Barn Buddies Ch. 02

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Over the next month or so, Joshua was back in Birmingham and didn’t hear anything from Nelson, or text him. But a long weekend was coming up. Joshua had asked his parents to go to the cottage, and they were glad he was enjoying it again, so they said they would go over the long weekend. So Joshua sent Nelson a text message.

“Hi.” it said “I’ll be back at my cottage for the long weekend coming up. Maybe we could meet up, say at the barn, some time.” Nelson answered the same day.

“Definitely.” Friday afternoon, after school ended, Joshua and his parents got in the car and made the two hour journey to their cottage. They arrived late and everyone went to bed. The next morning, Joshua woke up late, around 11. He took his phone and saw that Nelson had texted him.

“I’m leaving for a family thing tomorrow, so I can only see u today. When should we meet?” it said.

Joshua answered right away “Is 12 ok?”

It wasn’t long before Nelson answered back “1?” Joshua agreed and the boys decided to meet at the barn at 1 o’clock. Joshua got out of bed and went to have breakfast. He took a shower, got dressed and brushed his teeth and everything to be nice for Nelson. By the time he was done it was about 12:15, too early to leave. So Joshua waited around until 12:45.

Then went out the door, telling his parents he was going out for an hour or two adding “Just today though.” to reassure them it was okay. Joshua walked along the dirt road until he reached the barn. He was a few minutes early, so he waited in the door. A car came by, but it wasn’t Nelson. Joshua looked at the next two cars, but they weren’t Nelson. But finally, only one minute late, Joshua pulled up in an old beat up pick-up truck. He got out and came in the door. The boys didn’t really know how to greet each other. They awkwardly shifted until they just shook each other’s hands

“Hey” one said

“Hi” the other said. A silence followed.

“Um… Loft?” Nelson asked to break the silence.

“Yeah.” Joshua answered happily.

The teens climbed up the ladder and got in the loft.

“Should we…” Joshua asked nervously.

“Just get naked.” Nelson said “I wanna see some hot body again!” he said. Joshua smiled and took off his shirt. “Oh wait” he said, dropping his shirt and running to the loft’s hay doors. He shut one side, then ran to the other and shut those, as Nelson got completely undressed. When Joshua got back, Nelson was fully naked, staring at Joshua with anticipation. He was just as hot, if not hotter, than the last time; with his broad shoulders and flat, but coming in, güvenilir bahis pecs and his six pack abbs. He was an incredibly beautiful guy. Joshua’s gaze fell on Nelson’s penis, which was still soft, but so hot.

“Get naked.” Nelson said. Joshua snapped out of his trance and took off his pants and underwear. Nelson looked at Joshua. Joshua was a lean, but muscular guy. He had nice arms, pecs that were thicker than Nelson’s and nice shoulders that gave a good, manly, V shape to his torso. His sides came down to his cock in the characteristic V of muscle, and he had pubic hair that fuzzed at the base of his cock and thinned out as the climbed up to his navel. Both the 18-year-olds were hot pieces of meat. Joshua stepped up to Nelson so that they were close. Their chests were touching and the teens looked at each other. Nelson’s and Joshua’s cocks were getting semi-hard, and they bumped into each other. Then, Nelson put his hands on Joshua and felt him. He ran his hands all over Joshua’s pecs and his arms and shoulder, and his balls, his cock and his legs and stomach, everything. Nelson stopped on Joshua’s brown pubic hair though. He knelt down close to Joshua’s penis. He lifted the member and looked underneath and took in all the details as Joshua peered down with a smile. Joshua’s cock was hard now, and he was just waiting for Nelson to suck it. And Nelson did. He looked at Joshua’s penis straight on, then slid his mouth over it. And instantly, Joshua could feel the difference. Nelson had definitely gotten better. Nelson had a hand on the base of Joshua’s cock and was actually using suction this time as he slid his mouth up down Joshua’s member, on top of what he was doing with his tongue. Joshua put a hand on the back of Nelson’s head and just left it there as he enjoyed what Nelson was doing.

“Ahhh…” he said “That’s good.” Nelson looked up, happy he was doing good. He kept blowing Joshua for a good few minutes. But then Joshua told Nelson to get up “I’m gonna blow you too.” he said. So Nelson got up and Joshua got on his knees and took Nelson’s pale, fleshy penis in his hand. It was about six or seven inches long, and pointed up enticingly. Joshua liked a curve in a penis, but he liked it better when it just pointed up like Nelson’s. The head of Nelson’s cock was wet with pre-cum, and even dripping with it. Joshua put his lips around Nelson’s penis, then slid his mouth down over it. He didn’t really know how to suck, but wanted to do it. He liked it, on top of making Nelson happy. Joshua sucked Nelson by putting some suction in and trying to play with his tongue. Eventually he gave up on güvenilir bahis siteleri the tongue and just sucked as he moved his head back and forth. After what seemed like a long time, Joshua pulled his mouth off of Nelson’s wet, hard cock.

“I want you to fuck me.” Nelson said. Joshua got up. The two boys had their penises and chests ouching, and their faces close.

“You want me to fuck you?” Joshua asked half happy half surprised.

“Fuck me.” Nelson said.

The boys went to the couch and Nelson got on his back, his cock pushed down onto his stomach by the shape of his erection. Nelson spread his legs and looked at Joshua. Joshua climbed over Nelson and got on his knees, between his legs.

“Okay.” he said approaching Nelson’s ass. Joshua brought his penis up to Nelson’s hole and pressed it against it. Joshua held onto his cock as he pushed it against the hole, trying to get in. It was tight and hurt Joshua’s head as he forced it. He made a face and let out a “Ah.” as he pushed. Nelson was moaning. Then, Joshua finally broke through and Nelson’s anus stretch over the top of his head.Joshua pushed through, still in some pain, until his head got past the anus and inside Nelson. Joshua let out a relieved “Ahhh…” then pushed the rest of is 8 and a half inch cock inside Nelson. Joshua kept it there, not moving.

“You’re my first.” Joshua said nervously.

“First anal?” Nelson asked.

“First ever.” Joshua answered “Am I your first?” Joshua started pulling back to get a rhythm going

“I’ve had two girls before.” he said as Joshua started pushing back in.

“I’m your first guy though?” Joshua asked.

“Yeah.” Nelson said with a smile. Joshua seemed relieved. He kept fucking Nelson, but it was slow and hard. So he spit on his cock and pushed it back in, and then, he could fuck better. It wasn’t like a vagina, but he liked it better. Joshua knew he wasn’t bi-curious then. As he started fucking Nelson better, Nelson let out some moans

“Ahhh. Fuck me, yeah…” he said “Ohhh…” as Joshua started going harder. Joshua had his hands on Nelson’s waist, holding hi as he fucked. But finally he let go with one hand and started jacking Nelson off. His cock was hard and resisted, trying to stay stuck against Nelson’s body. But Joshua kept it in has hand as he fucked, a bit awkwardly while he was jacking Nelson off. It was a short amount of time before Nelson cumed.

“Ahh! AAHHH!!!” Nelson screamed as his cock pulsated and shook when a jet of white cum came out of his cock and covered his chest and even a bit of his chin. Joshua let iddaa siteleri go of Nelson’s cock and took Nelson’s legs, lifting them up. He pulled Nelson close and used his legs and leverage to pull himself in as he fucked. As Joshua fucked Nelson, he made a smacking noise with every hit of his pelvis on Nelson’s ass. Both the boys were making noises now, groaning and “Awwww” ing as Joshua’s cock slid back forth inside Nelson’s colon.

“Ahh!! Ahhhh..” Joshua said “This is good!” he sounded out of breath. Joshua kept fucking Nelson. It wasn’t too long though, after about five minutes Joshua could feel himself ready to cum.

“Ah! I’m gonna cum!” Joshua said as he sped up his thrusts.

“On me.” Nelson said.

“Ah!” Joshua said, pulling his cock out of Nelson’s red, stretched ass. He got on his knees and jacked off. “Ahhh ahhh. AH!” Joshua went on moaning as he jacked off, getting closer and closer to orgasm. Joshua felt a heat building up inside him, it concentrated to his penis, and slowly turned to a burning sensation. “AH!!” he screamed. The burning felt good, it was like the moment before a sneeze. “AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!” Joshua yelled as the heat seemed to disappear in a second and his penis seemed to send an explosion of ecstasy through his body. Joshua’s back curved uncontrollably and his cock spat out stream after stream of cum that spread onto Nelson’s stomach. The whole time Joshua was screaming his pleasure, he couldn’t control himself. Finally the cum slowed to a trickle out of his softening cock, and Joshua let himself fall onto Nelson, exhausted. The two teens were laying on each other, panting. Joshua could feel Nelson’s cock under him. He liked it.

Eventually Joshua pushed himself up, off of Nelson, his torso covered in cum too now. He gave a heavy breath out then got up.

“Fuck…” he said. Nelson sat up after, and stood with Joshua, who was still panting.

“We’re covered in cum.” Joshua said.

“I have a towel in my truck.” Nelson said.

“We should rinse it off first.” Joshua said. So the boys headed down the ladder and went to the back of the barn where there was an old water spout with no hose. Joshua turned it on. He gestured for Nelson to come over, which he did, and Joshua splashed some water onto his torso and rubbed it down, feeling up Nelson at the same time. He kept splashing and rubbing the cum off. Finally he got to Nelson’s sticky cock, and splashed some water on it before basically jacking it off to clean it. Then Joshua cleaned himself and stood up.

“Now we can just use the towel to dry ourselves.” Joshua said. Nelson walked to his truck, covering his genitals outside, took the towel and ran back in. The boys dried each other with the towel, then went back to the loft and got dressed. They left the barn and both went back to their respective domains.

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