Bartering Sex, Bride as Payment, Ch. 01

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Michael and Ashley are surprised by how little they received in cash gifts from their wedding.

To pay for their expensively elaborate, Valentine’s Day wedding, a groom offered vendors sex with his bride as payment in full for services rendered.

Absolutely gorgeous, as if she was a model on the cover of Brides magazine carrying a bouquet of white roses, Ashley looked beautiful in her fifteen-hundred-dollar, white, wedding gown. Adhering to the Valentine’s Day theme, Michael wore a black tuxedo with tails, a top hat, and a red rose in his lapel. With them both tall and good looking, they made for a stunning couple.

In celebration of their wedding day, forever memorializing their anniversary on this day of love, they had chosen this day, Valentine’s Day, as their wedding day. Ashley slowly walked down the aisle followed by her maid of honor and four bridesmaids all wearing red gowns and holding red, rose bouquets. Michael’s best man and four groomsmen, all attired in black tuxedoes, had red roses in their lapels. The church and the hall, being that it was Valentine’s Day, the day of roses and of love, were decorated with dozens of beautiful red and white roses.

Then, at the reception, with a choice of roast beef or seafood, at eighty-dollars a plate, they drank the two bottles of wine their caterer provided at each table to their one-hundred guests. They danced the night away stopping only to eat and to greet friends and relatives, while posing for pictures and video recordings. A beautiful wedding, it was a memorable affair made even more memorable when the bride and groom were unable to pay for it.

* * * * *

Now that the wedding was over in a blur of invited guests, Michael was finally alone with his new bride, Ashley, in their hotel room before heading out to Marcos Island, Florida for their honeymoon. They booked a suite for five nights, at six-hundred-dollars a night, at Marco Beach Ocean Resort, costing them three-thousand-dollars. Yet, before they left for their honeymoon, there were a few things that they needed take care of first. They needed to pay the wedding planner, the florist, the invitations printer, the band leader, the photographer, the videographer, the hall owner, the limousine service operator, and caterer for providing the food, the liquor, and the services of their staff.

As if they had just robbed a bank or held up a liquor store, with their wedding money in the middle of the bed between them, they sat on the bed after counting the money they received as gifts for their wedding. Surprised by how little money there was, hoping they made an error in math, they counted it three times. Each time they counted it, they counted the same, small amount. Expecting to receive more than enough money to at least pay for their wedding and to pay everyone they owed, sadly and disappointingly, there wasn’t enough money to cover the cost of their wedding.

“What are we going to do, Michael?” Ashley held the money in her hands, a little more than five-thousand-dollars in cash that they received as wedding gifts. She looked to her husband as if he had all the answers and would know what to do. “With just the caterer costing eight-thousand-dollars and the open bar bill another fifteen-hundred-dollars, we can’t even pay for our wedding with the little bit of money we received, not even close,” said Ashley.

She looked at her husband as if she was going to cry. Then, she looked at her husband with resolve, as if she had already made her decision to cancel their honeymoon. An event that was nearly as important as the wedding and the wedding reception, they had no choice but to cancel their honeymoon. At least they could save some money doing that by not spending any more money they don’t have and couldn’t afford to spend.

“I’m sorry, Ashley, but don’t worry about it. I’ll think of something,” he said.

He looked at her with hopefulness while she looked at him with sadness.

“As starters, we’ll have to cancel our honeymoon,” said Ashley already seeming disillusioned that they couldn’t afford to have a honeymoon. “We can’t afford to go now. Already in debt before the wedding and in more debt now after the wedding, we can’t spend any more money that we can’t afford to spend. We can’t be in any more debt than we already are.”

With this Valentine’s day night also his wedding night, Michael looked at his bride with sadness instead of happiness. An understatement, receiving this little in cash gifts caught them by surprise. Instead of giving them money, seemingly getting rid of gifts that others had received for their weddings but didn’t want, some of their friends gave them useless and duplicate gifts that they didn’t want and couldn’t use either. They received two toasters, a blender, an iron, three fondue sets, a punch bowl set, and four crystal vases. What they needed and wanted for their wedding was money instead of wedding gifts that they’d never use and would no doubt give away to someone else.

“Don’t bursa escort bayan worry, Ash, I’ll figure something out,” said Michael again while confidentially assured that he would think of something. “I’m glad we only made a reservation for the hotel and didn’t put down a deposit as they had asked us to do. With all of our credit cards maxed out, I couldn’t put down a deposit even if I wanted to put down a deposit,” he said with a sad, little laugh.

She looked at her new husband with love, trust, faith, and hope that he’d think of something to fix their financial setback and start their marriage off right. Now that she enjoyed her fantasy of having been a beautiful bride on her romantic, Valentine’s Day wedding, reality raised its ugly head. She realized her new life being no different from her old life. Married only for several hours, instead of basking in the glow of happiness of a new bride, she imagined her misery as a tired housewife and a working mother saddled with children while her husband cheated on her. She imagined financially struggling throughout their entire marriage.

Going from her highest point of happiness to her lowest point of sadness, while still wearing her wedding dress, she stood outside on the hotel balcony to get some air. Already feeling depressed and trapped in a marriage she felt was doomed from the start, she couldn’t breathe. In the way she stared down at the ground below, perhaps, she was considering taking a swan dive from their balcony twenty stories up to the hotel swimming pool below. Only, with her having everything to live for, with her being so young, so beautiful, and so sexy, she wouldn’t do that. With her having everything to live for, a handsome husband, and both of them ready to start a family, she’d never do that.

“To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do us part,” said Ashley as if reciting her wedding vows again.

Having money enough for a down payment to buy a house was more important to her than honeymooning at an expensive, waterfront resort in Florida. Being that she was no virgin with them already having had sex dozens of times, maybe even hundreds of times, she felt as if she already had her honeymoon long before they were married. Besides, sexually active since she was 18-years-old, in the way that her mother, Anne, and her big sister, Julie, were promiscuous whores, Ashley was a promiscuous whore too.

She was as sexually promiscuous as was Michael in his youth. Back then, before they were married, just as there wasn’t a pussy that he wouldn’t finger, lick, and fuck, there wasn’t a cock that she wouldn’t stroke, suck, and/or fuck. Long before meeting and dating Michael, having lost her virginity in the backseat of a sixties era, muscle car. Back then, she had too many boyfriends to count and, with her happy to oblige, all of them not only wanted sex but also expected sex. Literally and figuratively, she was the head cheerleader on the football team.

The perfect, albeit odd couple, with her a whore and her then boyfriend a whoremonger, she was the steady girlfriend of a college quarterback who enjoyed bragging about his sexual conquests to anyone who’d listen. From there, she continued sowing her wild oats by attending wild, drunken, frat parties and spring break orgies of immoral, immodest, and shameful sex. She had numerous, sexual relationships in college before even meeting, being engaged to, and marrying Michael.

Yet, with all of that sexual activity then, and with her wanting to be a faithful wife now, once married, taking her marriage vows seriously, that was it for her whoring around. Once she met Michael and fell in love, she was done with empty sex. She was done with one-night stands, wild, drunken parties, orgies, and gangbangs. Always the party girl, if she didn’t have another drink for the rest of her life, after her wedding reception toast of champagne, she’d be happy. Alcohol always led to her undoing and to her having sex.

Yet, sadly and realistically, just as their parents started their married lives together with nothing, not that they’re poor now, they didn’t want to repeat their cycle of arguing and fighting over money. Ashley’s mother, Anne, didn’t have any money until she divorced her father and got the house, along with everything else to allow him to live in sin with his oh, so young and sexy, secretary. Michael’s mother, Katherine, didn’t have any money until his father died and left her with substantial, life, insurance policy.

At least wanting to have enough for a down payment to buy a house, Ashley and Michael were determined to start their marriage with more than with less. Alas and unfortunately, their high hopes, unrealistic expectations, and big dreams clouded their reality. Yet, not all their fault, it was the economy, stupid, that got in their way. It was the top 1% having it all and the other 99% left to split what little was left. All the good paying, full-time, manufacturing jobs with benefits were nilüfer escort long gone overseas. What was left was low paying, part-time, service jobs with no benefits, no security, no union protection, and no retirement.

* * * * *

“With most couples giving us a paltry one-hundred-dollars at an eighty-dollars a plate wedding reception, losing sixty-dollars a couple, most invited guests didn’t even pay enough to cover the cost of their food. Just married and we’re already mired in even more debt, Michael,” said Ashley. “Trusting us that we would, we promised everyone that we’d pay them after the wedding. Now, unless we spend every last dollar we have, including the money that we saved from our house fund for the down payment of our house, we can’t pay everyone. There goes our dream of buying a house,” said Ashley falling in more of a deep funk.

With Valentine’s Day, her wedding day, supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life, instead, she was so sad. Michael held his bride’s hand in his and stared down at the six-thousand-dollar, 2-carat, engagement ring he bought her and that he’d be paying over time for the next two years. Perhaps, if he had already paid for the ring, he’d think about pawning it. Yet, he couldn’t do that to her; he couldn’t pawn her engagement ring. What kind of husband would he be to pawn his wife’s engagement ring on their wedding day? Besides, if he did, he’d only receive a fraction of what it’s worth while still having to pay the balance.

He could sell his car and/or her car too but, how would they get to work? Besides, still paying the bank on car loans, they couldn’t sell their cars. He tried to think of anything he had of value. He could sell his beloved baseball card collection or his diecast car collection? Perhaps, he could sell one of his guns. The only real thing he had of value wasn’t a thing at all but a person, his beautiful wife, Ashley, and she definitely wasn’t for sale.

While trying to think of a way out of this dire, financial situation, he stared in her big, blue eyes with love, compassion, and understanding. She was so beautiful. She was so sexy. With him the man and the provider, he felt worse than she did. He felt as if he had already not only disappointed her but also had failed her. Surely, there was some way that they could come up with the money to bridge the gap of what they received and what they owed without having to spend every dollar they had saved for the down payment on their house. Lucky for them, her mother paid for her wedding gown, otherwise, they’d owe that too.

Even though he had only worked there for a few months, he wondered if he could ask for a raise at work. Instead of receiving a few hundred-dollars as he did last year, he wondered how much his Christmas bonus would be this year after working there for a full year, but that was ten months away. He’d have to look at the posting board to see if there were any upcoming promotions that he could apply for now and hope to get. Lastly, he could always leave this job for a higher paying one. Yet, this wasn’t a good economy to leave one job while hoping to get a better one.

“Even though our elected representatives say differently by pointing at the low unemployment numbers, it’s still a bad economy, Ashley,” he said as if thinking out loud without completing the thought that allowed him to come to that conclusion. “It’s only the rich who get richer.”

Not entirely wrong, but simplistic in his understanding of the economy, he blamed everything on the politicians for not doing anything about jobs continuing to go overseas for the past forty-years. Ever since Nixon froze wages with the ’73 oil embargo, he blamed the politicians for keeping the wages stagnant while inflation spiraled out of control. With roads and bridges in disrepair all over the country, he blamed the politicians for not funding infrastructure for road and bridge repair. Yet, seemingly, it was always better and more lucrative to fight someone else’s oil war than to spend a trillion dollars at home that would create jobs and a better middleclass economy.

“You’re right, Michael but the economy and job creation are things that are out of our control,” she said seemingly becoming increasing depressed.

As if he was giving a lecture on the state of the economy and as if she was his audience, he lamented the same complaints he had made over and again before. “We can only change what we control.”

With her sadness contagious, he looked at her with hopelessness in the way she looked at him with unhappiness.

“Unless working for a dot-com startup or at an IT company like Apple, Google, Facebook, or Microsoft, high paying jobs with benefits are a thing of the past. With the unions busted, most of the high paying manufacturing jobs are gone overseas to China. With lots of folks still out of work or working at low paying, part-time jobs without benefits, no one has any money to part with at a wedding,” said Michael.

Ashley looked hopelessly at her husband with tears in her eyes.

“I only türbanlı escort wish we had thought about that before,” said Ashley. “Expenses that I ignored and should have realized, it was my fault for having such an expensive wedding. I could have conserved more,” she said. “We could have had a nice wedding by inviting half the guests and we didn’t have to have an open bar. Yet, somethings, such as the photographer, the videographer, the printer, the hall, the limousine service, and the band are fixed costs. No matter how many guests we invited, they’d still charge the same.”

He smiled at her and leaned to her to give her a kiss.

“With this day, Valentine’s Day and our wedding day, every woman should have at least one special day in her life. With us having to work for the rest of our lives, every woman should have her dream wedding,” he said. “I don’t regret a thing. I’m glad you had your one, special day. So what if we’re in debt? Don’t worry. I’ll think of something,” said Michael playing his role as her in charge and in control husband.

Ashley continued looking at Michael with sadness while he looked at her with determined resolve.

“Naively expecting more from the generosity of friends and family, we’re further in debt than we were before we were married,” she said with sadness. “I thought that things would be better after we married. I didn’t think they’d be worse.”

He gave her a supportive smile and a loving kiss on the lips.

“Don’t worry. As long as you’re willing to help,” he said giving her a sly smile. “I have an idea how we can pay for our wedding and keep the money we already have for a down payment on a house,” said Michael giving his new bride a look of foreboding.

* * * * *

He gave her the same forbidden look now that he gave her when he asked her if she’d participate in the swinging lifestyle with him two years before they were married. Tired of having empty sex, once she found Michael, she didn’t want to give her body to other men. Not wanting to have sex with others in the first place, coerced by her peers and pressured by her friends, she lost her virginity at 18-years-old. Once she lost her virginity, from there, she went to the dark side and became a whore.

Yet, even though she refused to try swinging, Michael wouldn’t take no for an answer. He saw her as more of the whore that he wanted and needed her to be than the king, loving, and caring woman that she was. Instead of swinging, she wanted to get married, buy a house, and raise a family. Afraid of losing him, he pressured her and coerced her to give her body to other men. Unable to stop once she started, different for men than it is for women, having sex with strangers was oftentimes more disgusting than it was sexually exciting.

He was relentless in his want and need to live the swinging lifestyle with her by his side. After pressuring her and coercing her to try swinging with him, she finally conceded and reluctantly agreed to have sex with other couples. She finally conceded and reluctantly agreed to have sex with other men while he watched and masturbated himself. She finally conceded and reluctantly agreed to allow him to have sex with other women while she cringed. She finally conceded and reluctantly agreed to have sex with other women, while he watched and masturbated himself.

With no end to the amount of sex that Michael needed and wanted to have with women and that he needed and wanted her to have with men, sometimes, she had sex with two men while he had sex with two women. Sometimes, they had an orgy with three and four other couples. Going as far as to have her give a circle jerk, with her kneeling in the middle of four to six men, he enjoyed watching her stroking and sucking the erect pricks of a circle of men. He enjoyed watching men cumming in her mouth.

She even had a bukkake fest where a dozen men, ejaculated their cum in her mouth, all over her face, in her hair, and across her big, naked breasts. Literally and figuratively, they truly gave her quite the cum bath. She drew the line at his request and refused to have men pee on her and in her mouth. There was absolutely no way that she was going to degrade herself in that disgusting way.

“Are you crazy, Michael? That’s so gross. That’s so disgusting. Have you absolutely no respect for me? If it wasn’t enough that I agreed to have a circle jerk and a bukkake fest while you watched and masturbated yourself but I’m not going to have men pee on me and pee in my mouth,” she said looking at him as if there was something seriously wrong with him. “What is wrong with you? Next, you’ll be asking me to do scat and shit play. That’s just gross, Michael, and you’re disgusting,” said Ashley refusing to participate in the swinging lifestyle any more.

After participating in the swinging lifestyle for two years, but for pee play and shit play, there wasn’t anything that she hadn’t sexually done or seen sexually done. Embarrassed before over sexually perverse things that no longer embarrassed her now, proud of being a whore, sexually enlightened, if nothing else, swinging opened her eyes to a new sexual reality and identity. Nonetheless her swinging adventures, with her now wanting her husband to be the only man in her life, she insisted they stop swinging before getting married, and they did.

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