Anita’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 08

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Amateur Whore

Chapter Eight: Pa Biggerstaff

When our folks came home, Ma went on by herself to Sarasota, Florida to dry out for a spell under supervised care. Pa announced he was in charge and we were going back to being a normal family again. We didn’t think any more of it. But apparently Pa took the job seriously, possibly because he was inspired by building a Jesus theme park for “Pay the Lord”.

I came home from school as usual and went to my room to change clothes, and maybe put on a little shoe show for Billy. Pa was sitting there on my bed pondering. He was facing the large hole in my closet connecting to Billy’s closet and in his hand he had some of my lingerie. It was Steven’s favorite with the holes cut out in the nipples and crotch. He held up my bra with the wholes in it and said, “This is as sorry as a two dollar watch.”

I had no way out. I didn’t have a story. So I did what any woman would do in this case. I began to cry.

Pa was not sure what to think of my reaction. He stood up and I tightly wrapped my arms around him sobbed, and sniffled, “I’m sorry Papa.”

Pa did not know what to think. He was making up scenarios and excuses for me, blaming my evil brothers for spying on me and not even mentioning the lingerie, which looked fairly new, except for a cum stain or two, something Pa, was not bright enough to figure out. He was going to punish those boys, worse than when they blew up the dam or shot his bull in the balls with a BB gun. I knew it. Billy was going to die.

Pa held me back and kissed the top of my head. I kissed Pa, on the cheek. Pa kissed me on the cheek. I kissed Pa again on the cheek. Pa held me a little tighter and kissed me on the lips. I kissed Pa back on the lips. I could feel Pa’s growing crotch next to me. I rubbed up against it as Pa kissed me again. Pa touched my breast. I let him. We kissed some more. I rubbed against his crotch more. Pa went to fondling my breast. I grabbed his crotch, istanbul escort Pa grabbed my crotch. So much for being a normal family again, “unlessin’ we were from West Virginie,” as Grand Pappy Amos might say. But-hey, I got everyone out of trouble.

Pa’s hands removed my top over my head. I hugged and kissed him in my bra, as Pa felt me up. The clothes quickly came off at this point. Pa’s shirt was next to go, followed by both of our pants. As it turned out neither one of us had on any kind of underpants. My bra was the last casualty. Judging from the size of Pa’s dick I could see I was in for another grand and glorious Biggerstaff pounding. Now there was a stick I wouldn’t mind if Pa would beat me with it.

But before Pa would beat me with his joy switch, I wanted to showoff my fine cock sucking ability that Billy learned me. Although I wouldn’t let Pa know who I learned it from. I got down on my knees in front of Pa and opened wide for chunky.

I said to Pa, “Oh Daddy it is so big, I don’t know if I can get it all in my mouth.”

He had a great tasting cock, sort of like Billy’s but with a more aged, milder taste. I was able to get Pa all the way in my mouth with no problem. I gave him a good ball lickin’ too.

Pa had his hands on my head and said, “Ah Sunny, you just don’t know what that does to ya Pa.”

Well actually I did know because I did the same thing to Steve and Billy and watched them explode cum all over the place. I cupped Pa’s balls with my hands as I worked his dick in and out of my mouth. His dick felt good filling up my mouth. I tasted Pa’s pre-cum when he stopped me. “I don’t want to go like this,” Pa said. “Let me please you, Sunny.”

Pa had me lay down on the bed naked with my legs spread far apart. It seems Pa was the Pickens County Fair Pussy Eatin’ Champion three years runnin’ and I was going to get the ole mustard jar lickin’ treatment from the old geezer. Pa drove me crazy with ataköy escort his tongue, he was doin’ the Chinese alphabet on my clit. A girl could easily get ‘dicted to this. I grabbed hold of Pa’s head as he ate my pussy out. This was heaven. There was no one to punish me if I got caught. I heard a quiet but distinctive thump from Billy’s closet. It wasn’t a Billy thump. It was Steven. I have gotten to know these guys by their thumps.

He was spying on me and Pa. Pa went to move his head to look in that direction, but I wouldn’t let him move from my clutches. I forced his head back in place. I came in my Pa’s face. It felt so wickedly good too. I couldn’t believe this was the same man who would drive like a bat of hell so we could make it to church on time.

Pa had a sticky sweet Sunny mustache. He came up and kissed me with it before he mounted me. I liked the taste of love juice, even my own was fine. I wondered if all women tasted like me. Bad Sunny, I thought.

Pa arranged me on all fours. He wanted to fuck me doggy style from behind. This position was new to me and then I got a mental picture of him and Ma fucking doggy style that just wouldn’t leave. I wanted Pa to fuck me like a dog too.

Pa was able to do some reach arounds and play with my titties while-en he fucked me. I was feeling really good and playful. “Woof, woof,” I barked for my Pa. I kept making barking and howling noises. I heard a titter from the closet and a soft whisper of “shut-up.” Pa was too busy with my tits and pussy to notice as my barks covered up the commotion. The audience only made me want to bark and howl some more. I could only imagine what Steven and Billy would want me to do to encore for them next. I could envision Steven buying me a collar and leash instead of a naughty nightie.

With a few grunts from Pa, and a woof and yelp from me, Pa filled my coochie with his cum. We laid there for a moment and avcılar escort Pa talked to me like an adult. “Are you okay with this?” he would ask. Then he reminded me not to tell Ma, like I was incredibly stupid. Then Pa asked an innocent enough question, “Is there anything I can get you?”

I answered up, “A car like Steven’s would be nice.” I was joking of course. Pa meant something in the way of fetchin’ me an RC Cola.

Pa thought for a bit and sat back down on the bed. He placed his hands on my knees and said, “Pa is going to have some important guests down here next week. If you are as nice to them as you were to me, Sunny might be able to get her wish, but I can’t make any promises.”

The idea sounded like blackmail and prostitution. I really didn’t want any part of that. All I wanted was to love and be loved. I told Pa, “I love you Pa. I’ll do what ever you want and you don’t have to buyin’ me no car or such.” Besides I have seen Pa buy cars. The value of the cars he buys generally depends on how much gas is in the tank.

“Okay, you will then?” Pa again asked.

I nodded yes.

“Mr. Fish might be there,” Pa added.

I said, “Okay, I like Mr. Fish too.” Fish wasn’t his real name. His real name was Gil Haddock, but for some reason everyone called him fish which I couldn’t figure out. He didn’t fish, nor did he look like a fish, except for his eyes, which were cloudy. Pa said Fish had “Cadillacs” in his eyes.

Fish did have all of his own teeth, which he kept in a jar. He got all of his teeth pulled a few years back and got dentures. He claimed he had to do it. His gums had become weak and sore from the gum disease he got when he visited Jamaica on vacation. Pa says “we ain’t ever goin’ there for a vacation.” In fact I don’t think we ever left the country unless-en’ you count “South of the Border” on I-95.

I couldn’t wait. I got horny that night just thinking about. I snuck over into Billy’s room that night and gave him a blow job while he played opossum with his hands behind his head and a shit eating grin. After he came in my mouth, I gobbled down all of his cum. As I left I gave Billy a quick peck on the lips, which he returned and whispered, “woof.”

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