Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 39

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Having a free afternoon, this Thursday offered the chance to visit the baths. Enjoying my usual indulgences before going upstairs, to find the space empty. Allowing me to take out the camera in the porn theater, after stroking while enjoying the male group sex porn. Basically, making my own porn to share, displaying an erect cock available to anyone who wants it.

Unsurprisingly, no one entered the porn theater after taking those dozen pictures, so I dropped off the black bag in my locker, and went down to the basement steam room. Entering, it was notably hot, but quite dry. After staying a few minutes, I went to the whirlpool, with four men in it. The central fountain was bubbling as I settled, raised on a folded leg, between two men, mainly trying to avoid the splashing.

Nothing seemed to be occurring, and when another man entered after several minutes, I left – again, before the central jet stopped. The water had at least been nicely warm, and still damp, I returned to the steam room, having noticed that a single towel was in a cubbyhole.

A bit of exploring eventually revealed a sitting man on the back bench, a good location to be found in my experience. I reached down to run fingers over his chest, then lower as he began to stroke my inner thigh. He had sexy soft hair covering his thighs and chest, and nipples that responded nicely to being squeezed. We knew that the other was getting turned on, a delightful shared awareness of what was happening between us.

The baths are wonderfully direct, even when one takes time getting horny. I moved closer, touching his hardening cock, hearing him gasp in delight, putting a foot on the bench, cock at face height, starting to play with each other. bahis şirketleri Surrendering to the mutual sensations and temptations. He played with my nipples as I stroked myself with the same rhythm as my left hand on his shaft, lost in paradise, kissing his neck and playing with a nipple.

He bent closer, causing me to cock tease him in a certain fashion, jacking his erect length, openly stroking in front of him. He went down on me, causing me to moan in pleasure, getting what I wanted from a turned on stranger, who knew just how to make my nipples feel so good. Both of us knowing how to have hot sex with a man, in a place where many men have sex. The amazing thing is not how extraordinary the sex can be, but how often it is extraordinary.

We paused each other’s activities a couple of times, understandably not wanting to cum so soon. His sucking was exquisite, too good to think about using poppers while sinking past his soft lips. However, he left the heat before I could go down on him. Still very turned on, I sat on the bench, thinking the heat remained bearable.

Easily joined by a new partner, with a transition that felt almost seamless between the first and second man. He was smooth, nipples easy to find, thighs spreading as my hand explored over them, discovering his swelling cock, aware he was doing much the same to me, both of getting lost in glorious desire.

Though not identical to the previous man, his skill in nipple sex was decidedly equal. As was his enjoyment of what I was doing to him, licking and sucking a nipple into my mouth while pumping his stiff shaft. We continued to play like this until he bent down, his mouth covering my waiting cock, sliding around and over my cock head bahis firmaları as I moaned about how good it felt. Again, the sensations were overwhelming, as cock sucking is irresistible. He took me deep, almost making me open the poppers and just pump cum down his throat. However, I kept the idea in the background, while still planning to use the poppers, after he was sufficiently distracted.

There is something ethereal about nipple sex – even when stroking or being sucked, the sensations feel like a rolling orgasm that is not cock centered. He was clearly in the same state, stroking himself as my fingers rubbed his erect nipples. His cock sucking was delightful, causing me to stand again, putting my balls in front of his face, stroking my slick shaft as his tongue begin to lick my balls.

Stroking, I began pressing my stiff length down, sinking into his mouth again, moaning about how fantastic it felt. By now, I had reached a certain state, getting the poppers ready before kneeling in front of his cock. Even before opening the magic brown bottle, I licked along his sexy length, tongue delighting in the smooth velvet feel of his sexy rod. Taking a deep hit, preparing to worship his enticing naked hardness, mouth surrounding an inviting gorgeous cock head, going deeper slowly, determined to reach the base of his cock before breathing out.

My skills have developed over the years, having become fully devoted to using poppers and deep throating other men, an incredible combination. These poppers are truly perfectly suited to having sex in the baths, and when finally breathing out, the sluttiness they create was filling my mind, as his cock utterly filled my mouth. Sucking with total desire, rush spreading, kaçak bahis siteleri mouth and cock merging, the center of ecstasy, riding the edge of orgasm while jacking my hard cock, both of us lost in pure oral pleasure.

His fingers were perfect on my nipples, growing lazy and distracted as I reached the base of his cock, swirling my tongue over his shaft. This was what I had been waiting for, a chance to become a total suck slut, lost in the sensations of having a hard immense cock keeping expanding in my mouth. This seemed to go on and on, with his hands on my head, occasionally setting limits. as he too kept to the edge of orgasm, without wanting to go further.

When he stood, my mouth easily kept his cock captured in wet softness, keeping him in place as I began to be the one to face fuck him, knowing he was my willing slave, helpless to stop me from going down on him. I never forced him too far, I simply exploited his own natural weakness, unable to resist a stranger’s mouth. It took a while before he could finally finish leaving the bench, the heat likely too much.

Even then, he walked away very slowly, looking at another entwined pair, perhaps wondering perhaps if he should become part of a threesome in the way he seemed to become transfixed, cock glistening. Still enjoying the poppers long lasting effects, I simply indulged slutty desire, reclaiming his cock. Lusciously going down on it again, looking at the other pair, kissing and caressing cock to cock.

When he finally broke away, leaving me still wanting his cock, I realized that the heat had probably grown enough to mean it was time to leave. Especially after enjoying such a perfect period in cock sucking paradise.

The rest of the visit included other oral delights, but nothing so totally erotic. Cock suckers love cock, as I know very well at this point, and the baths are the perfect place for cocks and mouths to find what each desires so intensely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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