Aunty Sutinah’s Morning Drill

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The next morning Reymon woke up late around 11 am. He slept like a dead man after his marathon fucking. Julianah and Harlina had already left and aunty Sutinah was alone in the house. He sat with aunty Sutinah in the living room and had breakfast. “Aunty Sutinah you look so hot and sexy I this shabby hair” he said. Aunty Sutinah was a little sleepy and her hair was not combed neatly and she had not taken her morning bath yet. She looked sort of horny with her sleepy eyes. Without having her consent her pulled her nightgown away and made her nude. He made his naked aunty to sit on is lap, letting the softness of her big butt arouse his cock even further. Aunty Sutinah felt Reymon’s cock hardening under her big butt and she hugged him crushing her melon like boobs on his chest. He cupped her breast in his hand and moved his thumb in circles around her erect thick nipples, making sure of not touching it.

He began teasing her and aunty Sutinah began her moans of pleasure. Without any foreplay, he lifted aunty Sutinah from his lap and in one quick shot shoved his hard cock into her waiting cunt. “UUUUUUGGGGGGG”, grunted aunty Sutinah as she was taken in by surprise and her cunt stuffed and stretched. Having his cock fully stuffed inside her wet cunt, Reymon did not bounce her on him but instead concentrated on her huge boobs. He nibbled, licked, bit and chewed them to his hearts content sending waves of pleasure through her hot body. “Reymon you are Ankara escort a good fucker” she said.

Holding her flabby hips he started to guide aunty Sutinah on her erect cock slowly, “”UUNNNGGGHHHGG OOOOUUIIIIIII AAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNAANNNNNNNN OOOOOOUUUNNGGAAAAAAAAAAAA” aunty Sutinah wailed as she had her first orgasm of the day. Her face looked extremely horny and sexy. Reymon hugged her tightly and sucked her thick lips as she was wailing and having her orgasm sweep through her luscious body. Soon he too reached an orgasm and shot his load into her. He kept his cock stiff inside her wet cunt and continued to kiss her sexy lips and suck her sexy face. “Aunty Sutinah let me shave your cunt bush” Reymon said caressing her dense pubic hair. Aunty Sutinah lied down on the bed with her legs wide spread. Reymon with a scissor cut down most of her pubic hair. The dense forest of aunty Sutinah’s cunt was now reduced greatly and her thick and puffy cunt lips were now clearly visible. Reymon lathers up his shaving foam and applied all over her pubis and gently removed the hair with a razor. He shaved aunty Sutinah’s cunt hair by running the razor down from her big navel all the way to her dark anal hole. Soon the once thick cunt hair was now all gone leaving aunty Sutinah with a smooth cunt. Her outer cunt lips were puffy and thick and dark while the inner lips were pink. She looked extremely sexy with a clean shaved cunt.

Aunty Sutinah’s cunt was Ankara escort bayan clean shaved. The cunt lips, which were covered with thick black hair, were now smooth. Her inner thighs were dark and were her cunt lips. The shaved cunt of this gorgeous and voluptuous Malay aunty Sutinah excited him a lot. “Aunty Sutinah, Harlina and Julianah will love your shaved cunt” said Reymon stroking her shaved thick cunt lips. Reymon placed his thick cock between her big boobs and began fucking aunty Sutinah’s huge soft boobs. He pushed a few pillows under her head for her to watch the boob fucking cock. Reymon in between fucked her mouth as he slipped his cock from her boobs to her mouth intentionally. He was boob fucking his sexy and gorgeous Malay aunty to his hearts content. He pressed her boobs against his cock and started stroking, once in a while pushing his cock right up to her waiting mouth. Aunty Sutinah felt a little pain as Reymon clenched her soft breasts very tightly so as to give his erect cock some comfort and friction.

The sleepy eyed and hot aunty Sutinah grunted in pleasure loudly, “Faster…faster…fuck my boobs…harder…make me cum…make me cum”. “Aunty you look so fucking hot today…I am going to fuck your big butt…its so fucking hot to be fucked” Reymon said. He flipped her over and shoved his cock into her shaved cunt from behind. “”UUNNGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, aunty Sutinah wailed once again as her cunt was fully stretched by Reymon’s Escort Ankara massive cock. Reymon loved to fuck his aunty Sutinah from behind to see her big boobs jiggling and her big ass cheeks shaking like a soft jelly. He slapped her big ass cheeks as he fucked her from behind. “UUNNNGGHHH OOUUUIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAA” aunty Sutinah moaned loudly in pleasure as Reymon increased his tempo of fucking his horny aunty. His cock stretched and stretched her shaved cunt lips. “Aunty Sutinah are you enjoying this dear” he asked as he continued to ram his cock in and out of her wet and hot cunt. He slapped her big butt cheeks and prodded her dark anal hole with his fingers.

“UUUNNGGHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IIIIIIIIIOOOOO HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIII OOOHHHHHHHH OOOHHUUUNNGGGGAAMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIII”, Aunty Sutinah wailed as she came and came continuously. Her big butt was so intoxicating to Reymon. He immediately pulled his cock out of her wet cunt while she was in throes of her multiple orgasms and shoved it into her dark anal hole.”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA” aunty Sutinah wailed at this sudden attack but loved the feel of his hard cock in her anal hole. “AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUNNGGNGN NGNGGGGGAAWWSSHHOOOOO OAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOHHHSHHSHS” aunty Sutinah continued to groan and yell. She felt as though her butt was split open. He massaged her ass cheeks and stroked her clit as he continued to fuck aunty Sutinah in her ass. He continued to fuck her ass until both of them came. He pulled his cock out from her ass hole and kissed her cheeks. Aunty Sutinah enjoyed the morning fuck and ran into the bathroom to shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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