Anna’s Milk Ch. 02

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“Oh my god. I just realized something, David—did you know that to some people I’m now a MILF?”

Gorgeous redheaded Anna, who was so voluptuous she was barely fitting into her pink bikini, with her boobs spilling out the top, said this just after a handsome man slowly walked by as we were at the public pool. He had given her a look that was beyond admiration—even while she was playing with her baby Ben on the towel right next to her.

“Anna, I know you’re smart, but are you just figuring this out now?” I said, in some exasperation, because she was beyond pretty, and yet very obviously a mother. And so of course she was a mother that a lot of people would love to fuck. And my secret shame was that I was among them.

It was my secret shame not only because I wasn’t her husband, but because her husband was my best friend Nick. But Nick was over in Afghanistan for the indefinite future back when this happened, about a dozen years ago. But I still have a very clear memory of all of it.

Before Nick left, he and Anna had taught me how to help care for their baby, which was for now seemingly my main job in life. And that included feeding Ben lots of breast milk, both from the bottle, and by bringing Ben over to Anna’s luscious, milky breasts. They didn’t seem to have any problem letting me see Anna’s breasts, but I was apparently maybe the only one beyond the immediate family treated that way.

When Nick left he made me promise to look after Ben and Anna. I was supposed to keep Anna from being unhappy, and I was trying—sometimes a little too hard.

As I was around Anna more and more, talking with her, getting to know her well, and seeing more and more of her milk-filled tits, I rapidly fell in lust and in love with her at the same time.

She seemed to know at least something of how I felt, and I had even kind-of told her, but most of the time she pretended not be fully aware of my longing for her.

And I pretended the same—at least some of the time.

But we kept getting closer to crossing the line until one day, when we were tipsy on wine, and her breast pump had run out of batteries, she let me nurse one of her painfully overfull breasts when baby Ben was asleep.

Did we let this happen because her breast was too full and hurt? Well, that was the excuse. But it was really because I was desperate for her breast, and for her milk—and she knew it. And she, I found out, was longing for affection and sensuality.

Anna’s milk was so sweet and delicious that it’s difficult to describe. It’s the food of the gods, even if usually only babies get to have it.

As I nursed her that day, a week ago from the point at which I’m picking up the story, behind the locked door of her bedroom, Anna had told me at first it was only for the milk, and to relieve her discomfort. But then she got so turned on by my nursing of her tit, and how I had told her how she tasted so good, that she started fingering her pussy underneath her sweats.

Anna rapidly came, a few times, and as she did so even more milk squirted into my hungry mouth

Then she wanted to help me with my problem—my rock-hard cock under my shorts, which she could see the outlines of and feel. But I just couldn’t take that step quite yet. It was partly that I was a shy virgin, but also that Nick was my best friend. And so I went into the bathroom to take care of my needy dick, calling out Anna’s name as spurts of my sperm came shooting out.

From a certain perspective, maybe I didn’t completely betray Nick that day. But this is the story about how slowly and surely, as more barriers broke between me and Anna, I stabbed my best friend in the back. Or, did I? As I think it over even now, trying to tell it as honestly as I can, I wonder if there’s something in what happened that someone might forgive, at least a little.

Unless you’d actually met Anna and known her the way I did, anyway, you couldn’t understand how it would take someone almost superhuman to resist her. Anna was not just beautiful, but kind, funny, and smart. And she was suffering….

When I’d nursed her that day and she’d fingered herself to orgasm, she told me to promise to keep it a secret from everyone. And I had agreed. In fact, she told me that even between ourselves we had to pretend that it had never happened.

And so, somehow, for a while, we did.

Remember “Doublethink” from George Orwell’s “1984”? The characters have to somehow keep one idea and its opposite in their minds and in their actions at the same time?

Looking back on it, that was kind of me: doublethinking about Anna and my feelings for her, and what we had done.

On one level Anna and I both were pretending that I was still a loyal friend to Nick, a trustworthy friend, who was just taking care of his baby and lovely wife day after day, without desiring her.

But on another level—simultaneously—we both knew that I’d sucked on her breast, had felt her her sweet juice on my tongue and throat, and that my cock was straining with desire for her. And that she, güvenilir bahis Anna, had been so turned on by my kissing, and then gently nursing, and then strongly suckling on her nipple and breast, that she’d given in to touching herself, coming to a shuddering climax.

And now she was asking me if I knew she was a “MILF.”

To keep up our game, I had to still pretend I wasn’t one of those lusting after her, and so I retreated to an almost college-course question.

“Doesn’t the term MILF bother you? It seems kind of offensive and sexist.”

“Oh yeah, I guess,” Anna said, looking at me with a cute pout on her mouth, “But it beats the alternative.”

“Which is?” I asked, still a little exasperated, even as looking at her freckled swelling tits was in danger, yet again, of giving me a hard-on.

“A Mother you *don’t* want to fuck, of course. That’s what I was to Nick.”

“What!?” I said it a little too loudly, in surprise and shock.

This was totally new information to me that there had been trouble in Nick and Ann’s sex life, and I couldn’t quite believe it.

“What?” I repeated, more quietly, after I noticed a middle-aged woman a few yards away looking over at us.

“You didn’t know that?” Anna said, in almost a conspiratorial whisper, “I thought Nick would have told you that he’d lost most of his desire for me.”

As Anna said this she looked embarrassed, but also like she still wanted to talk about it.

“I had no idea,” I said quietly, and still in shock “Why? You’re so beautiful, Anna.”

I said this simply, but with such truth in my voice, that I realized, not for the first time, that I’d said too much.

“Thanks, David,” Anna said with one of her ironic smiles as she glanced over at me looking at her.

She then looked lovingly down at her baby Ben, who had recently learned, at six months, how to sit up on his own. Then she said,

“David, does it weird you out to think that little Ben came all the way out of my vagina?”

She looked back up at me, studying my reaction.

“Um, well,” I said, in shock again, and stalling for time, “I hadn’t really thought about it much.”

She was still looking at me and waiting for me to say something. I guess she was seeing if I was grossed out.

I wasn’t sure what I thought as I tried to imagine a baby going through her vagina, and didn’t know what to say, and so just added, lamely, “He was a lot smaller then.”

“Yes you were!” Anna said in a cute baby voice, turning back to Ben, “Or else it wouldn’t have been possible. No. Not possible!”

He smiled at her.

Anna suddenly turned back to me, and said, in a more normal voice:

“I think it sort of freaked Nick out. He was in the hospital room with me during labor, which took forever. There was some blood, as there almost always is. He had said he wanted to cut the umbilical cord, and he did. But he was so pale he was ashen. I think the whole pregnancy and birth thing was just a bit much for him….” Anna trailed off, again studying my face.

“Anna, I don’t know what to say. You know I’m a virgin. I just don’t know anything about any of this stuff. Can’t you talk to one of your girlfriends or your mother about this?”

She looked at me, clearly hurt, and her face started slowly crumpling up. I knew from past experience that she was starting to cry. She’d done a lot of crying since Nick had left for Afghanistan.

“Not really,” she said, as tears welled up in her eyes. She stifled a sob, not very successfully.

A tear spilled down her beautiful freckled face.

I reached out slowly and wiped her tear from her cheek, still marveling at the poetry of her, even in sadness. She gently held my hand, and then put it up to her mouth. She then started gently kissing my index finger with her surprisingly warm mouth and tongue, holding it there, with her warm breath on it. My dick twitched.

Since we were at a public pool I had to be careful about my overly sensitive teenage cock. I very slowly and gently pulled my hand away, and said:

“Um, you can talk about it with me, if you want.”

“OK,” she smiled at me, tears still in her eyes, “Thanks.”

“So,” I said, trying to be helpful, “It started after Ben was born?”

“No,” Anna said with a big sigh, “It started way before that. Really when I was about four months pregnant. Nick found the whole pregnancy thing, and the changes to my body, to be just, well—it turned him off. We hadn’t really planned it you know, and so it was just such a shock to him, I think.”

“Yeah,” I said, not really understanding. But then I remembered how a look of almost disgust would cross like a shadow over Nick’s face a couple of times when he talked about the changes to Anna’s body.

“You’re his best friend, David, and I thought you would have some insight into what was going on with him.”

“Not really,” I said, “I mean, I knew sometimes Nick could be squeamish. But then he also had all this interest in the military, and blood and guts in the movies and stuff, and güvenilir bahis siteleri so I…..I just don’t know what it means.”

“What it means,” Anna said, “Is that I haven’t been getting much for almost a year.”

“Getting much?”

I thought I knew what she meant, but I was so shy and mostly innocent then, even in my raging horniness, that I didn’t know what to say.

Anna, thinking I was genuinely confused, took the index finger of one her hands, stretched it out, and then inserted it slowly back and forth into the curled up “vagina” of her other hand.

“Yeah, I get it,” I said, blushing and looking down.

“Sorry, David,” she said, “I keep forgetting how innocent you are. Are you still shocked by my raunchy sense of humor?”

“Maybe a little,” I said smiling and looking up at her, “But it’s been one of the pleasures of getting to know you to realize that a woman as beautiful as you can still have a sense of humor kind of like…a guys.”

“So—you think I *am* a MILF?” Anna said, raising her eyebrows and looking funny and sexy at the same time.

“Yes! You’re a MILF!” I said, a little too loudly, and the middle-aged woman looked over at me and glared. I covered my own mouth in shock at what I’d said.

Anna laughed. And her laugh, I should mention, was really like a kind of beautiful music to me. I never got tired of that laugh, which was so magical and unusual.

“Uh, I think we’d better talk about this at home,” I said.

“Yeah,” Anna said, as her laugh finally died down.

“Come on, Ben, let’s go!” She added. She now looked happy. And so did Baby Ben.

Then Anna suddenly glanced at her phone, and a look of worry crossed her face.

“Oh my god. I forgot about Moira.”

“Moira?” I asked, as I thought about her beautiful brunette friend from high school, who was actually in my grade. Moira and I had just graduated, while Anna and Nick had graduated a year ago. Moira was this year’s valedictorian.

“She’s coming over?” I added, worried. I’d sort of gotten used to being around beautiful Anna. But beautiful Moira too—who was also almost certainly the smartest woman in the whole school? I have to admit it made me kind of nervous.

“Yeah, she’s probably already there. Luckily it’s a short drive back. Let’s hurry!”

In spite of what she said, I drove my parents’ old car just regularly. I wasn’t going to bounce Ben on a speed bump in his car seat just because of Moira.

When we got to Anna’s house, which was really also my house, because Anna and Ben lived in the caretaker’s cottage in the back of my parents’ place, Moira was already there, standing impatiently, and looking at her phone.

“Oh, there you are!” Moira said, sounding a little annoyed.

Moira was about as different in looks from Anna as you could imagine. Where Anna was tall, voluptuous, and redheaded, Moira was short, slender, and had almost black hair. But where they were similar was that they were both, in their different ways, very pretty.

“Hey babe!” Moira said to Anna, reaching up for a hug and kiss on the cheek, and then she noticed Anna’s figure with almost a shock.

“You are smokin’ hot girl! Look at your boobs! I haven’t seen you in a bathing suit since,” and here she looked over at little Ben with only mild interest, who I was carrying in his removable car seat.

Like some other women, Moira and Anna liked to compliment each other a lot, sometimes in personal ways.

“I know,” Anna said, smiling, “Remember how I wanted big ones? Now the curse is that I have them.”

“Were a lot of guys at the pool hitting on you?” Moira asked.

“A few looked like they wanted to, but David scared them away. But look at you,” Anna added, “you are a total hottie, as usual.”

Moira had a well-put together Jewish-Hipppie-chick vibe that she did very well. Her breasts were medium-small, but she’d sometimes go braless, as she did today, with stylish and yet casual tops that gave you a good sense of her gravity-defying pointy breasts.

“Oh, shit,” Anna suddenly added, “is this your new car?!”

Sitting on our long driveway was a new emerald green Miata convertible, with its top down.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Moira said, beaming at it with pride as strongly as Anna beamed at baby Ben, “Mom and Dad just gave it to me for choosing boring state U with the full scholarship over much more expensive Wellesley.”

“What is it?” Anna asked, since like some women Anna was a bit vague about cars.

“It’s a Miata,” I said, with genuine admiration, looking at the sports roadster with almost as much longing as I looked at Anna’s breasts, adding: “Very nice car, Moira!”

“Thanks, David,” Moira said, looking at my face and seeming to just notice me. And she seemed to really like me for the first time, even though I’d had AP classes with her for years in high school, because I’d so sincerely complimented her new baby.

“And look at it,” I said, looking down at her little car: “leather, Bose stereo, and even a manual transmission!”

I iddaa siteleri drove a manual too, but I didn’t think any women my age did.

“You know it, baby,” Moira said, looking at me in a slightly sexy way, and adding, “That’s the only way to go, with the joy stick in your hand.”

Moira got a faux-horny look on her face as she caressed and shifted an invisible shift knob in her hand, almost like it was an erect dick with large head.

“Moira!” Anna laughed.

“Sorry!” Moira mock-said, although clearly she wasn’t, “I was just lost in the moment.”

“Has Vittorio left?” Anna asked, clearly making a point. He was the handsome Italian exchange student that Moira had been dating last year.

“Yeah,” Moira sighed, “how could you tell?”

“Just a hunch,” Anna said, “But maybe you can figure out a way to fuck your car!”

They both laughed.

“Let’s get inside,” I finally said, laughing too, but a little nervously, since this was kind of crude talk if my mother made one of her rare forays out of the big house.

“Ben needs changing,” I added.

“Oh yeah, the little tyke,” Moira said, looking down on him with minimal enthusiasm.

So we went in, and while Anna went to the back to change out of her bikini, I changed Ben.

Moira looked on with barely hidden disgust as I wiped Ben up thoroughly, put him in a fresh huggie, and then dressed in him a cute sailor’s outfit.

“Do you want to hold him?” I said when I was done.

“Not really,” Moira said, “I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“That’s OK,” I said tolerantly, “Ben knows how to sit up now. Don’t you little guy?” And I sat him up and he balanced easily and looked around the room with his green eyes, which were rather like his mother’s, smiling.

“Just play with him with this rattle. I’ll be right back with his bottle.”

I got one of the bottle’s of Anna’s breast milk from the fridge, quickly heated it up in the microwave, and then brought it back over to Ben and Moira on the floor of the living room.

In spite of herself, Moira seemed charmed by Ben, who was smiling at her and flirting up a storm as he shook his rattle in one of his little hands.

“He is kinda cute,” She admitted.

Moira then watched as I squirted some of Anna’s milk from the bottle onto my wrist, checking the temperature. And then I licked it off.

“Ewww!” Moira exclaimed, as Anna walked back into the room.

As she saw Anna, Moira said, “David just licked up some of your breast milk!”

“What’s wrong with that?” Anna said, sitting down on the couch.

Anna had, I saw, dressed herself up much more than she ever did for me, in capri slacks, nice shoes, a stylish blouse, and even quite a bit of make up. I realized not for the first time that women dress for each other much more than they do for men.

“Wow—Anna, you are gorgeous!” Moira said, genuinely wowed.

Anna did suddenly look like a model from a clothes catalog.

“Thanks,” she said modestly, although I could tell she knew it was true, and was enjoying Moira’s compliment.

Ben, seeing his Mom, started reaching out for her, and I knew what he wanted.

Anna started unbuttoning her white designer blouse, while I picked up Ben and brought him over.

Anna unhooked her nursing bra, and I saw for at least the hundredth time the front of her freckled milk-filled right breast, with its large pink areola and medium-sized nipple.

Baby Ben latched on immediately, and started vigorously sucking at Anna’s boob.

“Shit,” Moira said, impressed and even a little shocked at the same time, “that’s quite a show.”

“Does Nick know,” Moira added in a slightly worried voice as she glanced over at me, as I sat down on the living room floor again, “that David’s seeing all this?”

“Oh, yeah, it was his idea. And it’s almost impossible to put a cloth on anyway….Look,” Anna added, and grabbed a cloth and draped it over her breast and baby Ben. Ben almost immediately reached up, grabbed the cloth, and threw it on the ground.

Ben was revealed again, grinning while sucking on Anna’s tit.

“Yeah, I see,” Moira said, looking over at me.

Moira then said to me, “I bet if I told you in high school that you were going to see Anna’s breasts almost every day, you wouldn’t have believed me.”

She was studying me.

“No, I wouldn’t have,” I said, blushing a little and looking down.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter to him. David sees me at my worst pretty much every day: leaking milk, burping, farting. I think at this point point I’m a total turn-off to him. And anyway, he’s the most loyal friend to Nick you could imagine.”

“Yeah,” Moira said, looking back over at Anna, “I saw him changing Ben’s diaper. Even if you’re paying him, that’s total loyalty.”

“I forgot to mention, Moira,” Anna said, suddenly getting a very mischievous smile on her face, “That David’s been trying to screw up the courage to ask you out for coffee.”

“Oh yeah,” Moira said, looking back over at me with an appraising look.

“Yeah,” Anna added, “He says that you’re smart, funny, and really pretty!”

“Anna!” I said, and grabbed a soft couch pillow that was on the floor and threw it at her. She deflected it easily with her arm, and it fell to the floor.

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