Aunt Sweetie Pie

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Tara was born two years after I was. Because her parents, my grandparents, were a prolific couple, they produced her late in life. The result was an aunt who is two years younger than I am.

My name is George Baxter and I’m twenty three. It seemed odd growing up with an aunt who was so young. We never called her by her name; we called her, “Aunt Sweetie Pie” because she was so cute. I had helped her all through high school and she was more like a younger sister than an aunt. As the years marched on, we got closer. I was studying for my master’s degree and she was a college junior at the same school.

As luck, bad luck, would have it, the entire family fell on hard economic times. I sustained myself with a job after school, so I wasn’t a financial burden on the family.

The phone rang. “Hi,” I greeted.

It was my mother. “George, we have to talk. Can you come over?”

“Sure, mom, I’ll be there in a jiffy.” Whatever it was, it must be really important. I hopped in my car and drove to mom’s house.

She greeted me at the door, something she almost never did. I conjured up visions of somebody dying or some other dire circumstance. “Tara needs your help,” she said bluntly.

“What kind of help?”

“As you know, your grandparents have fallen on hard times and they can’t support her education any more. Can you help her?”

“I’ll do what I can. What, exactly does she need?”

“I know this is a big imposition on you, but she needs a place to live and help with food. Her tuition was paid well in advance but she can’t make the rest of it without assistance.”

“You want her to move in with me?”

“That seems to be the only viable alternative.”

I hesitated. I thought about my girlfriends. I thought about the parties. Then I thought about Aunt Sweetie Pie. I had lusted after her for years, but never had a real opportunity to approach her. Now, it seemed, opportunity was knocking.

“Okay, but I’ll have to talk to her first.”

“I thought you might say that. She’s waiting in the kitchen. Tara, come here,” she yelped.

I sat down in the living room as Tara made her appearance. She was still the cutest little woman on earth. Short curly brown hair, blue eyes that sparkled and a mouth that was made for kissing, she was the Ankara escort complete package. She didn’t have great big tits or a big round ass, but I didn’t like big tits and asses.

She wiggled over to the sofa and sat down. “Did your mama tell you about my dilemma?”


“Well, what do you say? Can I come live with you?”

“Uh, yeah, when can you move in?”

“I lost my apartment. Most of my stuff is here. I can start right now, if you are sure.”

“I’m sure. Bring it over.”

By Saturday afternoon, she was all moved in. My house is small. I have only one bathroom and two small bedrooms.

Most women carry enough cosmetics to stock a small boutique and she was no exception. I was relegated to a small area by the sink for my shaving stuff, toothbrush and deodorant.

She was distributing the last of her knick knacks around the house. I was watching sports on my mighty 21 inch TV. When she finished, she sat on the sofa right next to me and kissed me on the cheek. “I hope you are not pissed off at me taking over your house,” she said.

“Believe me; I considered this before I let you move in. Actually, I think it is kind of amusing.”

“Well, it is very sweet of you to rescue me. I knew my favorite nephew would save me!” She kissed me again. “I can cook for you. Are you hungry?”

“I know you are tired from moving all your stuff. I’ll just order a pizza. Do you drink beer?”

“Not much. I prefer Coke.”

“So do I. Actually, I don’t have any beer. I would have bought some if you had asked. I do have Coke.”

She held my arm. “You are too good to me.”

The pizza came and was quickly polished it off along with a couple of more Cokes. I went to my room to complete my weekend study assignments. She knocked on my door and came in. “I want to thank you again for saving me. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” She kissed me again and then left. My cock got hard.

Fall turned in to winter. Snow was everywhere. South Dakota can be that way.

I grew closer and closer to Aunt Sweetie Pie, but never approached her as a sexual being. Even though she was having little “accidents” on her way to the shower and had flashed me, I didn’t catch on. Once she left her door open and I got a full view of her nude.

My Ankara escort bayan studies took up most of my time and the same was true for her. There was very little time for hanky panky. Fear of rejection also played a big part in keeping me from trying to really cement our friendship.

Christmas came, but we couldn’t go home. Our college was in Sioux Falls. Mom and dad had moved to Rapid City. Her parents lived in Bismarck, North Dakota. The weather was bad and the distances were too long.

We had a three week Christmas break that lasted from just before Christmas until after New Years. We got a tree and I had a few baubles to decorate it with. She popped some corn and made strings for the tree.

Just before Christmas, I stopped by the grocery store. They had some mistletoe so I bought a little bundle. When she went to the bathroom, I strategically nailed several small branches on the doorways inside.

I had bought her a watch for Christmas and she made a batch of fudge for me. We roasted a turkey breast and had some cranberry sauce and dressing. She still hadn’t noticed the mistletoe. We watched TV until late into the night on Christmas Eve. We got up to go to bed. I swear, I had forgotten about the mistletoe.

As she passed through the hallway arch she looked up. “What is that?”

I walked over to her and looked. “I do believe it is mistletoe.”

“Well, are you gonna uphold tradition?” she asked.

I took her into my arms and hugged her tightly. I bent down and kissed her lips. She kissed me back. I felt her tongue probing my teeth. I let her in. I sucked on her tongue. She was starting to pant a little as we broke the kiss.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” she sighed.

I had heard some dumb questions before, but this one was near the top of the dumb list. I didn’t answer her. I just took her hand and guided it to my iron hard cock. Now, I’m not built like a stud horse, but on the other hand, I haven’t had any complaints. She wrapped her fingers around it through my pants.

“Let’s go,” she said, dragging me down the hall by my dick.

When we got to my room, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips down to hers. I felt her tongue invade my mouth again and I swirled mine around hers. This time when Escort Ankara we broke the kiss she whispered, “Let’s get naked.”

I peeled the clothes gently from her body. Her panties came off last. I raised them to my nose and breathed in the fragrance of her sex. She stripped me with equal vigor and soon, we stood beside the bed with nothing on but smiles. I laid her down tenderly and parted her legs enough to get my head in.

“You’re gonna eat my pussy, aren’t you?” she breathed.

“Right on!” I exclaimed. I kissed the insides of her legs and caressed her perfect little feet with my tongue. I sucked her toes and kissed her insteps. I licked the backs of her knees as I worked my way to the Promised Land. She was moaning and starting to wriggle a little. I sucked on the insides of her thighs. Finally, I kissed her pussy and then enveloped all of it into my mouth. While I was sucking her juices into my throat, I rapidly licked her entire slit from her asshole to her clit.

“Oh, oh, oh, yes,” she hissed.

My lips found her clit and I sucked as much of it as I could into my mouth. I nibbled it a little and she went totally insane. I ran my tongue over the end of it with fast little licks. I was having a hard time staying between her legs. She was bucking like a wild horse. Her pussy was soaked. The time had come.

I crawled between her legs and she spread them for me. As I moved forward I felt her hand grip my cock and guide it to her. As soon as I felt her entrance, I plunged into her. She gave a little squeak and then sighed heavily. “This is my first time,” she whispered.

I hadn’t even felt her cherry pop. I was too busy to contemplate what it meant. I was lost in lust. My brain was no longer driving, my dick was.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” she screamed. She was throbbing around my cock milking me.

I felt it start in my nuts. It blanked out all other functions and I drove my cock into her as deep as it would go. I trembled and held it in her as I squirted my hot load into her waiting, pulsing pussy.

We lay there fondling each other. I had her securely tucked into my armpit as I played with her pretty little titties. “How come I never felt your cherry pop?” I asked.

“I busted it playing on a fence when I was twelve. It hurt like hell and bled like crazy, but I’m glad it happened now.”

“I think you may be moving into my bedroom,” I said.

“I’ll do it tomorrow. Tonight, I just wanna fuck your brains out.”

“Good plan,” I answered.

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