Anne Working Overtime Ch. 03

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03 – Training grounds

From the room she was in, the sound of the afternoon highway traffic below almost couldn’t be heard at all. Through the wall- high window she could see into a nice little garden with a freshly mowed lawn, white stones and high palm trees, complete with a distant choir of bird song. The scenery was so perfect that she almost felt the need to complain to someone that there wasn’t a small fountain with a marble Cupid in the middle of it all. But – she straightened up a little – she knew the last thing she wanted to do was complaining. She still felt nervous, and held the key she had used to lock herself in, in a tight fist until she finally remembered to put it back into her purse. There really shouldn’t be any need to be nervous; she felt she could trust Jean entirely. She wasn’t cheated into this. She couldn’t be. There simply was no need to. She knew she had plans to make money on her skills after the completion of the training, so why hide anything? And why not combine business with pleasure?
She realised the reason she was nervous first of all was because of the experience itself, the training about to begin. Would it be as exciting as she hoped it would be? Was it really true? Was there really a world like the one Jean had outlined to her? She was hoping this day would give her the hints of the realities of things. Hoping…

It took another 10 minutes of nervous itches in the stomach until she heard the faint sound of a car coming up the driveway and finding a place in the parking lot at the main entrance. With her heart pounding she listened intensively, and could hear voices and the slamming of doors as someone crossed the yard and entered the building. Then there were some minutes of relaxed activities, lights came on, some low classical music caressed the walls, and the smell of coffee spread throughout the air ducts. Anne got even more nervous, and felt her pulse all the way out to her earlobes.

All of a sudden the door swung open. She nearly jumped in her seat. Jean breezed in along with another lady. They were carrying a tray of service, a folded tablecloth and some other things, obviously for the room she was in. They both stopped when they saw her.

“Anne! Are you here already? We didn’t expect you in half an hour yet!”

“I know”, Anne smiled shyly as she got to her feet, facing the two smiling ladies, “but I was afraid to be late. You know… traffic!”

Jean laughed; “we just came to make the reception room a little less sterile… a little friendlier for your arrival if you like”. She put her things down on the table and turned to the woman standing beside her. “Pam, this is Anne, our new student. Anne this is Pamela Vasquez, my friend and close associate”.

They greeted and hugged and Anne immediately felt calmer again, although she didn’t know if she quite liked Pam’s appearance as much as Jean’s. Pam was a brunette of about 40, not looking much latin at all in spite of the name. To Anne she had a classical cool beauty about her, narrow waist and broad hips, medium sized tits and long, powerful legs. Like Jean herself she was perfectly fit and reflected maturity, but no wear. She was wearing an outfit looking something like a nurse, although the edge of a dark skirt protruding from under the white coat suggested that it was just thrown on as she walked in.

“If you’re ready, Anne dear, we’ll take you into the studio and really show you our facilities”, Jean told her, gently leading her by the hand into the same hallway as last time. From there they went in through the white door saying studio 4.

When they stood inside, Anne couldn’t help but staring at the facilities.

“Obviously”, Jean explained, smiling at Anne’s expression, “during normal days this is an ordinary gym studio where we do lessons of yoga, aerobics and spins. Our special trainings take place in the evenings only, or like now, at the week- ends.

The room was looking quite like a small studio, with deep green carpets, mirror- covered walls with a sky- blue colour. Daylight came down through huge roof windows. A wall curtain split the room so the exercise machines were at the other side. The only tings remaining in their part of the room were a standard coach and table corner section, and some other deep leather chairs.

The soft classical music came from discreet speakers somewhere in the back. A huge flower decoration along with champagne on ice was put at the middle of the table. The whole place smelled of flowers and leather furniture and clean surfaces. Knowing what she was in for, she didn’t feel that the room had a particularly erotic atmosphere, but she was sure she could get used to it.
Pamela came in after them with a new tray of cups and a fresh can of coffee and tea.

“As you can see”, Jean started, looking at the casually scattered furniture, we have tried to produce an atmosphere of relaxed comfort, where we can all fully concentrate on the …… oh! There’s Mary”.

Everybody looked marmaris escort up and turned to the newcomer entering the room from the showers at the opposite side. She was a stunning beauty, also about 40; definitely with a nock- out figure underneath the white towel she was wearing to cover her bust- down. Her hair was rolled up in a towel ball as well, but Anne could tell that she was a brunette, actually almost completely black haired. She came towards them with a beaming smile.

“Anne, this is Mary Roberts, Mary, this is Anne, our new pupil starting her training today”.

“I’m soooo pleased to meet you” the newcomer exclaimed, grabbing her hands with her stronger and kissing her on both cheeks.

There were a few remarks back and forth until Mary then turned and left the room the same way she came in, excusing herself that she should finish preparing for the lecture.

Jean motioned towards the couch, and the tree of them sat down with the coffee. For a moment Anne wondered why there wasn’t anything on the table with the coffee, but then she remembered – and knew.

“So, Anne how do you like our facilities?”

“It’s great! If I wasn’t so nervous, I would feel completely perfect here”. She laughed and sighed with a slightly shaking voice.

Jean and Pam smiled. “Look Anne, there’s really nothing to worry about. Remember, you will be doing only what you would like to do yourself. We’ll most certainly urge you, but not press you to deliver your best possible performance from the very start! You will be nervous, and so will Mary. She’s not with the program for more than a few weeks, and you’re her second pupil. We need people like her almost just as much as people like you. Me and Pam will take care of everything though, and make sure that the lessons will be enjoyable, relaxing and educating! Remember, we are not new to this. So, we’re hoping that we’ll all get to relax quite nicely in a short time.

“I’m worried that I will not be good at all…. That you’ll all be terribly disappointed….. You know I’ve got no experience in this.”

“Nonsense dear, you’ll do great. Everybody needs a little guidance in the beginning, and then everything comes naturally. Just let your feelings do the rest. Then I guarantee you Mary’s feelings will do its part.”

The two ladies laughed. “She’s a real firecracker”, Pam added, “you’ll find out”!

They could see that the last remark made Anne nervous again. Jean threw a short, annoyed glimpse at Pam, then put her hand calmly on Anne’s shoulder. “Just relax, Anne. Let’s finish our coffee, and you’ll see…”

The women sat chatting lightly when Mary again entered the room. Anne was a little bit surprised. She was expecting her to be naked. But Mary was wearing a white blouse, a knee- short dark grey business skirt, stockings and high-heeled shoes. She had set her almost black hair up in a nice- styled top, used a very discrete make- up, and a small golden chain around her neck. Anne now could admire her hot figure, and stated that she looked stronger now, her thighs almost muscular, waist not slender but elegant. Her tits were big, but natural looking. They did not arouse any silicone suspicions. Wonderful playthings!

Her first bath towel appearance had been swift and confident. Now she was all different. Although she tried, Anne could sense the tension. She felt shy herself, but still discovered that she had problems catching the woman’s eyes as they faced each other.

Mary sat down and got her cup of coffee. She gulped it down in order to catch up with the others, who were nearly finished. She didn’t take too much part in the conversation, but left most of the talking to Jean and Pam. Anne noticed that she was a little uneasy, rubbing her thighs together slightly, and kind of moving back and forth on the couch.

After the coffee, she lit a cigarette, and sat back with a sigh, crossing her legs, clearly trying to relax. Anne was sure. Mary tried to hide it, but she was as nervous as she was!

Finally, Jean put down her empty cup and moved out onto the edge of the couch. “Now ladies! Time to get started!” She looked at Pam sitting beside her; “Pam, be a dear and get the mat, will you?”

Pam nearly jumped to her feet, and crossed to disappear behind the wall curtains.

“Now”, Jean continued, smiling at Anne and Mary, “this is first of all training. So, consequently, the basics first. Eventually we will deal with all sides of mood development and romantic approaches. As I said, you’re going to need a few minutes to learn to relax, and then you’ll be fine.”

Pam returned with a soft, comfortable mat, and placed it on the floor in front of Mary.

“So, Mary dear, get it over with, and show us what you’ve got! Anne, you can find your place here at the mat. Try to get a good position from the very beginning otherwise your knees get sore and uncomfortable in a short while.”

Anne’s heart hammered as she let herself slide down from the sofa and onto her marmaris escort bayan knees at the mat. Blood rushed through her body, and the whole thing almost made her dizzy for a moment. There was no way she would be able to meet their eyes now. She hardly dared to lift her eyes enough to see the thighs slowly open and the skirt slip up around Mary’s waist as the lady let herself slide down and forward to find a good position on the couch. Pam was there with a few extra pillows under her spine and a soft towel under her butt.

But then Anne could do nothing but stare! She knew this was the sight of her deepest dreams. The very essence of her fantasies. The heart of her passions. She was stunned! Mary’s pussy was framed by the stockings, ending in a black, lacy ring at the top of the thighs. She was shaved expect for a sweet little bush over her pubic bone. Her pussy lips had already parted slightly, and were glistening from moist and anticipation.

The lips were full and fleshy, protruding quite a bit, as though they were begging for their first kiss from adoring young lips.

“Anne, look at me!” she suddenly heard Jean’s voice. She was torn out of her near hypnotic state, and met her instructress’ smiling eyes. “Anne, you know what to do, but let’s still do this first exercise with careful instruction.” Jean moved over to sit next to Mary.

“Now, whenever you are ready, you may move forward and try your first kiss. I will comment and correct as you proceed.” Anne shuddered almost unnoticeably. Just as simple as that! After all, this was training!

Mary now had overcome her initial shyness from exposing herself like this. Although she still didn’t meet Anne’s eyes, she now carefully observed everything going on between her thighs. When Anne finally started moving slowly forward, the woman’s breathing became irregular, and her thighs started trembling ever so lightly. A small jerk went through her when Anne’s hands touched her thighs.

When Anne was close, she could feel the intoxicating smell of perfume and female heat meet her and totally overwhelm her. This definitely was a lady to her tastes! A real woman; someone worthy of her devoted worship. Her devoted passion!

She closed her eyes as she let herself slowly forward again, until finally – veeery gently – lips met soft lips in the first, blissful kiss. The kiss she had been waiting so long for!

Again a faint convulsion went through Mary’s body. Her and Jean’s eyes carefully observed the girls lips as they homed in on the prime target. Now there was contact, and a long moment of complete silence passed as everybody in the room absorbed the feeling of the new start. Anne most of all. She was thrilled, excited, frightened, happy and in total love! A sudden feeling of total uselessness overwhelmed her; who was she to think that she could be of any pleasure to a lady like this? Then again heat filled her body from the very image of what she was just now doing. It was not a dream! Not this time. It was real. She was here. Here! In the middle of it all. And that was what was important right now! The only thing!

Anne finally lifted her lips slightly and let her eyes blink open. Then she looked up at Jean.

“Excellent”, the response from Jean came. “Now just take your time, and make yourself – should I say – at home. There are lots of things to explore! When you’re ready, we’ll proceed to using the tongue. And – for heavens sake Anne – please breathe!”

Anne suddenly realised that she hadn’t been breathing for an eternity, and suddenly let the air hiss out of her lungs. After a few, deep breaths, she got herself in position again, and let her lips gently press against those wet, wonderful ones in front of her. Although she now could feel Mary’s eyes on her, she still didn’t dare to look up at her face. No… not yet!

After a new, long kiss, she continued by carefully taking each of the lips into her mouth and gently let them slide in and out, tasting the first of the woman’s juices on her own lips in a proper way.

Now she felt more relaxed. She had been a little worried about this, even a bit frightened, but the taste was just wonderful and wild, wonderful and wild wild wild, and she felt a surge of sheer happiness rush through her as she proceeded with renewed confidence.

The stockings- clad thighs surrounding her slipped further out to the sides. Anne let go of them and put her hands gently under the buttocks resting on the edge of the couch. A voice of approval from Jean – suddenly sounding distant – indicated she was doing the right things.

Jean was still not pressing on the use of her tongue, something that made Anne even a little bit more courageous. Her feelings now really got better about the whole thing, and she started not just to relax, but even really feel relaxed.

Hot and cold shivers still rushed through her body, but more and more they were from sheer joy only. She felt that if she would be well trained, she would be able to be escort marmaris on top of any such situation. Really…. On the top! Who should believe that!

She let the soft, wet lip slip out of her mouth, and carefully slid her tongue out between her own lips. Then gently let it slip in a little bit between the full pussy lips. Just enough to let the full taste of wild female lust hit her with maximum force. And it really hit!! Like a slap in the face! It was like a drug. Really! Like a drug. She felt her heart racing again, her pulse sounding like distant drums in her ears. How could something like this feel just so fuckin’ great?!?

For a short moment she withdrew the tip of her tongue to savour the taste in her mouth. The wild, wonderful and almost animal- like taste. She then hesitated for a moment, withstanding the urge to burrow the full length of her tongue into the moist, pink wetness, and then gently let it slide in between the full lips and twirl for a moment inside the deep folds. She still was too nervous to loose control of her rising passion. All she could still do was letting the tongue slide along the crack…. gently upwards. All the way up to the hood of the pleasure- button at the top. Then down again. And up.

As she settled down to a somewhat steady rhythm with her tongue along the full length of the dripping pussy, Mary started shaking lightly, not at all able to conceal the flush of heat spreading from the sweet mouth and out into every cell of her body. Even though this girl was totally inexperienced, the whole atmosphere and the feelings rushing onto her were so strong that she knew she wouldn’t stand this for a very long time. Not long at all. Now the girls tongue even started moving dangerously close to her now completely oversensitive clit! Well, if that happened… already now, she really didn’t know if she would be able to……

“Ok, Anne, hold it for a moment”, Jean’s voice broke into the feverish minds of the two lovers, shockingly clear and sharp. “Let’s not forget the training we’re here for, guys” she smiled, bending over Mary’s body to face Anne, just as the girl was about to focus her eyes and dig still deeper in between the gaping lips in front of her. She had to put her hand on Anne’s forehead, and gently push her a little back in order to get her full attention.

Mary’s hips jerked involuntarily after the break of contact, and a short gasp escaped her. Now she knew the really torturous part of Jeans training was about to begin.

“You’re doing very well, Anne” Jean continued. “With some instructions on the way to guide and improve the work with your tongue, you’ll make tremendous progress in no time, and then we can allow Mary her first blow out of the day on that particular lesson. Now listen carefully”.

Jean removed her hand as gently as she had placed it there. “You can move forward again, and gently let your tongue slip in between her pussy lips, but do it so I can see it all the time”.

Anne was more than willing to comply, and in a moment she had resumed the slow gliding motion up and down between the soaking lips. She realised that Jean had let her start off on her own, to see how she coped initially. Now, with this settled, she was going to start the instructions on her techniques for real.

It didn’t take long until they had Mary shaking and moaning again, her legs spread wide open and her hands kneading her luscious tits through the fabric of her business- like shirt. With Jean’s close observation and careful instructions, Anne quickly perfected her ways of her pussy worship. Her tongue worked the up- and downward motion in between the pussy lips, initially just bathing the pink inside, then eventually going further and digging in with the tip to reach the deeper sensitive spots around the urethra. Then she practiced circling around the clit, apply tongue tip pressure into the groove at the sides, all the time not touching the critical spot itself. Then doing flat-tongue lapping just below the base of the clit.

This careful instruction lasted the better part of the next half hour, and Mary was at that point almost getting wild with lust, gasping, trembling and pumping her hips up against the hard working mouth, not being the professional lecture participant at all! Pam was sitting at the opposite end of the couch, observing the whole show, and feeling her own libido drastically heating, even though she had seen this so many times before. No doubt about it…. Anne was someone special! This she could definitely tell already by now.

She was watching the lecture with such a focus that Jean had to tap her shoulder to get her attention;

“Pam, some tissues please!” Pam jumped slightly, but immediately leaned back to fetch some from the box on the table. After receiving them, Jean put them down within reach, and again bent over the two bitches in heat at her side, smiling at Anne; “OK, Anne, we’ll have to do something about Mary, right now she doesn’t work very well as an assistant instructor. Now then, carefully move your tongue from the base of her clit and up to the tip, then gently flip it from side to side, in a slow, rhythmic motion. Move your hands to the side of her hips, and hold her!”

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