Audie’s Greyhound

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I was waiting for the boarding call for my New York bus, in the Saratoga Springs terminus, when a guy excitedly told his friend, “Wow, Get a loada the Special at the coffee counter.” and my cock tingled. I was suddenly overwhelmed by a wave of lust that caused me to break into a hot sweat. Everyone in the terminus – male and female alike – seemed to be freaking out over the Adonis.

Wearing beige, Puma shoes, Nike, soccer shorts and a long-sleeve, white, Italia, soccer shirt, he looked like a choirboy who’d been freshly scrubbed and sent off to Sunday school. Immediately, I fantasized scooping him up in my arms and cuddling him. His messy, but controlled hairstyle, suited his face-shape perfectly. Constantly, he looked everywhere, seemingly, to avoid the guy who was serving his coffee while fawning all over him. Completely ignoring his other customers, the waiter apparently couldn’t drag himself away. But, regretfully, I had to drag myself away- my bus departure had been announced.

Generally, I’m unable to sleep on a bus, but with the help of a boring mortician, who boarded in Albany, I quickly fell asleep during a one-sided conversation. And, although I had told him that at twenty-two years of age the merits of cremation over burial didn’t interest me, he continued until his droning was mercifully absorbed by the monotonous humming of the tires; and I was spared.

I was startled awake when something dropped on me. It being too dark to see clearly, I felt around expecting to find some little thing that might’ve dropped from the luggage rack. There was nothing to be found but I still felt the mild, tingling sensation where something had touched my dick. It wasn’t long before the same thing woke me again. I would’ve believed I’d been dreaming if the sensation had not been exactly the same. Only moments later, my fellow passenger nudged me with his elbow. Then, I realized what had been happening; he’d been touching my cock.

I felt trapped. I hadn’t wanted to create a scene that would have awakened the other passengers, yet how could I express my anger, I wondered. When my eyes had properly adjusted to the dim light, I turned to confront him and got the surprise of my life. The mortician had obviously de-boarded while I was asleep and it was the choirboy who was next to me now. When he nudged my arm again, I eagerly nudged him in return.

His breath was sweet and warm when he came close to my ear to whisper, “Ya wanna whip out yer cock?” I didn’t have to think about it. Hurriedly, I unbuckled, unzipped and pushed my shorts and underwear to my knees. His long, solid cock was in my sweating hand before he’d completely dropped his drawers.

“What’s yer name?” I asked, breathing heavily in his ear, as we juggled balls and polished knobs, with foreskins; I hoped I wasn’t dreaming.

“Audie,” illegal bahis he whispered, “What’s your’s?”

“Blake…Ya sure got a lot of attention back there in the terminus, huh,” I remarked, laughing.

“Ya mean the obnoxious waiter, I s’pose…I was tryna watch you.” he said, laughing, “I hoped I’d get to sit with ya but by the time I’d boarded someone’d beat me to it.”

I wish ya’d a been a little faster,” I told him, “I got stuck with a deadly, boring undertaker…Where ya goin, Audie?” I asked, “I’m goin’ to Manhattan.” I told him.

“Me, too… Hey, wha’d’ya say we take our pants and underwear right off?” He asked conspiratorially. I answered him by immediately pulling my running shoes off, followed by everything else. It was dark enough that even if somebody came near they wouldn’t cotton on to what we were doing. I studied Audie carefully as he stood in the aisle stepping out of his clothes. He was a six foot, smooth and sculpted, highly-desirable sex partner. His large cock was adorned with a long foreskin that had my mouth watering.

“How old are ya, Audie?” I asked, “I’m twenty-two.”

“Eighteen,” he said, from his crouched position between my legs, where he was delightfully sucking my balls into his mouth. I wished we could get up the nerve to stretch out on the floor.

“Suck me, Audie, I wanna feel my cock in yer mouth,” I said. It wasn’t easy to keep quiet when he licked around my knob before descending until my cock was deep in his throat. Hearing him inhaling deeply with his face buried in my pubic hair was enough to sex up a ninety-year-old. My cock was rock-solid as his mouth moved quickly from the base to the tip. Each time he got to the head, he swirled it excitedly with his tongue, almost delivering me to the promised land. “We gotta change places now…I can’t wait to get yer king-size foreskin around my tongue, Audie, baby.”

In the midst of the change over he wrapped his arms around me and pulled my mouth to his. When I painted his luscious, full lips with my tongue he opened his mouth. I wondered if he was trying to suck my cum up through my tongue. I held his dick while we kissed and was amazed by the quantity of precum leaking from that long, silky foreskin; his crotch smelled heavenly as, One by one, I bounced his shaved balls around in my mouth. “Ahh, that’s fantastic, Blake, “he said loudly.

“Shh, we’ll have every dick in the bus back here.” I was in heaven when I finally stretched his foreskin over my tongue and lapped up his sweet precum. His repressed whimpering indicated his desire to cry out in expression of his ecstasy. When his knob was comfortably seated and being massaged by my throat muscle, he became considerably noisier. “Ya want me to lick yer taintcher?” I asked him, softly, but enthusiastically.

“My taintcher! Where the hell’s illegal bahis siteleri that at?”

“It’s the section of excitingly, sensitive skin between yer balls and yer butt…taintcher balls and taintcher butt,” I explained, laughing.

“Yeah, go ahead, Blake, lick my whatever.” I wasn’t sure he’d understood. Anyhow, he did when my tongue slobbered back and forth on it. Each time I got closer to his ass crack his body would shiver expectantly.

“Put yer feet up on the seat,” I told him. When I tried to get my tongue near his butt hole, he helped by pulling his buns apart.

“Oh, fuck, yeah, , that’s so fuckin’ hot,” he panted..

I tantalizingly moved my slippery tongue everywhere but on his hole. He was wiggling all over the seat, moaning and panting as he tried to get his hole directly onto my tongue. “for fuck sake, will ya please do it, Blake?…Ahh, c’mon, fuck, man, I’m gonna have a friggin’ heart attack if ya don’t get it up my ass right now,” he insisted, while jerking his big, hard cock frantically. My tongue, abundantly slicked with saliva, I pushed it against his button. His tongue-nipping sphincter muscle snapping wildly, he almost slipped off the seat trying to impale himself on the hot, ecstasy promising tongue.

“I don’t wanna get it too far into ya, Audie, you’ll cum too fast and we’ve got a lot of miles between here and Manhattan,” I

reminded him.

“Yeah, okay,” he agreed, “But I wanna lick yer taintcher now, Blake, lets change places fer a while.” I got up from the floor to take his place on the seat, but before he could kneel I pulled him onto my knee. Then, getting his sweater and mine over our head, I hugged him tightly and cuddled him as I’d wished I could’ve done back at the terminus. I licked his pecks and nibbled his nipples before letting him get back on the floor. He was sizzling when I sat back to present my taintcher for his and my mutual pleasure. Audie attained his taintcher pleasuring diploma very quickly.

He expertly massaged my knob with his throat, as I’d done to him. It was equally difficult for me not to shout out. “Yeah, Audie, y’over-sexed slut,” I whispered, close to his ear, “Yeah, baby, give my cock a really hard suck…Oh, yeah y’incredible cocksucker, take it into yer hot, slippery throat; yeah, baby, ya suck real fuckin’ good.” I knew that kinda talk had turned him on. He then began licking me wildly from my balls to my butt.

I spread my bubbles to give him all the space he needed. “Oh, yeah, tongue-fuck me, Audie, ya’ll really like it,” I whispered. “Yu’ll wanna do it all the time. he Pushed his hard tongue into my ass hole and, again, almost caused me to cum. My choirboy was a born rimer. I was having quite a time trying to wrap my brain around the fact that the spectacular choirboy, who’d attracted so much attention canlı bahis siteleri in the terminus, now had his tongue up my ass.

“Bet y’ain’t got enough nerve to lie on the floor,” Audie dared.

“Not in the aisle,” I said, “But we could try right here between the seats…I think maybe we’d fit. If we’re a little too long one of us could just have his head in the aisle. That way we could see if anybody’s coming.”

“Okay,” Audie said, excitedly, ya want the top, or the bottom?” He asked.

“You choose, it doesn’t matter to me.”

“Okay. I’ll take the bottom and stick my head in the aisle- if it’s necessary,” Audie decided. I separated his buns and dug my tongue deeply into his quivering hole. No two sphincter muscles had ever danced in such unison. Each with a long, hard cock in his mouth, we face-fucked wildly and moaned loudly. No longer did we give a damn about the sleeping passengers.

“Audie, we’d better agree to swallow…If we shoot our cum all over the bus we might cause a mass sex frenzy.”

“Ohh, yeah, Blake… yeah, ahh, I’m cumming.” His cum gushed into my mouth. A nanosecond later, my mouth, no longer filled with Audie’s cock, I was able to shout out my feelings of extreme ecstasy.

“Ah, ahh, Audie, ya gorgeous, fuckin’ doll…Oh, yeah, baby, swallow my hot cum.” I thought my tightly-curled toes would never straighten when he, sucking like someone cum-starved, was overjoyed with swallowing everything I was able to squirt into him.

“I never felt so fuckin’ satisfied in my life; it was awesome, with a capital fuck,” Audie said, still gasping for breath, “and I don’t give a shit if everybody on the freakin’ bus heard us.”

“Neither do I,” I panted, “They can all fuck themselves…”We just made it in time, Audie, it’s getting bright out…When we get together next time I wanna try dockin’ with ya, do ya know how ya do it?” I asked.

“I got no idea,” he said.

“You gotta have somebody with a real long foreskin like your’s. Ya stretch it to get it over my knob, then ya jerk the two cocks together. I never tried it but it’s s’pposed to be terrific.” I explained.”

“Let’s try it right now,” he suggested, eagerly.

“Naw, we can’t do it now…Even if I could get hard enough again, this quick, it’s too bright…We’ll have to exchange numbers to arrange another get-together,” I said…”By the way, my boyfriend’s gonna be meeting me at the terminus, Audie, so it’ll be better if we don’t talk when we get off the bus, okay?”

“Yeah, Blake, okay,” he agreed, and we kissed then split up so nobody’d know who’d fucked whom during the night.

Once in the terminus, my boyfriend and I were hugging when my legs turned to rubber. No matter that I had explained my situation to Audie, over my boyfriend’s shoulder I saw him grinning as he approached me. Then, his grin turning into a broad smile, he brushed past. And It was a tremendous relief when I realized that he had remembered the numbers, we’d forgotten to exchange, and had stuffed them in my pocket. I called him the moment I got free.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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