Beauty Ch. 03

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* * * * *

As quickly as we could we took each other hands out our knickers. I had to hold the trembling Beauty — too far gone to really calm down quick enough, but still too far away from a full orgasm. I held her close to me in an embrace and smelt her hair for the first time during the night. To my surprise, they smelt of grass, along with cigarette smoke and something wet, and I felt memories stir in my brain. She cursed softly into my ear, conveying her own unintelligible message, most likely of frustrated arousal.

Before I could dwell on this the elevator doors opened, and in came Mr Ex. It wasn’t his real name, just my own nickname for my crap-fling cum stalker cum arsehole. And he did cum, a lot. Gross. And we lived in the same block of flats. Usually, whenever we ended up bumping into each other instead of exchanging embarrassed pleasantries, Mr Ex likes to remind me of all the “real pleasantries” we shared together on his sofa, his old creaking double bed, his Toyota, the journey on the Piccadilly line between Russell Square and Mansion House on our fourth, and second to last, date. I would at this point tell him to “bite me” and he would say “Really?” with that shit-eating grin only men can muster, and I then tell him I would let him but I’m too busy fucking other women and walk off. However, this time, I had a hot young thing melting into me, and Mr Ex looked like shit in his joggers and a letter in his hand, looking half asleep and lonely.

He simply stepped into the elevator and valiantly ignored us. I stared at him, and stared and stared until he had to look at me. I waggled my fingers and gave him a mock-sympathetic kid pout. I couldn’t help acting like a bitch; he was such an idiot who had it coming. He simply turned away, but I wasn’t done yet. Knowing that any touch would drive near-orgasmic Beauty crazy. I let my fingers on my right hand glide up and down her sides, as gently as I could. Then I let my hand rest, almost casually, on the small of her back and lightly scratched trabzon escort along the edge of her backside. My warm breath trailed on her neck in concentration as she let out a long quiet moan.

I combed my fingers through her hair almost territorially. “It’s ok, baby we’re almost there. We’re so close, we’re so close…so close.” Knowing full well what my soft voice would remind her of our sexfight only half a minute ago.

Beauty growled, “Stop teasing, bitch.”

At last, we reached my floor and could finally get off. We tottered off, myself feeling quite weak in the knees as well and secure in the knowledge I was not much further from an eye-rolling, mind-altering orgasm. Me and Beauty went towards my apartment and I didn’t bother to look back once at Mr Ex. There were much more pressing matters at hand.

The moment the door slammed shut on my flat I gave her a five second blister kiss, not bothering to turn on the lights, capturing her with my lips and breath and tongue before melting into the darkness of my apartment.

Beauty laughed, a confident sensuous laugh “Ha! Like you’re going to hide from me that easily. I’m gonna find you and you’re gonna make me cum so hard you’ll have to apologise to your neighbours the next morning — “

The whole time I had listened intently to the clopping sound of her high heels (I had taken mine off to be deceptive), and was able to sneak up behind her. I breathed lightly into her right ear and she stopped talking immediately. It seems she’s into being played with as well as playing games herself. I smiled into the silky darkness as the air grew expectant around us.

Resting my nose into the crook of her neck, my hands reached round and caressed her breasts, trailing my fingers around the base of her chest, and Beauty gasped. Well, it wasn’t as much a gasp but a slight intake of breath only I could hear, which quickly trailed into a long deep moan that made waves into the rest of the building. Her breath caught in her trabzon escort bayan throat as I began to rub her nipples through her outfit, using my index finger and thumb to apply varying pressure — soft and slow, then fast and insistent to get her worked up. It wasn’t long until I slipped my hands underneath her bra and touched her breasts for the first time. The skin of her breasts was smooth and warm; her nipples reacted to my every touch. I could feel her torso twist in pleasure, as if she wanted to get away from me, although I knew she wanted to do anything but. I kept rubbing her nipples exclusively, feeling her body tense up. It made my pussy twitch, and twinge, and ache for some attention NOW. Just as it was becoming unbearable, I melted into darkness once more.

The flat was silent except for my heavy breathing and Beauty’s frustrated mutterings, really a kind interpretation for all out swearing: “For fuck’s sake, I can smell you! You cunt, I want you on me, now.”

“Then find me.” I replied.

I turned and walked into the bedroom, stripped into my ivory underwear — my balconette bra and French knickers that hugged my bum (and hid any imaginary cellulite), climbed onto my bed and turned on my Portishead CD and waited, spread eagled.

My eyes were closed, and every part of my body tingled with the excitement of my first time with any new woman, especially one as radiant as Beauty. But a minute later, she hadn’t come.

“Beauty! Follow my voice,”

And then I heard the clip-clopping again, a crash as she surely walked right into one of my plants and a distant, not so erotic ‘ow!’

With the lights still off, I grabbed her from behind, and asked if she was alright.

“I think your gigantic plant hit me in the stomach!”

Well, I’m sure I could make that better. I took her wrist, and felt her pulse for a moment, feeling all of that life upon my fingertips, before taking her into the bedroom at last. I laid Beauty down on the bed and appraised escort trabzon her form in the dim light. Her skirt had ridden up exposing her slim ankles, her long legs and most of her smooth, pale thighs. Her hair was messy, lips swollen from our kisses. My ministrations had left her shirt dishevelled and her areolas peeking out from the top of her bra. Her heavy breathing made her breasts rise and fall. I couldn’t bear to resist them and swept down upon her mounds (?) with my tongue. I took care of the shirt and the bra and finally took my first sweep of her nipples with my tongue.

Beauty took a shuddering breath which also seems to take in three higher and higher registers of moans. I’m a breast woman, if you can’t tell and hers were a marvellous feast. I gave them great sweeps of my tongue and bit them gently, and then harder, making Beauty bite her lip in half-pain, half ecstasy. I worked with them, rubbing the rough part of tongue up and down, up and down as I saw her fight within herself to keep still and feel the tingles rippling through her body.

“Oh, god, Marissa, yeah, keep licking my nipples, mmm…ohh…”

And my fingers trailed down to her skirt, roughly pulling down the zip and tugging them away. Beauty lifted herself and exposed her hips to me. A tuft of pubic hair teased its way out of her black silk panties and I wanted her more than ever. I got on top of her and pressed my body against hers, my fingers once again delving into the warm wetness of her pussy, quiet clicking noises as I manipulated her.

With all the kissing, the nipple play and my fingering her crazed movement of her hips brought out her orgasm quickly and suddenly, shuddering and gasping and clenching and pulsating.

She called out my name and I felt so proud, grinding my own cunt on her smooth thighs as I stared into her eyes, grinding down as if I wanted to imprint my DNA onto her skin, my clit making me groan like I haven’t in a while her hands on my butt urging me, compelling me, and I came myself and felt the tremors come from deep within my clit warming me and enlightening me. I thrust onto her a few more times and collapsed next to her, only just noticing the sweat on her skin. She stared at the ceiling, but I was very happy looking at her.

We went to sleep.

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