Aquata Cove Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Life On Land

Over the sea’s horizon, the canvas of deep blue gradually seeped through bleak orange. The warm aura soon birthed a bright yellow peak. The light touched the trees, scanned the rock, and illuminated a vague rainbow on the waterfall. The morning sun soon laid upon a young, burly, semi-hairy male, with a soft, younger one upon his lap, both men under a blanket.

As the sunlight lowered onto the two lovers, Adam’s eyes soon blinked awake. He squinted as the fiery, half-hidden orb ascended slowly from the edge of the ocean. The man closed his eyes again to shield his sight from the blinding shine. Still, it felt warm to have he morning light pour on him and his lover.

Adam took a deep breath, and then exhaled. His hands gently roamed under the blanket, feeling what would be the last while of the touch of that incredibly silk-like skin.

Merrick stirred in his sleep as he snuggled closer to his lover, his cheek brushing against the hair layered on Adam’s left pec.

“…” Adam nuzzled on the top of Merrick’s blonde hair. The younger male’s eyes peaked open, feeling his man’s hand rub his rump and back. The shell slice on Merrick’s necklace began to flicker.

“… Adam…” He muttered. Adam nodded, tenderly hugging his boyfriend, “… I…”

“Yeah…” Adam sat up, and held him close. Merrick wrapped his arms around Adam in response. The two lovers rubbed their foreheads together. The merman’s lower lip trembled before he sniffled. Adam caressed him lovingly as soft whimpers could be heard from the younger male. “I know, I know…” He said softly. Merrick manages to get himself under control as he cuddles close.

Merrick nuzzles his boyfriend cheeks as he pushed his forehead to Adam’s chest. His hands held those shoulders as he groaned quietly. “I love you, Adam…” Adam felt his own eyes moisten as his lover holds tighter. “I don’t wanna leave…” Adam held the back of his head as he kissed him, “It hurts, every time…”

“I know, Merrick…” He gently shushed him, like a sad child, “It hurts me, too. I love you…”

The two held each other until the sun had left the wavering line of the sea. They both knew they were pushing their luck. They both knew this has to end. This is it. It’s time for them to part ways again.

Adam moved his hand to his hip, and tugged his boxers off with his thumb. He put his arm behind Merrick’s back, and under his knees, and then pushed himself up. The blanket slid off of the naked men as the human carefully made his way to the bank. Merrick held himself around Adam’s neck as they moved back towards the water, wanting to keep the touch for as long as he can.

The man ignored the cold warp of the water as he stepped into the subterranean pool. He took his time, steeping into the water as the level slowly elevated to his calves, then thighs, chilling his balls and dick, and then above his waist.

His green eyes looked directly into Merrick’s blue eyes before planting a soft, kiss upon the other. Adam’s arms lowered the fair-skinned male into the cold water, the surface consuming his slowly descending body. Once submerged, Merrick’s legs melded together, and the peach-color deepened into silvery-blue, and the smooth plain became a scaly coat, and the feet widening and feathering into one large fin.

The merman felt himself start to drift away when suddenly, he felt himself clung onto tightly, and then forcibly submerged in a large dive.

Under the water, Adam’s mouth was pushed down harshly on the other as his arms held tight around the slender build of his love. Merrick held his hands around and onto Adam’s shoulders tightly as he exerted his own mutual passion into their joined maws.

There they hovered, in the middle of the grotto, savoring their touch and fierce love for one another through the ravenous kiss. Their tongues clashed in a stunning embrace that as they clung to each other.

Alas, this moment of last-minute passion too had to end. Adam’s arms softened and slid very gradually from Merrick’s back. Merrick’s hands brushed gently down and away from Adam’s thick chest. The kiss slowed down to a loving lap. The two lovers nuzzled each other one last time before the merman drifted oh so slowly from the human. His long fish tail reluctantly undulated as he swam through the darkened tunnel, away from the floating man, and the fresh water reef.

Not once, during this brief yet passionate farewell, did Adam open his eyes, until his head slowly rose from the surface. Adam swims to one of the nearby rock, and sighs as he puts his face onto it, holding his forehead onto the solid rock.


Adam didn’t remember much on his way back home. He just ignored the twigs and leaves crunching under his sandals while treading on the thick tree roots. All he can think about is the next time he can hold that adorable, quirky, playful fish again. He didn’t even bother teaching him to walk this time — he was going to, but every time they met up at the waterfall, he spends all that time making sweet, passionate love to him. Heck, he 1xbet yeni giriş was going to show him where he lived.

“Ah- WHOA!” Adam suddenly collapsed onto the ground, “Oww… Dammit…” He muttered as he got up, cursing as he kicked the stump that he tripped on. Just as he had stood up, he saw he was about to bump into the large tree that fell on his usual path. “Right… Dammit…” He then turned to his right, and started to walk the other way.

—30 Minutes Later—

Adam is approaching his house — a seemingly retro beach house he inherited from his grandparents. Instead of a fence, there are large, white driftwood logs stacked and arranged in a large circle around the house, with two gaps on the front and back of the house.

He dug in his pocket for his keys, and stepped over to the front door, unlocking it, and entering. “I’m home!” He called out.

“Aight!” Called back his roommate. No second response prompted Adam to reply.

“Is Yuri out?”

“Yeah! She at school, yo!”

“Kay!” Adam then took his sandals off, and left them outside. He then walked across the house, and headed straight to his own room. Adam huffed as he turned and flopped on his bed.

Just then, Jamal walked and leaned on the doorframe. The black guy looked at his half naked roommate. Jamal had a very thin layer of dark felt on his scalp. He was wearing a grey tank top and some navy blue basketball shorts. “So were was you all night, again?”

Adam turned his head to the side, “I told you, I was with my boyfriend before he had to go.” Jamal smirked and scoffed.

“Yeah,” He walked in, and picked up the slinky on a shelf, “Yo, IMAGINARY boyfriend.”

“Ugh, Jamal, not now” Adam groaned as he rolled on the bed.

“Can ya blame me, dawg?” Jamal said as he sat down on the bed, playing with the heavy, lanky spring, “We neva even SEEN him. He so real, why you ain’t showed us?”

“Because-” Adam huffed aggravatingly. He just can’t say, ‘I can’t cause he’s a merman’. Jamal’s a good guy, but he’d never believe him. It’s easier to say he’s not comfortable with meeting others — which is true; Merrick says that merfolk believe horrible things about humans, and even though Merrick loves Adam, Merrick is very afraid of encountering any other human. “… He’s just not very social.”

“Pshh, so is my Aunt Germaine, but at least she goes out once a week at least.”

“Whatever. He just doesn’t like meeting new people.”

“Mhm,” Jamal said skeptically, “You prolly just go bangin’ some gym bunny at the bar.”

“No, that’s what YOU do.”

“Hey! Not ALLA time, dawg.”

“Yeah, just when the strip club are out of chicks.” Adam teased.

“Yo, I’m not all ’bout tits an’ stuff. Guys are good too.”

“Yeah. Thanks. That means a lot.” Adam rolled his eyes as he took a pillow, and put it over his face. Jamal gripped the pillow, and pulled it back up.

“Dude, you need to get laid.”

“No,” Adam pulled it back down, “I don’t.” He said muffled.

“Whateva.” Jamal said as he got up. Before he left the room, he stopped. “Huh? Well THIS looks interesting.” Adam removed the pillow, and felt his face go hot. Jamal picked up his dildo, which was now wriggling and buzzing.

“SHIT!” He sprang up, “Gimme that!!” Jamal laughed out loud as he held up the toy out of Adam’s reach.

“Gotta boyfriend, huh? He’s right here, ain’t he??”

“Dammit, Jamal!” Jamal dipped and dashed out the doorway, with Adam following closely behind. The darker male laughed out loud as he ran through the house. “I swear to God, man!”

Just as Jamal roared his way to the living room, Adam leapt forth, and tackled him to the floor. At this point, even Adam couldn’t help but join in on the laughter as he wrestled Jamal for the sextoy.

“Give it, Jamal!” Adam demanded as he dug his hands to try and take back the dildo.

“He don’t want you, man! He likes ME now!” Jamal jested as he clung onto the wriggling toy underneath him, determined to mess the heck with Adam as long as he can.

“Fine!” Adam then kicked off from the black male, “Then I’ll just take your MJ Ball!” In which, he had referenced Jamal’s old basketball that has been signed by Michael Jordan himself. Suddenly, Jamal didn’t seem too keen on running from Adam anymore.

“Aw HELL NAW!” Jamal then sprung up, and launched directly at Adam. JUST before Adam could reach the hall, Jamal had knocked him down. Just as Adam collapsed, he felt his shorts yank down below his butt. He blushed and squirmed as he heard Jamal whoop and smack his cheeks a couple of times. “WHOOO! Nice ass, white boy!”

“JAMAAAAL!!” Jamal grinned as he then brandished Adam’s dildo.

“Think yo boytoy’s wantin sum luv!”

“Oh good grief, haven’t you guys ever heard of a room?” A female voice asked from behind them. They turned their heads to see their third roommate.

Yuri Umiyama stands there in her light jeans, white leather coat, arms crossed, her keys still chingling as she hung them on the key holder.

“Yo- Yuri!” Jamal said as he got off of Adam, who quickly 1xbet giriş got up, yanking his pants back up. “H-H-How was yo class…” Jamal stammered — he has known Yuri and Adam for a long time, but he still gets embarrassed when he’s caught with a half-naked man in a ‘questionable’ situation; yeah, it’s still all about the ‘rep’.

“Not as eventful as THIS,” She said, snickering. Jamal then chucked the dildo across the hall into Adam’s room.

“We’s just uh, talkin’ bout Adam’s bo and all-“

“Listen,” Yuri said as she held up her hands, trying not to laugh, “I don’t care if you two ARE going at it, but at least not in plain sight.”

“Yo, Yuri, you know I ain’t with Ad, man! I gotta rep-“

“Jamal, when you move from Los Angeles to Hawaii, like 4 years ago, you don’t HAVE a rep.” Yuri said as she put her pink and white satchel on the table. “Oh yeah, and you’re gonna be late for the dentist.” Suddenly, Jamal’s awkwardness went away.

“Ah shit,” He then jetted for his eyes on the rack next to the door, “LATER!” He then ran out over to his car. Yuri smirked as she closed the ajar door.

“So you want to tell me what was going on there?” Adam snirked as he flopped onto the couch.

“He’s still skeptical about my boyfriend, and he was getting a little ‘personal’.”

“Heh,” Yuri brushed her long, dark hair from her shoulder, and sat down next to Adam, “Well, to be honest with you, I’m starting to get a little doubtful, myself.” Adam turned his head at her.

“Yuri! I DO have a boyfriend! He just… He doesn’t like people…”

“What is he, like, anti-social? You hardly talk about him, you get VERY defensive when it comes to him, I mean, we don’t even know his name.”

“Look, I just… He’s not the type to get to know a lot of people.”

“Adam, it’s not like we’re going to take him to a Linkin Park concert if you ever bring him here. It’s just me and Jamal-“

“Mrowr~” Just then, a fuzzy, orange, Maine coon cat jumped up onto Yuri’s lap. He purred as he nuzzled and her hand as his long, fluffy tail curled on her other arm. Yuri chuckled as she stroked the feline.

“And Roxas here. What’s the big deal?” Adam huffed as he stubbornly looked aside. The reason he never even gave Merrick’s name is because he has no idea if it’s a mermish name or what.

“Come on, at least tell me his name.” Adam sighed after a couple of seconds, and then sat up, leaned forward.

“Alright… He’s name’s Merrick.” Yuri raised a brow.

“Merrick? What is he, Egyptian or something?”

“No, no. He’s… Um…” Now that he thought about it, Merrick used to have a SLIGHT accent when they first met, as if he was still getting used to English, “I never really asked him where he’s from, but uhh…”

“Well, just describe him, kay?” Adam nodded and continued.

“He has blue eyes, but… They’re like, REALLY blue. Like, bluer than sapphires… His hair is short, and light blonde. His skin is… KINDA like yours — light, fair, and, oh my gosh, he has the, smoothest complexion ever. Like, the only hair he has is on his head and eyebrows. And when he smiles…” Adam felt himself smile, “Seriously, he is so adorable when he laughs. Sometimes, he can be a real tease, though — he loves to go swimming, but he’s like really fast underwater. Sometimes, he just kisses me and gets away before I can catch him.”

“Do you two swim naked?”

“I-” He started, but scoffed. Adam gave her a look before continuing, “Not that it’s ANY of your business,” Yuri laughed as she lightly scratched Roxas’s back, “But he’s not particularly fond of baggy bathing suits, and we don’t even see each other 6 months apart, so yes, we like to spend what time we have.”


Adam couldn’t help but laugh. “YURIII!” Yuri laughed out loud, prompting the cat to step off her lap, “Would you STOP with the nudity, already?! YES! We swim naked, play with each other to no end, hump our brains out over and over again, while staying hard the whole time! HAPPY NOW?!”

“Well gosh, Adam, that’s a little personal, don’t you think?” She said as she got up from the sofa.

“Oh my God, REALLY Yuri?? REALLY?!” After giving a chuckle, he got up, “Hang on.”

“Ok, for what?”

“Just a sec…”

—One Year And A Half Ago—

One hot, sunny day, Adam is pacing around on the nearest, in a nice pair of blue swimming trunks with shiny yellow-orange-white koi fish designs, no shirt, and barefooted on the hot stone. He thumped a waterproof camera on his palm as he kept glancing at the water. “Seriously… Where IS he…”

Adam sighed as he sat down on the heated rock. He listened to the sound of the roaring waterfall as he starred at the glittering blue ocean beyond the rocky crag. He smiled a little as he spotted a few dolphins in the distance, seeing them dipping out of the water, even one of them jumping out for a second. He wonders if-

“AH!” Adam suddenly jumped as out of nowhere, he was soaked with cold water! He wobbled up on his feet and shook at little, a wicked chill running around his semi-hairy body. “Agh, MERRICK!” 1xbet güvenilirmi He called with a surprised laugh. He then spotted the giggling blonde male in the water.

“Adam!” He called out.

“Come here, you!” Adam said as he went for it. Merrick quickly slunk into the water, his long tail giving a quick gleam from the sunlight, and then blue-white tailfin slapping on the water right before the human jumped after him.

Adam quickly dove in, his arms clinging rightly around the smooth torso of the merman. His legs even wrapped tightly around the slippery, squirming tail. The aquatic male’s giggle resonated beautifully under the water. Adam couldn’t stop smiling as he held on tight and playfully nipping at Merrick’s ear.

He suddenly allowed Merrick to swim away from him, in order to prepare his camera. He wound the notch on the plastic-protected camera, and held it up to his eye.

The merman turned and looked curiously at Adam . . . Holding some weird object onto his face?


The merman jumbled in the water as a white light flashed in only one instant! He blinked and rubbed his eyes; there was a weird white-purple-blue spot in his line of vision! It won’t go away! Merrick looked at Adam again as the man had risen up the to surface. His tail undulated as he ascended up and above the water.

“Wha-What WAS that?!” He demanded. Adam chuckled as held up his device.

“This is called a camera!” He said, “It captures the image of a moment when used.”

“… Huh?” Merrick replied with a tilted head, “I don’t get it. Why am I seeing this white… Thing?” He said as he blinked several times.

“Heh, don’t worry, that goes away fast. Here, let me show you another type of camera.” He then got out of the pool, and went over to his backpack. He bent over and dug in for a matter of seconds. Adam then fished out a digital camera and a conch shell. Then walked back over to Merrick. “Here, hold this conch up,” he said as he gave Merrick the shell to hold.

“Um… Oookaay?” The merman accepted the shell and watched Adam back up, bring up the smaller, shinier, camera-thingy. “WAIT!” He said as he held the larch conch in front of his face, “It’s not gonna flash my eyes again, is it?!” Adam chuckled as he lowered the camera.

“Not unless I put the flash on, which I won’t, I swear. It’s daytime, anyway.”

“O-Okay…” Merrick replied timidly as he held up the conch.


—One Year And A Half Later—

Adam plucked a metal key from under his nightstand. He then knelt down, and pulled out a safe from under his bed. He inserted the key into the lock’s opening, and turned it. The metal box clicked, and opened. He then opened the container, moved aside various personal items, and lifted the fake bottom from the box, revealing the small stack of photos, of Merrick.

In his discretion, Adam had taken a few classes in photography, just to learn how to keep any pictures he take of Merrick a secret.

He chuckled as he sorted through the photos of Merrick being adorable; once he figured out that the camera isn’t the soul-stealing weapon merfolk thought it was, he had some fun posing for pictures.

He picked the ones without showing Merrick’s tail, AND where he’s nude from the waist down. Adam then went back to the living room, and locating Yuri in the kitchen.

“Here.” He said, offering the 5 pictures that were appropriate to show.

“Oh you took pictures?” Yuri asked as she held them. “How long did you have these?”

“For… A while…” Adam replied as Yuri looked them over.

“Oh, this him?”


“Oh, he’s cute,” She said with a smile, “And how long have you been seeing each other?”

“Ummm… For about, 4 years now…”

“4 years? That seems like a long time.”

“Well… See, he’s only able to visit Hawaii every 6 months. And even then, he only has about a month or two to spend time with me.” Yuri looked up from the photos.

“You mean, all together, you two have been seeing each other for only four months?”

“Give or take, yes.”

“Adam,” Yuri handed back the pictures, “I heard of long-distant relationships, but… You should know, they’re really difficult to maintain.”

“Yeah,” Adam replied as he took back the pictures, “I know that.”

“Have you… Considered seeing other people?” Adam turned his head and glared at Yuri.

“No! I can’t do that, it’ll break his heart!”

“But… How do you know he feels the same way?”

“Are you listening to yourself, Yuri?!”

“A-Adam…” Yuri hesitated, having known Adam for about 5 years now, she’d never really known him to be so touchy, “I’m just… Saying that… Long distant relationships are really… Rocky-“

“Well me and Merrick are doing just fine, OK?!” Adam retorted before he stormed off. Yuri sighed as she heard Adam’s door slam.

“Maybe I should’ve asked Jamal what HE thought… Ah, who am I kidding, he’d just make it worse…”

Adam huffed as he collapsed on his bed. He grunted as he felt his lower abdomen press in an object. He got up and found his dildo underneath him. He plopped the pictures back on the safe, put the fake bottom down, threw the dildo in there, slammed it shut, locked it, and pushed it under his bed. He flicked the key under the nightstand, and laid back down.

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