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“Can I buy you a drink?” He offers. I give him a glance. Tall, with broad shoulders, yet slender with a abundance of rich black hair, light grey eyes and stubbly chin.

He’s cute, ordinarily I would accept, but tonight I smile and give a polite “Maybe another time.”

I believe I fell in love 4 minutes ago. Or lust. Whichever, standing on the bar’s small stage is the loveliest girl I have ever seen in my life, violin in hand, bowing out a melody that touches my soul. Her song is almost as beautiful as her.

She must be about 5″8, but from where I sit I can’t tell. She is slender, her hips flare out subtly, yet beautifully, and from what I can tell from what I see in that classically delicate, ever so pale pink, strappy dress that she wears, her breasts are perfect. She stands awkwardly on stage, her toes slightly turned in, which I find charming in a sweet, childish way. Her legs are slender and long and I can’t help but picture them wrapped around my neck.

Her song continues and my eyes move up to the most beautiful part of her. Beneath a mass of stylishly cut, dirty blonde hair, her eyes are closed, her nose turns slightly upwards at the end, and her lips, drawn into the slightest of smiles, are dark pink, pouty and as lovely as the rest of her.

Through the smoke I see that jazz enthusiasts and jazz musicians alike are all mesmerised either by her song, her appearance, or, in my case, both.

To my great and utter disappointment, it ends. She finally opens her eyes, and to my amazement, they are as dark as night, almost black. She lets the violin drop from her chin and holds it loosely at her thigh. Smiling a dazzling smile, she bows as the bar applauds her, and walks off.

“She’s great, isn’t she?” the bartender asks as I spin around.

I smile and nod. “She’s incredible..” I agree. I buy another drink and start a conversation with the striking young man sitting next to me, but my heart just isn’t into it. We talk for half an hour about music, art and sex, the holy trinity as far as everyone in this bar is concerned, and I couldn’t agree more.

After a few more minutes, I hear a slight French accent to my left, and I turn to see the beautiful creature I fell in love with this very night, leaning over the counter speaking to the bartender. They both turn to look at me. “Lee,” he starts, “I was just telling Antoinette here how much you enjoyed her music.” Then he turns to her, “She couldn’t keep her eyes off you!” She laughs beautifully and smiles at me, and I can feel my face turning red. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” she says, marmaris escort and takes my hand in hers and shakes it gently. I notice her soft palms and delicately long, slender fingers. The hands of a musician.

I am lost in her. We talk about anything and everything until the early hours of the morning, when, after a few too many drinks, my eyes never leave hers, and I tell her she’s beautiful. “All of tonight I ha..” I begin to tell her what I’m thinking, but I am silenced by the pressure of her finger against my lips. She smiles and stands, taking my hand in hers and pulling me gently up off the stool. No words are necessary.

With one hand in mine, and the other gently resting on the small of my back, she guides me out of the bar and down a silent street. I feel her lips at my neck and her hand shifts from my back, underneath the waistband of my tight pants, to cleft of my ass, where her finger traces between my buttocks.

“My apartment isn’t far..” She whispers.

We ran like children along the main road. Antoinette dancing and grasping a street light with one hand and swinging her delicate body around, and around. Laughing deliriously, gasping to catch our breath, she gives me a look of deep contemplation, and lets her long, slender fingers intertwine like serpents within my dark hair. My hand travels up the back of her neck, and in the neon glow of streetlight, she draws her lips to mine, and we kiss. Briefly, yet tenderly at first, soft feminine lips pressed together. Then, I feel her lips part and mine do the same. I draw her as close to me as she can be, and in that moment, lips and breasts pushed together, I feel her tongue snake it’s way into my mouth, and I discover what a kiss was always meant to feel like. Like two mouths fucking. Raw, animalistic passion.

She lets her kisses travel horizontally, to my ear. There, I can hear her irregular breathing as she sucks my earlobe, and my hands are all over her ass.

“Please,” That erotic, semi-French accent pleads, “Let’s go, quickly.” And with that, she takes my hand again, and we sprint all the way to her door.

As she fumbles for her keys in her bag, I embrace her from behind. She laughs and finds my lips again. Somehow, even though lost in a kiss, we end up inside, and her arms are around my waist, her hands falling at the bass of my spine. I lift my arms and place one on each of her shoulders, with my hands joining at the back of her neck. We sway gently together as if we’re joined in our own dance, to our own music, and her she breaks the kiss. She gives me a small kiss on the tip of my nose, marmaris escort bayan and then, slowly yet deliberately, she lifts my shirt over my head.

It should be icy cold in the house, but I’m not cold at all. The heat from her body is incredible. She reaches around behind me and unhooks my bra, slides the straps from my shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. I feel her eyes all over my breasts as she stares with her dark eyes. Not surprisingly, my nipples are erect and extremely hard. I hear Antoinette mutter something unintelligible under her breath, as she reaches out and traces the line of my collarbone with her fingertips, then plants a kiss between them. Her lips continue to travel downwards, until they are between my average-sized breasts.

Her lips are so hot that they feel almost scalding against my flesh. My fingers are all though her hair as she takes one of my nipples between her lips and cups my other breast in her hand. My soft flesh seems to fit into her palm perfectly, and I know this is where I belong. Her mouth leaves my nipple and she looks up to see me, eyes closed and breathing in gasps. She takes me by the hand and guides me through a hallway, and into her large bedroom.

I know I have to taste her lips again and I kiss her and she moans softly into my mouth. As beautiful as it is, I know that her dress has to come off. Still kissing her, I slip the straps from off of her shoulders, and let my hands travel around her body to unzip it. The dress just slides off her body and I pull away so I can see her body in all its glory. I can’t breathe, so I just stare. Her arms and legs are girlishly long, and just perfect. Her beautifully round breasts are slightly smaller than mine and her nipples are rock hard.

I would have gazed at her gorgeous body forever if she didn’t place her hands on my shoulders and gently push me backwards onto her bed. She then sat on top of me, straddling my waist between her legs, and had me hypnotised with her intense stare. Somehow my hands found her gorgeous breasts, and slowly I cupped and caressed them like only another woman can.

Her gentle moans filled my ears like sweet music. Her hands went to the top of my pants and unbuttoned them, her eyes never leaving mine. Soon she was slowly pulling them off my legs. When they were off, she did the same to my panties. I knew I was wet. I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life. Bending down, she parts my lips with two fingers, and runs a third along the length of my clit.

“Fuck..” I whisper as her touch sends little waves of pleasure through escort marmaris my whole body.

She gives me a devilish grin and slowly pushes a finger deep inside of me. I’m always very vocal during sex, but I was so turned on at this stage, all I could manage was a whimper, which she silenced by placing her mouth over mine.

Her finger pumped in and out of my pussy slowly, but gradually faster as I got closer to an incredible orgasm. I could feel it building up to some almighty crescendo inside of me, and my kisses became more and more passionate. Just as I knew I was coming, Antoinette slid another 2 fingers into my dripping cunt. “Christ!” I screamed, pulling away from her mouth as I came. I grabbed Antoinette and pulled her tightly against my body as it hit my hard. My breasts were rising and falling with every gasp. I felt her head rest lightly on my chest as I struggled to regain my breath.

“My god..” I whispered breathlessly, letting my fingers dance in her hair. “You are so beautiful..” She only smiled. For a few minutes we stayed like that, enjoying the intimacy and closeness of one another, then I decided that I couldn’t hold back longer, and I knew I had to taste her.

I gently turned her over onto her back, and crawled down the length of her gorgeous body. The expression on her face was a wicked half-smile, half-smirk that told me that she wanted this as much as I did.

I placed one palm on each of her upper-thighs and slid them under the elastic of her panties. I slid them over her flat stomach, and over her neatly trimmed mound, which was soaking wet. Gently I begin to pull them down, and shortly I was gazing at the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, totally naked, waiting for me. Just the thought of it thrilled me. I kissed her mound once, and then with my fingers, I parted her lips and let my mouth descend over her sex.

I let my tongue explore, and soon it was caressing the entire length of her clit. With each stroke of my tongue, Antoinette’s grasp on my hair became tighter. I took her entire clit into my mouth and sucked it, and a large gasp and a breathless “fuck” came from her. She tasted divine. I felt her legs wrap around my back, and they held my tight as I continued to lap at her cunt.

I knew she was close to orgasm, so in one movement, I thrust my tongue deep into her hole. And again. And again. And I didn’t stop until I heard her moan loudly and felt the grip she had on me loosened. She fell back and laid on the bed with her eyes shut as I lapped up all of the remaining juices from her.

Now all I wanted was to experience that closeness once again, so I laid myself down beside her and she turned to embrace me. Her tongue found my mouth once more and she kissed me for the last time before we; our bodies entwined, closed our eyes and slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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