Awoke to Fantasy: A Different Spin

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Its late one night, I’ve been curled up on the sofa in front of the fire reading a book with my cat curled up next to me keeping me company. I look at the top of the fire place and decide its time for bed. I put the book down, turn off the fire and head towards the bedroom.

I flick the light switch in the bedroom, but nothing happens, I slowly walk across the bedroom to find the free standing church candle holder that I keep in the corner. I light each of the 6 candles and the room slowly lights up with a soft glowing light.

I turn back around and walk over to the bed pulling my jumper over my head as I go, turning momentarily to chuck it over into the wash basket by the door.

I kick my trainers off and push them under the bed and slide my trousers down over my hips and let them fall into a heap at my feet. As I step out of the trousers I reach round and undo the clasp of my bra letting the straps slip down over my shoulders, down my arms and eventually letting it fall to the floor. sliding my hands down to my hips I hook my thumbs into the sides of my satin thong and gently slide it down my legs to join the pile of clothes that has now gathered there. I lean forward and pull back the black satin sheets that are on my King-size 4 poster bed and sit on the edge of the mattress. Swinging my legs round, I slide into the middle of the bed, the satin sheets soft against my skin, the soft glowing flames of the candles reflecting in the mirror on the wall, making the room seem so different. I lean back against the pillows and pull the satin sheet up around my shoulders, shivering slightly as the satin tickles my skin. I lie and watch the dancing flames of the candles as I slowly drift off to sleep. . . . .

I wake up suddenly, it takes me a few seconds but i can sense someone else in the room, I’m lying face down on the bed, and I feel slightly strange. I open my eyes, but I can’t see anything, I lie still for a moment, I can feel a strand of my hair across my face, as I go to raise my hand to tuck it behind my ear, i realise I’ve been tied up. I can’t move, and then it dawns on me that I’ve been blindfolded. My first instinct is to get the hell out of there, heart racing I struggle but I soon realise I’m fighting a loosing battle, not only are my arms tied above my head, but i soon realise that my ankles to have been bound. My minds spinning, trying to work out what’s happening to me. I lie still as I try to work out who is in the room with me, is it someone I know? a stranger? is it someone playing a joke? am i in danger? with my mind in overdrive it takes me a couple of seconds to pick up on the sound of someone walking across the room. I dare not breath, so I can hear every move they make. the footsteps come to a halt somewhere to my left hand side, then, again, nothing, I can only sense there being there, I can’t hear them or see them, I’m totally reliant on my hearing, but even now that’s of no help.

Against my better instincts i begin to relax slightly, I can feel the comforting silkiness of the satin beneath me, and the warmth of the covers feel as though they are protecting me from who ever else is in the room with me. The bonds that hold me still feel soft against the skin on my wrists and ankles and the more I begin to relax, the more i realise that my body is starting to respond to the situation I’m in. I’m warm but i get a shiver down my spine, and i can feel my nipples harden against the satin sheets beneath me. I’ve forgotten about the feeling of someone watching me as I concentrate on the feel of the satin sheets and the bonds that are restraining me. Any normal person by now would be scream and shouting, begging to be untied, but as this thought passes through my mind, I realise that this is always what I’ve wanted, to be controlled, to be tied up and blindfolded, güvenilir bahis siteleri to be completely at someone else’s mercy.

Without warning, my thoughts are pushed from my mind, as I feel the satin of the covers above me begin to move down slowly over my body. the satin gently slides down my back, revealing my naked back and shoulders to who ever is in the room with me. The satin stops for a moment then starts again, even more slowly than before, down the small of my back, over my bottom, and down my legs until I am completely uncovered, and completely exposed to my intruder.

The feelings of panic start setting in again, Being tied up by someone u trust is one thing, being tied up by someone whose broken into your home is another! I hear footsteps again and breathing, and catch the scent of male after shave. Its a nice one, I can’t tell which, but I’m sure its expensive. I breath in the scent, there’s something strangely calming about it and again I start to relax. I hear the click of a lighter, I figure the power must still be down as I can smell newly lighted candles now instead of the after shave. The footsteps come back towards the bed and at last i get my first clue as to what’s happening, I can feel the side of the bed sink slightly as the person sits down, they lean over and whisper so quietly that i can hardly hear them ‘ relax, this is your fantasy come true!’ not that many people know about my fantasy, so I at least i now know that i know this person!

For several minutes nothing happens, I’m left lying there, all I can hear is my heartbeat and his breathing. I try to imagine what he’ll do, but I’m so turned on by this point that every thought I have vanishes as quickly as it appears. I don’t know how long I’ve been lying there but it seems live ages now, I’m silently begging him to do something, anything, touch me, say something, anything, yet I’m left there, with still no clue as to what will happen. I begin to get frustrated, the cool night air on my skin is making me shiver in contrast to the heat that is rising between my legs. As if reading my mind, at last, i feel his fingers gently running down my back, and back up over my hip, i moan softly into the pillow as his fingers run lightly up the side of my body, gently brushing against the side of my breast as he carries on up to my shoulders and up to my finger tips. i feel him move slightly on the bed and the feel his hand again, but on the other side of me this time as he repeats the who process again. his hand runs down the back of the top of my leg, down my calf and stops at my ankle, he leaves his hand there for a few seconds, and then starts untying my ankle, then i feel my leg being pushed to the side of the bed, and feel the bond again as my ankle is tied back up. His hand moves across to my other ankle and repeats the same thing again, so by the time he’s finished tying me back up, I’m lying face down on the bed spread out for all the world to see .

He moves around on the bed again, he doesn’t say anything but i swear I can feel him smiling as he looks over me, I know he’s looking at me, I can feel his eyes boring into my back, and i can feel them move down over my body as he takes in the sight before him. I’m feeling a little akward, I still don’t know who he is, yet I’m letting him do these things to me, I feel a bit of a slut and think about asking him to stop, but as i open my mouth the words are instantly forgotten as his hand slides up the inside of my leg, making me shiver with delight. his hand moves across to the other leg, fingers slowly sliding up the inside of my other leg, but stopping before he reaches where I am beginning to desperately wanting to feel his fingers now. I wriggle slightly and moan in frustration as he carries on with this torture. I hear him laugh quietly as he watches me. canlı bahis siteleri

He moves his hand away and I cry out in frustration. his fingers start working their way up the sides of my body again, over the curve of my hips, the side of my rib cage then his hands slips beneath me cupping my breasts in his hands. I gasp as his fingers gently circle my erect nipples, the touch of his warm hands against me makes me shiver, his hands gently play with my breasts, occasionally pinching my nipples lightly which makes me moan into the pillow. his hands then start moving down, over my ribs and belly and his fingers slide down a little bit at a time, making me wait for what I know is coming next.

As he slides his hands down i feel the warmth of his breath on my back, his fingers now gently stroking the soft skin above where i really want them. my body arches as his fingers finally slip down to the warmth between my legs that I’ve been aching for him to touch for so long. his fingers slide down and explore me, taking their time, touching me everywhere. one hand moves up slightly, and his finger starts to gently circle my clit while he pulls his other hand away, within seconds the other hand is back again, between my legs, seeking out the hole that i so desperately want him to fill. the gentleness of his fingers around my clit change tactics, his fingers start to rub my clit the pressure increasing, and then without warning, he plunges a finger into me, I arch my back as I cry out, this is what I’ve been waiting for. his actions start to become a little faster, as if he can read what my body is telling him. I can feel warm sensation in the pit of my stomach start to grow, I know I’m near now. Then all of a sudden he stops. Again I cry out, but I can feel him get off the bed and I hear footsteps as they walk away.

I lie there, trying to catch my breath, annoyed at being left on the edge like that. I don’t know how long he leaves me for, it could have been 20 seconds, but it felt like hours, I don’t hear him enter the room again, I’m to caught up in my own feelings to notice. i don’t even notice the slight pressure at the end of the bed as he leans forward, the only thing i notice from that point is the feeling of his His warm hands slide upwards as he runs his hands over my arse, squeezing my buttocks. his fingers exploring my skin, one finger gently runs between where my buttocks meet, I tense my muscles, panic rising yet again, hoping that he is not about to do what I think he is. His fingers carry on up and down gently, over my arse, making my body relax against my own will. His finger slips down the crevice of my arse and for a split second i tense up again as i feel his finger brush against my arse hole. he waits until I’ve started to relax again, and his finger slides back up, gently touching me where I’ve never been touched before. his hands slightly spread my buttocks and his finger starts a slow circular motion, taking his time, waiting it seems for me to accept what is happening. I can feel his warm breath between my legs again, his lips against the inside of my leg, gently kissing and licking again, working his way up, briefly lapping at my gapping pussy for a second, then carrying on up, gently tiny kisses on my buttocks, working there way towards where his finger is still playing, I tense up again, but this time, he doesn’t wait for me to calm down, with my legs spread the way they are, there is not a lot i can do to stop this.

His tongue gently flicks against my hole, i cry out in protest, wriggle about trying to get free, but he holds me tighter, his hands forcing my buttocks apart as his tongue takes over from his finger. lapping at my arse hole. i can’t believe what is happening, my body is against me again, as it starts to respond to his tongue, without realising it I’m bahis firmaları pushing myself up against his mouth urging him on, I’m disgusted with myself, the feeling of his hot wet tongue against my arse is so deliciously naughty. one of his hands moves down and starts running up and down my wet slit, occasionally flicking over my clit, occasionally thrusting deep inside me, the combination of his fingers, and his tongue licking my arse is torture, i can feel the bubbling inside the pit of my stomach again, I push myself against him as much as I can, his tongue gently licking round and round my never before touched arse, his fingers playing with my clit, I push forward again, his finger thrusts inside me, but this time, so does his tongue, i cry out, still unable to believe I’m letting this happen, his fingers, thrusting in and out of my dripping cunt, his tongue, inside my ass, his thumb circling my clit, pushing myself against his as much as i can, i need release, but he has other ideas, his fingers stop, only his tongue remains. licking me inside and out, he dips his head for a brief moment and sucks on my clit and slides his tongue deep inside my cunt. then he’s gone.

I feel nothing for a moment, then he’s by my head, untying my wrists from above me, then reties them in front of me. then he’s gone again, behind me now, his hands on my hips, moving me up so I’m kneeling on the bed, his head between my legs again, lapping at my clit, fingering my ass hole darting his tongue in and out of me, he stands up, and then the full story hits me, he’s not just gonna fuck me, he’s gonna fuck my ass. I try to spin round, to stop him, but his hands are on my shoulders, holding me still, I feel the head of his cock brush past my cunt, and move up, I start to struggle, but as i do, i feel the head of his cock slip into my arse, I cry out, partly from shock, pain and to my utter surprise, pleasure, he stands still for a minute, letting me get used to the feeling, and then slowly pushes himself forward a little at a time, letting my body adjust to what’s happening to it. I can tell his all the way in, I can feel his pubic hair against my ass cheeks now, he doesn’t move, just stays still, then he pulls out slowly and then pushes back in again, taking his time.

I lower myself onto my elbows, rest my head on my hands, as his actions slowly gather speed. I start to move back against him in time to his thrusts,, enjoying the feeling that his cock is creating within me, his hand slips round in front of me, he pushes his finger into my cunt, then 2, I cry out, no pain this time, pure pleasure, feeling totally stretched and filled, his thumb beings rubbing my clit again. I manage to loosed the knot of the rope tying my hands, and slip them free, I reach behind me, running my hand up the inside of this leg, until I find what I’m looking for, I cup is balls gently in my hand and at the same time, run my finger slightly between his arse cheeks, he gasps, his thrusting becomes more erratic, my finger slips slowly further until i find the little bud of his ass hole, I run my finger round it gently, this time making him squirm, I move my other hand down now, gently playing with his balls as my finger teases his ass, I feel him tense up, I know his about to come, his fingers on my clit start going mad, rubbing me until I’m nearly there as well, and then as he trusts deep insides of me, I slip my finger into his ass as he cries out.

Seconds later as I feel him shoot his hot cum up into my virgin arse, my body buckles as wave after wave of pure earth shattering orgasm washes over me.

For a couple of minutes neither of us moves, then as he slides out of me, I fall forward on to the bed, his hands untie my ankles, and then he turns me over, he raises my legs, places them over his shoulders, as his head disappears again, gently lapping at my now overly sensitive clit, dipping his tongue into my cunt, drinking me up, within seconds, my body is shaking again, as another orgasm pulses through me, he moves me legs, and replaces the covers, as I drift of into a deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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