At The Pool Changing Room

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It was a hot July summer day and all of us girls were restless after work. So a bunch of us gathered up to go to the beach. We wanted to play in the sun, sand, and water. Of course the option to hook with some hotties was always part of the appeal.

Once we made it to the beach we ran to the showers to change out of our maid uniforms. So there we were all in the showers undressing, giggling, taking up all the available space when she walks in.

The girls didn’t notice her, but she caught my attention right away. She was gorgeous. She looked around for a place to change. I scooted over to give her room by me. She smiled in gratitude. Her smile almost floored me right then and there. I smiled back.

“We are hogging all space, sorry. Do you need more? We are almost finished.” I told her practically salivating on her.

“No this is enough space, but thanks anyway. I wouldn’t want you to go to any trouble on my part. It’s not a big deal. It is actually not as crowded as usual. I think everyone must be trying out that the new water park across town.” She told me as she had taken off her clothes and only pulled her swimsuit up to cover her crotch area.

“I think we will stick to the free stuff, so it’s the beach for us.” I replied while mesmerized by her beauty. I smiled at her; she was so hot. She was really turning me on, her breasts bare. They were beautiful, nice taut pink nipples, on beautiful big mounds. “At least a C cup” I thought to myself. She was watching me too. I was imagining her eyes raking my body up and down. I reached to gather all my hair into a ponytail and my rubber band broke on me. “Damn, I don’t have any more hair ties. Do any of you have an extra?” I asked the girls.

She answered, “I do. I always carry extras, just in case.”

I held out my hand thinking she would just give it to me. Instead she came over and gathered marmaris escort my hair in her and hands to put it in a ponytail for me. Her taut nipples grazed my back. I shifted because I felt tingles of delight shoot through my body. She told me it was crooked and she needed to do it again. The girls told me they were going on out to the beach to pick a spot for me. I told them I would be a little longer because I still hadn’t removed my makeup or anything.So now the showers were empty except for her and me. She rubbed her breasts against my back again, but this time with more contact. I gasped as I felt them.”Are you okay?” She asked.

“Yeah,” I managed to choke out the word.

She was stroking my hair away from my face to capture it all into the ponytail, “You know you have beautiful hair, it is so soft and thick.” My eyes close and my head rolled back a little with desire. She has finished with my ponytail.

“Do you like this?” She asks as she brushes her hand down over the front of my shoulder. Her hand grazed the tops of my breasts.

I take a deep breath to gain enough composure to answer, “Yes I like it thanks.”

“You know, you are very pretty,” She tells me as she moves in front of me.

“Thanks,” I reply then smile and add, “You are very pretty, too.”

She smiles and leans to kiss me. I close my eyes and pucker for her. But I never feel her mouth. Opening my eyes, I find her smiling at me.

“Don’t close your eyes. I want you to see me, alright?” She says while pulling closer to her.”

Okay,” I say and part my lips anticipating her kiss. Her lips brush against mine so softly at first that I lean in for more. Our lips meet again this time firmly and I open my mouth for her tongue. Her tongue feels so good in my mouth. She pulls back and looks into me eyes. She smiles and kisses me again. This time when I think she is going marmaris escort bayan to pull away, she just takes my lower lip in between hers. Caresses it with her tongue and begins to gently suck. I gasp in pleasure and moan with delight. Now she begins to press soft wet kisses down my neck….mmmm…it feels heavenly. She continues down and begins showering my breasts with sweet, sweet kisses. My nipples are so hard and I am aching for fulfillment. She begins to pull my swimsuit down exposing my bare breasts. She takes a nipple in her mouth. She bites down on it giving enough pressure for me to moan loudly and begins to lick.

She is fondling my other breast occasionally flicking its hard nipple and teasing it. I am drifting away on a boat of ecstasy. Pleasure tingles down my spine. She feels so good on my breast but suddenly she moves away from them.

“Don’t stop,” I plead, “please.” She has already moved and began licking a trail down to my navel. Here she pauses and then begins to kiss all the way around my navel. She dips her tongue in my belly button. Thrills flood through me, “OH” I moan. Her tongue licks my navel and then she begins to suck on the bottom part of my button.

“Ahh,” I begin to breathe heavy and we move to where a wall is supporting me because I was beginning to stumble like a lush. I was drunk on the pleasure she was giving me. She was so intoxicating.

She moves down, pushing my swimsuit over my hips, down my legs. It falls to the floor around my ankles. She grips my derriere and tilts my pelvis towards her. I part my legs opening for her, eagerly awaiting more intimate excitement. She spreads them wider and moves in. Her mouth and nose touch my wet mound.”Oh yes” I moan on a wave of desire.

“Mmmm” is the only response I hear from her, before she begins to lick the lips of my pus. Her hands are massaging my behind, a fingernail escort marmaris teases my asshole. I shiver with desire and ask, “More please?”

She complies, sending her tongue inside of me. Oh the emotions race through me. She feels so good. I begin to move against her face meeting her tongues every thrust.

I whimper and breathe heavily as she is fucking me with her tongue. My body is rocking. I am in heaven. “Ohhhh” I moan.

I feel that I am about to cum and can’t wait. However she pulls her tongue out.

“No” I plead, “I need more baby”

She moves her hand down to my mound and places two fingers inside of me moving them in and out.”Oh yes,” I all but scream.

My body begins moving against her fingers, meeting them. They move in and out, deeper and deeper. She now moves her mouth to my clit and begins to suck its hardness.

“Oh god yes,” I shakily reply. Tremors are running down my legs. Spasms are convulsing through my body. I begin to cum.

“Yes! Yes! YES!! ” I scream. She begins to lick up my juices and still I tremble with the orgasm. I have never climaxed this long before. I am whimpering in pleasure while tears flow down my face.

I am still shaking when she gets up to stand in front of me. She moves and takes me into her arms and kisses me. I taste my own cum on her tongue; it is the best kiss ever as my climax comes to an end.

She pulls away and finishes putting her swimsuit on, “Well, I have to go on duty now. Actually I am running late or I wouldn’t leave. Come to my station later so I can give you my number. All right, doll?”

Then she smiled and walked out of the showers. Leaving me to pull my swimsuit up and collect my things and composure and head out to the beach. I walked out with a smile and in the greatest of all moods. That was the best day at the beach I have ever had. I never collected her number. I didn’t see her when the girls and I left. I never even learned her name, but she gave me a gift that day. For that was the first day that I had ever been with another woman. But believe me, it was far from the last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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