. Do you think any virgins are here?”

“Whoa boy, whoa. So your man is going to allow you to fuck? You mean he keeps fully to himself?”

“Well, yeah, he sets the rules, isn”t that normal? Isn”t there one who is always in charge in a relationship?”

Alonzo looked at me like I was crazy. He just shook his head. “Like I said earlier, you better be treated right by him, or that ain”t working right for either of you.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“If he is your dominant man and you are his submissive boy, then it”s his job to treat you like his queen. He”s the husband and you are his wife. Even if you decided he owns your ass and you let him run your life to a strict standard, he needs to respect you and your wishes, when you express them,” Alonzo told me.

“But Ian is like this stud. He can have what he wants, and I”m, you know, I”m lucky to be able to make him happy. I”m lucky he took an interest in me. He has explained it to me, he was meant to be in charge and I was meant to take direction. He”s entitled to fuck what he wants.”

“Yup, that”s true,” Alonzo said. “Some boys were meant to be with a man and serve him with dedication. And those men are meant to treat their boys with utmost respect and dedication. Protecting their boys, treating them as special as those boys treat their man, but no man entitled to a piece of ass, boy. Get that through your head.”

“But , I ain”t here to lecture you Timmy. You”ll figure it out, one day you”ll figure out if he treats you properly, whether he treats everyone properly. Let”s get to work finding you a virgin. I doubt there are any men here tonight, but ya never know.”

Alonzo put his arm on my shoulder and he started walking into a crowd of people. We found Zach. Alonzo left me with him and went off somewhere. I hoped he was looking for a virgin for me. I had no idea how you could ask that of someone. Zach had a beer in his hands, he looked nervous. I didn”t see Donor around and wondered if Zach was worried about him.

“You know where Donor is?” I asked.

“What? Sorry, I was distracted. Uh, yeah, I saw Donor a little while ago. He was busy.”

“He found a guy to fuck him? Whoa, so are you sorry you let him do that?”

I wondered whether Donor and Zach were close enough that Zach was going to set complete control over Donor. Ian would never let me just wander around looking to get fucked. He”d need to approve that ahead of time.

“No way, Timmy. Donor needed to scratch that itch. I don”t have a problem letting him explore. I only control him because it”s his decision. He has a good deal of power over what he wants to do. I love setting boundaries, but they are flexible to let him grow and learn on his own. He needed a fuck, we talked about it. I told him he could get fucked but he had to talk his way into someone”s pants.”

“Oh. I get it I think. So, what”s bugging you? I can see it in your eyes.”

“No worries, boy,” he told me grinning. “I”m good. Just re-running a conversation in my head I had earlier. So, you find that virgin yet?”

“No,” I said pouting. “I”ve talked to a couple people, but not many, and how do you like ask someone if they are a virgin?” Zach laughed loudly at that.

“Yeah, Ian gave you a task that is next to impossible for you. Not really reasonable, but amusing,” he added. “Let”s look around here for a bit. Talk to me about what you see.”

“You mean about these guys? Why?”

“Timmy, Ian doesn”t know everything. He has no experience in a place like this. He may know girls, but he doesn”t know boys as well. He can”t show you how to work a room, looking to find a piece of ass because the only way he knows how to do it is to go up and grab what he thinks is entitled to him. Not many folks react as well to that as you did.”

“Oh,” was all I could think to say. “Well, that guy over there is pretty hot looking,” I told him pointing out a guy.

“The one with dark hair and the beard?” Zach asked.

“Yeah. You think he”s a virgin?” Zach laughed.

“Okay, well you”re right. If you”re looking for a virgin, you might not find any. My guess from looking at him now and watching him is that he”s a top. I could be wrong, but that”s my guess. I wouldn”t go try picking him up because his movements and attitude are wrong,” he said.


“You know, he just seems like a top. I”m not interested in a top, unless I get a chance to show them how good it will feel with my dick inside them.” Zach grinned at me. “Tell me what you think when you see him?”

“Well, he has a beard, I kind of like that. I wonder what it would feel like to kiss a guy with a big beard. Then I see his pants. He looks like he has something in his pants.” I felt myself blush. Ian and I never discussed guys together. “He dresses well. I mean, it looks like he put some thought into his outfit.”

“Okay, okay, that”s plenty,” Zach stopped me. “From what you”ve just said I can tell a couple things. First is that you are a bottom or at least flexible. You talked about a guy”s crotch. I don”t talk crotches. So when you are talking with guys, if someone notices an ass, then they are going to be a top. If they are like you and talk about crotches right away, you can guess they are looking to give up their hole to a man. Second, you talked about what the guy was wearing. Talking about clothes in and of themselves is pretty gay. You can bet that most guys if you tuzla escort are talking to them and they want to discuss fashion, are going to be open to doing something with you. Make sense?”

Geez. I had no idea I was giving away so much just by talking about a couple things. I mean yeah, okay crotches made sense but clothes? I wonder what else Zach would say.

“How about that guy,” he pointed to a short guy, probably 5″6″, with a scraggly beard, bright brown eyes, hair long and swept easily back off his forehead. “Tell me what you see.”

“Uhmm, I don”t see much in the crotch. He”s cute, he should shave instead of trying to grow a beard. I like his hair. He”s in shape, but not huge muscles. Compact and cute, I guess he has a nice butt.” I said finally.

“Look at his hands,” Zach started talking. “See how he moves them? They are important when he speaks. They fly all over the place.”

I looked again, and Zach was right. The guy”s hands moved fluidly when he was talking. I wonder if I did that. I never paid any attention to what I did.

“I”m going to guess that he is a bottom. He”s trying his best to look a bit manly, but he can”t grow a beard and doesn”t seem to realize it. He doesn”t fill out his jeans up front nearly as well as he does in the backside; small but pert ass. I”m willing to bet he sounds gay from watching those hands flap around. Sure, it”s a stereotype, but there is a reason those exist. He has either adopted that style of communication to let people know he”s queer in some sense or if it is natural then it just further sets him apart as gay. Come on, let”s go meet him and see what you think.”

We got up and wandered over to the guy. We introduced ourselves and worked into the conversation after a moment or two. I couldn”t help but notice that the guy undressed me with his eyes immediately. He was evaluating me! It didn”t take long to figure out what he was looking for after we got there. I think he wanted my dick. I wondered if he was a virgin, then quickly decided he wasn”t. He wouldn”t be after me in a flash if he was a virgin.

“Hi, I”m Travis,” he said, holding out his hand for a shake. I took it and shook back. He had a decent handshake, not limp, not one who would snatch your hand.

“Tim,” I told him, not using my diminuitive.

“I haven”t seen you around town, are you new here?” he asked.

“No, I”m in school here. I live at one of the frats,” I said keeping it vague.

“They must keep you locked up there. You should get out more,” he told me touching my forearm with his hand.

I smiled because, well, yeah, I was locked up there. This was the first time in a couple weeks my dick was unlocked. I guess that made the guy think he was making progress with me.

“Oh, they let me out from time to time,” I replied. “Tell me about you. Why haven”t I seen you at my frat?” I asked him. That sort of question used to get some girls to talk. I had no idea that would work on this guy, but whoa, he smiled and moved closer and started running his mouth. He started telling me all kinds of stuff. What he studied, where he lived, where he worked.

“So, what are you doing later? Maybe we can, uhm, find a place to get a little closer,” he said.

His hand reached out and touched my thigh as he said it. He hadn”t wasted any time. Did I want to do something with him? I was kinda surprised how quick he had moved from yapping about himself to wanting to go someplace with me. I thought about it. It was so different than letting Ian take the lead. I thought this guy would let me take the lead, but as I thought about it, I didn”t want that. I was pretty sure that Ian wouldn”t want it, and I didn”t think if I was going to do it that this guy would be the one. But I wanted to know if he was a virgin. Zach just stood there talking to another guy and glancing at me, watching what I did. I really wasn”t sure what to do, so I just asked him straight out.

“You a virgin?” He looked all surprised.

“What”s that got to do with anything?” he replied. “My ass is plenty tight,” he said rather defensively. “You”ll like it, I promise.”

“Thanks,” I told him, “but tonight I”m just looking for a virgin. I”d like to see what that”s like.”

He looked at me like I was crazy. Then he stepped back away from me.

“You don”t need to be a bitch,” he said. “There”s not a virgin in this place. Good luck with that asshole.”

Zach tapped me on the arm, then started walking away. I followed him over to where we had been standing.

“That was hilarious,” he said. “I can”t believe you actually told him you only wanted a virgin. You could have fucked him easily.”

“I kinda thought so too,” I said. “But Ian would have been pissed.”

“How would he find out? Zach asked me.

“I”d tell him what I did. I really feel better being open and telling him what happens to me. He tore up my ass not long ago for not following his rules. And, well, when I was thinking I could fuck the guy, I didn”t really want to. I like Ian, I want to do as Ian tells me. I decided I didn”t want to fuck the guy unless he was a virgin. It would risk too much,” I finished explaining myself to Zach.

“Yeah, that”s what makes you so hot, Timmy. You”re obedient, you”re good at submitting, and you”ve learned what you like and can say it. I hope you realize how lucky Ian is to have you.”

“I feel lucky to have him,” I replied.

“See, that guy was gay, just like I told you. He is a bottom, as I figured. But, he mistook you for a top. Ian likes that. You don”t think of yourself as a top. You can”t even imagine yourself fucking that guy even though he offered it up to you. That”s hot.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, I do. You let him do what he”s wants with your body, with your life. You need to make sure Ian gives you what you need to Timmy. It”s a two-way street. Don”t let him treat you poorly. He can be in charge and you can submit and still get what you need. He”s entitled to you respecting him and doing as he says, I get that, you”re like his butch male wife in the house. Yet he owes you the respect that goes with you being his wife, Timmy, remember that.”

I wasn”t sure what I needed. Wasn”t Ian already giving me what I needed. What was Zach getting at? Did he think Ian treated me poorly? Alonzo returned from wherever he had gone and whispered something in Zach”s ear. He turned and nodded to him and Alonzo went back where he had come from. What was that about?

“Come on Timmy. I believe Alonzo found you a virgin.”

“What? Seriously? Oh my god.”

Suddenly I was nervous. Where was Ian? Did he want to watch? I tried to look around and see which guy might be missing who I had met earlier, but the place was a lot more crowded and I had no idea who he found.


I took Timmy by the upper arm and moved him through the crowd. We got to the stairs and I took him up toward the room where Ian was tied up. I found a bathroom nearby and we went inside.

“Okay, Timmy. I”m going to check on Alonzo and see where this virgin is at. Stay here so I can find you.”

“He really found a virgin?” he asked.

“Yep! A guaranteed virgin ass that has never been used before. You up for it?”

“Hell, yes. Ian said I can fuck if I could find one.”

“Good. Don”t go anywhere, I”ll be back.”

I closed the door behind me and went to the room. There was Ian stuck in the sling, legs hanging from the straps up in the air, his arms tied to the chains suspending the sling from the ceiling. What an amazing sight it was. His mouth had been taped shut so he couldn”t talk.

“Hey, Ian,” I said cheerily. “Looks like you passed out earlier. Good thing we found a place to put you, so you don”t hurt yourself.”

Alonzo chuckled. Ian said something, but I didn”t understand it. I moved forward and stood between his legs. I reached up to pull back the duct tape from his mouth.

“Fucking bastards,” was the first thing out of his mouth. “Let me outta here, Zach and I”ll forget this ever happened.”

“I don”t think so Ian. You need to learn a few lessons.”

I unzipped my pants and hauled out my cock. I was already hard looking at him strung up there in the sling. I smacked my cock in the palm of my hand. He could see my dick, how hard I was. I smacked it on his ass. Then I reached down and spread his cheeks open. His hole looked tight, I doubted anything had ever passed through his hole except the enema hose.

“Looks tight. Should be fun watching you take a cock or two tonight.”

“Fuck you, bitch. Get me outta here,” he mumbled.

“Still not got all those muscles back do you? Still a little out of it. No worry.”

I reached up and ran my fingers lightly over his nipples. He squirmed, but he also moaned a little. He only moved the sling a little. He didn”t have coordinated use of those muscles yet.

“What do you think, Alonzo? You think I should let him go?”

“Nah, I think he”ll enjoy what”s going to happen. I”m going to eat the hole out nicely for him and then we can get to work fucking it.”

“Fuck you,” Ian mumbled. “I don”t get fucked.”

“You do now,” I told him. “We”re entitled to that ass. You owe me a fuck, if I recall.”

“I owe you nothing, you faggot.”

I pinched hard on his tit for that and he moaned.

“I”m not a faggot Ian, not in the sense of how you”re using the word. I”m gay, I”m queer, but you are too. That”s one of the things you need to learn.”

“I”m straight,” he insisted.

“Just because you”re straight identified doesn”t mean you aren”t queer or that you can”t be fucked. You have a boyfriend. Yeah, I get he loves to submit himself to you, but that doesn”t make him any less your boyfriend. Hell, he”s essentially your wife. Your boy-wife. Pretty lucky straight man, I”d say. What do you think, Alonzo?”

“Hell, yeah, he”s a fucking hot piece of ass. I”d love to have a boy like him serving my cock regularly.”

“What are you going to do with me?”

“Fuck you, what did you think we were going to do?”

He tried to struggle out of the sling, but his muscles couldn”t coordinate yet to do more than swing the sling around a little. It just caused his ass to bump up against my cock, which remained pointing at him.

“Shit, you can”t do that, it”s rape,” he exclaimed.

“Why don”t I try some of your words back on you Ian,” I continued explaining things to him. “I”m not a rapist. I just won”t accept no for an answer.” I rubbed his nipples some more, just barely touching the little nubs on his huge pecs. “If you hate to be fucked while you”re passed out, then don”t get wasted around me. Or maybe another I”ve heard you use, you want it bad, boy. I can tell when someone needs a good fuck.”

“You got wasted on my beer and drugs, boy, that”s like consenting to give me access to your holes,” Alonzo added. I chuckled at that.

“Your behavior has been out of control, Ian. It isn”t the amount of sex you”ve been having, it”s how you”ve been having it. No one owes you anything, Ian. In fact, it”s you who owes me for raping me. I told you to stop, that I didn”t want your dick, but you didn”t stop. You don”t take what hasn”t been given. You owe Timmy because you”ve been treating him like shit. You need to accept that he would give up anything to be your boy, your fag, your wife. We both know he doesn”t care how much sex you have around town, but he does care that you won”t treat him as your girlfriend. It”s not right for you to take everything he gives to you and not give anything back except your dick once in a while. That boy needs to know you are going to be there forever for him because he”s giving up his existence to belong to you.”

I was worked up. I was spilling vile words and my dick was hard as a rock. I looked at Ian”s dick and he was semi-hard himself. He might like this sort of treatment coming back to him.

“Let me tell you what”s going to happen. I”m going to bring Timmy in here and he is going to open your ass up. He”s going to be the one to take your hole for the first time.”

“NO!” he nearly shouted. “No, you can”t do that. I don”t want it. He doesn”t want it.”

“You told me yourself that he was allowed to fuck a virgin tonight, Ian. You going to back out of that promise to him? You want to not even give him something that you already said he could have?”

“It wasn”t me I was thinking about,” he said.

“Yeah, well our words come back to haunt us, don”t they?”

“You”re an asshole,” Ian declared. “Timmy likes things just the way they are.”

“Yeah, he doesn”t know any better. You should know better, but you don”t. So, that”s what we”re going to do. But since I am such a nice guy I do plan on putting a blindfold on Timmy. He won”t know who he”s fucking, Ian, as long as you manage to stay quiet. I”ll be just nice enough that it won”t ruin the structure of your relationship. I figure you”ve already done enough of that on your own. I”ll guide Timmy in here, place his hands on the chain and show him how to pull the sling back and forth. He won”t need to touch you, he won”t need to see you. You”ll always know who deflowered your tight straight-acting ass. I”m never going to tell him who it was, and Alonzo has no reason to tell him who it was, so that will be our secret, Ian. Hopefully you”ll learn how much Timmy loves you and the sacrifices he makes to belong to you. Hopefully, you”ll learn some respect for others, not just me, but everyone, including most importantly, Timmy.

I yanked the duct tape back in place. I”d heard enough of Ian for a while.

“Alonzo, prep Ian,” I told him. Alonzo got down on his knees and went to work immediately eating out Ian”s ass. He loved eating ass.

“Yeah, Ima get your ass ready boy. You”ll thank me later.”

Alonzo repeatedly spit on Ian”s hole and licked, slurped and sucked on the ass for a few minutes. He had that thing slick. His tongue managed to find a way into that tight hole and Ian got hard while he did it.

“Well, look at that. Guess who likes having their pussy eaten out? That dick can”t lie,” I drew attention to the fact.

“Oh, yeah,” Alonzo added. “I can tell a real boy when they get all hard from me eating out their ass. I bet this one is going to be a nice fuck. Look at the dick on him too. Bet he loves using that little thing on his boy.” Alonzo and I laughed at that. He was probably the first person to call Ian”s dick little and Ian”s face showed the dislike of being told his dick was small.

“Oh yeah, I won”t let Timmy touch your cock,” I said. “He”d know right away it was you. I”ll take care of pendik escort you Ian, so Timmy won”t figure it out.”

I left to go get Tim. I grabbed the blindfold on my way out the door.

I went over instructions with Timmy. Hands on the chains, just pull it back and forth once he is inside the guy”s ass. No, the guy didn”t want Timmy to know who he was fucking because he knew Timmy from swimming the year before and didn”t want to be out to the whole team. Yes, he was a virgin and wanted a small dicked guy to fuck him first before anyone else did. Timmy seemed to accept it.


Fuck me! Fuck Zach. Fuck Alonzo, fuck em all. Zach was back in no time leading Timmy into the room. True to his word Timmy seemed unable to see anything. Timmy didn”t have his shirt on, so Zach must have thought to remove it before putting on the blindfold. Zach led him in and told him to take his pants and thong off. Timmy did as Zach told him. Damn obedient Timmy. I wish he didn”t listen to everything a man told him.

“Okay, Timmy. Step forward. I”m going to put you in front of the sling. Then I”ll put your hands on the chain and you can feel your way forward.”

“Okay. Thanks, Zach,” he responded.

He led him until Timmy was standing between my uplifted legs. I could barely feel them still. My head was getting clearer, but my legs were still like marshmallows. My arms too. Not that it mattered since I was strung up. Tim took his cock in his hand and walked forward. He poked around until he could feel my asshole with his dick. I couldn”t fucking believe this was happening. I couldn”t fucking believe Zach had drugged me and tied me up just so Timmy could fuck me.


Oh, fuck! This was intense. I was so hard. I couldn”t see anything, and I was about to fuck a virgin that I knew somehow. Totally hard was an underestimate. I poked around until I could find the tight hole. I could feel the heat as I got the tip of my dick inside. So fucking hot! I was going to fuck a guy. I”d never done this, I wondered a little in the back of my brain if I could fuck a guy. I mean, I was a fag. Then I started pushing forward and pulling the chains back towards me. Fuck, this guy was tight. I could feel his hole starting to give then all of a sudden between my pushing and the pulling on the chains, I slid in. Not only did I slide in, but the next second I had pulled so firmly I bottomed out in the guy instantly.

“Oh fuck,” I said. “Fuck I hope that didn”t hurt you,” I said. I knew the first time I had gotten fucked it was painful initially. Of course, it was Ian”s cock, which was way bigger than mine.

“Nah, don”t worry about it, Timmy. You didn”t hear any noise of complaint, did you?” It was Zach talking to me. I hadn”t heard anything, so it must be okay.

“Fuck! You”re so tight. Oh my god, you feel so good,” I told the guy.

It was incredible. No wonder guys liked fucking me. This felt amazing. Some guy is letting me fuck his hole. I”m the first! I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn”t sure how long I just stood there feeling my dick wrapped up in this ass. It was just amazing. I pulled back a bit and then pulled the chains toward me. The guys cheeks bumped into my body. I did this a couple times and I figured out how it would work. I really didn”t need to move at all or thrust my hips much. Adjusting the pull and push on the sling did most of the work. The feeling was totally intense. This guy”s ass just wrapped so tightly around my dick. His hole was so smooth and warm. I had no idea how long I would be able to do this without cumming.

“That”s it Timmy, fuck him.” Zach was talking again. “Let him know what it feels like.”

I had almost forgot Zach was here watching. He was so quiet. I started pushing in and pulling back. The feeling was so intense. This was so different than screwing a girl. It was so tight.

“Oh god, you”re so tight. Feels so good,” I told the guy. “I”m going to cum soon. I can”t control it. Feels too good.”

I kept the fucking up. I didn”t slow down at all. I probably should have tried to make it last, but I just couldn”t. I wanted to cum. I wanted to leave my load inside a guy, in his ass. Oh god it was soooo intense.

“Oh yeah, oh god, yeah. I can”t hold it. Gonna cum in you. AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHH, oh goddddd, yeahhhh.”

I blew it in him too soon I thought. Ian could fuck for what seemed like an hour before cumming in me, but I figured I had only lasted 5 minutes. I didn”t care. I had fucked a guy. I had buried my cock in as far as it would go and then ground it in. I emptied my nuts. I hadn”t used a condom like I always did with a girl. No wonder guys liked it better with no condom.

I was panting and just holding on to the chains. I felt that intense post-cumming feeling of relaxation. My dick was deflating, and I could feel it slipping out of the guy”s ass. I could feel his ass tighten up on the head of my dick as it slid back out. I was never able to stay hard and fuck more than once. Ian was always ready to go again as soon as he would cum.

I stepped back and Zach was there. I felt his hands on my shoulders. I let go of the chains and he pulled me back slowly.

“Here, let me wipe that dick off Timmy. You did well.”

“You think?” I asked. How silly to ask, I thought. The guy must think I am crazy.

“Oh yeah. You left a smile on his face,” he told me.

“Ha, good. I”m glad you liked it,” I said to the void.

Zach wiped my cock with a towel then handed me my thong, then my pants. I got them on and then he led me back out of the room and I heard the door close. He removed my mask and we walked back towards the bathroom.


“That was hot, Timmy. You fucked him good and hard,” I told him.

“Did I? I wasn”t sure if it was long enough,” he said. He had lasted 5 minutes tops. Not bad, but not a long time. “It was different. Not like getting fucked.”

“Well, that”s obvious, Timmy. You did the fucking. Is that what you mean?” I asked.

“Well, I mean when I came it was different. It”s been a long time since I fucked anyone, like almost 5 months. I”ve only been fucked in that time. It was different.”

“Got it,” I told him. “So, did you like it better or do you like cumming when you are getting fucked better?”

Timmy blushed before answering. “I think I like cumming when I”m getting fucked better.”

“You might have gotten a lesson in your true nature there, buddy. Maybe you weren”t meant to do the fucking. Kind of what Ian”s been telling you the whole time. I think when you talk about it with him, you can let him know. You should share that sort of stuff with him and make him listen to you, so he hears it and tries to understand you,” I advised.

We went back to the bathroom. I picked up his shirt and handed it to him. He started to put it on, but I stopped him.

“Here,” I said taking the t-shirt from him, “just put in on you belt loop. You should show your hard work off. That chest will get you a lot of attention.”

“Really? I”ve never just walked around without a shirt at a party.”

“I can guarantee there are going to be other guys down there doing the same thing. Don”t sweat it. See what happens.”

“You think Ian will be mad about it?”

“As long as you don”t do anything he hasn”t said you can do, you”ll be fine. Just give the boys a show down there, I”m pretty sure he won”t care. Now, let me go check on your newly broken in boy. I”ll be down in a few,” I told him.

“Got it! I can”t wait for Ian to get back from whoever he”s fucking. I want to thank him for letting me fuck a virgin.”

Timmy headed off down to the stairs and I went back to the room. I headed right over to Ian and yanked the duct tape off his mouth. I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. I stepped out of them and brought my dick up to his ass.

“My turn,” I announced.

“Fuck you all,” Ian said.

“Nope, but we are all going to fuck you,” I confirmed for him. “You”re lucky you had that muscle relaxant. It let Timmy slide in a lot easier than it would have been otherwise. Let”s see if it works the same for me. I”ll add another load to your guts.”

I stood up close to him and grabbed his legs instead of the chains. I pulled Ian back onto my dick. He let out a low groan, but he was relaxed, and he had lube now from Timmy. My dick had no problem sliding in. I went about half way in and let the idea of me fucking Ian sit in his head for a moment.

“How”s that feel McNeil? You enjoying my cock?”


“Too bad. I didn”t enjoy yours either,” I reminded him. “It”s okay to admit it feels good. I mean, you”re into guys. Just relax and enjoy the fuck.”

“Your cock”s too small for anyone to enjoy it, Zach,” he shot back. He grinned as he said it.

He had no clue what was coming for him. Alonzo would show him cock. In the meantime, I”d give him what he deserved for fucking me. I felt only a small amount of guilt for doing this. Ian was screwing over a lot of folks in my mind, I was only screwing him. I”d weighed the idea of doing this and decided I wanted to do it. Fuck if it turned out bad, I knew he was treating me, Timmy, and others badly. I had to make my own statement to him on what he”d done.

“You not getting enough, McNeil? I can give you the whole thing,” I said and rammed it home.

“Ugh,” was his only response.

Now I was fucking full force. I didn”t mind fucking after someone else. The load Timmy left, which seemed like a lot, was fine by me for lube. I was able to thrust and pull Ian around and drive home until I felt my nuts slapping his ass. I loved the idea of the muscle relaxant now. His ass was open by chemical means and he had no ability to fight off the fuck.

“Yeah, I may be small compared to your dick, McNeil, but I have 8 inches and your little cunt hasn”t had anything this size before. You can”t tell me you aren”t enjoying it because your dick is bouncing around fully hard.”

I reached out and grabbed his dick and stroked it up and down a few times.

“Fucker, let go of my cock!” he demanded.

“Why? You might cum? Afraid you”re enjoying it too much?”

“Fuck you, I”m not enjoying this,” he claimed.

I continued to hammer his ass. I was really enjoying it. I don”t think I”d ever fucked someone as big and as muscular as Ian before. His pecs were huge, and I really enjoyed the sight of him strung up in the sling unable to move much. He could talk, but that was about the only muscle on him that was working fully. He still was slack and limp as far as being able to even grasp the chains that he hung by.

“Your dick says otherwise, Ian, so get over it. Just lay back and enjoy it.”

I drove a thrust into him to prove my point. I needed to figure out where his prostate was. I was hammering too hard to pay attention. Maybe I”d let Alonzo work on that. I just wanted to split him open and dump a load. He”d appreciate that at some point, even if he couldn”t do that now.

“Shit, I”m going to cum. Fuck you, McNeil. Take my load! UUGGGHHHHH, FUCK YEAH. Dumping my seed in your pussy!” I told him.

I yanked back on the sling and he slammed into my crotch. I held them there as I felt my nuts pulsing that load inside him. Felt damn good, considering he”d done the same to me not more than a few days ago. I kept feeling my cum leaving my nuts for several seconds.

“Your turn, Alonzo,” I said. I pulled my dick out of Ian”s ass and watched as cum dribbled out of his open hole. He didn”t seem able to close it quickly. That muscle wasn”t fully working. I snagged my camera and got a couple quick pics in. I couldn”t resist it.

Alonzo couldn”t resist that pussy. He walked over, bent down, and slurped at my load dribbling out of Ian.

“Fuck, fuck me. Can”t believe you like eating ass,” Ian said from the sling.

“Zach”s right ya know, it”s pussy right now,” Alonzo told him. “Now watch me get undressed. You need to see what kind of man is going to claim that pussy. Those boys did okay, but they”re not up to my standards of fucking,” Alonzo stated.

I did laugh at that. Alonzo was a big hunk of meat. Not just in his pants, but he was just huge, height, weight, the whole package was big. He pulled his shirt off then slowly undid his pants. He turned around and pulled them off them turned back around to face Ian. He slowly began pulling his boxers down. Ian was watching and then his mouth fell open about the time Alonzo”s cock fell out of the boxers. Alonzo stepped out of his boxers and his dick was thickening and lengthening. Ian just stared.

“You can”t fuck me with that,” he said. “It”s too fucking big. It will rip me up. It”s bigger than mine.”

Alonzo smacked his dick in the palm of his hand. He had reached full size now. It was always impressive, no matter how many times I”d seen it. He moved up to Ian”s ass and smacked his sloppy hole with it making crazy sloppy sounds.

“Yeah, I got more dick than you. Takes a big man to accept his dick is small. Don”t worry about it, I”ll make that pussy so happy, you won”t need to use that dick.”

“Fuck you all. I can”t take that. No one could take that.”

“I watched Donor take it all, Ian. I”m sure you can handle it if he did. Besides, you are on muscle relaxant. It should be no problem for you.” I explained to him. “Do it Alonzo.”

He stepped up and pushed his cockhead inside. Ian groaned. Alonzo moved slowly, letting Ian feel every inch as he pushed further. Half his cock had disappeared inside Ian. I enjoyed watching him gasping as his hole expanded to take the huge dick. Fuck, it was really hot watching Ian McNeil getting fucked. My dick was still hard. I needed to leave it alone for a few minutes while Alonzo taught his ass how to take a cock.

“Fuck this! I”m not your faggot. I”m a man!” Ian shouted.

“Then act like it, boy,” I told him.

“Ugh! What the fuck, ugh, are you talking about, Ugh, fuck, you”re ripping me open.”

“Your ass will be fine, eventually. I”m talking about how you treat Timmy. Man up! Accept that you”ve conquered him. Accept that you OWN him, his mind, his actions, his being, McNeil. Accept the gift he is giving you.”

“Ooowwwwm fuckkkkk! I can”t believe how much this hurts,” he mumbled.

“I”m talking to you McNeil,” I reminded him. “I hope you”re listening.”

“Fuck! I”m listening okay? Where the hell am I supposed to go?”

“You”ve taken everything away from your boy, McNeil, but you”re not giving up the same in return. You”ve taken his swimming, his studies, his hair, his body, his dick. You”re creating aydınlı escort a work of art, an object, designed by you, for your own wishes. You”re creating the perfect little object to fuck. You are his God, McNeil. Don”t you believe you owe him as much dedication as he has given to you? Timmy has given himself, everything he has, to worship you and yet you can”t show him appreciation for that gift.”

“What? I fuck him all the time! Ugh, fuck! Stop fucking me.” Ian cried out. “What else am I supposed to do but use his pussy?”

“You fuck him. How generous of you. What else do you do for him?”

Maybe talking to Ian while he was getting split open was a bad decision, but I wanted to make sure he heard what I said.

“Have you dedicated yourself to his growth as your boy? Do you even tell him how grateful you are that he has given you everything? Wake up, McNeil. That boy loves you and respects you completely. You owe Timmy total dedication for his change from a man to your boy.”

“Fuck, I can”t take anymore,” he groaned as Alonzo fit more inside.

“Yo, chill boy. Relax,” Alonzo told him. “The more you fight it, the worse it will be. Bet you”ve told more than a few people that same thing.”

I walked around Ian to his head. I put my hand on his body. I rubbed his neck, his shoulders, encouraging him to relax. I”d try this approach for a while. He did seem to let go a little. He must see that this was going to happen however much he struggled.

“Stop fighting, Ian. You”re going to learn what taking a cock feels like. You”re going to see what someone experiences when you stick your dick inside them. You should just relax and see what it”s like.”

“I don”t want to know what it”s like. I”m not a faggot.”

“Don”t need to be a faggot to learn what it”s like to take a cock up your ass,” Alonzo told him. “Might do you some good to see what you”re giving someone else.”

Alonzo continued to slowly sink more of that cock inside Ian. I had no problem watching Alonzo fuck. I always thought it was hot watching that fuck stick turn men into a mumbling fool as it rearranged their intestines. It had happened one time, and that was enough for me to realize I was not a bottom. Yeah, I had cum, who could stop that when you”re being split open by a monster, but it had really cemented the idea that I had dick enough to make any man quiver. It felt better for me than any dick up my ass ever did.

“I don”t need to learn this!” Ian insisted.

I went over to the bedside table. I opened it and dug around. I wondered if this was where Alonzo kept some poppers. That had helped Donor with his cock. Sure enough, Alonzo was predictable and there the bottle was. I grabbed it and went back over to Ian. I unscrewed the top and stuck it under his nose, plugging one nostril with my other hand.

“Inhale,” I ordered. He did as I told him to do for once.

“Uughhhhh, fuck, my head is melting,” he claimed. “Ohhhh, fuckkkkk, I”m all warm, my asshole is on fire.”

“That”s it boy, now you got room for this dick,” Alonzo told him. He sunk the rest of the way inside Ian and he just stood there grinning. Ian looked stupidly at Alonzo standing there. He seemed amazed that he had swallowed the whole dick up his ass.

“Ohhhh, fucckkkkkkk, that is fucking huge!” Ian moaned. His neck became rubbery again and his head flopped back as he realized he was fully impaled.

Alonzo finally began to pull and push on Ian”s legs. The sling moved around easily, and Ian began to bounce on that fuckstick as he lay there in the sling. Alonzo just kept pushing and pulling a little and Ian couldn”t stop the action it caused. I stuck the bottle under his other nostril and Ian inhaled deeply again.

“ooohhhhhhh, jeezus. That shit is good. Fuck, that makes the whole thing feel doable.”

“Look at that Zach, his dick leaking now,” Alonzo announced.

Sure enough, a drop of precum rolled out of Ian”s cock and dribbled on his abs. Ian wasn”t paying any attention, his head was hanging down and his tongue just flopped out as Alonzo began pushing and pulling more, starting in to fuck him.

“Beginning to get a picture of what a good dick can do to a man, Ian?” I asked him. “You see how Timmy may have begun to crave what you ARE giving him? How he might decide to do whatever you tell him to do so he can get more dick?”

“Uugghhhhhh, just finish it, okay? Just fuck me and cum inside me and leave me alone!” Ian sounded like he had given up on fighting. He wanted it to be over, but it had barely started. It would take Alonzo a good while before he was ready to plant his seed inside Ian.

“Maybe I”ll make this one into a bitch,” Alonzo told me as an aside. “He seems to like cock inside him.”

“Noooooooo!” Ian moaned.

“Could be easy, his little dick leaking good. I”ve got that prostate now, watch this,” Alonzo said.

He pulled back until there was just 3 or 4 inches inside Ian. Then Alonzo pushed in and out around that same spot. Ian did moan, and his dick did leak more. It just made me laugh. Ian McNeil tied up in sling, dick hard and dripping, getting fucked by a black man whose dick makes Ian”s look small. Had to be a game changer for Ian. He”d learn something from this.

“Just get it over with,” Ian said. “I”m, I”m done with this.”

“Get it over with? Boy, you just got here. Not like you been strung up for a couple months with a crowd waiting for this to happen,” Alonzo told him. “I”m a take my time and enjoy this nut.”

“Fuckkkk! Get me out of here.”

“Not till Alonzo”s done. You think it”s fair to let Timmy and me unload in you, but not Alonzo? That”d be discrimination, McNeil.”

“Fuck you, this isn”t funny. My ass is worn out.”

Ian”s attitude had shifted slightly. He knew he wasn”t getting out until we were done. He just wanted it to be quicker. His hole wasn”t worn out yet, but it would be soon. A just reward for his behavior of late.

“Give me another hit on that bottle,” Ian said. “At least make this bearable for me.”

I didn”t say anything but did as he wanted. He moaned as Alonzo fucked his hole. Not in a painful way, but in a way that indicated acceptance of the inevitable now. Alonzo threw him a good fuck too. Dumped a huge load inside him. It was fucking HOT to watch. Ian McNeil, stud of the frat and half the town getting his ass turned inside out by his fag, his friend, and a big-dicked football star. Alonzo even took ahold of Ian”s big, fat dick and jerked him to completion before he filled his ass for the third time. I wondered what would happen now. Was Ian going to take care of Timmy like he needed to do? Was Timmy going to want to fuck other guys now? I was pretty giddy from setting the whole thing up, but now that it was winding down, I wondered what I had done.

“Ian, you need to stop fucking everything that moves, just because you can,” I told him. “I like you as an alpha stud, but not as the crazy fake straight dude, an alpha who doesn”t respect and protect his fag. Stop treating Timmy like you don”t love his service and submission. Realize he has given himself over to you and treat him as well as you treat your car or your potential career. It”s not that difficult.”

Alonzo wiped down his dick and stuffed it back into his pants. He helped me untie Ian, who was oddly quiet. He didn”t try to do anything to us as we unhooked him. We pulled him off the sling and left him on the bed. He was pretty much over the muscle relaxants, but he”d have to deal with his used hole now. I wondered if I had fucked up, taken it a step too far.

I left him there and went in search of Donor. I wanted to see how he”d progressed since I last saw him. When I spotted him, he was in the kitchen near the booze. Pretty standard Donor. If there was beer involved, he was there.

“Hey baby,” I whispered in his ear when I got up close. I put my arm around his waist and pulled him close. “Where you been?”

“Uhm, I was getting fucked,” he whispered back. He looked in my eyes as he said it. I couldn”t help but smile back.

“You did it! I”m proud of you girl,” I told him. He glanced around to see who might have heard me. “So, who was it? Which lucky man here got to tap that pussy?”

I was getting in to this whole thing about treating him like a girl. I could look at him and see a male, but he”d told me enough by now that I could call him a girl and not get myself worked up about it. It got me hard sometimes when I thought about what I might try if he kept up the insistence in bed that he felt like a girl.

Uhm, well, it wasn”t a guy,” he started to explain his recent fuck. “It was that girl over there,” he said pointing at the woman I”d seen screwing him. I feigned shock and amazement.

“You mean she used a strap-on? I told you, Donor, only a cock.”

“No, no,” he corrected me. “She has a dick, like a real one. She used to be a man. Did you know girls can have dicks?” he said in awe. “It was pretty hot.” He blushed a little as he admitted a woman had fucked him.

“No way,” I said. “I can”t tell from here that she”s got a dick.”

“Well, it wasn”t as big as yours, but it was about like mine. At least before you locked it up,” he added. “She made me cum.”

“Really? That”s interesting. You don”t seem to have a problem cumming with that cage on. I think you like having it on.”

“It hurts sometimes. But it does keep me from touching it. I don”t know, it just seems like my ass is in overdrive and when anyone fucks me it feels so good, I just cum.”

“You cum when you get fucked because that”s what you like,” I emphasized. “A girl loves to get some cock. Even if it is from another girl.”

Donor looked over at the woman again. He stared for a bit.

“You wanna go over and talk to her some more,” I asked. “You think you want another round with her?”

“No!” he said quickly. “No, I, well uhmmm, no I like YOUR dick better actually.” He turned red as he admitted it.

“That”s sweet baby. You sure you”re not just saying that?”

Donor did something I”d never thought he”d do. He leaned over and kissed me.

“uhmmm, so yeah, I like your cock in me, okay? I mean, I think I like any cock, but your cock is good. Big, but not too big. And, well, you”re pretty cool about everything. Not like Ian, he gets pretty angry at Timmy sometimes. I”ve seen it. You just seem okay with pretty much everything. Plus, I told you I wanted to see what it”s like to be your boy, to let you make my decisions. So, yeah. I `m still down for that.”

I reached over and ran my hand on his ass. Gave it a slap and rubbed it some more.

“Good,” I replied finally. “I like that Donor. I”m going to have some fun with that. We”ll see how much I enjoy having you as my girl. I like that you”re doing as I tell you. I”m actually proud of you that you went and found someone to fuck you. Pretty hot. Wish I”d seen that,” I told him. He didn”t need to know I had seen it. There were several things from this party that no one needed to hear about. I hoped Ian realized that too.


I put my clothes on and went downstairs. I wanted to find Timmy and leave. I”d fucked up, I got that. I wanted to know what he knew, see if he realized he was fucking me. Shit, I can”t believe I”d been so stupid and let Zach get me in that position. I”d let myself get roofied and then fucked. Last time that would ever happen. I”d skip the drinks at parties moving forward unless it was my own booze and I knew what was in it. Fuckers. My legs were still rubbery, like the drug hadn”t worn off fully. Then every time I moved I could feel cum in my ass. Some leaked out every once in a while. I had found some toilet paper I had stuffed in my underwear to soak up any that slid out of my ass. I squeezed down tightly and could feel more of it leave my hole. Fuck! My well-used hole. I can”t believe I got fucked by that huge dick, or by Zach. I didn”t want to think about it, but my ass throbbed in a weird soreness every time I tried to stop thinking about it. I grabbed a glass and got some tap water in the kitchen. I saw Donor and Zach playing kissy face there. How weird was that? Donor went from straight acting to a fag in no time at all. I knew that wouldn”t happen with me. I”d had enough dick for a lifetime tonight.

I spotted Timmy about the same time he spotted me. He ran up and threw his arms around me. Sheesh. What a fag. All this attention, it was like we were boyfriends. Ugh, what was I going to do with him?

“Ian! You”re the greatest, Sir. I did it. I fucked a virgin! Thank you SO much, Sir. You let me do it and I did! It was amazing.”

“Whoa! Seriously?” I asked. I wanted to see if he knew anything.

“Yeah! I mean, Alonzo and Zach helped out. They got someone who was a virgin. I didn”t get to see them, I had to wear a blindfold, but still I did it. Thank you, thank you for letting me fuck a guy.”

“You mean you didn”t even see who it was? How”s that possible?”

“No, it”s true. Zach said it was someone from school, from the team, they didn”t want me to know who it was, so like Zach blindfolded me and walked me up to the guy. He was in a sling he told me. I just kinda stood there and fucked him.”

“Wow!” I tried to maintain the façade of amazement. “Hard to believe anyone here is a virgin,” I said. I rubbed my own ass then realized what I was doing and stopped. I brought my hand up to Timmy”s ass. “So, did you like it?”

“Yes, Sir,” he told me. He was all excited. He had stopped hugging me and stood next to me. Fuck, I think I may have let loose a genie from the bottle. Can”t believe I let him take his dick out. How convenient was that? I wondered if he had planned it, if Zach had told him something was up.

“I suppose now you”re going to want to fuck guys all the time,” I said. Somehow, I didn”t want that to happen. I wanted that control over him. I didn”t want him fucking around all the time. He belonged to me, was MY boy.

“Well, it wasn”t THAT good,” he said quickly. I mean it was fun, but it was only fun because you allowed me to do it, Sir. It”s not like you”re going to let me do it all the time. Besides,” he said leaning in closer to me and whispering, “I like your cock inside me a whole lot more than me fucking someone.”

That DID surprise me when he said it. Maybe I did have the control of him I needed. That he needed.

“Let”s go, I told him. “I”ve had enough of this place.”

“What about Zach and Donor?” he asked.

“Fuck `em,” I replied. “They can stay if they want. I”ve had enough of them and the party.”

I was ready to go home and get a shower. I wanted my ass back to the way it had been. I wanted to go back in time to where tonight never happened. I just wanted out of this house. I grabbed Timmy”s hand and yanked him towards the door. He grabbed our coats and we took off.

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