Assassin’s Path Ch. 04

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I would like to thank everyone who left comments about the other chapters of this story. Sorry for how long it took to get this chapter out. Enjoy!


I was once again standing on the other side of the two huge doors that lead into the Grand Hall. Slightly less nervous this time, but still feeling like there were bats in my stomach. I took a deep breath and emptied my mind of everything except the song. I had changed the color of my garb to a deep blue, the glowing silver looked like pearls in an ocean. I hummed a few lines of the song before knocking lightly on the door to indicate to the herald that I was ready to enter. The trumpet’s blared and the doors opened. The sounds of the banquette quieted as I entered, all eyes were on me. I made my way down the stairs to the center of the Hall. There were two tables set up on the floor of the Grand Hall and a table where the thrones usually were, where the Monarchs and their ambassadorial guests of honor sat. I took a deep breath and addressed the crowd.

“Your Majesties, Ladies, Lords, and honored guests. Thank you for allowing me the honor of singing for you this evening,” I bowed to the court and began to sing as I returned to a standing position.

This night I stand before my foes, through this night I shall survive

I rip them asunder and burn them with Fire, returning them to their graves

This night I save the world, to bring peace to the peoples of this land

I shall save them from the Evil of the Ancients, the foul beings risen again

This night the shadows shall rise to fight, my army in the darkness

I fight beside my forces always, leading them to the light

This night my scales are red instead of black, the blood of Evil upon my claws

I shall fight to my last, to return the light to the dawn

This night shall end and so shall I, the dead are sleeping once more

I shall rest now and prepare for the next attack, I shall win this war

The applause was even greater than my previous performance, even some of the servants were clapping from the sides. I bowed to the Queen, King, and Prince before bowing to the nobles seated at the tables on either side of me. As everyone went back to eating the Queen motioned for me to approach her table.

“That was a wonderful song, We thoroughly enjoyed it,” the Queen was gracious and courteous, “would you like to join us for this meal?”

“Thank you, your Majesty, I would love to,” I replied.

“Ser Aiden, would you please move over so I may sit with our esteemed guest.” The Prince stood up as I walked around the table, he pulled the chair out for me and pushed it back in when I sat down. Aiden smiled at me when he sat down next to me, making me blush.

“So, Myr, where do you learn all these songs?” the Prince asked.

“I pick them up from all over, the one you just heard is from a country to the north. There’s a monastery on the northern coast of the continent dedicated to Shaethra, the Dragon Goddess of Shadows. I stayed there for a brief time, I learned a few different songs but that one is my favorite.” I recalled the humble halls of the Shadow Monks’ home, the underground shrine to the Dragon Goddess which was built into the side of a cliff providing a view of the sea as the waves crashed against coast. The salty spray flowing into the cavern through the natural windows that had been eroded into the cliffs sides.

“You’ve been to Indreveld?” The Queen inquired of me, I nodded.

“As well as Gy’nith, Pleynate, and Ky’undar,” my work for the Guild took me all over the continent, “but Kurdran is by far my favorite country.”

“We thank you for complementing Our domain,” the King said.

“We are very happy you like it here,” the Queen said, “What do you think of our capital?”

“Vorden is a jewel among the forests of Kurdarna,” I said, Aiden chuckled to my side and the Queen smiled slightly, “I will be seeing more of the city tonight after the banquet.”

“That sounds lovely,” the Queen said.

“Would you like a guide to tour you around the capital,” Aiden asked.

“I’d be happy to have the Prince show me around, but I do intend to mingle with the commoners,” I turned to look at Aiden as I said that, “perhaps you should meet me later on in the evening and walk me around then.”

“A star-lit stroll through the city would be fantastic,” Aiden said. I smiled at him and stood up.

“I will see you later then, you’re Majesty,” I bowed, then walked around the table and up the side of the Grand Hall to the exit. I noticed Lord Coran watching me, I nodded to him and continued on my way. I could almost feel his sneer boring into my skull. I exited the Grand Hall and walked out of the castle. I made my way down the pathway to the outer gates, nodding to the guards as I left the palace grounds.

The city was bright from the lights in the windows and the torches on the street. I meandered through the artemisbet yeni giriş streets heading towards the tavern at the end of the main road. I could hear the sounds of jovial and drunken festivities from quite a distance. I was hardly surprised to see a majority of the soldiers in the large building. The tavern was at least the size of the Great Hall, and I could hear more noises of frivolity on the floors above me. I managed to spot Yen, Mathers, and Undith through the throngs of people. They were sitting in the center of the tavern surrounded by a group of soldiers, all cheering and laughing as Yen told a story, using his hands to pantomime some kind of smashing motion followed by an explosion.

“There he is!” Yen shouted, he stood up and stumbled over to me. I could smell the ale on his breath before he was next to me. He wrapped his arm around me and dragged me back to their table.

“He has some crazy moves!” Undith’s drink sloshed as he waved me over, his face was flushed, his speech was slurred, and he seemed to have less control over his extremities than when we were sparring. Mathers was laughing the whole time, his lap was occupied by young woman who was laughing along with him.

“He did this duck and flip thing that took two of us down,” Mathers added, laughing heartily, “Yen and I crashed into each other, and he just rolled over us.” Yen held out a drink for me. I grinned and grabbed the mug. I took a swig and slammed it down on the table.

“At least they gave me a bit of a work out in the ring, doubt they could work me over anywhere else,” the innuendo was clear in my voice, provoking a laugh from the group gathered around the table. Undith turned a brighter shade of red, Yen laughed so hard he shook the table, and Mathers chortled along with everyone else. Mathers gave the woman on his lap a pat on the ass and she stood up. He looked at me and glanced at his now vacant legs. I smirked and sat down on the soldier’s lap, taking another drink of the ale. Admittedly I prefer wine, and this stuff tasted odd even for the ‘tavern swill’ they served. Mathers’ arm wrapped around my waist to support me, though his hand seemed to wander a little bit.

“That’s it! Drink!” Yen yelled, he slapped my back. I coughed up some of the ale, spilling some of it onto the table out of the mug. I brought the cup back up to my lips and took another swig of ale. I could feel the drinks getting to me already, being a lightweight doesn’t help in drinking games.

As the night went on I shared more stories about my travels, sexual conquests, and places I’d visited. After an hour or two I felt Mathers move his hand to my ass and squeeze my backside. I turned around quickly and glared at him, he smirked at me, raising his eyebrows suggestively. I rolled my eyes at him and stood up, a little wobbly from the drinks.

“Thank you all for such a fun night, but I have to get going,” my words slurred together a little bit. I stumbled to the door of the tavern and out into the night.

“Are you alright?” Mathers called after me, “I could walk you back to the castle.”

“I’m fine,” I giggled as I replied, “I can get there on my own.” I exited the tavern, leaving the plethora of smells and noises behind. I turned the corner, walking a few steps before I realized that I had gone the wrong way.

“Hey, Bard!” I turned and saw Undith coming out of the tavern. I looked at him questioningly, wondering why he had left the festivities. I turned slowly towards him, feeling like I was moving through a bog or quicksand. The soldier walked over to me and grabbed my wrists. He pushed me against the side of the tavern, holding me in place. I tried to call to the Magic but nothing happened, no matter how hard I tried.

Lord Coran came around the corner while Undith pinned me to the wall of the alley. He was chuckling to himself as he approached us. My body wouldn’t move, no matter how much I wanted to snap Undith’s neck or Shadow-Jump through Coran, I couldn’t.

“You like my special cocktail? You’re fully aware yet completely paralyzed,” Lord Coran said as he continued to laugh, “I can do whatever I want to you, move you how I want, even position you where I want you. You can feel everything, but you can’t stop it. You can’t even use Magic.” As if to prove a point Undith let go of me and I stayed exactly where he had pinned me.

“Where’s my money?” Undith asked the Lord.

“Here, take it,” Lord Coran tossed the soldier a large bag of coins, “now get out of here, my new pet and I need to be going.” I watched Undith walked back towards the tavern where two men wearing Lord Coran’s colors cut him off. They drew their swords and ran Undith through, the man on the right caught the bag of coins before they fell to the ground like the soldier. Lord Coran sneered at the corpse as he pulled me past it, he yanked me into his carriage and sat me down.

“Are you ready to leave my Lord?” One of Lord Coran’s guards artemisbet giriş asked him.

“Take me to the Summer Mansion,” he said, “I think my new pet will like it there.”

“Yes my Lord,” the guard snapped the reins and the horses began trotting down the street. I was seated across from the smug bastard, watching him run his eyes up and down me. He reached over and unbuttoned my shirt, running his fingers down my chest.

“We are going to have fun, my pet,” Coran sneered at me, “I’ll have you out of those lovely clothes in no time at all. Then I can play with my new toy.” A feeling of dread settled in my stomach, my thoughts went to Aiden. I was wondering if he would find me or if I would be trapped with the Lord for the rest of my life. I clenched my fist in frustration, then I realized that the potion must be wearing off if I could move my fingers. Unfortunately Lord Coran noticed it as well, he smiled at me as he pulled a necklace out of his jacket pocket. It was a simple leather strap with a twisted symbol that looked slightly familiar hanging at the end, it radiated Dark Magic.

Not all Magic is the same, Dark Magic feels heavier and hungrier than its lighter counterparts. This amulet wanted to consume and absorb everything around it. Lord Coran put the charm around my neck, when he fastened it I felt different. I couldn’t say how, but I knew something was wrong.

“Now that my potion has worn off I can use my latest commissioned piece. I had a warlock make this amulet for me, he used Blood Magic to charm the necklace to make the wearer do whatever I command of them. It consumes the will of the wearer and, as a bonus, he used a suppression ward as the symbol so you can’t use Magic.” As Lord Coran said this I remembered where I had seen the symbol before. The cells at the Assassin’s Guild had them inscribed into the walls to prevent the new Apprentices from using Magic to escape. I felt my essence weakening, my will to resist was slipping away.

“We are half-way to the Summer Mansion, My Lord,” the guard driving the carriage said. Lord Coran smiled and looked hungrily at me.

“I see your eyes are not what they seem, I prefer the brown to the black. Well, let us see how effective the charm is, shall we?” He asked me, “Now you are forbidden to harm me in any way, shape or form. Is that understood? Answer.”

“Yes,” I said. It felt like the words were pulled from my chest with hooks.

“When you address me, it shall be as Master, understood?” The question prompted more hooks in my chest, they hurt more the longer I resisted, eventually I had to reply.

“Yes Master,” I wretched slightly with the response.

“Now, get down on your knees in front of me,” Lord Coran said. I felt the hooks of the Dark Magic pulling at me, this time forcing me to move into the desired position. Lord Coran smirked, stroking the side of my face as he looked down at me. His hand cupped my chin and he moved my head so I was forced to look up at his smug face. His eyes were full of hunger, lust, and a hint of rage.

I could count on one hand the number of times I had been truly scared in my entire life, this moment made four. I was completely helpless against this man, all because of one stupid soldier who wanted some extra money. Undith would be found when the rest of the guards were done in the tavern, though I doubted my body would ever be recovered.

“Such a sweet face,” Coran drew his thumb over my mouth, “and what nice lips. Pleasure me with your mouth, my pet.”

“Yes Master,” the hooks dragged my hands to his crotch. I undid his belt and pulled his pants down around his ankles. His cock was already as hard as steel, and it throbbed as it entered my mouth. I tasted the pre-cum that was oozing from his phallus’s head, I wanted to recoil, vomit, or at least bite down as hard as I could. The dark hooks kept me from doing any of these things, I continued to please my captor as best I could. Soon he was groaning and he grabbed the sides of my head, he began to thrust into my mouth. He started with deep strokes that invaded my throat, but when he began to moan his thrusts got faster, shorter, and more frantic.

“Swallow all of it,” Lord Coran growled at me as his final thrust sent his seed into my mouth and down my throat. I wanted to spit it all in his face, but I was forced to swallow the entirety of his ejaculation. I looked up at him, panting slightly, and tried to convey as much hatred as possible with just my eyes.

“Did that please you, Master?” I was forced to ask.

“Yes, my pet,” Lord Coran, “you’re even better than I thought you’d be.”

“We have arrived at the Summer Mansion, my Lord,” the coach driver said.

“You are to follow me unless I say otherwise. You will stay within five feet of me, understood?” Lord Coran asked.

“Yes Master,” I responded. Lord Coran smiled, stood up, and exited the carriage. The hooks of Dark Magic pulled me after him, keeping artemisbet güvenilirmi me within a five foot radius of him at all times. I trailed after my captor, the amulet was more effective than a chain. As I was dragged from the coach I looked up and saw the mansion. It was modest in comparison to the royal palace, but it was still an impressive manor. The building itself was five stories tall, the first and second floors were blocked from view by the hedges that surrounded the estate, and lamps lighted the cobbled pathway up to the large gates of the mansion. Banners were hung on either side of the gate, an image of two owls flanking an elevated full moon was embroidered in golden thread upon a field of green with golden trim. I would’ve appreciated the Coran crest more if I hadn’t been turned into the family patriarch’s new pet.

“Open the gates,” Lord Coran said. The gates swung open and we walked through them, moving towards the manor. I noticed the house was dark, no lights on in the windows or in the gardens.

“Will your sister be enjoying the mansion as well, Master?” I asked.

“She is still residing in our Winter Estate, my pet. She won’t be joining us for our fun,” Lord Coran answered, “once she does return here you will be moving to a different residence. My dear sister doesn’t enjoy the same…delicacies that I do.” We continued up the walkway to the doors of the manor. When we entered, Lord Coran snapped his fingers and the candles, fireplaces, and chandeliers all lit. It was at that moment that I realized the amulet around my neck cut me off completely from the Magic, I couldn’t even see the tendrils of the enchantment tied to the lights of the manor.

“Welcome back, my Lord,” an elderly man walked around the corner, “the Summer Mansion is ready as per your orders you sent ahead.”

“Well done A’zar,” Lord Coran said, “please inform the kitchen staff that I will need dinner in an hour and while I’m at dinner please have the maids clean the bedchamber.” A’zar bowed to Lord Coran as the lord and I walked up the grand staircase, wandering down a corridor to a bedchamber.

“Is this the bedchamber that the maids will be cleaning, Master?” I asked.

“Why yes it is Myr, now get undressed and get on the bed,” Lord Coran ordered. I undressed quickly, keeping within the allowed five feet of Lord Coran. Once I was naked I moved as close to the bed as possible, but I was stopped by dark hooks of the amulet about two feet from the bed. Both orders were now conflicting with each other, I felt like I was being ripped in half.

“Master,” I gasped, “I can’t…move…any farther.” Lord Coran looked over at me, smirking slightly at my predicament. He took five steps toward me and I was able to get on the bed. Lord Coran stared at me as I was laying on the bed, a predatory look glinting in his eyes.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” Lord Coran said. A primal hunger seemed to overcome the bastard. He ripped his clothes off, his member was already stiff.

“What shall I do first Master?” I asked with disgust.

“Be more enthusiastic and start with your mouth, crawl over here,” Lord Coran commanded, he stood at the edge of the bed, his hands on his hips, cock thrust forward. I crawled to the end of the bed on all fours, I began licking his stiff prick, and his hand began stroking my hair. I opened my mouth and began to suck gently. I pulled off for a second, the hooks making me be more ‘enthusiastic’ about my predicament.

“Is that good, Master?” I asked, the hooks prevented my eyes from rolling.

“I like it, but from now on you shall put the same level of effort into pleasing me that you would for your dear prince, understood?” Lord Coran looked down at me, a half a smile on his face. My heart sank as the Magic in the amulet enforced the command. I sat at the edge of the bed, eye level with his navel, I ran my hands up and down his torso. I stood up and pressed as close to him, I kissed him hard trying to steal his breath away like I would’ve for Aiden. I lifted my right leg up to his hip, continuing to kiss him, I leaned back pulling him onto the bed. I let out a gasp as I landed on my back, my legs wrapped around my captor, pulling him close. He untangled himself and moved to bury his face in my ass. I felt his tongue probing my entrance, his fingers invaded my hole every so often, making me arch my back whenever they hit my prostate.

“How was that Master?” I asked, slightly breathlessly. I wanted to snap his neck, rip his heart out, and dismember him. I hated the enthusiasm the amulet was forcing me to project, making me act like I wanted to be his pet.

“It’s much better,” he said, “now ride me until I empty myself in your tight ass.”

“As you command, my Master,” I said as I gripped his hips with my thighs and rolled him onto his back. I reached behind me and guided his hard member into my ass. I gasped and moaned as I lowered myself onto Lord Coran. He smiled as I made all the involuntary noises that came with having a man deep inside of me. His hands gripped my rump, squeezing my ass as I rode him, he began to thrust up into me. His cock began pressing against my prostate, causing my body to arch, my head fell back, and loud moans came out of me.

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