Baby’s Wedding Day

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Thank you to Moonflower1980 who edited this story.


I was awake when I heard the knock on the door.

I was lying in bed enjoying the feel of it. Sometimes when I wake up, I just feel full of peace and delicious. My room was light and airy. Even though I was naked I felt so warm snuggled under the covers. I brought my hand up and gently rubbed my breast. My nipples were both hard so I gently pulled on them. The knock came again. I mumbled and turned away from the door as it opened. Today was going to be such a great day; I just wanted to lie in bed and savor it a little more.

“Pumpkin, time to get up. People will be here soon to get ready.”

I kept my eyes closed. I felt the bed move and then a large warm hand rubbing my arm and I looked up to see my Daddy sitting on my bed looking down at me, his green eyes sparkling in joy and his tanned skin almost glowing in the early morning light.

“It’s so early,” I said.

Daddy just rubbed my arm absentmindedly and looked around the room. The room I have called my own for the last 20 years. I was flooded with memories and I looked up at my Daddy and smiled a sad smile. His big hands were now rubbing along my arm and my back.

“What’s wrong, baby?” he said to me in a concerned voice. “Today is supposed to be a happy day. You’re marrying a great guy who I know you deeply love.”

“I do love him Daddy…but you know I also love you and I hate to leave you.”

“I know, baby. But I will always be your Daddy” with that he leaned down and kissed my lips.

I opened my mouth to accept him, our tongues sliding around slowly. He gently pushed me onto my back as I raised my arms up around his neck to pull him with me. He used one arm to support himself and took the other hand and started to rub the undersides of my breasts and then tweaked my nipple which was standing at full attention.

“Even when Daddy’s give their baby girls to other men they are still their little girls…always,” he told me and looked at me with pure love, “You will always be mine.”

His hand drifted along my stomach, caressing me. My skin felt like it was on fire. Daddy started kissing and licking my breasts and my breath was coming out all funny. He makes my body feel incredible. New little blazes ignited from every spot his lips and tongue hit me.

“Daddy’s are always there for our little girls princess and I will always be here for you… anyway you need me,” with that he slid his hand down and on to my thigh, his thumb putting pressure on the inside.

My whole body felt ablaze. He rubbed my leg up and down getting higher and higher up each time. By now I was squirming and could feel the tingling in my belly and my pussy flooding. Daddy just kept on rubbing his hands on me. He would get close to my pussy and then move them away some times he would rub firmly and some times he would just trace lazy patterns across my skin.

“I need you now Daddy,” I said.

He smiled at me and kept tracing lazy patterns now with his finger tips across my belly.

“I can’t believe my little girl is getting married,” he said.

I tugged at the waist band of his shorts. He smiled down at me and moved his body so I could pull them off.

He was now lying on his side, naked as I was. I love the way my Daddy looks. His big beautiful cock was jutting out from his trim torso. I looked my Daddy in the eyes. “May I Daddy?”

“May you what, princess?”

“May I touch your cock?”

“Yes princess, because you were a good girl and you asked, you may”

I reached out my small hand and began to run it over his large cock. He shivered and şişli bayan escort moaned. As always, I was in awe of how hard he got for me, his little girl. I was so lucky. I kept slowly rubbing my hand up and down on his hot cock just thinking how lucky I was.

“Oh princess,” he said, “you’re so beautiful. Your husband-to-be certainly is a lucky guy. Oh yes princess. That feels so good. Now princess, I want you to suck it. I want to make sure you’re going to be good for him”

He leaned back on my pillows and I sat up. I leaned forward while still keeping his rock hard cock in my hand. I blew lightly and then ran my tongue around his head. God, I loved the way he felt. I felt myself getting wetter.

I ran my tongue around his ridge and the down along the underside of his shaft, making sure to leave lots of saliva. Daddy likes it wet.

I licked around his balls and gently sucked each one into my mouth while lavishing them with my tongue. He was so hard and so hot to my touch. My pussy was dripping now and I continued my worship of my Daddy.

I let his ball out of my mouth and placed my lips on his head while swirling my tongue around him. I slowly sucked him in. Daddy likes this. He was moaning and telling me what a good girl I am. I sucked more and more of him in my mouth until I had him all the way in and down my throat. I swallowed a few times.

“Oh god, yes baby,” he moaned to me.

I opened my legs slightly to try and ease the sensation I was feeling between them. I was now sliding up and down his shaft and sucking. Daddy was moaning and I was m happy he liked it.

I heard him tell me to stop but I didn’t. He told me to stop again and I kept bobbing up and down on his cock. I felt him start to twitch in my mouth and I knew what was coming.

I took a deep breath through my nose and plunged all the way down.

His cock unloaded spurt after spurt down my throat. I swallowed all of it. I knew it would make him happy. Daddy was breathing hard. I sat back up and turned around so I could look at him. His eyes were closed. I sat there and waited.

“Baby, you made Daddy feel very good but Daddy told you to stop and you didn’t.”

I hung my head. “I just want to make you happy, Daddy,” I said.

“What’s the rule, baby girl?”

I didn’t answer.

“What’s the rule, baby?”

“To always do what Daddy says,” I said.

“And…” he said.

“That Daddy always gets to come in his little girl’s pussy.”

“Yes baby, that is the rule and even though you made Daddy feel really good you were a bad girl. What happens to bad girls?”

“They get punished.”

“That’s right baby girl, now how do you think I should punish you?”

I knew better then to answer so I just raised my head and looked at Daddy and waited.

“Maybe I should fuck my little girl and not let her cum.”

I didn’t like this idea at all but I didn’t say anything.

“But my little princess, it is a special day so maybe Daddy will be nice to you.”

I stayed quiet. I tried not to move at all and hoped. My silent plea, please, please, please.

“Maybe I will just spank you for being a bad girl.” Oh, please yes Daddy, I thought.

He looked at me and put his hand on my knee. He shoved my leg so now I was open for him.

“Oh baby, you are so wet for Daddy,” he smiled, “Well you know Daddy only wants to make his little girl happy but he does have to teach her how to behave.”

With that Daddy sat up and threw his legs over the edge of the bed to the floor. He stood up. I noticed his cock was getting hard again and that just made me wetter.

“Oh şişli escort baby, you are dripping on to the bed,” he said as he gently stroked himself a few times. “Now get in position for your spanking,” he said to me with his stern Daddy voice.

I moved so my back was to him. I leaned forward so I was on my knees and hands and I opened my legs.

“Oh yes princess, you are so beautiful. I’m so sorry I have to do this.” With that I felt the sting of his hand landing on my ass. I stayed still.

“How many do you need to learn your lesson?” Again I stayed still and quiet. “I think 15 for each time you didn’t listen so 30.”

I was still.

“And what’s the rule, baby?”

This time I knew I am supposed to answer so I did. “If I flinch then my Daddy will have to give me an extra spanking”

“Yes my darling and you know how sad that makes Daddy so be good and stay still.”

Swat! I was still.

Swat! I felt his hand come down and sting my back side. Again and again. He knew I loved this. With my legs open he could see my juices running down my legs.

Swat! Swat! Swat! I was in heaven. It hurt but it felt so good. My pussy was pulsing.

Swat! I flinched.

Damn, I thought.

He stopped. I stayed looking straight forward. There was no movement from behind me. I waited. I felt how hot my skin was and I knew that welts were starting to rise.

Swat! There it was again this one was the hardest yet. I was still but I think my pussy actually squirted a little on that one.

Swat! Swat! Swat! I was so close to coming.

And then he was done. He was rubbing and kissing my ass, telling me how sorry he was that he had to teach his little girl this lesson. I felt his tongue trace around on my rear. He had a hand on each thigh holding me in position. He licked and kissed me. I shivered in pleasure. I felt his tongue go to my thighs, first one and then the other and then back to the first.

“Baby you smell so good, I wonder how you taste” and with that he dipped his tongue into my cunt. A moan escaped.

“Oh baby, see how wet you get for Daddy.” Another lick.

“You taste so good baby girl. I’m such a lucky Daddy.” Another lick and I was on the brink of an orgasm. My legs started to shake. He stuck his tongue in me and slithered it around as my orgasm hit.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god! Yes, Daddy! Oh Daddy!”

I was speaking gibberish. I couldn’t think. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. I shook and moaned and my Daddy kept lapping me up.

As I started to come down, my Daddy stood up and said, “You don’t think you’re done yet, do you?”

I stayed in position. My Daddy had not told me I could move. My arms ached from holding myself up but I stayed put. My body still felt twitchy. I love the way my Daddy can make me cum.

His hand was on my lower back and he was standing behind me but to the side. He was telling me how much he loved me and how much he loved to see me like this. All flushed and sweaty. Naked and on display for him.

“Baby I’m so proud of you,” he told me. “You’re such a good little girl for Daddy. I know how much you love me and I know how much you love what Daddy does to you. Don’t worry baby, you will always be mine. Just because you will be married to Mr. Wonderful doesn’t mean you are not still my little baby, my little slut, and you will continue to do what Daddy tells you.” He was quiet.

“Yes Daddy,” I whispered.

Daddy plunged his fingers in my still gushing pussy, “Oh baby, you’re so tight!”

I whimpered. His hands were so big and his touch was amazing. It soothed me even as it set me on fire.

Daddy mecidiyeköy escort pushed in harder. I moaned happy at the feelings he was giving me. He pulled them out and I whimpered again. I didn’t want him to leave. I wanted to feel full.

“Oh, my little girl likes her Daddy to finger fuck her, does she?”

My juices were flowing again and were now running down his hand and arm. My god, my daddy made me so wet. I groaned and my Daddy laughed.

“Tell me what you want princess.”

I just stayed still enjoying the feel of my Daddy’s finger in me. He took them out.

SWAT! Ouch that one hurt.

“Answer me slut! Look at you exposed for your Daddy, dripping. Tell me what you want!”


“Oh Daddy, yes!”


“Daddy, please fuck your little girl and fill me up with your juices.”

“See my little princess, all you had to do is ask. Daddy loves his little girl and will do anything to make her happy.”

With that he thrust his long hard cock in me. I screamed out in pleasure of my Daddy filling me. He pumped in and out of me and I started to shake again.

Daddy was pounding in and out of me. It hurt a little he is so big. My pussy was wet though and it stretched to accommodate him. Even in the pain there was pleasure.

Our moans joined together, just like our bodies, in the early morning air. I screamed for my Daddy, “Oh Yes Daddy Please …Oh Daddy fuck your little girl.”

Daddy grabbed the hair at the base of my head and used it to pull me even harder on to his rock hard cock. Daddy used his other hand to reach around me and rub on my clit.

“Oh god …oh god…oh yes Daddy. I’m yours…always yours Daddy”.

“Yes princess, you are mine, always.”

“Daddy, please cum in me. Please fill me up.”

Daddy was now buried to the hilt inside me. I could feel his balls slap my pussy as he pumped in and out of me. I was so close. Daddy kept fucking me and I knew I was going to cum hard.

“Daddy please… ohhh…may I?”

“May you what princess?” he grunted out to me.

“May I cum… please?” I implored him.

“Yes baby girl cum for your Daddy. Cum all over his cock.”

At that moment Daddy came. He was balls deep in me pumping cum into my tight little pussy. This was all I needed. I felt him erupt inside me and I was sent over the edge. I was being thrashed around on an ocean of pleasure. I was floating in bliss. My whole body was shaking so violently but I was only partially aware of that. In fact I was some what out of my body with these feelings.

I floated around in this space again. Enjoying the fire and the pleasure. I slowly came back to myself and my Daddy was still sliding in and out of me.

We could feel all that cum squish around inside me as he slowly fucked me again and pushed himself deeper into me. I was amazed my Daddy could keep it going for so long.

“I love you Daddy.”

He caressed my back and slowly pulled out of me. Instantly I felt empty. Daddy pushed me so I was lying on the bed. He rubbed my arms which were achy and sore from holding me up. We snuggled and kissed while he rubbed me.

I look at the clock. “Oh my goodness look at the time.”

He looked at the clock. He gave me a gentle kiss on my lips. “You better go shower up before the circus starts.”

I laughed. It would be a hectic day. I was so glad I had this morning with my Daddy though, it made the day that much more special.

“Tell you what baby girl since it is your special day I will make you breakfast and coffee while you shower up.”

“Thanks Daddy,” I said. I grabbed my robe and headed out the door to the bathroom. I was almost out the door and I heard something.

I turned around to hear, “I love you too baby girl. Daddy will always take care of you, no matter what.”

I smiled, knowing it is true.

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