Anitta Ch. 01: Voice in My Head

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Authors Notes:

– Several Chapters coming

– There will be Good vs. Evil in later chapters.

– Everyone is of Age to include one that is several thousand years old

– Ratings left are good, comments on ideas where to take it are even better.

Anitta CH1:

I wasn’t bit by anything, there were no UFO lights, and I wasn’t experimented on. I just woke up one morning to a female voice in my head. I know some people don’t have a voice in their head which is weird to me as I’ve always talked through various scenarios to make sure I don’t say stupid things, but this is entirely different.

I was sixteen and woke up to what I thought was my mother or sisters waking me up for breakfast and found out quickly it was “Anitta”, and that she had been watching people thousands of years and was just as surprised as I was to be stuck in my head.

We spend the first few days trying to figure out the dynamics of how I was not crazy, and she had seen all my private moments throughout my life so to relax and keep going as I was. Going to the bathroom ended up happening due to not being able to stop it, but my daily rub-out routine stopped for the first week though I eventually buckled, and she feels what I feel so doesn’t complain except for some of my video choices.

Things after that were not normal, I turned from the introvert in high school to talking to everyone that I came across with the information she was feeding me. I joined the local swim team as she wanted me to get into better shape and she got me a car because nobody wanted to keep taking me to the practices between 5:45am and 6:45 am in the morning. It just kept getting better as time went on with good grades as she would help me with how and what to study.

Waking up this morning the first thing I do is check, “Still there?”

“Yes, I am still here.” Anitta sounds irritated as we both were wondering if turning 18 and becoming an adult would set her free.

“I’m sorry I’m kind of selfish at being happy you’re still with me,” I reply as I get out of bed and head downstairs. It’s winter so I only have two practices a week and today is an off day.

“I used to have a meeting per year on what you were supposed to do and how I should steer you if things went sideways, and now, it has been no updates at all for two years. They have to know.”

“Still won’t tell me who they are? Maybe it will piss them off and even their anger is better than nothing?”

“When we sit under the stars on Saturday, I’ll tell you everything, it seems to be the best spot for it.”

“Cool, what do you want for breakfast?” We normally trade back and forth since she feels what I feel and she hadn’t experienced food before being inside of me.

“It is your birthday, but Emma is upset, and she could use some pancakes.” Anitta sighs, “She has been watching my family, but can’t nudge them the way she used to, so she uses me to keep that going. It has dramatically fixed all of our relationships as I am now the bartender of the family when it comes to listening and giving them Anitta’s advice. She can still see the other family members to a certain range around me.

Always the first one up due to my routine I go through my phone for an hour and then start her breakfast of Tres Leches pancakes using milk and condensed milk to make them even better. Grab a large water bottle (sippy cup) is what I call them and fill it with Orange Juice and head up to her room.

We all have the same Italian features mixed in with a little French with dark hair and dark eyes just with varying forms of curves. Emma is my fraternal twin and Vicky is two years older and going to school at USC but living at home. My goal is to stay in Southern California and keep the instate tuition going, plus it’s a top-ranked party school and down the street from Venice and other great beaches.

Walking into her room she is half covered and her hair is a freaking mess. “She’s been tossing all night due to Robert going to North Carolina State,” Anitta says as we enter.

“Hey, Emma, wake up babe.” I stand next to her bed as she stretches.

Smelling the pancakes, she sits up, “I don’t want to get up today, going to just hang out for a while.”

“I have your favorite. You have to eat and then I’ll get you later so we can get out and about.” I reply.

“It’s your birthday too you know.” She says looking at the tray and sitting up.

“Don’t want to eat too much in case I have to bury his body, I have a weak stomach,” I reply, and she smiles at me. “Yeah! is that where we are going?”

“Yup. Duct tape and trash bags are in the car.” I say with a straight face.

‘OH, you made tres leches, damn, I must be a mess huh.” She digs in and I sit on her bed.

“Give it a month and he’ll just be another bob’er in the ocean.” I get two groans from that one.

Kissing her forehead I start back out, “Going to make the rest of the family regular stupid food. I’ll be escort bayan back for the tray and you later.”

“Thanks, this was super nice,” Emma says as I close her door.

“I make the normal scrambled eggs and toast and fruit bowl for the rest of us, and they start straggling in as they get up for the day.

I eat as I’m making it, so I head back upstairs and get dressed for my last three months of school. March is still considered winter around here but 70degrees is okay by me, it’s just the water that gets a bit cold.

Anitta makes me sit with the family so she can watch and nudge whenever possible, I also volunteer to chauffeur and shop and say yes to just about any request to go somewhere. It’s my give back to her for everything she does for me, and the guilt trip she lays on me if I don’t.

I spend most of my school days prepping for or taking tests or hanging out in elective classes. I have a few people at my locker and get some birthday cards from a few of my friends and a few of Emma’s as she isn’t coming in today. Being rudely and loudly dumped in school the day before your birthday can piss you off like that.

I read Darci’s right away so I can get the hug as she is my school girlfriend. We don’t do much outside of school as we are both busy so I gotta get what I can.

“Close your locker and get ready, Robert inbound, this is going to get physical, so punch him in the face twice and walk away when he steps up close,” Anitta says and I’m a bit taken back as this is the first time she’s advocated violence.

“If you don’t, he is going to kick your ass.” Anita says to my thought.

“Where’s Emma?” Robert says walking up to our lockers.

“Not your concern anymore,” I reply back and I turn to get the right angle. I’m fit but haven’t gotten into a fight as Anitta normally has me talk my way out of everything.

“Fuck you, little bitch, you don’t get to talk to me.” “Now.” Anitta says, as a lefty I tag him square in the cheek with my left and then step forward and tag the same cheek again and his head hits the lockers on his way down to the floor.

“I said walk, James.” Anitta gets me out of being stunned at what I just did, grabbing my bag I walk down the hall towards the first class.

“What the hell was that?” I ask and she is quiet. I hear a bunch of questions and people chasing after me, but I just walk into class and sit in my chair to calm down the adrenaline.

“He had a good chance of kicking your ass later and also harassing Emma when she comes back, now he’s going to leave you both alone,” Anita says a few moments later. “She is also jumping up and down in her room right now after Melanie texted her what just happened.”

“Oh, okay, that’s cool then.” I look around and people are talking about it and laughing. Robert has always been a douche, but he was nice to Emma up until yesterday at least, and Anitta said it was her choice for the moment when I asked her a few months ago.

Quite a few people at lunch talk about it but I steer it back to the birthday party at the house tomorrow night. I make it through the day without getting called to the office and suspended so all is good.

“Tell him you want him to skip Friday and you and him will meet up on Saturday,” Anitta says as we head towards the car.

Jason is standing by the car, so we get in and drive towards his house, I normally drop him off but almost never pick him up as our times don’t match up. “Hey, let’s go to Advanced auto parts for Saturday.” I start off, “I need a favor, can you skip Friday and me and you will hang out most of Saturday bro style?”

“Is this you or Anitta?” Jason asks as I get in the car. She groans everytime he mentions her, but he’s been my best friend for a decade, so I had to tell him. “Anitta, she hasn’t told me why.”

“Cool, probably some final destination shit saving my life from a truck going home.” He says and we jam the radio with the windows down and get the supplies for his car. He has never given me a hard time about it, and it only comes up when I say weird things out of the blue.

“Emma says not to use the duct tape or tarp and end up in jail?” Jason reads my texts to me from everyone at school, most are thumbs up or where did that come from, with a few of Emma’s friends asking if she is okay as she isn’t replying earlier in the morning. He dumps the phone back into the bag and looks over at me. “Well?”

“It was a joke this morning about burying his body to make her feel better, I had no idea this was going to happen,” I reply.

“She’s free now though, right?” Jason asks and Anitta says No immediately.

“No. she is not.” I reply without looking over at him.

“Just checking in case Anitta saw Emma’s fate the same way I do.” Jason grumbles.

“Anitta said you should now come to the party on Friday, don’t worry about the truck.” I make up for her and she laughs.

“That’s fucked up Anitta.” Jason laughs and starts grabbing adana escort his stuff.

As he gets out of the car, “Text your Mom to get more wine and beer on the way home.” Anitta says and I grab my bag to get the phone.

“What do you want for dinner?” I ask her and she says Vicky is making shredded chicken and noodles which is both Anitta and my favorite or at least tied with a meat lover’s pizza.

“DUDE! I thought you were just kidding this morning.” Emma walks up and hugs me as I get through the door.

“Thing escalated quickly,” I say and drop my bag to hug her back.

“I heard, Mel said it was fucking epic the way you crushed his head and walked off right after and didn’t say a word.”

“I was amped up and freaking out,” I say looking down at her face.

“Come with me if you want to live.” Emma says as she walks away sounding like Arnold and I laugh.

“Your mother will be here in about two hours with her stop to get the supplies.”

“When’s mom getting home?” Vicky asks in the kitchen. “I have everything ready, just need 40 minutes to make it.”

“Two hours, she’s getting wine and beer for tomorrow,” I reply and grab a diet coke.

“I’ll pick some up also as she thinks 18yr old’s drink a few and are done, anyone that wants to drink needs to stay the night,” Vicky says to both of us.

“I got nobody coming as I’m going to hang with Jason on Saturday.”

“Why not ask Tammy, you like her.” Emma says and Anitta says nope, toxic, never.

“Nah, I’m cool.” I say and take a drink. “She’s hot, you’re no fun.” I send to Anitta.

“She’s just one person James, trust the system.” Anitta sends back.

“Well, my friends loved you before, so I know they are going to be all over you after today.” Emma hugs me from behind my chair.”

“Your mother is home, go help her.” Anitta says a while later as we are watching some series Emma likes. Vicky started dinner earlier.

I move Emma off of me and walk out the door leaving it open. “I’ll bring it in, you put it away.” I say over my shoulder.

“He’s like a dog when the owner gets home”, Vicky says through the bar area.

“Freaks me out what he hears, being in the room next to me.” Emma says back causing Vicky to laugh.

“He never knocks on your door, has he ever come close to catching you during or even when you aren’t decent?” Vicky asks and Emma shakes her head no. “Yeah, he hears everything.” Vicky nods and turns back to the food.

“Fuck, that’s embarrassing,” Emma says and is thinking back to everything she’s played on her phone or said to her friends. “Fuck.” Vicky giggles in the kitchen.

“He’s never said anything?” Vicky asks as Emma walks into the kitchen.

“No, but if he’s heard what I’m watching he’s probably afraid of me.” Emma says.

“Showed up for you today with the pancakes and the ass whooping, I think your good Em.” Vicky says as she gets the plated out. “He took over dad’s job like it was no big deal for a 15yr old.”

“Yeah, I think he told Jason not to come tomorrow because he knows how Jason acts up and wants it to be better for me.” Emma says and Vicky puts all the silverware in front of Emma to put out. “Yep.”

“And I’ve just been wallowing in self-pity.”

“You can go in now.” Anitta says as I’m talking to Mom about the day and stalling because Anitta told me to.

I bring in a case of beer and a box with 6 wine bottles and Vicky smiles at me and nods letting me know she’ll grab more tomorrow.

We sit down to eat, and Mom asks who is coming tomorrow and what is the agenda?

“Mel, Virginia, Cassidy, Maya for sure, and maybe Sandy.” Emma says.

“Ask about Nicky.” Anitta says, “she came to the locker and texted you.”

“Wait, are you setting me up with Nicky? I ask Anitta right away with no answer.

“Uh, Nicky came by the locker this morning and texted me if you were okay today.” I say to Emma.

She looks at me and pulls out her phone. “I can ask her.” Emma is typing and then I see Vicky take her phone out and start typing.

“Well, they definitely think I’m interested in Nicky now. I can see the smoke coming out of their phones.” And I still get no answer from Anitta.

“James?” Mom asks me.

“Nah, I’m going to hang out with Jason on Saturday and don’t want to make a thing of it with anyone else. Maybe see if Mike wants to hang out with us over at Jason’s.”

“Darci has to work?” Mom asks and I nod, she works at Starbucks, and they never get coverage for the closing shifts.

“So, then it’s Emma’s tomorrow and you Saturday then, what is the agenda, or do I not want to know?” Mom asks Emma.

“Working on that now, normal stuff, presents, booze, gossip, movies, good music,” Emma says still typing away, but I see Vicky put her phone away.

“You want to go out with me tomorrow night Mom?” Vicky asks. Mom looks over at Emma and then me.

“Well, since no boys are going to be here, adıyaman escort and nobody gets to leave?” Mom is looking at Emma who nods.

“Nobody leaving till morning,” Emma confirms after a few moments of typing.

“Sure! Let’s make a night of it, we will be back before close though as I’m too old to stay out all night.”

I’m just staring at Mom the entire time after she says no men are going to be there. What am I? I feel Vicky nudge me under the table and shake her head. Okay, what are they planning? Why are you being so quiet.”

“There’s nothing to add.” Anita says.

“Party Store?” Emma asks me and I nod, “Let’s go.”

We are normally quiet together and then talk a lot all at once when the moment happens so there’s just music that she puts on.

“So Nicky?”

“What am I supposed to say? You invited her.” I think and Anita says to say what I think.

“Not as a girlfriend, she was there for you and seemed worried, so I thought I better mention it.”

“Oh, I thought you liked her, but even with Darci you don’t hang out together, or I should say you never hang out with anyone.”

“I hang out with you and sometimes Vicky and Mom when we have time and Jason when I feel like being dumb.”

“You can get anyone you want; all of my friends like you and you talk to people like it’s the easiest thing in the world at school.”

“I have everyone that I want. If that changes, you’ll be the first one to know.” I say and look over at her.

“Will you at least hang out with us tomorrow night, you can have the chair and we aren’t doing anything that is super girlie stuff.”

“Mom said no boys were going to be there.” I hear Anitta groan, but she didn’t stop me beforehand.

“Jason’s not here, don’t be dumb.” Emma also groans.

“Yes, I was just teasing, I’ll hang for a while, I don’t want to miss the lingerie and tickle fights.”

Emma laughs, “Yep, that’s what was planned.”

We get a ton of streamers and balloons with a helium tank, a bunch of hats and a few cat masks and such.

“Is there anyone coming to the party that you want to sit next to you?” Emma asks.

I pause to hear if my better half has any input and hear nothing. “You’ve had a rough week, I figured I sit by you and fetch drinks and hold your hair back when it’s time.” Emma takes my hand in both of her.

We decide to do everything that night, putting up the streamers and balloons as they only have to last one day. Lots of helium voices and laughter from all of us, especially Mom when we find out she has the cutest voice of all of us on helium.

We have birthday cake and open a few presents, and everything is nice.

“What do you want to watch James?” I get from the three of them. “LongMire?” and we watch that from the beginning to get Mom caught up and lesson the number of questions, though there are still a lot of questions. They all loved the show and were watching it after I went to bed as I have to get up at 4:45am.

“You were quiet today.” I say on the way up the stairs.

“You did really well,” Anitta replies.

“We can just talk sometimes you know, about things you’d like to do, places you would like to go.”

“There’s a lot going on right now, we can do that during the quiet times. I get worried that I’ll miss something.”

“Saturday Night, if you tell me everything and you still don’t get a response, me and you are going on a trip to area 51 and sending you home.”

“I’m not an alien.” Anitta laughs. “The WVM game walkthrough tonight episode 54?”


I swim for 40minutes at the Rec Center and change there before heading to school. Emma is there and a few of her friends come over for lunch and they talk about having fun. Nicky thanks me for inviting her and I look over at Emma who ignores me. A few others have a different lunch period as does Jason and the rest of the day is uneventful.

I hang out with Jason at his house with VR video games and then head back to our house for dinner.

Vicky whispers she’ll text me and Emma when they are heading back. I ask her why and she laughs and hugs me. “Happy birthday party dad.” Still laughing and walks after Mom.

“We don’t talk about that Vick.” Mom says glancing over at me.

Mel came home with Emma as they are best friends and spent most of the time up in her room. She is the slim pale blonde to Emma’s olive tan. Dirty blonde with big blue eyes.

Maya is a feisty Argentinian and Cassidy show up together, both are on the varsity softball team as Maya pitches and Cassidy plays short stop. Both brown hair brown-eyed and both bustier than all of the others.

Virginia is on the swim team and volleyball and soccer, and she is as fit as you can be without muscles, only an inch shorter than I am at 5’11” Spaniard with black hair, bcup, and great butt.

Nicky shows up on her own, a pretty brunette with soft everything look to her.

We have an L shaped couch in the living room and a chair Mom sits in most of the time. I pull it a little closer and sit next to Emma.

They are talking up a storm about whatever it is they talk about while I am going through my phone and watching them scoot about the room.

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