At Long Last. Kelly

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There was an ease, born of long association, in the relationship between Kelly and I. Conversation always came easy to us; whilst our partners had been happy to talk on inconsequential matters, Kelly and I spent hours gaining deeper insights into each other’s character.

She had a strong sense of curiosity which caused her to ask the kind of probing questions that reached into the innermost recesses of my mind. Whilst I allowed the secrets of my soul to stand bare before her, I always knew that my confidences were safe.

In return she gave frankly and freely of herself; there were no secrets between Kelly and I, for almost no subject was taboo. We knew each others aspirations, needs and desires; we knew what made us tick, what we liked and disliked; even our sexual tastes and fantasies were known to each other, what turned us on and what put us off; and exactly how to excite each other.

This was somewhat strange for we had never made love together; not that we had never discussed doing so, for we found each other stimulating and knew that the experience would have been better than good. But the truth was that neither of us would have dreamed of betraying our partners in this way and we also knew that such an affair would have destroyed the wonderful relationship that had grown between us. Making love together became the only taboo we had.

Group skinny dipping sessions many years ago had led to us all becoming completely at ease with being nude in each other’s company. Never feeling the need to don clothing in the name of modesty, we could often take a shower at the end of a summer day and then settle down, naked, to dinner and drinks.

Human nature being what it is I could not help noticing Kelly’s figure. Being a keen tennis player meant that her shapely legs were well muscled, a rounded bottom and curving hips gave her a very feminine shape which was enhanced by breasts that were full, firm and supported by square shoulders. Her abdomen was flat, smooth and terminated at the junction of her thighs with a fluffy light thatch which allowed her pink labia to peep through. And human nature being what it is, despite the fact that we could never make love, Kelly was the subject of many of my fantasies.

Strangely, one of my fantasies was brought about one evening when we were both fully clothed. I had been visiting with Kelly and her husband. He was working late in the city; Kelly suggested that we walk into town to meet him after work. The trip involved walking along a pleasant path that bordered the river. We strolled along arm in arm in the semi- darkness, stopping occasionally to sit on a bench to watch the river pass by, or to lean against a wall and look down into the darkling water. It was at one of these times that I was leaning over the wall when Kelly wriggled into the circle of my arms, and, with her back turned to me, leaned forward; her wriggling backside, pressed firmly against my crotch was quickly giving me an erection. My breathing was getting ragged when I stepped back before I could embarrass us both.

In my fantasies I would not step back; but stay where I was, Kelly would wriggle her bottom suggestively, I would reach around to caress her breasts till she raised her skirt and reveal, to my delight, that she was not wearing panties; I would enter her hot wetness quickly and cleanly from behind; her legs would begin to sag, bahis siteleri so that I had to support her as I drove into her. To this day the very thought of this can still make me hard. It wasn’t till many years later that I discovered that Kelly and I had shared this same erotic fantasy.

In the autumn of our lives we both lost our partners to the combined effects of age and disease. The twin tyrannies of time and distance separated us. We had not seen each other for many years; our lives led us in different directions till there was over six hundred kilometres between us. However, we still kept in touch via occasional e-mails.

I had been visiting my brother: when it came time to head home it occurred to me that a detour of a couple of hundred kilometres would take me through some of the most delightful countryside in our state and enable me to catch up with Kelly.

The years had been kinder to Kelly than I; a thickening had occurred around her thighs and her middle, the laughter lines around her face had deepened and her hair had started to tinge. But it was still Kelly that looked at me from eyes that had witnessed a full and interesting life; and, according to my eyes, she was still one very attractive lady.

During dinner at a restaurant Kelly asked if I would like to stay for a while; she had a spare room and I was more than welcome to it for as long as I liked. I gladly accepted.

During the next few days Kelly and I fell back into our old routine of walking around together arm in arm talking great deal and laughing a lot. There was no shyness between us, we were still completely at ease in being undressed together, and were at home in discussing anything. During the course of these discussions we discovered that we were both coping reasonably well with the loss of our respective partners, yet both admitted to a sense of something missing in our lives, something that had a lot to do with being alone, and a great deal to do with need. I knew that for me this need could easily be fulfilled by a night of love with Kelly, but that old deep seated taboo still stood between us; I could see no way of overcoming it.

It was on the fourth night of my stay, there was nothing of interest on TV so we went to bed early; I lay there reading a novel. After an hour or so the door opened and Kelly came in, sat on my bed told me that she was having trouble sleeping so we began talking. She had no clothes on as we both slept naked. At one stage of our conversation Kelly reached out and took my hand. As the night and the conversation grew older, Kelly placed my hand in her lap, her legs had grown cold and I noticed that she was shivering. Without thinking I threw back the bedclothes and invited her to lay with me. It just seemed a natural thing to do, I had no ulterior motive. Kelly scooted in beside me; I drew up the bedclothes as she snuggled up to me. She lay on my left side in the circle of my left arm with her head on my shoulder; her left leg was thrown across my thighs her right breast was pressed against my side, her left breast rested on my chest. It felt good and it felt right; it was in this position that we carried on talking then drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke it was early morning, we’d shifted position I was laying on my left side, and Kelly had rolled over with her back spooned towards me. I was immediately aware of three things, my left canlı bahis hand was cupping Kelly’s right breast, my right hand was low on her abdomen, it was being held there by her right hand and I had a raging erection. It fitted firmly between Kelly’s buttocks and my abdomen, so firmly that I wondered if she was clenching it.

As I had no intention of embarrassing Kelly I decided to try to move away without wakening her; I began by trying to remove my right hand from her tummy. But immediately she grasped me even more firmly and began moving my hand in small circles on her lower abdomen; was it possible that she was awake? Her skin felt as smooth as that of a maiden, when as if in answer to my unasked question, my hand was pushed lower toward her pubic region and I felt the muscles of Kelly’s butt clamp even more tightly around my cock as she began moving herself slowly up and down my rigid pole.

There could be no doubt about it; Kelly was awake and was declaring her need of me in an unmistakable manner, she had told me many times that she often enjoyed initiating the act of love; and she knew better than any living person how much I was being turned on by what she was doing to my cock. I knew better than any living person exactly how much she liked having her clitoris stimulated. I also knew that this stimulation needed a soft gentle hand.

I took control of my right hand and slid my fingers gently through the lace of her pubic hair; Kelly groaned softly as I traced my fingers along the edges of her labia. She was unbelievably hot and wet. She had told me how wet she got; now I was finding out what she meant and I knew exactly how to use this wetness. I eased my finger lightly into her, when I withdrew it; it was coated with her juices which I softly smeared across her clitoris drawing a throaty growl from her. I was doing everything right and I knew it.

As I gently circled her clitoris I simultaneously looped around her breast with my other hand. Her nipple very quickly arose and hardened; I knew what to do as soon as this happened. I took her nipple with my thumb and forefinger and began to roll it firmly between them. This, very soon, brought a gasp of pleasure from Kelly as she rolled over onto her back and began stroking my, now free, iron hard cock.

As Kelly’s eyes flew open the hot look of desire in them was unmistakable, she moved her head toward mine and in no time we were sharing our very first kiss of passion. Her mouth was soft yet demanding first sucking my tongue in, then forcing her own in and out between my teeth in an unambiguous simulation of her need of a firm cock in her wet vagina. While this was happening I was able to stimulate her other breast, I knew that I had to be firm, yet gentle. Kelly had sensitive nipples.

As we broke from our kiss I trailed my lips down her neck and onto her breasts, kissing, nibbling and softly biting as I went. In no time both of her nipples stood proud with desire. Kelly had taken a firm grip of my penis, she knew that I needed strong stimulation; she began to stroke firmly but not vigorously. Unbelievably my cock hardened even more, filling her hand like a pulsing steel tube; pre-cum caused my purpling glans to glisten.

My finger was circling her clitoris faster and faster; I felt Kelly’s hips rise from the bed; she was getting close to orgasm. Now I used two fingers; one either side of güvenilir bahis her clitoris, as I increased speed and pressure. I felt no concern about lubricating her love button as juices were oozing from her; her whole pubic area was soaking and her honey ran down her thighs. Kelly’s hips began to buck; she was now very close to her orgasm, her hand tightened around my penis as she began to stroke faster; she had reached a point of climax that I wanted to keep her at, for as long as humanly possible.

Her legs had straightened and her toes had begun to curl as I slowed my manual stimulation then replaced my fingers with my tongue, tracing along her labia as I tasted her juices, and then circling around her clitoris. Kelly was calling my name and begging me not to stop. I took her clit between my lips rolled it firmly then sucked upon it as I flicked it with my tongue; Kelly was pushing her pussy against my mouth and then as her desire began to reach its climax I moved into the 69 position.

Immediately I felt her hand being replaced as Kelly took me between her lips then sucked my cock deep into her mouth. She knew exactly what I wanted and desperately needed; as she drew me deep then swirled her head as she withdrew; again and again faster and faster, sucking harder and harder. I felt my balls begin to boil and knew that I could not last a lot longer, but Kelly was every bit as familiar with my body as I was with hers, as she slowed down to keep me almost at that point of no return.

As if from a distance I became aware that Kelly was begging me to fuck her, her juices were oozing freely and she was as ready as she would ever be and so was I. I moved between her legs then while supporting myself with my arms; I looked down to see her left hand parting her labia as her right grasped my, near to bursting, penis and guided it into her soaking pussy.

Oh God, she was so hot; so wet and so tight as her vaginal muscles took firm hold of me. Our need of each other was so great that it took a deliberate act of will to slow down and prolong this beautiful act for as long as possible. I was conscious of every pulsing inch of my cock as it drove slowly into her. I was aware of her incredible muscle control as she clenched her pussy; making herself tight as I entered and causing the most mind-blowing suction as I withdrew. I tried desperately to continue slowly; but it proved to be beyond human capability, as I found myself fucking faster and faster. I realised that Kelly had increased speed with me and again; as if from a distance I could hear her imploring me to fuck her even faster. Her legs were locked behind my arse as she thrust herself urgently against me, forcing me as deeply as possible into her. I could no longer resist as I felt my orgasm begin. It was the kind of orgasm that only happens very rarely; a whole of body; mind blowing experience that racked me again and again as my seed pulsed into her over and over. Somehow, beyond all of this I could hear Kelly keening and calling my name and I knew beyond a doubt that she was experiencing the same incredible feelings that I was having.

There is a rightness in the way that Kelly and I came down from a simultaneous orgasm. There is something perfect in the way that we melded into one soft being, as we look into each others eyes, and our lips met in homage to each other. And there is a knowledge that having achieved this degree of perfection once, we should be happy with it, but also a knowing that we will try again and again, and that we will succeed again and again. Because we can; and because it is so very right.


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