At My Mercy

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It’s morning. You wake up and quickly realize that you are restrained to the bed by your wrists that hold your arms out at a sixty degree angle. Your eyes open with a look of panic and you see me sitting by your feet. Your gaze wanders over my naked body and the look in my eyes tells you that I am up to something. I can see the initial fear is gone as a smile curves your lips. “What’s this baby girl?”

Without a word I climb on the bed and straddle your face, my thighs grazing your cheeks. I lower my pussy to your face and tease you with it holding it an inch out of reach letting you look and breathe your fill. I can see the hunger in your eyes; my smell drives you wild. “This is me having my wicked way with you,” I smile down slyly.

“Payback for all those spankings?” You whisper against my cunt and lick your lips.

I fight the urge to press myself into your mouth and shake my head. “Because I want to have all this power under my control.”

Your eyes lock on mine and it registers on your face that I am not playing around. “I’m not some sub baby girl,” you respond firmly.

Ignoring your objection I slowly slide my hand down to my clit and begin rubbing it right above your face. I take my time, parting my lips and letting you look your fill of my open pussy. Your gaze is hungry as it shifts to the glistening folds slowly being worked over. There is a wet suction as I penetrate my pink flesh with a finger and pull it out to wipe it against your cheek, just out of reach of your tongue. “You will be when I’m done.”

Before you can object, I lower my pussy to your mouth and mash my aching clit against your open lips. There is a look of defiance in your eyes as I ride your face with a nice slow grind of my hips. I can feel you holding your lips in place doing your best to deny what you really want. You give up your fight as I bite my lip and beg you with my eyes. A growl escapes your mouth as you begin licking and tonguing me, gathering up as much of my taste as you can into your mouth. I can feel the pressure build under your mastery. Seeing you tied up makes me throb in a way that excites me like never before. I cum as your mouth latches onto my clit and you suck hard, throwing me over the edge.

As I come down from my pleasure I realize that my hands are gripping your hair. Without missing a beat I tighten my grip and begin fucking your face, reveling in the sound of my wet cunt smacking against your mouth. I ride you hard, taking what I want from you. Something inside me unfurls and I become more verbal, asking you if you like my cunt and the taste of my juice. The language that comes out if your mouth thrills me. I moan and grunt, yelling at you to eat me, lick me, suck me as my pussy fucks harder and harder against your hungry mouth. When my second orgasm rocks me I collapse beside you, breathing hard. After a few moments, I catch my breath and look over at you. Your eyes are the darkest I’ve ever seen them and your mouth is covered in my cum. I bite my lip and sit up smiling down at you, seeing your cock ramrod straight and your arms straining against their ties. You want loose. You want me.

Only I have other plans for you. Leaning down I give your cock a teasing lick and push your legs back against your chest. “Stay like this until I tell you to move,” I say before leaning down to bury my tongue between the cheeks of your ass. I fuck your hole with my tongue and revel in the moans of pleasure I hear. It isn’t often you let me do this but almanbahis you know I crave it. “You like it when I eat your little asshole, don’t you?” There is a battle in your eyes as we dance closer to boundaries uncrossed before.

“You know I do,” you say in a strained voice. It isn’t enough. I come up from between your legs and arch an eyebrow, shaking my head. “Tell me then…say it,” I order. Your jaw flexes and I can tell you are clenching your teeth in frustration. “I fucking love when you eat my asshole baby girl.” I feel a jolt at your tone and smile wickedly, returning to your exposed pucker and resume licking and sucking. It isn’t long before you are straining to keep your legs up and pushing your ass in my face. I sit up and make a show of wiping my wet mouth on my arm.

Our eyes burn on each others and I know you need to cum. Without a word I reach over to the bedside table and pull it open and pick out a toy…a medium sized glass plug that you know is going to be a tight fit for your unused ass. I make a show of tonguing it and sucking it in my mouth to warm it up. I can hear your breathing coming faster and faster in anticipation. I load up my finger with lube and begin working it in and out of your tight, slick hole. I try to keep a calm look on my face at the noises you are making but my body is on fire inside. I add a second finger and then a third; your ass stretching easily for me. Fingering your ass creates a consuming heat in my pussy. I have to remind myself to be patient; that the payoff will be worth it for the both of us.

When I’ve fucked your ass with three fingers for a bit I pull out one finger and spread the other two creating a nice hole to pour some lube into. When your juicy ass is overflowing I remove my fingers and begin working the solid plug in. Your ass looks amazing as it swallows the widest part and disappears. I admire my work and let you release your legs. The pressure against your sweet spot is intense and your cock is ramrod straight and leaking a steady drip of precum. I debate about leaving you like that but then at the last minute I straddle your face again and grab a handful of hair, pulling your lips against my pussy and telling you to hold still while I fuck myself against you. My thighs clench tight on either side of you and I cum hard, leaving a nice glossy sheen of my cum over your face. Climbing down I smile at my handiwork and leave the bedroom without a look back.

I return in what seems like an eternity. The plug in your ass assures that your cock has remained hard the entire time. There is a pool of precum against your stomach. You are sweating and breathing hard,

needing to cum. As I walk in you growl at me and say, “Dammit, untie me now.” Ignoring you I walk over to the bed and swipe my finger into the sticky pool of cum and bring it up to your lips, telling you to open up and clean my finger. You do catching my finger sharply between your teeth. It stings but I let it go, knowing full well your dominant side is lying just below the surface. “Tell me you love cum,” I order. You hesitate and release my finger, “Fuck yes,” you grit out. I smile and slowly climb onto your chest, sitting with my ass and pussy right in front of your face. You can see I am wet and ready to play again. Taking another toy from the drawer I place a vibe – a special g-spot vibe – against my pussy and begin working it in. After a minute I begin fucking my cunt at a nice steady pace and you can tell by how juicy it sounds that I almanbahis yeni giriş am extremely aroused. After a few minutes of watching and listening I tell you to hold your mouth open and you do eagerly. I work the vibe hard against my g-spot and begin cumming loudly. “Oh god…” I pull the toy out and you are rewarded with a warm, wet spray of cum that lands on your face and tongue. I repeat it two more times, each time pulling out to squirt in your mouth. You swallow as best you can and hold your tongue out for more…a sight so fucking sexy I know I’ll never get enough of you. I smile and lower my dripping pussy over your mouth to lick clean.

Climbing off of you I bend down to suck the head of your cock in my mouth. You groan and try and push up inside. I pull off and shake my head. “I’m not done playing,” I say. Smiling wickedly I pull your plug out and watch as your asshole gapes wide. I tell you to pull your legs back and you do. I lean over and spit into you stretched ass, loving the groan of pleasure that comes out of you. “Do you like your ass filled baby?”

“Baby girl…no more games..” you try to assert some authority into your tone but you are too far gone. I cross my arms and ask you if your ass likes being filled, this time in a firm voice. You close your eyes for a second, collecting your patience. When they open you have the sexiest look in your eyes, You slowly lick your lips and say, “I fucking love having my asshole filled.” I have to bite my lip to stop the moan from escaping. I smile and pull another toy from the drawer. This one is a vibe of a bit bigger width…it slides in with a little help and I turn it on low. You immediately moan and arch your hips of the bed. I begin to walk away. “Baby girl!” you call out. I turn back and arch my eyebrow in question. “Please…I can’t take much more of this.” Keeping as cool a look on my face I try to hide the fact that I am seconds away from pouncing on you. “You will though…if you want to cum,” and with that I leave the room, putting a little more sway in my hips that usual. I smile as I hear you groan and swear from a distance.

When I return 20 minutes later you are moaning and breathing hard and I can tell you have been right on the edge for a while but can’t quite find release. I approach the bed and drink my fill of you in such a submissive state. “I swear…I have never seen a sexier sight than you are right now.” I lean down and whisper in your ear that you have me so wet I am dripping down my thighs. “Omg…shut that thing off Baby girl!!” Knowing you are beyond close I reach out at hand and switch off the vibrations. You immediately release a breath and let your head fall back on the bed. I slide a finger up your stiff cock and you cry out in dismay as though my single touch could send you over the edge.

I smile and decide you need to come down a bit from your arousal if I am going to get everything out of you that I need. Untying one wrist I tell you to get on your hands and knees. You do, groaning loudly from the stiffness in your muscles. I retie your wrist to the bed and crawl behind you. “Spread your legs and stick your ass out.” You do, way passed your resistance to being submissive and hoping for some release. Slowly sliding the vibe out I watch with extreme pleasure as your ass stays open to form a perfect O. “Fuck…your ass baby…UNF.”

“Oh god I need you baby girl,” you whisper tiredly and I place a hand on your back and let you feel my touch as I slowly lean down almanbahis giriş and slide my tongue inside your ass. We both groan and I continue to massage your hole with my tongue, sliding in as deep as I can go. The noises you make are almost incoherent and I know this is driving you wild. Moving beside you I pull your face into mine and push my tongue inside your hot mouth letting you taste yourself on my tongue. I let you suck it clean before pulling away. Your eyes lock on mine intensely. “Please…” My heart begins beating fast and I barely breath the words, “I need to hear you say it, baby.” I swear your eyes burn black in that moment as they drill into mine and you give into what you need. “Fuck my ass baby girl…take it…it’s yours.” I release the breath I was holding and lean into kiss you gently, whispering “always mine” against your lips.

I pull away from the kiss because the need has been building all morning and we both have one thing in mind. Moving off the bed, I pull one last item from the drawer. I step into the harness and slide it up my legs, securing it at my hips. I look down at the girl cock attached and begin stroking it. I move back toward your mouth and because I can’t help myself I tell you to suck me. There isn’t any hesitation, just your hungry mouth latching on and pulling me inside. Watching you suck my cock is one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced. My hands find their way into your hair as I pull you in closer, forcing the cock in a little more. When saliva begins to leak from your mouth I pull out and move behind you. Taking the bottle of lube I squirt a little into your gaping ass. You moan as the cool moisture slide deep inside. I squirt some in my hands and work my cock until the entire surface is shiny. Lining the head of my cock up with your ass I rub the tip into your hole and smack it obscenely a couple of times. “Ask me again,” I say.

“Now baby girl…fuck my ass!!” you cry out pushing against the tip. You gasp as I enter and I tell you your hole looks hot spreading open for my cock. You whimper at the pressure against your prostate and I know you must be close. “Don’t cum until I say baby,” I warn, pushing all the way inside of you. “Oh fuck,” your breath swooshes out of you. I grab your ass cheeks in each of my hands and begin pulling you back and forth over my cock. I fuck into your hole with abandon. Smack, smack, SMACK! My hips against your full round ass nearly sends me over the edge. “Take my cock up and take it!” You cry out and pull against the restraints around your wrists. You are out of your mind…desperate to release and cum. My pussy is right on the edge and I let loose, drilling into your ass and fucking hard. “I want you to cum baby but you cannot touch your cock…only the force of my fucking is what’s going to make this cock cum, you understand me?” Lost in your own wild lust you grunt “Yes,” as you push back to meet my every thrust. I grab your hips, tilt my cock up and begin pounding your sweet spot. You cry out and begin saying, “Fuck me…fuck me…fuck my ass!”

My pussy is about to explode and I yell, “Take it baby…make this ass cum for me!! SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!! You make an animal-like noise and begin moaning as your orgasm rocks you. It sets off my own and I cum hard, pounding my clit against your full ass. We collapse into a pile and I fight to catch my breath as my mouth seeks out yours, both of our bodies still shaking from pleasure. I quickly untie your hands. “OMG baby…thank you,” I whisper against your mouth. “I love you,” you barely get out. I brush the sweat from your forehead and kiss it. “I love you, baby.” In that moment I am at a loss for words…I smile and curl up against you knowing I am the luckiest girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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