April’s Body

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Julia drove down the cold winter road. It was a few days before Christmas and she had finished her final project of the year. There were no more contracts for her until February as she had scheduled her vacation. The powerful SUV she drove had it’s engine humming as she sped down the cold roadway trying to make it into the airport before the blizzard rolled in for her private flight.

Julia was a very short petite woman. Her slender figure made her look taller than her five foot frame would tell you. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. She almost always wore long sleeved shirts as she was shy about her body, even though she was charismatic when dealing with business associates.

“How’s my little girl?”

“I’m not little anymore dad, I’m turned 40 three months ago.”

“You’ll always be my little girl,” the man’s voice over the phone said. “I know you’ve been successful in your career but are you happy?”

Julia looked down the road as she meditated on his words. She had nothing to complain about in life. She lived in a nice penthouse, she drove nice cars and went on fancy vacations at the beginning of each year. She was a top performer at her investment partnership which paid her enough to retire comfortably at a years salary and was also the owner of several other firms and companies. Her employees were well trained and she could retire and not worry about her business.

“I don’t know,” she said.

“You’ve always liked other women, I just hope you find someone you can love. Get home safe.”

“Thanks dad,” she said. The phone call ended.

The blizzard began to roll in heavily and the heavy winds began to blow large amounts of falling slow onto her windshield. There was too much white and she couldn’t see where she was going, but not wanting to be stuck in the woods on the road she pushed the car forward. Eventually she lost control as the car skid and ran off the side of the road and almost a hundred feet into the woods.

The car came to a stop and even when she stepped on the gas it wouldn’t move. The snow was now too thick and she was trapped. Looking around Julia began to feel some fear. She couldn’t see outside, and so long as the blizzard continued to settle in the car would run out of fuel and she would run out of heat. She hadn’t prepared for an event like this.

Her phone still worked. She dialed 911.

“911 what’s your emergency,” the operator said on the other line.

“I crashed my car off the side of the road on high way 89 heading towards the airport,” Julia said.

“What’s your name?”

“Julia Barone,” she said.

“Julia, I have bad news. The entire area has been flooded with snow and though we’re trying to get crews out it will be quite some time before we reach you. Try to stay warm, eat whatever food supplies you have and we will get out to you as soon as we can.”

Julia looked out at the snow. Being stuck out here all alone was a scary thought but she had no choice.

“I understand,” Julia said.

“Let me have your callback number,” the Operator said on the other line. “We should be able to ping your cellphone and try to get a crew out there as soon as possible.”

Julia gave the operator a callback number, then the phone call ended and she turned off the car engine. There was more clothing in the back of her SUV so she climbed over the seats to get into the back. It was far more convenient than having a car. She folded some of the seats in the back down in order to make room.

Julia was able to remain comfortable for a while like this before the cold eventually began to settle in and she began to shiver. She didn’t have food with her and became hungry. The blizzard eventually lessened and visibility became better as the sun began to set. There was still no word from the operator. She decided to call home.

“Dad? I’m stuck in the snow. We’re waiting for crews to come out and get me.”

“I see,” her father said on the other line. “Listen, keep your blankets close to you and make sure you don’t open the car doors unless absolutely necessary. You want to try and keep as much heat as you can inside.”

“I know dad, I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be returning as soon as you thought. I might not make it home for Christmas but I’ll be fine.”

“Yes I know,” her father said.

They spoke a little more before the phone call was ended due to Julia trying to extend the life of her cellphone battery in case the operator called back once more.

She laid in her car for several more minutes as the sun set before hearing a knock. She got up and saw there was someone outside knocking on her window. Bundled up she became afraid as the person outside looked very tall. The person kept knocking on her window.

“I have a cabin right there, you should come inside for the night!”

The voice sounded like that of a young girl which made her less cautious. She opened the door. It was a woman with blue eyes and blond hair but the rest of her face was covered.

“I’m staying in a cabin about fifty feet away,” bahis şirketleri the woman said. She stared at Julia for a moment. “You might freeze to death over night if you stay out here.”

“Thank you,” was all Julia could say.

She gathered some of her clothing and got out of the car. By this time the snow was thick and she had trouble walking out. The woman had snow shoes on and had to remove the snow from the behind of the car so she could open the hatch and come out. Since it was hard for her to move through the snow the woman lifted and carried her to the cabin.

“Thank you,” Julia said.

“You’re welcome,” the woman said with her mouth behind her scarf.

Eventually they reached the front of the cabin and the woman opened the door and walked inside. She let Julia down to a room where there was a warm fire place going to one side, a small bed to the other. There were two other small compartments, one was a toilet and the other had some food and water stored within. There was a pile of wood stocked on the outside.

“What’s your name?” Julia asked.

“I’m April,” she said. “What’s your name?”

“Julia,” she answered. “You can call me Julie though. Thanks for bringing me in, it was getting very cold in the car.”

“You’re welcome,” April said. Her voice was soft and she began to take off some of the layers of coats before sitting on the floor. “You can take my bed.”

“No, I couldn’t!” Julia saw that it was a small twin sized bed.

“My legs are too long for it anyway,” April said. “It was my uncle’s bed but he was also much shorter than me.”

Noticing April as she removed her outerwear, Julia could now see she was a girl with the face of an angel. Under her coat were sports insulated winter wear that accentuated her body and breasts. Each of April’s breasts were by her estimation larger than her own head. She began to stare.

April noticed Julia’s eyes and blushed.

“How old are you?” April’s question helped Julia snap back to reality.

“Umm… I’m 40,” she said. “How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” April said awkwardly.

“Oh, so you’re in college?”

“No, I haven’t finished high school yet,” April said. “I just turned eighteen a week ago and we just got out for Christmas break through new years.”

“I see, so what are you doing out here in this cabin? Are you doing something out here for your parents?”

At the mention of the word parents, April shuddered slightly and looked down on the ground. Seeing the much taller woman doing that Julia felt she might have asked something sensitive.

“This cabin belongs to my late uncle,” April said. “I don’t really want to talk about my parents.”

“I see, I’m sorry for asking,” Julia said. “Thank you for letting me stay here, I’ll mind my own business.”

April became somewhat flustered. She wanted to talk to Julia but didn’t know how to. The age difference was too much, even if she was more than a foot taller than the woman who was sitting on the bed near her. Instead of talking more she went outside and brought in more wood to put into the fireplace. The outside was getting dark.

“I just wanted to tell you though,” Julia said. “April you’re very beautiful. I’m sure one day you’ll make some one very happy.”

“Thank you,” April said. She breathed in several times. “Do you have a husband and children?”

Hearing the question Julia laughed. “No, I don’t. I hope it doesn’t make you uncomfortable but I’m a lesbian.”

“Oh,” April said. “So do you have someone you’re in a relationship with?”

“I don’t,” Julia said. “There had been many women interested in me but most of the time it didn’t work out. The thing is I hate being naked in front of anyone and that’s usually a deal breaker for other women.”

“I see,” April said. She laid on the floor. “I think I’m going to sleep now.”

Julia watched as April lay there. She had a concave stomach despite having hips and very large breasts. The more she stared at April the more she wished they could be together, but in her mind the age gap as well as the height gap seemed too much. Still she had a slight daydream of April laying naked on top of her and kissing.

“Good night,” Julia said.

April lay on the floor as Julia lay on the bed under the covers. It was warm in the small little cabin even if they didn’t have much space to walk around. As the wind howled outside from the blizzard she fell asleep thinking about how beautiful April was, as well as what she wanted to do when she got back home to New York in her high rise apartment in down town.

Several hours went by and the fire continued. April woke up not being able to sleep. There was too much on her mind as she got up and stared at Julia who lay there under blankets on her back with her eyes closed. Julia had the face of a beautiful woman entering her 40’s. There was a cuteness to it despite it’s maturity. She stood there for a moment then she decided she was going to act.

Hearing Julia talk about how she wanted to be with someone without removing her own clothing, bahis firmaları April decided she was the perfect match for her. Being a young girl she didn’t know how to act to get Julia’s attention. There were several matters that she thought about, but because she felt so depressed she decided to simply act out her desires. She pulled the covers off of Julia with the flames of the fireplace lighting the background.

She went over to a small storage container near by and pulled out a large strap on. One that she had planned on using with someone else but it never came to be. She stood over Julia who lay there snoring deeply and gently put the strap on around her. She moved slowly not as to wake Julia up, not knowing whether or not Julia was a light sleeper.

Slowly she placed the strap-on straps around Julia and then began to tighten it around her pants. Julia wore only wool pants after she had left work. They were form fitting despite being slightly loose off of her. Once it was on and she had tightened it April stood up and began to strip down. It was warm in the cabin though there was still cool air around. The fire continued to keep everything warm for her as she removed her sweater, and her pants. She continued to take off her underwear and her bra leaving herself naked as she stood over April.

She looked at her own large breasts that somehow defied gravity despite being so big, and her nipples were similar in shape as the artificial nipples on a bottle but slightly longer and thicker. The pink nipples stood on end as it felt the air, they were highly sensitive but April didn’t know how she would ask Julia to put her mouth on them. April’s slender waist was transposed into the shadow of the wall as her butt and her thighs felt the heat coming from the fire behind her. She slowly climbed on top of Julia. Julia continued to breath as she slept. Hoping not to wake her up before she inserted the strap-on, April continued to hover over.

Suddenly her foot slipped on the large bra she had thrown on the floor and she fell down on top of Julia with her right breast and her long nipple dropping into Julia’s mouth. The nipple made contact with the tongue and April felt the letdown reflex as her right breast mashed into Julia’s face.

Julia woke up and was suddenly surprised. She kept her mouth open and tasted something sweet as April flopped her arms around somewhat not knowing what to do. Julia began to move her tongue around before knowing what was happening and the stimulation made April moan before she pulled away and plopped herself on the floor fully nude.

Not sure what happened Julia sat up and stared at April who was now staring at her. Their eyes met as Julia’s hand touched the large strap-on when she moved to turn to the side of the bed. There was now a lot of fear in April’s eyes as she looked at Julia.

Seeing that fear Julia knew she had to say something.

“Do you want to continue?” Those were the first words on her mind.

April nodded and they both stood up standing and facing each other. Julia was barely up to April’s large breasts as she looked up at the younger woman’s beautiful eyes that seemed to gloss while the fire continued. She adjusted the straps around her waist and her back and tightened it accordingly.

“Let’s use this last,” Julia said with a smile.

April’s tension seemed to subside slowly as Julia placed her small hands on her large hands. Both of their hands were soft and feminine where the only difference was the size. Pulling April’s hand Julia guides her to sit on the edge of the bed. Since April was much taller she climbed onto April’s bare lap and faced her putting her arms around April’s neck and pulling herself close. The fuzz of her black sweater pressed against April’s bare skin and nipples and caused April to become more aroused from the slight tickling stimulation.

Milk began to drip from April’s nipples as Julia watched the white droplets roll off her water proof outerwear. She didn’t know how April was lactating but it was something she didn’t care about for the moment. April wanted her and she wanted April. If April had a child then it didn’t matter, she would find a way to help her. Everything about April made Julia breath hard.

She pulled April’s face down and locked lips pushing her tongue as far into April’s mouth as she could. When the tongues began to touch during the lip lock they started to dance together slowly massaging each other. As April brought her hands around Julia’s waist to support the kiss, Julia moved her left hand down to April’s breast feeling the soft soothing pillows against her hand. Julia had never pressed her hand on something so magnificent before. It was far more than a handful as she moved her fingers to April’s pink nipples.

The milk began to squirt from both breasts dripping down and causing some wetness. After several minutes of where their lips had locked with their tongues becoming acquainted Julia pulled back. She looked down at the milk that was now going to waste along with April who was slightly embarrassed kaçak bahis siteleri how much she was leaking.

“I think we need to take care of that first,” Julia said softly.

April stared into the eyes of the smaller woman not knowing what to do. Julia was someone she wanted, but didn’t know how to express it. She wasn’t even sure what possessed her to strip herself down and place a strap-on on top of Julia. She knew that Julia was a lesbian but didn’t know that she would be so open to making love with her.

“Place your arm here and make sure you hold me gently,” Julia said as she moved April’s hands around.

She positioned herself at April’s left breast first as the milk continued to leak. She moved her mouth over the nipple which was thick and long enough that it filled a good portion of her mouth. She began to suck hard while April kept her head nestled within her elbow and the milk flowed freely into her mouth. It was sweet much to Julia’s delight. She had been hungry earlier but hadn’t want to trouble April, now it felt like her fill was going to be had.

April sat there staring into Julia’s eyes as she suckled. She wasn’t sure what Julia was thinking, only that now at this moment there were many feelings going through her. She wanted to enjoy it yet there was tension within her. Julia was only passing through. Julia still had to go home, yet April wanted to enjoy the sensation as much as she could. The feeling of Julia’s enthusiastic mouth was much different than anything else she had felt before. It caused her to tremble slightly as she felt herself slightly orgasm.

Eventually no more milk came out of April’s left breast, and once the flow stopped Julia pulled herself up.

“Lay back darling,” she said. Julia pushed April down on the bed and placed both hands on her right breast.

Julia’s mouth quickly engulfed the nipple and began suckling hard. It was a strong suck that caused April to tremble even more as the milk went down. The movement of Julia’s tongue on her nipple became more and more stimulation as she felt her vagina began to contract and get wet. She forced herself not to moan through it as she felt it would be embarrassing.

April placed both arms on Julia’s back and pulled her in close as she continued work on emptying her right breast. Normally April used the manual breast pump, the feeling that came from Julia was far different and she relished it despite the tension. It was a moment that she tried to burn into her memory as much as she could.

Once both breasts were empty there was no more leaking. Julia sat up and looked at April who lay there. The large boobs she had just sucked on looked almost majestic against the flickering fire that lit the room. The wind was still howling outside.

“Thank you,” April said with some tears coming out of her eyes. “Thank you.”

Julia smiled while sitting on April’s lap. She pulled her up to a sitting position now on top of the small twin bed.

“We aren’t finished yet,” Julia said. “That was fun but there’s still one more thing I have to taste.”

As Julia said those words April was excited even though outwardly all she could do was blush. She continued to sit there while Julia used both her arms to push open April’s legs revealing a wet spot on the bed where she had been sitting. It was juices from her pussy, and her pussy was pink even against the orange light of the fire.

“You’re going to stick the strap-on in?” April spoke in a timid voice.

“No,” Julia said.

Rather than teasing Julia was a woman who preferred to be straight forward. She dived inbetween April’s legs and locked her lips with April’s labia lips. Julia then pushed her lips inside so that April’s pussy and clit surrounded her lips to the point where her own mouth couldn’t be seen. April used one of her hands to push her large breasts out of the way so she could see Julia looking up at her. The eye contact felt special as Julia’s brown eyes met her blue eyes.

Julia meanwhile began to taste all the juices that April had. She stuck her tongue as far deep as she could. Poking it in and out over and over again. The stimulation from her tongue began to get stronger and stronger. The tension Julia’s lips felt began to subside as April began to accept Julia’s tongue more and more. Locking down Julia’s head was locked in-between her thighs while her hands pressed against the outside of her vagina.

April’s body began to heat up. The intense stimulation from Julia’s tongue kept becoming stronger. April felt herself shake as Julia went in and out, it was an indescribable pleasure feeling that she couldn’t ignore. Her pussy began to contract and the orgasm was harder than the one before.

A long moan came out of April’s mouth followed by several more. Multiple moans followed as she began to orgasm multiple times. April’s breathing became heavier and heavier as she started to sweat. Eventually the moans became loud screams and April began to grab the bed and twitch.

At this point Julia stopped and moved as April’s movement began to make it difficult for her to continue. Not to mention April’s large size would make it hard for her to keep going. Once April caught her breath she continued to pant while sitting up and looking at Julia who sat there in front of her.

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