Asleep in the Library

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You smile slightly as the kisses move along your neck. Enjoying the dream, wishing it were real. You start to roll over, and wake suddenly as you realize you can’t move. You’re eyes snap open, but you still see only darkness. You must be blindfolded. Trying to reach for your eyes, you realize you can’t move your arms, and begin struggling.

“It’s no use,” the voice whispers in your ear. “I’ve tied your wrists and ankles to the couch. Nobody else is left here either,” the deep voice continues in your ear. “You are mine to use as I please.” You feel a tongue snake across your ear as the voice goes silent.

What is happening? you wonder. You try to think back as the lips return to your neck. You were studying late in the library, waiting for a friend to walk you home. You had only lain down for a minute to rest your eyes.

You feel hands groping down your body, touching your shoulders, breasts, and stomach through your clothing. I can’t believe this. I must have fallen asleep. The library must have closed while you were asleep, but someone had been inside. And now his hands were fondling you, squeezing you.

Reaching your waist, you feel fingers under your shirt, lifting it and exposing your tummy. “No, please don’t,” you call out. Ignoring your please, the hands continue, lifting you slightly, the hands roughly push your shirt all the way to your neck, the cool air striking your skin.

Suddenly, your ball cap is gone, and the hands return to your shirt, quickly pushing it over your head and down your arms, the material bunched against your bound wrists. Growing nervous, your breathing grows deeper, your chest heaving under your black lace bra.

Fingers grab your breasts, squeezing them hard, pinching at the nipples through the thin lace. You feel the fingers undoing the clasp between your smooth breasts. Suddenly, the fabric is gone. Your nipples harden immediately in the cold air. The hands immediately return to your nipples, tweaking then hard.

Suddenly, you feel a hot mouth on your breast, greedily sucking your nipple. As the mouth milks one breast, the other hand continues to kneed the other. The assault on your nipple continues, his tongue flicking over the tip.

You bahis siteleri yelp as he suddenly bites your nipple, raking his teeth over you breast. You are scared, but the constant attention to your sensitive breasts is starting to arouse you. You don’t know what to think as the unseen mouth moves to your other breast, nibbling and licking you again.

Suddenly, you feel hands in your waistband and your sweats are pushed down your legs, exposing your black lacy thong, and your smooth thighs. This is going to far. Struggling, you try to pull your wrists from the bonds.

“Stop!” he tells you, slapping your now bare ass cheek. You ignore his command and continue struggling, trying to get free. Smack! The hand spanks your bare ass much harder this time, the sudden stinging bringing a shout to your mouth. “I told you to stop,” he says louder now. “You will do as I please.”

You stop struggling, scared and excited at what will happen next. Your sweats are now at your ankles, and the hands are massaging up your legs, touching every inch of your skin. The fingers reach your panties. Despite your fear, you are becoming aroused. You can feel the wetness seeping into your panties, but not for long.

“You won’t be needing these.” The fingers grab your thong, and yank it down to your ankles. “You are enjoying this, aren’t you. I can see your wet pussy.” You bite your lip, not wanting to answer.

SLAP! You cry out at the pain as he smacks your ass even harder. “Answer when you are spoke to little girl.”

You don’t want to admit it, but you have no choice. “Yes,” you answer quietly. Your body was reacting to the touch. You know you are wet, your clit hardening under its hood.

The hands slide back up your legs, this time reaching your pussy and massaging over your smooth skin. You can feel your excitement growing as the fingers spread and explore your lips. You jump as the fingers find your clit, pinching the bud. Involuntarily, your back arches against the fingers. Suddenly, you feel fingers filling your now wet pussy, pumping in and out. The pressure on your clit and in your pussy is too much, and you are beyond fighting now. You begin rocking against the fingers, seeking relief.

The canlı bahis siteleri hands leave your pussy, and you call out. “NO!” You wait, arching your back, trying to find the fingers again. The frustration growing, you suddenly feel the hands again, this time on your ass, caressing up and down the crack. The fingers, wet with your juices are now caressing your asshole, spreading your wetness over the bud.

One finger begins pressing into your ass, stretching you open. You press against the finger, trying to pull it inside you. You feel the pressure on your clit again, but this time it is wet and hot. Feeling hot breath against your pussy, you realize he is tonguing your clit. A second finger presses into your tight ass as the tongue on your clit picks up speed. You can feel the pressure growing; you are about to cum. “Oh God!” you shout.

“Oh, no you don’t. Not yet,” the voice shouts. Without warning, the tongue leaves you, and the fingers pop out of your ass. Alone in the darkness again, you writhe and twist, struggling to reach a climax. Squeezing your pussy, you try to release the tension, but you can’t. You need to be touched again.

It seems like an eternity, waiting for the fingers to return, trying to rub yourself against the couch, dying for relief. Then, you feel the hands on your head, running through your hair, pulling your face forward. You feel the pressure against your lips.

“Suck me, baby.” It is his cock. “Suck me, and I might let you cum.”

Willing to do anything to cum, you run your tongue over the head, tasting the pre-cum on your lips. He presses forward, sliding the cock into your mouth as your start sucking and tonguing. Your lips wrapped tightly as you pull him into your mouth. You run your tongue along the underside of his cock as he beings to slowly fuck your mouth. Fingers return to your breasts again, rolling and teasing the nipple. The climax begins building again. You start sucking with more speed as your orgasm approaches. The pressure on your sensitive breasts is almost enough. You suck the cock as hard as you can, diving onto the cock, wanting release.

As if sensing how close you are, he suddenly pulls away, leaving you canlı bahis alone and unfulfilled again. “Damn you!” you shout. “You can’t do this to me.”

“What do you want,” the voice answers, somewhere below your feet now. “Tell me my little love.”

“You know what I want,” you shout back. You are desperate for relief now. “Fuck me now.”

“As you wish,” he replies, grabbing your hips and flipping you face down on the couch. He has untied your ankles from the couch, but they are still bound together. Lifting you by the hips, he makes you kneel on the couch, your face pressed down, your hands still bound above our head. Pushing your knees apart, you can feel his body straddling your legs. You wiggle your ass, trying to find his touch.

Suddenly you feel the head of his cock on your pussy, sliding up and down your wet slit. Massaging your clit momentarily before returning to your hole. Without warning, he presses against you, filling you with his cock. You press back, impaling yourself on his dick.

Both of you close to cumming, you begin to fuck in earnest. Driving his cock into you, as you press your hot ass and pussy against him. His balls slap against your clit with each stroke. He grabs your hips, squeezing you hard as he rams you back against him.

You feel him begin to pulse as he drives into you one last time. His orgasm starting and pulsing against you. As the first squirt fills your hot pussy, your climax rushed through you. You writhe against him, your cunt milking every drop from him. “Oh fuck!” you shout, as you buck against him.

He collapses on top of you as you fall slat against the couch. You are spent, and now scared to know what will happen next. Feeling his hot breath against the back of your neck.

Slowly, he rolls off of you, and reaches above you. Leaving your wrists bound together, he unties you from the couch, and lowers you arms behind his neck. You squint against the light as the blindfold is removed. As your vision clears, you see his face clearly before you…

Your lover. It was him all the time. Basking in the afterglow, and now relieved to know your “attacker”, you pull his head toward you, kissing him deeply. You taste your sex on his lips and your tongues meet. He pulls you close, wrapping his arms and legs around you. Feeling his warmth, you close your eyes again. You will have to get even with him for this, but for now, you snuggle against him and kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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