Babydick Fiancé at the Bachelorette Ch. 02

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This is a sequel to my story ‘Babydick Fiancé at the Bachelorette’

It’s where we find out what happened at my bride-to-be’s bachelorette party.

Although based on reality this is a fetish fantasy tale of small penis humiliation, cuckoldry, female domination, male submission, cream-pie pussy licking, horny loving cheating bride, CFNM, a soupçon of piss, and a little bit of cruel mother/sister humiliation which, I suppose, introduces elements of incest fantasy into the story. So, if any of that offends you, please be kind to your sensitivities and don’t insult mine by reading any further.

This is not a serious piece of erotica but an English suburban picaresque sex comedy. I have tried to leaven humiliation with tenderness, humour, and affection. In cruelty, there is love, sympathy, and joyfulness for those who understand.

The events I am about to describe are a mixture of confection and lived experience: a personal erotic fantasy built on the foundation of my own humiliating experiences.

The story is very much about adult relationships and everyone is 20 years old and above.


Babydick Fiancé at the Bachelorette: Part 2

The Hen Night.


I spent the night in a state of intense sexual excitement after my humiliation before the eyes of my darling Sylvia and her friends.

However, when I awoke the next day, the prospect of watching my fiancé open her legs for her powerful ex-boyfriends at her bachelorette party filled me with utter dread.

I tried my best to talk Sylvia out of it without upsetting her “Darling, I’m not sure that I approve of these plans for your bachelorette party. I know, I got excited last night and embarrassed myself and I’m so very sorry but that doesn’t mean I like the thought of you and all your ex’s…you know…”

Sylvia gave me a stern look “Yes, you’re so right. You did get very excited last night and you were a total embarrassment and I should be very very cross with you. I can’t believe you were sitting on Becky’s lap with your pants off trying to wank that naughty little dick in front of all my girlfriends. Any other bride-to-be would be making a terrible fuss and calling off the wedding!”

She laughed “But fortunately for you my darling I’m not ‘any other fiancé’ and you’re a very lucky man. I forgive you. You should be grateful and doing everything to please me instead of making such a silly fuss. I’m so looking forward to my hen night. Don’t you want me to be happy?”

She was so persuasive. Of course, I wanted her to be happy. I wanted that more than anything in the world. I couldn’t bear to see her upset for a moment.

I simpered: “Of course I want you to be happy my sweet. Your happiness means more to me than anything else and I’m so grateful but…I’m nervous and scared. Do I need to be there?”

Sylvia gave me an affectionate if cursory peck on the cheek. “Oh, you’re so silly. Yes of course you need to be there. There’s no need to be scared of my ex-boyfriends. They’ll be too busy fucking me to bother with you.

You do need to be there. I want you to be there. My friends all want you to be there. If you want to marry me you will be there. Oh darling this is going to be the best hen party ever!”

So it was settled.

All through the week, Sylvia’s friends dropped round to our house to discuss the party and she took endless phone calls day and night. I lay in bed listening to Sylvia chatting with excitement about which of her ex-lovers she should invite to the bachelorette. Sylvia had decided to choose only five of them, her favorites, saying she didn’t want it to turn into some sort of ghastly gangbang. She squealed as she chose the best men, told her friends what each of them was like as lovers and what each was likely to do to her on her hen night.

I confess that this made me very aroused and one night I could bear it no longer. Overcome with lust I rubbed my erect dick against Sylvia’s thigh and fingered her pussy while she chatted on the phone.

Any hope that my fingering and dry humping would put my darling in the mood for love were instantly dashed when she removed my hand, slapped my dick, and told me to stop fiddling and wanking, all the while chatting on the phone to one of her girlfriends:

“…sorry…it’s just Dave. He’s getting very excited about the hen night and he keeps rubbing his little stiffie against me….(laughs)…I know…Becky said she had to keep slapping his hand to stop him touching it….no, I haven’t told him he won’t be allowed to wank on the night…oh I know he won’t like it but he’ll do as he’s told…you ladies can take turns to keep an eye on him and slap it if he touches it…oooh no! I hadn’t thought of a cock cage…wow…that’s such a good idea…”

When she got off the phone Sylvia turned to me and noticed I was sulking.

“Oh David, you’re in a huff because, I said you can’t touch your dick at my hen party. I was meaning to talk to görükle escort you about it. After the way you behaved the last time my friends were here, I hardly think you have any reason to complain. I think it’s for the best, don’t you? I need this night to be special, for both of us. If you’re sitting there wanking your little dick it certainly won’t be special, it’ll be cheap and tawdry. Besides, you know what you’re like: you’ll cum in under two minutes then you’ll be in a bad mood. Also, I know at least three of my ex’s will go ballistic if they see you wanking while you watch them fucking me and they would beat you up and that’s so not what my bachelorette is supposed to be all about.”

Sylvia was also determined that we should refrain from sex with one another until our wedding night. ‘To make it special, she said.

She was such a traditionalist; in her funny way. She could see how disappointed I was so, out of pity, she let me climb between her legs so I could fuck her one last time before our prenuptial abstinence. My three-inch dick barely entered her pussy lips.

She smiled at me and laughed as I thrust and jerked. “Sorry darling, I didn’t mean to laugh, it’s just, I was thinking how; if I can barely feel your dick inside me now, how’s it going to feel after my hen party? Oops, did you cum already?”

She told me to go down on her and satisfy her with my tongue after I’d cum. I always enjoyed doing this as it was the only way I could bring a woman to orgasm. She was rougher than usual, teasing me as she ground her pussy against my face. Afterward, she looked at me quizzically.

“Do you like eating your cum? A lot of guys won’t eat pussy after sex. They hate the taste and think it’s wrong for a man to let semen touch his mouth, even his own!”

I said I didn’t mind the taste of semen. I admitted, I rather liked it.

Little did I know the implications of my admission.

The following night Sylvia and her girlfriends all gathered at ours once again. It was the night before the bachelorette party and the final last-minute preparations. I think I was more excited and nervous than anyone.

Firstly I was given a selection of outfits to try on so they could decide what I should wear on the night. I went to go to the bedroom to change but they all laughed and told me to undress in front of them.

“We’ve all seen your little baby dick, babydick! You made sure of that last week.”

“We promise not to laugh or take pictures.” Of course, they laughed and took pictures as I undressed before them and modelled the various costumes.

I felt sexiest in the frilly French maid outfit but Sylvia decided against it as it might confuse some of the boys.

They settled for a little peach satin two-piece outfit of a sequinned vest and tight shorts which they all agreed showed my little dick off to perfection.

Sylvia said I looked cute. I have to admit I blushed with pride.

I served them all drinks as they got down to business and discussed final preparations.

Becky started “Firstly; who has invited Sylvia? There’s our lot but what about relatives? Do you want your mother and your sister to be there?”

Sylvia smiled, “Oh yes. I’ve already told mum and Rosie and they’re really up for it. Rosie’s only just turned 20 and she was worried she might be the only girl her age there so I’m letting her bring a few of her university friends along. That’ll be fun!”

I could see my humiliation was going to increase but realized it would be futile to say anything.

Becky ticked her notepad and looked at me “Okay, that’s great. What about Dave’s mum and his two sisters? As a rule, female future in-laws get invited to bachelorette parties but I don’t know if this one might be an exception!”

I shook my head and tried to say something. The idea of being humiliated before mummy, Elspeth, and Philippa was too much. Before I could say a word Sylvia greeted the idea enthusiastically.

“Oh definitely. That’s going to be so hot. Doris has already asked me how I’m going to cope with being married to her son because his dick is small, bless her. She’s very considerate and so grateful that I’m marrying him that she told me she wouldn’t blame me if I carried on fucking other guys after we’re married which obviously I would never do. His sisters are up for it. Elspeth and Pippa always teased Dave about his tiny dick. I’ve told them to invite any women in the family like his aunts, cousins.”

I was horrified to discover that the thought of being humiliated in front of my female relatives was intensely arousing.

The women looked at me and someone pointed out that I had a stiffy “That’s nice, he’s very excited that mummy will be there to stop him from touching his little willy”.

Becky carried on, business like “Okay. One last question. And it’s a big one. Or rather five big ones. The boys have asked the order in which you want them to fuck you. It seems to be a bit of an issue for the little prima donnas: in fact, they’ve all demanded to be allowed to go first. None of bursa merkez escort them wants sloppy seconds Sylvia. They don’t want to stick their big donkey dicks in a cummy cunt.”

There was a murmur around the room.

“I can’t blame them really,” said Sylvia. “Mike always liked fucking me up the bum so that deals with him. Although so did Carl.”

Another of the girls butted in, “Terry said he’d settle for a blow job if you deep throat him again like you did that time in Blackpool.”

Sylvia laughed, “Oh my god, I’m surprised he remembered. I only managed it because we were both completely high that weekend. He’s rough and big and I had a sore throat for weeks but yeah. Okay.”

She turned to me with a naughty smile. “I’m afraid I may have to whisper my wedding vows darling!”

Another voice piped up, “This is all very well but I don’t see how this is going to help. There are five cocks and you’ve only got three holes to fuck them with. They can’t all go first. Some of them are going to have to let their precious dicks touch another guy’s semen.”

“I’m not going to lick your pussy clean, let alone your arsehole!” joked one of Sylvia’s friends to laughter and calls of “Urgh, yeeuch”

When she heard that Sylvia looked at me. It was as though a lightbulb had gone off in her head. She clapped her hands and kissed me before turning to the room.

“Oh my goodness, I’ve just had the most wonderful idea. Well, it’s actually my darling Dave’s idea.”

She beamed at me and everyone looked at me expectantly. Sylvia gave me a look. “Go on Dave. Remember what you said last night?”

I shook my head. I was confounded.

Sylvia turned to her friends, “It’s like fate. Just last night I let Dave cum in my pussy and then go down on me and I asked him if he minded eating my pussy after sex and tasting his cum and he said that he really likes the taste of cum. So that’s the solution! It’s perfect. Geoff can fuck my pussy first and Dave can clean me up before Sean. Then he can lick Carl’s cum from my bum for Mike. Terry can fuck my face any time and Dave can swallow his cum for me so I don’t have to.”

She turned to me again with a look of condescending adoration. “Oh, darling. You’re so clever. Just think! You’ll be looking after me and getting to drink all that lovely tasty semen. We’ll both be happy. This is perfect!”

I tried to speak but my throat was dry and I just stammered. Sylvia took my hand and kissed me. Her friends made space on the sofa for the two of us to sit together. Sylvia wrapped her arms around me and held me tight then she turned to her friends, smiling with tears in her eyes.

“Sorry girls, I just had a moment there. Do you see why I love this wonderful man? Why I’m getting married to him? With his little willy! There’s not another man in the world I would let do what I’m letting Dave do tomorrow. Any man with a decent size cock can fuck my pussy but there’s only one man who I would let lick me clean afterward.”

There were sighs and ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and a small round of applause. Sylvia hugged me and put her hand on my dick. Squeezing my erection beneath my tight satin shorts she kissed my nose and whispered.

“Once we’re married it’ll be your little dick and only your little dick only for my pussy. You don’t have long to wait.”

I was too busy to be nervous the next day as Sylvia’s friends arrived. I opened the door to them, took their coats, and fetched their drinks.

Sylvia’s mother turned up with Rosie and her student friends. They all thought it was hilarious and laughed at my little dick jutting out through my tight satin shorts. They took delight in bossing me around and scolding me. They teased me by giving me glimpses of their tits and panties then telling me off for looking.

When I opened the door to my mother and my sisters I was so ashamed. I began to cry but mum told me to shut up and get her a drink. Then, in front of everyone, she told me that I was very lucky to have found a girl who would marry me with my little willy. She gave Sylvia a big hug. Elspeth and Pippa were very cruel. Everybody listened as they reminded me of how they’d teased me when I was at high school, telling all the girls my age that I had a tiny dick and making me show it to their friends when they had sleepovers.

Sylvia was dressed in a tiny white mini dress, push-up bra, tiara, stilettos, stockings and suspenders, and a hen night bridal sash. Her hair was in a glorious beehive. She looked radiant. The five men arrived one by one, a little later; once the girls were drunk and becoming rowdy. I was nervous as I opened the door and welcomed them in, took their coats, and fetched their drinks but they barely seemed to notice me.

Sylvia greeted each one with a passionate kiss and let them wrap their arms around her body. Once inside the house however they were instantly surrounded by women: girlfriends, mothers, and daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces and cousins all flirting and flashing their tits at them. Rosie and her student bursa sınırsız escort girlfriends were the worst, sitting on their laps, sticking their boobs in their faces, and kissing them.

The young women were soon chastised by Sylvia’s mother. “Girls, stop behaving like such little tarts. Remember, this is Sylvia’s day. These men are here to fuck Sylvia, the bride-to-be. Don’t be so selfish.”

Rosie giggled, “We’re just getting them warmed up mummy. Making sure they’re nice and hard for my darling sister, the lucky bride.”

When the time came Sylvia led us all upstairs. As soon as everyone had crowded into our large bedroom Sylvia stood by the bed blushing with excitement, her bosom heaving with excitement and anticipation.

I tried to make myself inconspicuous by squeezing between the dressing table and the ottoman but Sylvia called the room to silence, clapped her hands, and sought me out.

“Where’s Dave? Get Dave! Oh, David my darling whatever are you doing there? Stop dawdling and come over here where you belong by my side.”

All eyes turned to me and I was pulled and pushed through the crowd of women until I was reluctantly forced to the bedside. I stood beside my glowing fiancé.

Sylvia smiled at me and whispered: “Oh Dave, isn’t this wonderful? So exciting, I’m almost cumming right now.”

Then she turned and addressed the room. “Thank you all for coming here tonight to celebrate my last days as a single woman. Before I start getting well and truly fucked I want to thank my lovely fiancé Dave. Those of you who know me know what a total big cock size queen I have always been.”

There were some crude heckles from her friends which made Sylvia laugh, “Yeah, I know. I know I always said I wouldn’t open my legs for anything under 8 inches. My motto was ‘the bigger the better. So you can appreciate how much I love Dave to be giving all that up and marrying the man with the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. But don’t take my word, let me show you. Take off your pants Dave. Now. Don’t be shy.”

I found myself frozen with embarrassment and humiliation. Sylvia shook her head scornfully, “Oh dear, he’s gone all shy. Would some of you ladies come up and help him?”

Three girls stepped forward and roughly pulled my pants down. There was a ripple of sniggers and sighs of derision as I stood there in only my peach satin vest.

Sylvia smiled, “Yes. I know. So small. That’s why we all call him Babydick. Three inches at most. Now, to really understand how much I love him you need to see the comparison. Who’s fucking me first? Geoff? Geoff, come here and show us. Would any of you like to help Geoff?”

There were many eager volunteers but my sisters Elspeth and Pippa got there first. They knelt before him, undid his trousers, and pulled his pants down. They gasped as his long thick cock sprang out.

Sylvia giggled, “Yes. And it’s not even hard. Come on girls, get the man hard. I’m sure you don’t need me to show you how it’s done!”

My sisters needed no further encouragement. They kissed and licked Geoff’s cock with their pretty mouths and stroked it with their delicate fingers as it swelled and stiffened and grew. I stared at his magnificent 10-inch cock and felt my dick stiffen to its full 3 inches.

Sylvia shook her head at me, “Oh David, stop drooling. Now you’re both fully erect stand next to Geoff so we can see how tiny your dick is in comparison.”

I was pushed to Geoff’s side and suffered the humiliation of laughter and photos being taken.

“Thank you, darling. That is a measure of how much I love you. All that long thick beautiful cock, that’s what I’m giving up to be your wife. Once we’re married I’ll never be able to feel a cock inside me again. I will never feel my cunt filled. I’ll never have an orgasm unless you count the feeble ones I sometimes experience when you go down on me.”

She turned to the audience, “We all know that nothing beats cumming on a big strong cock. That’s why tonight is so important. That’s why I needed you to be here; so you can see and hear me being properly fucked and know what I’m sacrificing. Now put your pants back on and sit down. Ladies, please make sure he doesn’t touch his little dick. Slap him if he tries to jerk it. Mum’s got a chastity cage ready to lock it up just in case.”

I was manhandled to a chair and held down by two formidable elegant ladies who I took to be Sylvia’s great aunts.

Geoff stepped out of his trousers and picked Sylvia up. Her skirt was around her hips and her legs were wrapped around his waist in no time. He ripped her knickers off and lowered her onto his cock. They kissed and he fucked her standing up. Then he threw her on the bed and fucked her. She moaned and whimpered like an animal and gasped as she had an orgasm. He grunted and filled her cunt with his cum. They kissed then he stood up to cheers.

Sylvia lay there gasping. “Dave, quick, lick me, clean my pussy, taste his cum.”

I was pushed between her legs and felt hot wet sex on my face. I began to lick and drink Geoff’s cum as it oozed from my fiancé’s swollen pussy. Sylvia moved her hips and moaned with pleasure. I took every drop, swallowing and sticking my tongue inside for more. Suddenly I felt rough hands on my head pulling me away and I was pushed to the floor.

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