Bananas, Honey and Ladycum

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Just a reminder…I don’t write fiction. As outlandish as some of what I write may seem, it’s an actual event which happened one or two weeks prior. You see, my sexual imagination is always working…and I always want to DO everything my mind conjures up…and I feel compelled to write about it!

This is my promise to you: if something I write is fiction, I WILL let you know that.


After we played with a banana, the peeling of which came apart in my pussy, it filled me with squished-up banana! I have told you about that. Blue sucked my pussy, eating it out of me and made me cum so many times! Then, she was inspired to make banana bread! The bananas have to be mashed up to go into the mix. Oh goody!

You know what’s coming, don’t you? Sort of?

That’s right…I had my baby lie on her back on the kitchen table…I straddled her tummy and, one by one, I placed each banana on her tummy, then lowered my pussy onto the banana between my hot, turned-on and swollen outer lips and mashed it on her tummy. Fuck, it was so much fun! Each banana felt so good against my pussy!

When enough bananas were mashed up for the banana bread, we put it all in a bowl, then Blue held my ass and sucked me sooooooo fucking hard, making kaçak iddaa a lot of sexy, wet noises…I came deliciously, filling her mouth with hot Sunnycum…she swallowed eagerly while still sucking me, sending hard shudders through my body!

She kissed me, her tongue hotly sliding around in my mouth, then smiled at me and got back to her banana bread mix and her recipe. I saw no reason to get off the table…I laid on my back, idly rubbing my pussy and licking banana-cum from my fingers.

Blue looked at me and smiled…

“Damn, Sunny…you’re such a fucking whore…you MUST always play with yourself?”

“Well…yes! I must! I like playing with my pussy! And by the way, I’m YOUR fucking whore, thank-you!”

Blue, with a mixing spoon in one hand, patted my pussy with her other hand, sending pleasure throughout my body…

“That’s right…baby is all mine!”

She went back to her recipe, and a smile spread across her face.

“Uh…Sunny? The recipe calls for honey…”

I quickly sat up, leaning back and propping myself on my hands…

“Really, now? Well, then! This just got even better!”

Blue got the honey squirt bottle…

“Somehow, I just KNOW you’re thinking what I’m thinking…”

“You kaçak bahis know I am!”

I laid back down on my back, stuck my legs straight up in the air, grabbed my ankles and pulled them way back…

“Fill me up, sweetheart!”

My hot Blue kissed my pussy, then squirted what she figured was the recipe amount inside me…

Ooooooohhhhh, it felt so good having my pussy full of honey…Blue held her hand over my pussy while I turned over onto my hands and knees. She moved the mixing bowl between my legs, and kept her hand on my pussy to hold the honey in while she rubbed my clit to death…

I screamed and threw my hair back while Blue ferociously rubbed my clit…

“Cum for me, Sunny! That’s it, baby!”

My body was going fucking insane! I could feel the honey inside my pussy, mixing with my juices and getting hotter!

“Fuck YES! Fuck me! Baby is cumming good for you! Ooooooohhhhhhh FUCK!”

My body rocked HARD! Blue moved her hand, but kept two fingers holding my clit…squeezing it…working it…I came in a hot mass of spasms, a fucking wonderful mix of honey and cum flowing from my swollen pussy, into the mixing bowl! It was so gooey and hot, just flowing luxuriously from me!

Oooooohhhhh…my illegal bahis body was shaking involuntarily…I laid my forehead on the table, honey-cum still ooooozing from my throbbing pussy, my outer lips quivering…Blue climbed up on the table, removed the mixing bowl and slid herself under me, her mouth under my pussy. She held my hips and pulled my pussy to her mouth, then lapped up all my cum and honey from my pussy and inner thighs…


Blue knew I would cum again and screamed with delight, grabbing my ass…she dug her nails into my skin and roughly pulled me against her face, savagely devouring my pussy…sucking me hard into her mouth and growling into me…I threw my hair back, letting it land on my ass..but, I wanted my cum on her body this time, so I pulled my pussy from her mouth, moved down and straddled her tummy. Blue screamed with delight…

“Cum on me, baby! I want it all over me!”

Blue rubbed my clit and I came harder than ever, drenching her! (no squirting) I rubbed my cum all over her body while she purred for me, her arms outstretched and her legs spread…I kissed her very deeply…my tongue promising her I would make her cum later…and cum…and cum…and cum…

Oh yeah…the banana bread. It was VERY good! It MIGHT have made us horny when we ate it, except, we were already horny…as always…


Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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