Author’s Note from Kitty The Tease

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Big Tits

Hello readers,

For those of you enjoying my teasing-themed stories so far here on Literotica, I thought I’d take an opportunity to say thanks for the comments and ratings. My tales are targeted at a very specific type of reader, mostly passive / submissive males, so I wasn’t sure how well they’d be received here and I appreciate the mostly positive feedback.

There are plenty more works to come, by the way, as I’ve already written lots of erotica around the theme of sexual teasing, some of which I’ve posted elsewhere. Little by little I am revisiting them for posting here, and in some cases I’ve been making little changes and edits in an attempt to give them a better focus for this broader audience. And yes, doing that is a process I enjoy very much; it’s truly a labor of love!

If you’ve been reading and enjoying my work so far, you know that “cock teasing” is the common theme in my stories. As an attractive and sexually liberated woman, being a tease has become a fascination of mine throughout my entire adult life, and it is a distinct pleasure to share my experiences and fantasies with the audience here.

Unfortunately, cock teasing is also an aspect of sexuality that is often misconstrued or misunderstood. There is a colloquial bahis siteleri definition of the term “cock tease” that refers to a deceptive and deceitful woman, which is not at all the point of the scenarios I write about.

My erotic tales of seduction and prick teasing are not about a trick or a lie. Some women do behave in that way, intentionally deceiving men sexually, but I despise that kind of behavior and the last thing I want is to be perceived as promoting that kind of despicable trickery.

To that end, I hope I’ve succeeded in making it clear that my stories describe a consensual and mutually agreed upon role play, one that the male is fully aware of and is a willing participant in. I am aware that this kind of thing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those of you that find this type of role playing to be exciting, I hope you continue to enjoy my work.

Having said that, I’m sure you’ve observed that my stories are very much about the female in the scene having complete sexual control over the male and the situation. As many of you may be aware, consensual cock teasing can be considered to be one aspect or subset of female domination, although many people would agree that it is a very mild side of BDSM. The term “Tease and Denial” is canlı bahis siteleri one that is commonly acknowledged in the FemDom world as well.

Sexual teasing is intended to create powerful feelings of sexual and psychological need, and again, I stress that my scenario descriptions are about incorporating this type of activity in an agreed upon way, between mutually consenting adults. I also acknowledge that for lots of men, the idea of being teased to arousal and denied relief is not appealing, but for others, they find it to be an incredibly erotic aspect of their sexuality.

As far as my choice of story categories to post them in here, I decided that because my stories are focused on the sensual seduction and stimulation part of teasing and not on the darker aspects of pain or degradation, I have chosen to post them in the Fetish section as opposed to the BDSM section.

And in case anyone is wondering, many of my stories describe actual experiences I’ve had; others are based on certain interactions with lots of embellishments added, while others are pure fantasy. Which ones are real and which ones are fantasies? Wouldn’t you all like to know…

You also may have noticed that I frequently attempt to describe the scenes in a way canlı bahis that really involves the reader in them. To that end, some of my stories are written from the first and second person perspective, with me, the teaser-girl, as the main character and “you”, the reader, as the submissive male character.

This approach can be controversial, since it does appeal to passive / submissive males with an interest in sensual prick teasing, but can be less appealing for other readers. To balance that I will also be posting some of my stories in a more traditional third person perspective. And still, they won’t be to everyone’s liking, but nothing ever is, right?

There will also be some stories written from the perspective of the male being teased, not from my perspective as the teaser-girl. This happens because occasionally I receive an offer to collaborate with a male writer who has been inspired by my stories and suggests a specific scenario he wants to propose, and sometimes we work together on the details.

A recent story I posted, titled “Kitty Pimps Out Her BootBoy”, fits into that category, and of course, I shared it with his enthusiastic agreement. I introduced the scenario, with some notes about how it was written by him but needed lots of corrections (just like he does, ahem). And the second two parts were from his very excited perspective…

In any case, I hope all of you are enjoying my prick teasing erotica, and if so, stick around, there’s more to…come!

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