Bad Girl Pt. 02

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is, a fun story. Special thanks to rancher46 for editing my story.


Chapter 7 — The Weekend

I woke up at 10:00 feeling drained of all energy. Damn, that woman rode me hard. Ooooo, it was fun, though. I shower and give Ronnie (our butler) an envelope with instructions before heading to the kitchen. Bacon, sausage, and hash browns are slowly cooking on the grill. At seeing me, pancakes and eggs are soon on the grill. Mom and Jane are cooking. Our chef is setting the table and squeezing oranges for juice. Nothing is better than fresh-squeezed orange juice. Mom steps up to me at the first lull, bumps her breasts into me, giggles, and then kisses me. After flipping the pancakes, Jane bumps her breasts into me, touches my arm, sending bolts of lightning through my body, and then she too kisses me on the lips.

I sit down at the table. Marcene, our chef, looks at me and stares at my body; she is locked on. Mom bumps her as she brings in a platter of food.

Mom teases her, “It’s just Bill.”

Marcene shakes her head, “No, mam. That is a living sculpture. That’s the type of man that causes divorces.”

Janes laughs as she also brings in a large plate of food. Marcene and Ronnie join us for breakfast. I am starving. They are all staring at me as I eat. I’m a big guy, and I worked up an appetite last night.

While eating, mom asks me, “What shall we do today?”

I giggle, “As soon as we finish breakfast, you are going up to your room, putting on a good pair of socks, and then your best walking shoes. I have a big day planned. We are going to do a lot of walking today outside in the open. You WILL need sunscreen.”

Today, I start acting like a boyfriend should.


One hour later, Ronnie is our driver, which both mom and Jane notice; he doesn’t usually drive. We have the big SUV today. The limo is over the top for my plans. He takes us to the Olive Grove shopping mall. This is a mall with a HUGE parking lot. This is more like an airport, there is so much parking. However, today, it’s almost all full. There is a car show today. I love modified cars.

Mom and Jane start off like, oh geez, how fun, yea, can we go now? Zero enthusiasm. I start with the classic car section. These are cars from the twenties, thirties, and forties, and all have been restored to brand new condition, if not better. These are faithful restorations, no cd players, air conditioning, power steering, and other items to make it nicer. These look amazing. Even mom and Jane are impressed with the cars and want to sit in them.

I have them hooked. I then take them to the rust-o-mods, where new suspensions, motors, radios, and other nice things are placed in an old-looking car. These have been modified to look cool and yet are very drivable. We then move into the heavily modified vehicles. These cars have been chopped, stretched, lowered, raised, and some are just plain weird. They all have fantastic paint jobs with jacked-up engines that you could eat on.

I skip the muscle cars; they would have had no interest. I end in the fifties and sixties cars. Those are some big cars with huge fins. I like them because of the style. This whole time we are hand in hand with me in the middle. Ronnie loves muscle cars; he ran off on his own. At about one, we stop and grab a bite to eat. They don’t have anything healthy, so we all got something terrible and shared. They are wound up now.

I text Ronnie, and we move on. Our next stop is go-cart driving, and neither mom nor Jane has ever gone before. The place isn’t busy; only a few kids are on the track. Several other kids are there and looking sad, including the two mothers. I don’t need to ask them to understand the issue, they ran out of money.

I take mom and Jane to the counter to get helmets, and I go pay.

I ask the guy, “If I pay three times, do we have to stop.”

The kid says, “Yeah, the others aren’t paid, I can’t let them go, and they ran out of money. When they finish, you will probably be the only three; if so, no problem.”

I smile at him, “I and my two dates will go three times. Then I want to pay for ALL those kids to go three times with us. Ok?”

The kid could care less, “Sure, fine by me. You tell them.”

Mom and Jane are picking out a car.

I stop and look sour as I yell at the kids, “Where do you think you’re going?”

They all freeze; they look like they’re going to shit their pants. The mothers are puzzled and ready to attack me.

I yell some more, “Get back in those cars. You kids over there, get in the other cars. I want to fill this track so I can show my girls how awesome I am. We’re going three times so that’s nine laps. Well, don’t sit there on your butts; get up and get in a car! Hurry!”

I yell at the mothers, “Hey! All of you get out there. Someone has to watch those punks. You can’t do it sitting on your asses.”

They’re already running. One of the artemisbet yeni giriş mothers, nah, probably a grandmother, got the checkered flag out, the worker could not be bothered, and she jumped and waved the flag to start us. Every single one of those little fuckers lapped me not once but twice. Jane lapped me once, and mom basically stayed in front of me, effectively blocking me. They quickly get out of the cars and are laughing hysterically at me. I’m having a hard time extricating myself from the small, cramped vehicle.

Mom and Jane rush me and hug me, still laughing. They had a ton of fun. That was the plan all along. I know every vehicle has the same horsepower. Add more weight, it goes slower. With as big as I am, I never had a chance. Jane, mom, and the other mothers are the happiest of the group.

One of the little guys yells out, “Hey! Mister big dude.” I turn to look at him. “Thank you for the fun. You need to learn to drive; you suck.”

The mothers slapped him silly as he and his buddies all laughed their asses off at his comment. One mother looked at me, smiled, and shrugged her shoulders in a “What can I do?” look. We leave.

Next on the list is eighteen holes of golf. Mini golf, that is. I pay, we grab a club and are given a ball.

At the first tee, I explain the game, “You set the ball down, and hit it with the club. We take turns so that we can block each other. The lowest score for the eighteen holes wins. The one with the lowest score on each hole gets a good long kiss from me between the two of you. If you tie, you each get a short kiss from me. Mini golf is now a competitive event between the two women.

They take it seriously enough; they’re like professional golfers. They look at the angles, take practice swings, everything but check the wind. Taking chances generally paid off. In the end, Jane won one more hole than mom, with five ties. It was hilarious watching them concentrate so hard.

I sit in the back with mom as we head downtown for dinner. I need to be there to hold her. Dad proposed to her at Vincent’s Italian Village. It’s a century-old restaurant still run by the same family and using the same recipes. It’s expensive, but it’s terrific. Mom hasn’t been there since dad died. As we get closer, her eyes start to water. She’s figured it out. Two blocks away, and she is shaking like a leaf. I turn and kiss her on the lips, allowing it to linger. She calms down.

Mom complains, “We’re not dressed up for this place.”

I reply, “They no longer require a suit and tie; it’s the one tradition they dropped.”

I have reservations for 6:30; it’s only 6:00 now. I figure we can get a few drinks before we’re seated. I don’t mind waiting.

We walk in, and it’s crowded. I go up to the hostess and say, “Shoemaker, party of three.” Mom and Jane are still holding my hands. I don’t mind the crowd; people move out of my way. She looks over to three old men; they step up to us single file.

The first old man throws up his arms and yells, “Connie!”

He wraps his arms around her like they were old lovers. He kisses her on both cheeks, then he moves on to Jane to welcome her to their family restaurant; he stands looking at me with a tear in his eye.

The man asks, “Son?”

I nod my head yes, “Dad died about eight years ago.”

The man has tears running down his face, “They came here every week. He finally proposed to her. She’s an exquisite woman, but it was easy to tell they were both in love. They had a few Christmas dinners here, a family wedding, countless birthdays. I remember you as a little boy. MY, you have grown. Whatever you want, it’s on the house tonight. Please bring her back again; we miss her laugh.”

He gets out of the way so the next two can also kiss me on the cheeks. Mom wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me hard. She is crying yet still looks happy. Jane is shocked by this. I remember coming here as a child. I remember Christmas dinner and a few birthdays here. I love this place.

We are led to a table, their table. Mom cries again.

I ask with a grin on my face, “If the third chair bothers you, we can dump Jane.”

Mom laughs like it’s the best joke in the world. Jane slugs me in the arm.

Mom is still chuckling, “We have had many chairs at this table from time to time. It was our favorite place to do business. So no, we are not dumping your sister. I still love your father so much. You remind me of him so often. Your kindness. Your playfulness. Your generosity. You are two peas in a pod. Damn, I love you both so much.”

Jane adds, “You sure outdid yourself today. I never thought you could get me to enjoy a car show, but I must admit, those were some awesome-looking cars. Those first sets of cars were unbelievable, and the luxury and the amount of detail for the time was socking.”

Mom adds, “I agree; the whole day was a lot of fun. Thank you for bringing me back. This really touched my heart like you can’t believe it. I should have come back before; I love this place.”

We artemisbet giriş have cannoli for dessert, and I leave a generous tip.

On the drive home, I have to hold mom. She is emotional thinking of dad and the great times they had at Vincent’s. Jane offers her hand, and mom takes it well.

Once home, I guide mom through the foyer, dining room, and out onto the porch. Mom’s looking at me like I have lost my mind. Jane looks at me. I smile back at Jane. We both start taking off our clothes.

Mom is nervous, “Um. What are you doing?”

I ignore her.

Mom continues, “They can see us.”

I continue stripping. Her mouth is wide open. The outside lights are dimmed, surprising all three of us. Jane and I jump into the pool at the same time. It’s heated and feels incredible. I try to swim laps, but mom puts out a hand and grabs my shoulder. Because I am in motion and a lot bigger, she gets dragged behind me. Her arms are quickly around my neck, moving her up my back. I am in the middle of the pool. I stop, squat down, and promptly push up, jumping partially out of the pool with my mother screaming and springing out of the water involuntarily.

I fall forward, pushing a massive wave of water into my sister, knocking her over. She stands up, and she’s furious with her breasts swaying sexily. Mom falls off me into the water laughing her ass off. That didn’t help; Jane is ready to take swings at me. Mom steps between us and reaches out her arms, toddler style, and they hug. Four amazing breasts smashing into each other.

Mom steps back, embarrassed, “Oh Bill, now I understand why you love hugs so much. Her breasts are amazing.”

Jane instantly blushes. We all laugh. We spend an hour frolicking in the pool, enjoying each other’s company. It’s relaxing, exciting, and we enjoy a few tender moments. I feel at ease with my life now. I know they love me at work, at home, and I am no longer haunted by Vickie. I no longer need her in my life; I have mom and Jane. They love me unconditionally.

It’s about 9:00 when we get out of the pool and head up to our rooms to shower. Mom is amused when I pass my sister’s door and continue to follow her straight into her shower. Mom picks up a washcloth; I take it from her forcibly. She looks at me, smiles, turns around, hands on the wall, and her legs are split.

I give her neck, arms, and shoulders a quick massage. Next, I wash her body with the washcloth. I hit every square inch of her body. Her pussy, thighs, and breasts got a bit more attention. We’re both breathing hard. I love pleasing my mother. I hand her back the washcloth, then I use my bare hands to caress her entire body. I quickly alternate squeezing breasts and nipples. Squeeze right breast, squeeze left breast, squeeze the right nipple, squeeze left nipple as fast as I can.

With every moan from mom, I tingle throughout my body. This is new. After a small orgasm, I squat and enter my mother from behind. She surprises me by breaking away and running out of the shower. I quickly shower. As I exit the shower, mom throws me a towel to dry off as she runs playfully into the bedroom. I heard her giggle as she ran. My heart is overflowing with the way I’m making my mother feel.

My heart skips a beat as I walk into the bedroom and see my mother on the bed. She has her hands and knees on the bed, with her head looking behind to verify I am coming. I take two enormous strides and then jump over the end of the bed. Two quick knee steps, and I am pressing my large cock into my mother’s pussy. I am slow and gentle. Mom moans; I want to howl like a wolf in heat.

Mom surprises the hell out of me, “Bill. Could you. No. Never mind.”

You can’t do that! You know I will want to know now. I’m being played.

I command her, “Out with it, what?”

Mom is blushing, “No, it’s not fair to you. You and your father are different.”

She has my interest piqued, “What!!! Out with it.”

Mom sounds bashful; she can’t look at me as she whispers, “Your father was … more forceful … rougher in bed. Could you … No. Sorry.”

I can’t help my following words, “Oh? Dad had a kinky side to him? He liked to rough you up?”

Mom turns around and sits on the bed; she wants to talk.

Mom is blushing more than ever, “Your dad was like you, a gentle man. Like you, he was hard to anger, but if you did, watch out. You see why I say I see so much of him in you? No, it wasn’t him that liked it rough; it was me. In college, I had a guy that liked it rough. He made me feel so cheap and used, yet somehow, I loved it. Your father had to learn how to do that. I wanted to ask you, but that’s just me putting your father’s personality in you, and that’s not fair to you.”

I see the light, “Ah, ok, I understand now.”

Mom gets back on the bed, but this time she is on her back. Oh, she doesn’t think I like rough-fucking, huh?

I push into mom twice, going slow and gentle. She looks happy. She should be; that’s a lot of meat stuck up into her. I can see that she was hoping for something artemisbet güvenilirmi else. In a lightning-fast move, I use a hand to push her hips, forcing her body to roll over onto her stomach. She’s disoriented. I then use both my hands to pull back on mom’s hips while kneeling on her feet. That forces her to bend at the knees, pushing her ass back at me and over her legs.

I turn my hand upside down and stick two fingers into her pussy. I use those two fingers to lift her legs up, placing her on her knees. I can’t do much about the arms; I leave that to her to fix. I quickly shove my meat deep into her body, getting three-quarters of the way in before I start pounding her. I have a problem, though. I can’t slam into her hard if I am only partially in.

I lean back as far as possible. Now more of my cock is outside of her body. I can’t slam her with my hips, but I can bang her with my thighs. My thighs push up and slam into her thighs and her clit. That has a dramatic effect on both of us. Her clit is being hit, the angle is unique, and she’s getting the rough fucking she wanted. She gets up on her hands and begins the howling and screaming.

I sense her feelings of happiness more than I see them. That makes my whole-body tingle. I love the way my cock slides along her velvety hole. Because of all the noise she’s making, I know the whole house knows. That has me overflowing with electricity and power. I am relentless and never slow down. She is screaming now non-stop. This might kill her. She has been stressed because of me. Stress is what did dad in, a heart attack. I’m fucking her good, like a lover would, like dad did. Those thoughts touch my heart and force my body to prematurely orgasm. I failed to keep it at bay.

Mom was holding hers at bay as well. She loves to build her orgasm. With me releasing and shooting my geyser into her overflowing pussy, that set her off. Mom literally explodes with a higher-pitched scream that tails off to a moan. She lays on her stomach, laboring to breathe. I am at her side; I can feel both our hearts racing due to the extreme exercise.

If she’s talking, I hear nothing. I am cold and sweating profusely. This was different than the other times. I felt the love, and that drained my body. I gave her everything I had; my body is wiped out.

I hear the door open, a blanket is brought over my body, a kiss on my forehead, and then the light is turned off. Immediately, I am asleep.


Ronnie wakes us all up at 7:00 am sharp. We have a tight schedule today. We are taking a plane to Syracuse to see two businesses that aren’t doing well. Why am I needed?

We take the company jet, which makes things much better. Flying commercial is no fun. Our plane is small; it carries up to a dozen people. This time it’s six; we have three security guys with us. I find that unusual.

One of the guys shows me a handgun, “You can wear it if you know how to use a weapon.”

I reach in my shirt and pull out my Smith and Wesson 1911, “US Navy Seals taught me a thing or two. Why do I need it?”

The man says, “It’s a rough area; you look like money. Better safe than sorry.”

It’s Sunday, but the manufacturing plant works 24×7. We surprise the manager when we show up, and he has his feet on his desk “reading” an XXX magazine and drinking a beer.

At seeing this, mom is calm but says, “You may go home now.”

The guy complains, “Who the fuck are you to come in here and give me orders?”

With disdain, mom says with a calm voice, “The woman that owns this place and your former employer. Pack your stuff and get going. Bill, find a manager, you three, watch over him.”

Mom and Jane sat down, logged on to an unused PC and I guess they are looking for the managers.

I go out into the plant by myself. They make dog food. The place is dirty and dark. The machines are in terrible condition. Yes, they’re dirty and not well maintained, but it’s more than that. I see several welds at the same support beam. I see wires holding the machine together. Where there are rollers, many are missing or partially missing. Nothing rolls like it should.

Looking closer, there is too much manual work going on. There should be more automation and fewer humans. I would rather see fewer line workers and more maintenance workers. Things are flowing well. I don’t see lazy workers. They’re all working at a nice pace. Not too fast, and not too slow. Nobody looks stressed or rushing their work. They’re paying attention. I look around and see a man and a woman watching the line, being asked questions, and replacing people so they can take their breaks. They both seem to be doing their job well.

I watch them closely, and I see that the woman is friendlier to the people. The guy is short at times. The employees don’t seem to mind, and they joke a bit; they like him.

I walk up to them and introduce myself. I have their attention.

I explain, “I have been watching both of you and this plant for a while now. We fired the manager, and one of you two will probably get a promotion. I want one of you to come with me to the main office. My mom will interview both of you and decide. Just so you know, I think you’re both doing a good job. The people look happy, are doing their job, and they’re engaged. Well done to both of you. You’re first.”

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