Another Toy Story

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I hear your car in the drive and stroll unhurriedly to the door, wearing only a black teddy, black stockings and heels. My smile widens as you open the door and see me waiting there and I move forward, slipping your jacket off and tossing it aside as I kiss you. “Welcome home, love.”

You need no encouragement to wrap your arms around me, returning my kiss with passion, dropping your bag at the door. Your hands slide around my body down to my ass and you pull me closer. I sigh with pleasure, my fingers beginning to work your tie loose before pulling it free and draping it around my neck. I slip the buttons of your shirt free, pressing soft teasing kisses against your mouth as I push your shirt off your shoulders, trailing my lips down your neck, breathing your scent, nibbling where it meets your shoulder. I can feel your hands sliding impatiently across my body and I smile against your skin; it’s always like this for us.

I flick my tongue lightly across your nipple and hear your moan, growing louder as I gently bite down on it, rubbing my tongue back and forth across the trapped nub. I tug gently with my teeth. My hands are busy, working your belt loose and unbuttoning your pants, as my teeth lightly torture your nipple. Taking the tie from my neck, I drape it around yours and pull you over to the sofa, tugging the tie gently to lead you, grinning at the look on your face and the bulge in your pants.

I turn you so the sofa is behind you and kiss you deeply again, rubbing my large breasts softly against your chest, my nipples already hard in anticipation. My hands slip down your body again, nails lightly raking your skin until I come to your pants. One hand slides down over your hardening cock, stroking it, teasing it through your pants, reveling in your low groan as my other hand slips your zipper down slowly.

I smile and continue stroking your cock outside your pants as they part and slip down slightly, lightly biting your lower lip, running my tongue along where my teeth were. I know I can only tease you so far and you show me by capturing my lips firmly, sliding your tongue between my parted lips to duel with mine. Your hands run firmly up and down my back, to my shoulders, grasping the straps of my teddy and sliding them off my shoulders. The lacy material drops down, sliding off my breasts and stopping at my waist where your hands take the sides and tug it off my hips, pooling it on the floor. I step out of the filmy material as you bend to take my nipple in your mouth, teasing it to fullness as I did yours, biting and lick it, sucking it deep and hard into your mouth. Gasping, I pull your head closer, wondering briefly when my seduction of you had left my hands, but not caring as I revel in your touch.

Your mouth leaves my breast and your hand takes its place as it moves to my other breast, giving it the same exquisite torture. I can feel my pussy juices wet upon my thighs as I knead your shoulders, soft whimpers escaping my lips. Slipping my fingers into the waist of your pants and boxers, I tug them impatiently over your hips, pushing them down as far as I can reach; a slight movement of your legs and they fall to the floor, kicked away. Your mouth comes up off my breast and you kiss me briefly, firmly, you hands sliding to my shoulders. The look in your eyes is smoldering, impatient, as you pull away and push my shoulders down firmly, forcing me to my knees before you, your hard cock sliding along my body, leaving a trail of your precum.

I am always more excited and eager when this side of you comes out and you know exactly how to treat me to make my pussy wetter and hotter. Between us, the caring is so great that this is my gift to you, and I love to let my wanton side out when we are alone. I lick my lips in anticipation, leaning forward to lick your cock head, tasting your pre-cum, opening my lips to take it in, but you step back away from me and my eyes fly to your face. You smile and pull the tie from your neck, slipping behind me. I smile as you take my wrists, tying them together firmly, but my smile fades as I feel the tie slipping around first one ankle then the other. Pulling my wrists up behind me a little, I can feel both ankles pull with my wrists, limiting my movements severely.

As much as I pull, I cannot loosen the bonds and pulling them threatens to topple me over so I look up at you, biting my lip thoughtfully, wondering at your plan. With no hands, I will only be able to canlı bahis offer my mouth and body to pleasure you and, as you step in front of me again, I realize this is your plan. Slipping naturally into my role, I lean forward to take your cock into my mouth, but your hands on my head stop me. I’m puzzled and look up at you only to see your patient smile as you shake your head. This will be your pleasure.

Holding my head firmly, you push forward, sliding your cock over my face, my cheeks, nose, eyes and under my chin, slowly, teasingly, leaving your scent and wetness on my face. My nostrils flare as I take in your scent, wanting and needing to taste you, to feel your cock sliding into my mouth. Your cock bumps against my lips and I part them for you to enter, but your cock skitters over to my cheek. My frustration grows as you continue to tease me.

“Open your mouth to me now,” I hear the magic words and obey immediately, as your cock slips in between my lips. Running my tongue over the tip, I can finally taste what you have been teasing me with and I moan, probing with my tongue for more. I suck the tip of your cock gently, intending to tease you, but you have other ideas. Your hands firmly on my head, you thrust your cock deeply into my mouth. You know my mouth and throat can take your whole cock and know just how much to push. Arching my neck, I look up at you, offering myself to you fully. Your smile is all I need as you push deeper, thrusting faster, fucking my mouth deep and hard.

How I long to stroke your cock, caress your balls while you fuck my mouth, but the ties only add to my excitement and, I know, to yours. I can feel the urgency in your thrusts, your precum coating my mouth and leaking down my throat as your excitement grows. You love taking me like this, seeing me tied helplessly while you plunder my mouth, my body. You know, as well, how much I love you taking control and know that my pussy is so wet at this moment, my thighs are slick with juices dripping down.

I feel your thrusts getting more urgent, wild, out of control and I know that you will cum soon. I wrap my lips tighter, making you force your cock in and out, my tongue wickedly snaking around as I try to suck your cock deeper into my throat, to keep it deep. Finally, with a loud cry, you thrust your cock as deep as it will go, pushing my face into your curly hairs and holding me there as hot cum explodes in my throat. I swallow hard, sucking harder to milk your cock, to get as much of your essence as I can. My tongue runs along the sensitive underside, to each side, pulling on your cock, priming it to give me all your cum.

I feel the deep shudder that runs through your body as your hands push my head closer for a moment then pull me away, my mouth slipping off your cock with an audible popping sound. I look up at you hungrily, licking my lips, eager for more than just this taste. Your smile is gently and you laugh, not unkindly, as you drop back onto the sofa and reach for me, helping me to inch forward on my knees until I am between your legs.

I gaze down at your cock, still glistening with your cum and my saliva and lick my lips again. Leaning forward, I lick, softly, delicately along your shaft being as gentle as I can because I know that you are still sensitive. Your soft moan encourages me and I run my tongue over and around your shaft, cleaning and tasting again.

Avoiding your cock head for now, I bury my face under your cock, licking your balls, seeking all the juices that have washed over them. Pulling one into my mouth, I run my tongue over and over it, my lips wet and gentle as I tug lightly on it with my mouth. Opening my mouth wide, I pull your other ball in and keep the same gentle movements over and over.

I can feel your hands caressing my hair, my shoulders, running over my back. I know the sight of me, tied helplessly like this adds to your pleasure and I raise my hands back behind me so you can see them, see my ankles pulling up against the tie. Your hands tighten on my shoulders and I feel your cock stirring against me again.

You lift my head off your lap and I make a noise of protest, but you place a finger against my lips and rise, heading for our bedroom. Hearing your return, I look around to see you strolling back in with our toy box. My eyes light up as you set it down on the sofa and open it. Although we prefer to pleasure each other with our bodies, we have added toys that open up new venues bahis siteleri of pleasure and afford us new areas to explore.

You grin at me teasingly as you pull out the first item, a black folded square and I shake my head; I don’t want to be blindfolded, I want to watch you. I can’t stop you though, tied as I am, and I sigh resignedly as you slip the blindfold over my eyes, tying it firmly behind my head. Running your hand down my hair, you slide it down my back, my ass and between my legs. I moan as you slip two fingers between my wet swollen pussy lips and dip them into my tight slit. You chuckle softly against my ear, “Enjoying yourself so far, are you, love?” I nod enthusiastically and bear down on your fingers, my tight pussy sucking them deep.

I’m disappointed as you twist them around, thrusting deep and then remove them, sliding them up against my ass, repeating this movement over and over, coating my ass with my juices. I feel you pull my full globes apart, pressing a finger against my tight ring gently, but insistently until I relax and your finger slips inside to the first, then second knuckle, twisting it around. My body shudders and my ass grips your finger, needing to be filled by you now.

I let out a sob as you remove your finger and I feel you move away from me. I’m so hot now, so ready for you that the teasing is like exquisite torture. I hear rummaging in the box and feel something brush lightly across my thigh, then your arms around me, pulling something around my waist and affixing it behind me. Your hand cups my mound and I realize you’re pushing something against me, brushing it against my clit gently. I gasp, my clit is so sensitive and you whisper, “Something new for you, my love,” then you pull straps down between and around my thighs. Your hand returns to my pussy again and presses the toy firmly between my wet lips, snug against my clit.

“Ready?” you murmur and I nod, tentatively, as your arms circle me, cupping my breasts. I am unprepared for the almost electric jolt that slams through my body, accompanied by a faint buzz as the new toy latches onto my clit, sucking onto it and releasing a hard, strong vibration against it. I scream as I cum immediately, my body arching back against yours. I feel your fingers pinch my nipples sharply, your mouth biting lightly along my neck and a low chuckle as I ride the intense orgasm.

It seems longer, but only a few seconds pass before the buzz stops and I sag forward, my whole body shaking, barely able to hold myself up. If not for the tie holding my body together and your arms, I would have sank to the floor. I had never felt anything so intense before and I was torn between wanting it again and screaming for you to remove it.

You know me so well, you sense how I’m feeling and pull me back against your body, your cock nestling between my ass cheeks as you whisper, “I knew you would love this,” your lips biting my earlobe, sucking it in.

I shudder again, aftershocks passing through my body, shaking my head, “It’s too intense, I can’t take that again.”

You chuckle softly, “You’re capable of much more, my love, don’t sell yourself short on this.” I hear more rummaging and feel your hands moving between my legs in front of me. “Spread your knees more, dear,” you say, nudging them one yourself and I do, my hips moving closer to the floor and something presses against my pussy lips, just under the new toy attached to my clit.

Running it back and forth between my wet swollen lips, pressing it against my slit every stroke so I can feel it, you tease me with this new item until my hips are moving with you, seeking it’s hardness with my softness. I’m stunned that I could want more so soon after that intense orgasm, but I find myself craving that shock of pleasure again.

Then you press it against my slit again, this time applying more pressure, twisting it slowly as you fit it to my tight hole. Even with the cum slipping from my body, it’s a tight fit and I recognize now the largest of our toys, one we use so seldom because I am not able to take it in for long. “Tonight, you will take it all in, my love,” you whisper. I shake my head a little, even as I press down on it, lodging the thick head between my wet lips and moaning.

Between us both pressing my hips down, I am able to fit an inch inside me, but I am breathing hard with the effort. “No more, it’s enough to feel it like this,” I pant at you, rubbing back against bahis firmaları your body. I hear your chuckle again, but your quickening breathing gives you away; you’re just as turned on by this as I am as your hands grasp my hips tightly, rocking them down onto the dildo braced on the floor, forcing it in a little more. I groan and bounce my hips with you; the huge dildo stretching my inner walls feels so good as another inch pushes in.

Then, without warning, you unleash heaven and hell again with a simple click as the toy against my clit comes to life, sucking my clit hard and deep and buzzing against it intensely. As my body spasms in orgasm, you push my hips down hard, forcing half the massive dildo into my throbbing pussy. The copious juices leaking from me help to lube my pussy for it as you reach down to grasp it and push it up into me yourself, holding it there as my body continues to shake, the toy on my clit sending it into greater realms. I’m crying out your name, calling on God, anyone to help me as you let the toy buzz me for longer, now pushing the dildo in and our of my quivering pussy, my juices soaking it down to your fingers.

I gasp with relief when the buzzing stops and careen forward, giving you the opportunity you need to ram the dildo deep inside me, stretching my still quivering walls. I can’t help myself, grinding down onto your fingers, seeking that pleasure again, sucking the dildo against my walls and pulling it deeper. I am impossibly entrenched in this scene and only you can release me from it.

I moan over and over again as your hand rocks the dildo in and out of my soaking pussy, quick, hard, pushing it deep with each stroke. I’m meeting your thrusts, pushing down hard to force more of the dildo into me, riding it on your hand, caring only to meet those heights again when I feel your fingers behind me, dipping into my well of juices and pulling them back up against my ass. I sigh and press back against your fingers, seeking them, only to feel your cock replace them, pressing firmly against my tight ring with steady pressure until it slides into my ass.

Holding the dildo deep inside me, your upper body forces me to bend over the sofa, the tie pulling my ankles up with steady pressure. I feel my ass spread more for you, naturally, and your tight groan as you push your cock in slowly, steadily, not pulling back. My pussy is so stretched by the huge dildo that I feel filled to overflowing as your cock steadily enters my ass in small, hard thrusts until you are buried deep inside me. I feel the shudder run through your body as you hold your cock deep for a beat then our groan in unison as you pull slowly back and slam it deep again, your cock head touching the dildo through my thin walls.

I press my forehead to the sofa, moaning softly as you slide your cock slowly, but deeply, in and out of my ass, your hand on the dildo pushing it in and out with the same slow, steady rhythm. My body feels stretched to breaking and the two intense orgasms have left me shaky and unsteady. I can only move slowly with you, against the tie, pushing my body onto both the cocks impaling me. I can feel myself building to another orgasm of my own making now and I sob as I plead for the release.

Your breath is growing unsteady, your thrusts harder, faster when you suddenly click the toy on again, rocking me with another orgasm. You slam the dildo deep inside me as my body struggles with the intense bolts blasting through it; your cock rams deep and hard into my ass, your thrusts increasing as you cry out. I can feel the hot jets of cum deep in my ass as another intense orgasm racks my body. They are coming one after the other now and I can’t stop or control them.

I feel your body push heavily onto mine, forcing me hard against the sofa, your cock still entrenched in my ass, softening now as I ride out the waves rocking my body. I’m crying out to you, begging when you stop the buzz and I slump, shaken and exhausted, against the couch. Slowly, carefully, I feel you slide the dildo out of my tortured pussy, the walls still throbbing and clinging to it, grasping for it as it leaves my body. I feel the release as you untie my ankles, one at a time, then my hands, bringing my arms up onto the couch around my head. With one small, gently thrust forward, you slowly pull your cock out of my ass and help me up onto the sofa, sliding beside me and wrapping me in your arms tightly, letting me sob with the release.

After a while, I can feel my body quieting and I nestle deeper against you, my lips pressed to your neck in surrender. Your lips meet my forehead as we lay together, dinner forgotten, lost in each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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