As I Want You to Be

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Author’s Note: My GF5 is being edited/posted. This is just a fun little lesbian first time story in the meantime. Thanks to Little Foot for editing. The grammatical condition was perfect when she left it, then I started mucking about with it again, so any errors are mine. Enjoy!

Even outside The Jungle, the thumping bass and grinding techno pounded sex into the heads of patrons waiting in line for the doors to open. The dance floor would be awash in gyrating female bodies on Tigress Night at the only gay bar for a fifty mile radius of Bakers City, Oregon. Mia’s friends couldn’t wait to get in for their standard Wednesday night hunt.

Mia stood in line with them, but wasn’t feeling quite the same level of excitement. She’d enjoy dancing with attractive women — gay, straight, whatever — and a few shots with her girls, but encountering the same faces each week was getting dull. Bakers City is a small town in a rural county with a limited lesbian population, so prospects were few. She remained open to the possibility of finding a partner for the evening — waxed and ready — but wouldn’t go home to cry into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s if she ended up just dancing and drinking with friends.

Plenty of volunteer lovers for Mia waited in line with her and her friends. Several women shot winks and smiles. Nowhere Mia either hadn’t already been or really wanted to go though, no one who captivated or excited her. She nodded dismissively, but kindly, and continued scanning. Her survey was cut short by a ruckus at the very head of the line.

“C’mon! I don’t wanna drink or anything. I just want in,” the under-21 would-be-patron implored. “I’m 18 and everything. I promise I won’t drink.”

Bruno the Bouncer responded with the same canned, resolute, and emotionless answer he always gave to a supplicant with a fake I.D. “No valid I.D., no entrance.”

Mia checked out the troublemaker. She’d stolen Kurt Cobain’s look, but probably didn’t know it. Messy/sexy; intentionally ripped loose jeans, black converses, an unbuttoned dark wool shirt over a white wife beater over a black sports bra that was visible in the street light. Her short hair was styled in a bowl cut and hung into her eyes, lending her a slightly rakish look.

The whole line watched impatiently as the inevitable drama unfolded.

“Damn kids,” Mia’s friend Megan complained. “Why can’t they be content to get shitfaced on backroads and in parking lots like we did?”

“At least she’s hot.” Mia answered absently, still watching the way the cute boi’s lips moved.

“Really?” Paula knew that Mia usually went for pure femmes.

“Yeah. Actually, I think I’ll see to her. You guys have a good night.” Mia’s earliest girl sex had been with a butch woman. Granted her first lover had been a more seasoned player than the bad boi wannabe causing trouble for Bruno, but the soft spot and quickened pulse remained the same.

While her friends wished her luck, the rest of the line got vocal about moving the night along as the baby butch got embarrassed, but didn’t slink away. Mia realized it’d be a short matter of time before Bruno would have to threaten a police call if the teen didn’t move along, and that her bravado probably wouldn’t let her publicly back down.

“You asshole!” she shouted at him. “I rode the bus all the way from Haines. I just want in.”

“Hey,” Mia called out, “why don’t you come for a walk with me instead?”

The cute boi stood stupefied at her unprecedented luck, mouth still open in preparation for further protesting. Having next to no sexual experience under her belt, her whole reason for coming to The Jungle was to meet a woman and hopefully make a play for some action. Mia’s inviting smile, jiggle, and sway as she approached far exceeded expectations.

Mia walked amid catcalls of “Mia, baby, no” and offers of “I’ll go” from the increasingly vocal line. To say Mia is a very attractive woman is…well…it’s accurate; she’s widely considered stunning and chill. The line collectively watched her walk, her long strawberry-blonde hair rolling down her back, nearly meeting her perfect ass atop long lean legs flexed by stilettos. Hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave.

Still smiling and interpreting her gobsmacked silence as acquiescence, Mia took the hand of the defiant teenager to lead her away.

The young dyke wholly lost her embarrassment at the spark of Mia’s touch. Shoulders back and chin high, her burst of confidence spilled out as belligerence directed at Bruno.

“Fine. You’re a dick anyway!”

Mia flashed an apologetic grin at Bruno while ushering her new friend away, but thought it proper to impart some wisdom en route.

“Okay. One, his nickname — not his given name, but his nickname — is Bruno. We don’t antagonize people twice our size, especially not when they have cute nicknames like Bruno, Rocky, Duke, Tank, Rosco, Bear, Diesel, or Tiny. Make that a little rule for yourself from now on. Two, he’s not being a dick. He’s doing his job. If he lets in underage kids, he gets fired, the owner gets fined, and the marmaris escort only place my friends and I have to dance gets shut down.”

Realization pierced the teen’s bubble of self-absorption.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think…”

“It’s okay, Handsome.” Mia enjoyed causing preening with a word as they stopped walking a few feet from the crosswalk. “I dimly recall being a teenager. Speaking of which, let’s see some I.D. And not that bullshit one you tried to fool Bruno with.”

“What? Why do you need I.D.?”

“Because – if I find out that you’re jailbait – we’re turning right. I’ll get you a sundae at that Dairy Queen up there and then I’ll put your cute ass on a bus back to Haines.”

“And if you find out I’m not?”

“Then we turn left.”

The baby butch came to a quick decision and handed her school I.D. to Mia.

“Just, please don’t laugh?”

“You’re still in high school?”

“Yes, but only for a few more months. I have a scholarship to the junior college here in Baker’s City this fall.”

Mia checked the card. Two months on the legal side of 18, thank goodness.

The month old picture showed a very pretty, very feminine girl with long brown hair and light makeup. Mia glanced between the two looks, deciding that she’d bang either girl. Based on the cute boi’s sudden blush, she was clearly more comfortable with herself in a more masculine look though.

Mia couldn’t resist a little more teasing, enjoying the girl’s juvenile sense of magnitude.

“Your name is Leslie J. Flowers?”

“…Yes. “

“And the ‘J’ stands for?”


“You should go by LJ.”

Mia pocketed the card in the front of her painted on jeans and impulsively kissed the flustered baby butch. A light brush of her lips developed heat as they both felt a strong chemistry and rising lust. Mia pulled LJ in, holding her slim hips and deepening the kiss. She nibbled the boi’s soft lower lip until her mouth opened obligingly, letting Mia have her way with her. Mia brought the teen’s pelvis to hers, shimmying. She was pleased to find LJ packing and ground against her.

Mia’s hands went beneath the waistband of L.J’s ridiculously baggy pants to knead her firm cheeks. Holy Gluteus Maximus, Batman. The girl had the hardest ass Mia’d ever gotten her hands on.

LJ stood on a city street corner, half a block from a girl bar, half a mile from her future college, in the embrace of a devastatingly gorgeous woman who seemed ready to have her right there. On a public street corner.

The rebellious teen fervently hoped she’d do just that.

Lips, tongues, hands, ass, hips, heat; all fusing into ferocious desire. Mia lost herself in possessing LJ. Her fingernails dug into LJ’s buns of steel. She quitted those smooth girlish lips to put teeth to neck for a hickey her young maverick could wear proudly.

“Wait, wait, wait. My Mom and Dad will lose their shit if I come home with a hickey.” LJ beseeched in real fear. The request flash-froze Mia’s ardor and caused her to take a literal and figurative step back.

“That may be the absolute most unsexy thing ever said by any person. Ever.” Her smile was as painted on as her pants. Mia disliked complications and restrictions. She really disliked the way LJ’s eyes widened at her own mention of her parents. What on earth was she doing necking in public (and planning on more) with a high school boi who worried over what her parents thought of a love bite? Dairy Queen looked better and better.

LJ stood stock still. Half a billion responses raced through her mind. Excuses, retorts, and pretexts aplenty. Mercifully, the mantra “Don’t Say Anything Stupid” chased them away from her normally filterless mouth.

Mia scrutinized anxious puppy-dog hazel eyes in an angelic face of masculine beauty, lowered her gaze to the bulge of her crotch, mentally dwelled on the feel of her hard body under those silly baggy clothes, and went back to those hopeful eyes. A frown replaced her phony smile, unfeigned and promising.

“You’re lucky that you’re handsome. C’mon, we’re turning left.”

Mia took a second turn almost immediately and led LJ through a couple side streets, always keeping left. LJ still couldn’t have found her way back out to save her life, but didn’t raise any concerns. She kept quiet in the knowledge that they were going where “jailbait” wouldn’t be taken.

She didn’t keep the curious look off her face though, so Mia laughed in an improved mood when they stopped in a shockingly clean blind alley, weirdly beautiful in the Oregon sunset.

“We’re directly behind The Jungle, just had to take the long way since…well.” Mia ran the tips of her fingers over LJ’s baby face. “There’s an understanding as to what takes place back here, so don’t worry. Just c’mere.”

Mia pulled LJ to her by her open shirt to resume their interrupted makeout session, more handsy this time in the privacy of “Outback” at The Jungle. Also, Mia felt mildly peeved at being dissuaded from her hickey placement earlier and became consequently more aggressive.

LJ found herself marmaris escort bayan pinned to the brick wall in the blink of an eye. Her heart thundered to the loud baseline of club’s music as Mia’s hands slid under her wife beater and sports bra to fondle her small breasts. Her nipples, already hard, tightened to near painfulness under Mia’s skilled touch. Moaning shamelessly, she wrapped her arms around the sexy blonde’s neck, partially for support and partially because she didn’t know what to do with her hands.

Mia’s breath and tongue tickled her ear, “Touch me, Stud.”

LJ’s hands went to Mia’s generous breasts, squeezing and groping through her blouse. Her first trip to second base excited her too much for her sizzling brain to develop a plan to produce pleasure for Mia.

LJ’s obvious eagerness fueled Mia’s lust, even if her clumsy hands didn’t. She held the teen’s wrists above her head and grabbed her package.

“And who was this meant for?” Mia whispered again, voice dripping with sex.

“I’d love for you to… Maybe? Only if you wanted to?” Conversely, LJ’s answer just dripped with uncertainty.

“Okay, LJ, second little rule for you.” Mia’s hand continued to grip the strapon through LJ’s jeans. “Anytime a girl’s got your cock in her hand and asks who it’s for, you say ‘You, Baby’ with as much self-confidence as you can call forth. Alright?”

“Yeah. It’s for you, Baby.” LJ sounded like an actor who’d learned her lines, but didn’t understand the play.

Mia leaned in and spoke into LJ’s light pink lips. “So lucky you’re handsome.” She kissed the teen hot, fast, and brief, before going to her knees and reaching for LJ’s fly.

LJ trembled with anticipation at getting the signal to go for third. She leaned back against the brick, opened her stance, and sighed.

Mia undid LJ’s fly and tugged the pants down, finally appreciating their bagginess as the waistband reached widespread knees.

“Damn, girl.” Mia caressed the baby butch’s defined abs and deep v. “Soccer or track?”

LJ answered between gasps, “Tennis. And track. And swimming.”

“Well, fuck me.” Then Mia saw the previously felt strapon, which appeared to just be a dong hanging off a leather eye patch with an elastic three inch waistband. What the hell would be the point of this loose, bobbing dildo for either woman, unless…Damnit, the slim-waisted, sexy-assed boi was wearing a thigh harness. How could she not realize? Hadn’t she ever?

“LJ, have you ever fucked a girl before?”




Mia stood in the gloaming, a tenderness temporarily replacing her aggression.

“What’s the furthest you have gone?”

“When you touched my boobs.”

LJ looked ready to cry at the confession, so Mia hugged the embarrassed baby dyke and rubbed her back through her shirt.

“It’s okay, Handsome. Everyone has to have a first time. But yours shouldn’t be with some stranger in an alley. It should be more special than that.” Mia couldn’t believe how trite she sounded. She knew they shouldn’t, and tried to think of other reasons. Any other reasons. It’s a school night was the best she had. Of course, Mia’s blood wasn’t exactly running to her brain.

Those hazel eyes held hers, so full of longing. Soft lips mouthed, “Please?”

Mia broke.

“Back against the wall. Rest your hands on my shoulders.” Mia pushed gently on LJ’s chest to make her point.

LJ reprised her position against the brick wall, grinning like an idiot. Her toes wriggled in her converses.

Mia went back to her knees, liking the feel of LJ’s strong hands gripping her shoulders and internally giggling at the cute boi’s enthusiasm. She twisted the annoying dildo out of the way to the side of LJ’s hip, then brushed her fingers through soft, damp, brown curls. LJ giggled aloud, apparently ticklish and bewitchingly sensitive.

Mia maintained their gaze as she dove in, but then closed her eyes to become engulfed in LJ’s young, fresh scent and taste. She licked gingerly at the teen’s slit, teasingly nudging her tongue ever so slightly deeper with each calculated lick. She kissed slowly back out to LJ’s right inner thigh, nipping lightly at the baby butch’s muscular flesh before marking it with her teeth. Mia didn’t take well to being denied a whim, so — one location or another — LJ would be sporting a hickey. The over-stimulated high school athlete only continued moaning with pleasure.

She looked up with a start to see a butch woman watching. The older butch nodded in greeting with a knowing smile, but didn’t look away. Another couple drifted out, traipsing to the other end of the alley in raucous laughter. A few smokers drifted out as well, commenting behind their hands and pointing. LJ didn’t mind in the least, but hoped Mia wouldn’t get spooked by an audience.

LJ needn’t have worried. Mia knelt hypnotized by the delicious pussy in front of her. Her tongue took long, measured strokes along its length. She delved deeper with every pass, eventually simply tonguefucking LJ’s delectable snatch.

Snatch, escort marmaris in fact, being the operative term. Between the natural virginal tightness and kegal muscles that could pop champagne corks. Mia was vaguely nervous that LJ’s grip would tear one of the tendons in her tongue. The thought of what a fiend the young dyke would be with a strapless strapon kept her excitement flowing. Her own dirty thoughts sent her left hand unbuttoning and sliding between her kneeling and partially spread legs into her panties, where the geography was familiar, but undeniably, insistently needy.

The first two knuckles of her right hand surrounded LJ’s clitoral hood, rubbing back and forth over the aroused shield on her unseasoned nubbin. Her tongue remained fucking, albeit slowing with LJ’s more violently clenching spasms as the teen neared her first orgasm that wasn’t self-induced.

LJ was ready to lose it. Her back was raw where she’d chafed against the brick. Her throat rasped out moans and yelps. Her thighs quaked and she mentally blessed the asshole coach who made the whole tennis team do modified wall sits. With Mia’s tongue in her and her knuckles manipulating her clit through her hood, she’d never been hotter.

Mia was knuckles deep in herself as well. Three fingers pressed in and out as far as her tight jeans would allow and her thumb furiously fretted her own clit in time to the rolling rhythm of her right hand.

She’d heard chatter behind her on the edge of her awareness, easily ignored at first. Soon, though, chatter graduated to cheers and wolf whistles that pierced her concentration, but she was too close — both to getting off and getting her boi off — to change course for the sake of public propriety. Besides, the damage was done. The patrons “Outback” at the Jungle had already seen most of the show. In for a penny, in for a pound.

“Fuck, I’m cumming! Oh, ho, oh! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!” LJ shuddered against the wall and erupted in bursts in Mia’s willing mouth. She couldn’t believe the level of pleasure the strawberry-blonde goddess on her knees before her had brought her to with such seeming ease.

Mia moaned her own orgasm into LJ’s rippling snatch, savoring the deluge of cum that filled her mouth and dribbled down her chin. Damn, athletes always taste so fucking good.

She removed her hands and buttoned her pants before standing to kiss her young lover. The strong hands on her shoulders crossed behind her neck, drawing support for the dead weight her body had become.

LJ was too blissed out to take note of her condition or fan club, but Mia pulled up the baby butch’s baggy pants and fastened them closed. She couldn’t resist a wet open kiss when she saw the joy on LJ’s angelic face.

“C’mon,” Mia said with a wave to their admirers, “let’s get you somewhere to get yourself together.”

Mia wiped her face and hands on LJ’s overshirt and draped one of LJ’s muscled arms over her shoulders, walking her love-drunk new friend away from the loud, lewd, and leering onlookers in the now crowded alley.

As they made their way away from the minotaurs and through the labyrinth back to the street, Mia stopped to kiss LJ repeatedly. The kisses were in part because the cute boi still had Mia’s motor going, but the older lesbian also wanted to shush her “thank you-s” and “where do you-s” before the young dyke could finish a sentence.

LJ, who’d just had what was far and away the most amazing sex of her young life, couldn’t wait for more physical contact from the beautiful woman again in any capacity.

Mia was less sure. Having someone so impressionable and innocent was fun, but the idea of going further seemed an awesome responsibility. She knew that LJ would start to bond and the last thing she needed was a lovesick 18 year-old dogging her.

On the other hand, fuck. The cute boi had the sexiest body Mia had ever felt. It seemed a crime to let her amazing muscles, smooth skin, and eager tongue continue to go unused. Surely a night couldn’t hurt? She could put LJ on the bus in the morning in time for…high school. Huh.

LJ, after her attempts to speak had been rebuffed, walked in silence. She kept reliving the last couple hours in her head, not considering for a moment that their night might be coming to an end.

Mia realized she needed to choose what she wanted to do — maybe not “wanted” so much as “would” really — to choose what she would do with her teen lover as they’d nearly reached the road where they’d met only a few short hours before. Left to take her home or right to send her home.

“Where do your parents think you are?”

“My friend Janey’s house, spending the night. I don’t have to be back until after school tomorrow.”

“You’re not skipping school, LJ.” Mia loved ditching. Why was she acting so mom-ish to some baby dyke she’d only just met that night? No, this needed to be called before things went any further or any weirder.

Mia reached the road, where a right turn would reveal her decision to LJ. She would simply have to tell the cute boi that she’d had fun, but their night was over and she needed to go home alone to her family or to Janey’s house. She’d still spring for a sundae before putting LJ on a bus. Mia opened her mouth to say just that, but the rebellious teen spoke first.

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