April Showers

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It’s a staring contest. My new “counselor” and myself. I’ve been silent for ten minutes thinking about my past and my present. I’m stuck here, in this oversized and overstuffed chair because I’d been caught in the locker room sucking my brother’s cock during lunch.

My counselor is looking at me with those big, brown, judgmental eyes. “Did you not understand the question, April? You’ve been awfully quiet.”

“I understood it just fine. That doesn’t mean I’m going to answer you. No offense, but my personal life is none of your business. What goes on at my home is none of your business.” I know that comes off really bitchy, but seriously, does this woman think I’m just going to open up and tell her everything, especially in just one visit.

She gives me a smug smile. “I don’t want you getting expelled. I believe this is your last chance. You’ve been caught in compromising situations quite a few times. So, I’ll ask again, how long has this relationship with AJ been going on?”

I hate to admit it but she’s right. AJ and I have only been caught once, but I’d been caught with a couple of his friends, a teacher, and a couple of my friends in very.. ummm, raunchy positions. I was told if I didn’t have weekly sessions with Dr. Bills that I could kiss my education goodbye. I really am a good girl. I don’t smoke or drink; I get good grades; I’m involved in sports and in theater, and have been offered full ride scholarships to multiple schools. Getting expelled from school would mean having no chance at a decent higher education.

With this in mind I look it this snoody woman in front of me. “For a while, Doc.”

“How long is a while?” She’s leaning forward, now, with her chin in her hand, and her elbow on her knee.

I shouldn’t spill the truth here. I should keep it to myself. I just can’t. I know she’s judging me anyway, and I just want to shock the bitch. I don’t like her. I don’t like the way she’s looking at me. “Truth be told, I’ve been fucking my brother since my eighteenth birthday. I like it. I like the way he feels inside me. And I’m going to fuck him when I get home. I’m going to scream his name as I cum all over him. Then when I quit shaking I’m going to clean my cum off of his cock with my mouth. I’m going to suck him down my throat and swallow every drop of his cum.” I smile smugly as the blood drains from her face.

She sits up straight, grabs her note pad, and starts scribbling like a mad woman. “That’s rather interesting. Surely, your father doesn’t approve of this relationship.”

Since she’s sure about that I decide to skip over the fact that Daddy actually encourages the relationship. Admitting that, and the fact that sometimes- okay a lot of the time he joins the fun would get him in trouble. My Daddy is my everything. So I keep my mouth shut.

“How did the relationship start?” I can tell that she’s trying to keep herself calm but it’s not completely working. Her twitching ankle gave the good doctor away.

My turn to lean forward. There’s absolutely no way I can tell her exactly how it started, but I can give her a taste. “I was horny, Dr. Bills, so very horny. I walked into his room where he was playing video games. Once Ankara escort I had the door shut behind me, I started stripping. I’d watched him eyeing me since I hit puberty and my tits started developing. I’d made sure he heard me playing with myself through the wall. As I mentioned before, I scream. Any way. I had his attention and I told him to fuck me. He didn’t even turn off his game. He grabbed me by the waist, threw me on the bed, sucked and bit my nipples, worked his way down my torso until he got to my freshly bare, dripping pussy. He licked, he sucked, fingered me. He made me cum harder than I’d ever been able to make myself. Then he fucked me, Doc. He fucked me hard, fucked me bare, and filled me with his hot, sticky cum.” Sadly, she gives me no reaction this time other than her foot twitching faster.

“You really enjoy going for shock value, don’t you April?” She scribbles a little more on her notepad.

“You asked me how it started. I just told you how.” The truth is I didn’t tell her everything.

I’m the product of unprotected sex between a drunk hooker and her druggy boyfriend. He disappeared when he found out she was pregnant. I was three when she arrested and I went into the dreaded foster system. I was in four homes from then until I was ten. I was abused in each home, mentally, emotionally, sexually. In the last home I was simply neglected. I was taken from that home when the case worker came in and saw the state of the home. There were three foster kids in that house, all being home “schooled.” We were all malnourished, and the fridge was filled with beer and hot pockets.

The Johnsons were next home. They were wonderful from the get-go. Sweet, caring, nurturing, and so very loving. I never lacked anything. If it looked like I needed or wanted anything, I got it. There hugs and kisses every night. They had me for about a yeah when they decided to move to another state. I couldn’t go with them as long as I was in foster care. They gave me the choice. They wanted to adopt me if it was what I wanted. It took a while but I was theirs. I belonged to a family for the first time ever.

Even though our skin was different I fit in with my new family. Our personalities matched in a way I didn’t know was possible. I loved them all. Mom, Daddy, and AJ. I got hell for it growing up in a small town, being the blue eyed blonde with a black family. I didn’t care.

My family encouraged me to be myself, to do well in school , and to come to them with anything. The longer I was with them the more comfortable I became. They taught me sex and desire were two things that a girl never needed to be ashamed of. Sex was something to be open about in our home. We talked about it, my questions were answered without embarrassment.

Mom died when I was thirteen. That kind of loss can break most families. It brought mine closer together. Daddy made sure he was home for AJ and me every night by six. He made sure we had our homework done, and were in bed at a reasonable time. He didn’t go to bed though, he stayed up in his office and got more work done. There were many nights I’d get out of bed and go rub his neck and shoulders while he worked on his computer. I was Daddy’s Ankara escort bayan little girl.

As much as I loved Daddy, My brother was my hero. He was a couple months older than myself, we were in the same grade and he always had my back. As I got older I received a lot of male attention. Once I started developing , it happened fast. At sixteen I was almost six feet tall and had a pair of 38Ds on my chest. I have skin that tans easily , and have freckles on my nose and cheeks that I’m beginning to think will never fade. I’m not thin. In fact I’m kind of curvy. I get told a lot that my hips and thighs are the only “black” thing about me. Guys my age had grabby hands and sleazy jokes. When they fucked with me they had AJ to deal with.

From what I hear, most siblings fight like cats and dogs through high school. Not us. We did everything together. He was my best friend. On weekends Daddy would take us out mini golfing or swimming. Sometimes we’d just go to the park. No matter what we did, weekends were family time.

As spoiled as we were Daddy always made sure we were never rotten. He wasn’t opposed to spanking me if I crossed a line. That didn’t happen very often. The few times he did have to spank me, he left me ass marked and sore.

As I got older the spankings began affecting me in a sexual way. I knew they were meant as a punishment, but they turned me on. Daddy’s strong hand on my ass got my pussy dripping wet. Also the older I got, the harder the spankings got. Yes, they hurt more and more. The more they hurt, the wetter I became. I could tell Daddy was enjoying it too. It got to the point that I wouldn’t even have to really do anything to warrant a spanking and he’d still pull me aside and spank me.

After the first spanking when daddy moaned I started conducting experiments around the house. My skirts and shorts got shorter with no panties underneath. That made spankings really fun. My necklines got lower. Not to mention my heels got higher. I made sure when I hugged Daddy extra long and tight. The more this happened the more attention he gave me. I liked it. I wanted more.

That’s when I started paying extra attention to AJ too.

“April, are you going to answer me.” Dr. Bills is staring at me.

“I’m sorry. Can you repeat the question?” I have no clue what the bitch just asked.

She’s clicking her pen rapidly. “I asked you if you think what you’ve done is wrong at all.”

“To be perfectly frank, no. Well, maybe. Fucking AJ at school was wrong.”

“You’re telling me you think have a sexual relationship with your brother is ok?” There’s the judgement again. Right there in her shit colored eyes.

Truth time again. “No. I really don’t. He and I are close. I adore AJ. Yes, he’s my brother. Through adoption. Having that kind of relationship with a family member became taboo because of the increase in defects and abnormalities with the offspring. There is no blood between my brother and I. the incestuous taboo is not there.” I looked her in the eye. ” I love my brother more than words could ever express to him. So I show him, not just tell him.”

She sits there, speechless and unblinking. “Ummm … ummm,” Escort Ankara she mumble and while glancing at her watch. “Our hour is over. We will see you next week.”

I stand up and walk out the office door. Thinking about the men in my life has my pussy dripping under my jeans. I walk through the building down the stairs , and out the front door. It’s a gorgeous afternoon. I pull out my keys, unlock my car door, and slide on in to the passenger seat. I soak in the heat of the car with my eyes closed, leaning my head back against the seat. Daddy’s gonna spank me for getting caught. My pussy and ass clench in excitement. My eyes fly open. I get my key in the ignition, start my car, and rush home.

Traffic is minimal so it only takes a couple minutes to get home. I see AJ’s car but not Daddy’s. I walk in the door with my backpack on my shoulder. “AJ I’m home,” I hollar.

“In the living room. And you have a job to finish.”

I snicker at as his pun, practically running into the living room. I don’t waste any time. I’m on knees in no time undoing his pants where he sits on the couch. His cock springs free. Ten inches of thick, chocolatey goodness just for me. I moan softly.

His hands are in my hair, pulling it gently. “You left my balls hurting for release earlier”

I look up at him, smirking. “I’m sooooo sorry that your moans got us caught” I lean down and kiss his sensitive balls. Fuck! I love his package. I move my hand to cradle his balls while I lick, suck, and kiss them. He tastes so good.

“FUUUUCK” he’s arching his back pushing his balls further into my mouth. “Your lips feel so damn good”

“They really do, don’t they?” Daddy’s voice is the only thing in the world that could have pulled my focus from the unfinished blow job. He was right behind me. He bent a little and gave my ass a quick slap through my jeans. “Finish your brother off. Make sure you swallow then come upstairs.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I smile sweetly at him then go back to pleasing the other man in my life. Taking his cum filled balls into my mouth once more and let them fall out with a pop. I run my tongue up all ten inches of his flawless cock and wrap my lips around the head. I tighten my mouth , moan , and begin to suck hard, slowly moving down to the base. His heavy balls are still in my hand. I’m squeezing them softly and letting my nails lightly scrape them.

I can hear his moans and screams. He’s calling my name. his whole body is tensing. He’s about to cum. I want to make this last. I pull off his cock and look at him. My lips inches from the head. I blow and squeeze his balls a little tighter. I flick my tongue across the head licking up the drop of precum. “So good” I can’t resist and take his whole cock back in my hungry mouth, down my throat. I swallow, my throat tightening around him. He groans again and I can feel him tightening. With a mouth full of my brother’s cock, I look up into is his eyes. “Cum for me,” I mumble. My eyes are starting to water with how full my throat is. I swallow again, and squeeze his balls a even tighter. He cums, screaming my name. His big hands are my pulling my hair , holding me on his cock, my nose against his skin. His cum is hitting my throat and going down smoothly as his body jerks.

All too soon he collapses back onto the couch and his softening cock comes out of my mouth. I blow on the head one more time before standing and walking towards the stairs.

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