Angela Ch. 02

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When I woke up I was in Angela’s arms and she was holding me in a loose embrace even as she slept. I let my head rest where it was on her chest and listened to her heart beat for a while. Finally she began to stir and I looked up into her face just as she opened her eyes. In that moment she was the definition of true beauty, at least in my eyes. I smiled at her and she returned the gesture as she flipped me over so that I was lying beneath her. The depth in her eyes might have scared me if I wasn’t so very enraptured with her. She lowered her head and brushed her mouth gently over mine, there was no pressure or movement just a gentle brushing of her lips over my own. I twined my left hand in her hair pulling her closer and rested my right hand at the base of her neck as if to hold her in place more firmly. She giggled a little bit in the back of her throat before deepening the kiss and sliding her tongue over my lips. I moaned then and again I was surprised at my natural reaction to her. Her hands wandered over my body slowly as if she were memorizing each smooth plane and curve. As she ran her hands over me she let her nails lightly graze my skin raising goose bumps wherever she touched, I arched against her seeking whatever it was that she wasn’t giving me.

Angela shifted slightly and straddled my thigh pressing her own leg between mine as she ground her pussy against me. My breath caught in my throat as I felt the slightest hint of her moisture on my naked flesh. In the next moment I felt like screaming each time she circled her hips she pressed her thigh against me causing little sparks of pleasure to course through my pussy.

I gripped her shoulders hard and heard her gasp at what I suspected was the shock of pain my nails had caused. Angela pulled her mouth from mine and stared down into my eyes. She clicked her tongue ring against the back of her top teeth her lips slightly parted and her breath coming out in heavy puffs. I dragged my hands from her shoulders and over her breasts pinching and rolling her nipples hard between my thumbs and index fingers. She let out a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a low pitched animalistic growl. Her hips moved faster as I played with her nipples. We were both moaning our hips in constant motion and our skin slick with sweat.

Her body shuddered against mine as she climaxed, and I was right behind her biting back a scream as I went over the edge. She lay on top of me our breath mingling as we panted together. When she rolled away from me I felt the heavy air brush across the wetness she had left on my thigh.

I shivered as after shocks raced through my body. My thighs were still trembling and I felt both tired and excited and something else too. If I’d been at all experienced I’d have known that the something I couldn’t identify was fulfillment.

Moving from the bed Angela stood and stretched. I watched her smooth muscles ripple beneath her cafe au lait skin. She turned and caught me looking and smiled at me. As I would soon find, that sweet slow smile would always send a shock of excitement racing like a bat winged butterfly through the pit of my belly. I smiled at her before sitting up and throwing my legs over the bed. I just sat there, with my back to her. I felt good for the first time in a long time, there was none of the shame that sex usually brought on and I didn’t feel even the least bit used or unclean. That alone was enough to make me almost weep.

Angela circled around the bed and tipped my chin up making it impossible not to look up into her eyes. She had startled me because I had been lost in my own thoughts When she saw the glint of unshed tears in my eyes she frowned.

“Are you okay Mi? Oh God, did I hurt you?”

I shook my head because I knew just opening my mouth to speak would start me to crying, and I couldn’t even begin to explain everything that I was feeling.

Before either one of us could do or say another thing Asia started screaming letting us know she was awake and hell bent on getting out of the prison that was her crib. At first Angela didn’t even move she just stood there staring at me. When the child’s wails grew more insistent she let go of my chin and quickly got back into the clothes she had shed earlier.

While Angela went to get the baby I pulled myself together and got my own clothes back on. By the time the two of them emerged from the baby’s room I was straightening up the bed. Angela walked out of the room with her child without a word, she returned moments later without the baby. Shutting then locking the door she leaned her back against it and stared at me.

I was sitting on the foot of the bed looking at her watch me.

“Are you okay?” She asked me quietly

Standing up I crossed the room and embraced her pulling her to me hard. “Yes,” I whispered into her ear as I held her. I told her over and over again until she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me back. We stood there for the longest time, neither one of us really willing to let go. A knock on the door interrupted us and Angie cursed softly before letting me go. marmaris escort She unlocked the door and opened it as if her intent was to tear it from the hinges.

“We’re going out to dinner now,” Chloe told us. I had finally learned to tell the twins apart after weeks of living with them day in and day out.

“We’re not hungry,” Angela told her younger sister before shutting the door in the girl’s face.

“The hell we’re not,” I said when she turned to face me. I was already trying to reach around her an open the bedroom door.

Angie laughed at me and rested her hands on my hips. “I’ll make you something to eat if you’re hungry, I just want to keep you for myself for a while. Believe me opportunities to be alone like this are few and far between.” She brushed her lips over mine gently and pulled back smiling. “Lets go,” she told me, opening the door.

By the time Angie and I made it downstairs, everyone was gone and the house was uncharacteristically quiet. In the kitchen Angie opened the fridge to see what we had to choose from while I looked in the junk drawer for take-out menus. Thank God for take-out because there was an abundance of food but all off it had to be filleted, roasted, fried, baked or boiled. I didn’t feel like cooking or having Angie out of my arms long enough for her to prepare something.

Once the food was ordered we decided to wait in the family room because the chances of us hearing the doorbell in her attic bedroom were slim to none especially if we were preoccupied.

We sat on the couch making out, touching and giggling until the doorbell rang. Angela tried to pay but I got there faster than she did. She was a little miffed that I had paid but she got over it quickly. While we ate I watched her, I had a new appreciation for the shape of her lips and the muscles in her mouth. She winked at me as if she knew what I had on my mind and kept right on eating. I smiled at her and licked my lips. She put her fork down and moved closer to me. I leaned into her laying on top of her. I kissed her this time, hard and deep. Urgent too. She responded by pulling me closer and wrapping her slim fingers in my hair and tugging once gently before pulling me closer still.

She parted her lips for me and I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She was warm and wet against my tongue and just kissing her had me open. The food was quickly forgotten as I focused on consuming her, my hands were all over her and I couldn’t get enough of her soft skin or smooth curves. We undressed each other quickly and once again I placed the full weight of my body on top of her and pressed my lips to hers. Angela raked her nails over my back before entangling her fingers in my hair and tugging sharply. I moaned loving the feeling, I’d never had anyone show me the pleasure that could be involved in just a little shot of pain. Hell I’d never even had anyone work at making sex pleasurable for me.

I moved my lips from hers and kissed her neck licking and biting the flesh there before moving to her breasts. I was mesmerized with the feel of her skin under my lips and teeth. I licked, bit, and sucked her nipples until she was moaning my name and trying to pull me closer. I was as close as I could get and still she arched against me. I ran my hand over her smooth abdomen and dipped it between her thighs. I could feel her heat before I even touched her. I placed my palm against her pussy and she moved her hips, grinding against me as she sought release. After a moment I pulled my hand away, I didn’t want her to cum just yet. She spread her legs wide and begged for my touch. Her words sent a rush of excitement through me and I was more than happy to honor her request. As I ran my fingertips lightly over her slit, she tried to thrust against my hand but I pulled back again. I kept licking and biting her nipples but kept my hand still until she stopped trying to force the contact. I wasn’t at all experienced but I knew I wanted to try and do things at my own pace. With her begging and moaning “Please Mi, please,” I could barely contain myself, but I wanted to go slow.

Once again I let my finger slowly and gently caress her slit and this time she barely moved. I could tell Angie was holding her breath and trying to contain herself. I slipped one finger into her she was incredibly tight even as wet as she was just then. I swirled my finger inside of her core as my tongue circled her left nipple. She was squirming but still holding back from fully bucking against the motion. Adding another finger I stroked in and out letting my palm hit her clit with each gentle stroke. She was begging again, “Please, Mi Please…,” and this time I couldn’t resist. I quickened my hand and pushed into her harder. “Come on baby,” I said lifting my head from her chest for a moment. That was all she needed to hear. She thrust her hips to meet every single stroke of my hand and in moments she was trembling and tightening around my fingers. She screamed loud enough to make me thankful we had the house all to ourselves. I kept my hand moving even after she was spent grinding my palm against her clit while marmaris escort bayan my fingers rested inside of her. Resting my head against her chest I listened to her heart beating and her breath heaving as she went over the edge again. It was the most beautiful thing I could ever remember hearing.

I pulled my fingers out of her and rested my hand on her belly and just listened to her heart beat as it slowed to it’s normal pace. Angela wrapped her hands in my hair toying with the wild sweaty locks. I was content to just lay there but it was not to be because aside from our breathing the sound of a car pulling into the driveway seemed outrageously loud. Without a word we both jumped up and began grabbing our clothes from the floor. Angela got to the stairs before me and sprinted up two at a time she was already in the hallway by the attic door when the front door swung open. I was behind her by a few paces and just barely missed displaying my naked ass to her entire family. We burst through the door and up the stairs collapsing in a fit of giggles just inside her bedroom door. I pinched her lightly on the arm.

“Girl were you just going to run off and leave me? We aren’t all track stars you know.” I said

She just laughed. “I would never run off and leave you Mi, I knew you were right behind me.”

When we could stand without laughing like two fools we got dressed, my panties were nowhere to be found which worried me although Angie didn’t seem overly concerned. After we were presentable we went downstairs to clean up the remains of the take-out we’d shared and hopefully locate my missing underwear.

We never did find those underwear, or at least I never did.

The weekend rushed by and before I knew it, it was Monday.

I wanted to try and stay in for at least another day but Mrs. Montonaro wasn’t having it. “Mia I know it’s hard but you can’t let fear control who you are.” That’s what she told me moments before she rushed me and her first born out of the door. I was scared and angry but there wasn’t much I could do except follow Angie to my car and get in. She drove us to school while I sulked in the passenger’s seat.

When we pulled up to the school she got out but I just sat there. I was so afraid for a million reasons I couldn’t even name but I knew I couldn’t just sit in the parking lot all day. It took ten minutes for me to work up the nerve to exit the car but I did it. Angela tried to hold my hand as we walked toward the building but I shook her off. I had way too much to contend with without bringing my orientation issues into the mix. I wasn’t ashamed exactly, just overwhelmed. I mean I had just recently allowed myself to accept the truth, and I wasn’t ready to tell my truths to everyone else just yet. It never even occurred to me that she was making the gesture out of friendship not trying to force me to come out. She looked at me but I wouldn’t return her stare because I didn’t want to acknowledge the hurt that would be in her honey colored eyes, or the fact that I put it there. Once we were inside she walked away from me. I had too much pride to call out to her or tell her I needed her for just a while longer, and she had too much pride to come back without an apology. Part of me knew she deserved an apology for the way I had brushed her off but the other part of me was truly angry with her for leaving me standing stock still in a crowd of swarming teenagers. I felt like crying but the last thing I needed to do was breakdown. I made it to my first class and sat in my seat in a daze. I even managed to exchange some idle chit chat with some of the other kids. All my supposed friends were happy to believe I’d been on vacation with my parents, and I’m sure it eased their guilt. Not one of them had called me more than once in the weeks that I’d been “gone.” It didn’t matter to me which caused me to take pause. They weren’t my friends and apparently it didn’t bother me one bit, yet I still felt the clawing internal need to be accepted by them.

The day passed slowly but it was almost over. I headed to Social studies, truly excited to be seeing Angie after a whole day without her. When I walked in the room she was already there when I walked in the door and when she caught my eye she smiled. She’d obviously forgiven me for my earlier transgression. I smiled back and had to restrain myself from running over and hugging her.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Amber enter the room she paused and watched as I stared at Angela. Amber’s gaze made me uncomfortable for a whole lot of reasons that I didn’t want to look at she made me feel ashamed for wanting Angie and I hated myself for that shame. I looked away from Angela but not before she winked at me. I blushed and moved quickly to my seat. After we were seated Amber leaned over and whispered to me, “Did you see Angela wink at me, oh my God.” I looked at her and just nodded even though I knew full well Angie hadn’t done any such thing.

Social studies was far more boring than I remembered but it passed quickly and I was startled when the bell suddenly rang. Angela was waiting for escort marmaris me but I walked right past her because Amber was already following me out of the classroom, I wanted to be the kind of person who was strong enough to say the hell with other people’s hang ups but I wasn’t so I walked away from the one person who had taken me from worthless to priceless. After a few moments of idle gossip Amber and I parted ways and I looked around the halls and in the parking lot for Angie but I couldn’t find her anywhere.

When I couldn’t find her, I sat in my car and cried for twenty minutes before even starting the engine. I saw her not even a mile from the school walking toward her house. I pulled the car over and rolled down the window.

“Angela I’m so sorry, please…”

She didn’t even let me get the apology out “Yeah you are sorry.” She said and walked faster.

“Angela please listen I didn’t mean to…”

“You know what Mia, go to hell okay. I didn’t expect you to come out to everyone or anything but I did expect you to treat me like a friend.”

I put the car in park and got out when we were face to face I looked in her eyes “Angie…you’re right I just…I can’t even explain so forget it, all I know is I’ll make it up to you.” She relaxed a little and I could see some the anger leaving her.

“Mi just treat me like you’d treat any other friend okay, that’s all I’m asking.”

I laughed and shook my head. “I don’t want to have hot sweaty sex with all my friends so I don’t see how that’s going to work.”

She smiled and shook her head.

I took her hand in mine and pulled her toward the car and she followed. “I’m not in love with all my friends either.” I said quietly

Angie stopped walking and almost pulled her off balance because I hadn’t expected her to pause. I had halfway hoped she hadn’t even heard me because I spoken just above a whisper. When I turned to face her she was staring at me.

“What did you say?”

I looked away embarrassed. “Nothing,” I told her turning back toward the car. She walked up behind me and turned me around and I found myself once again looking into her beautiful eyes.

“Mia what did you say?” She was so close her voice whispered against my face.

“I said I’m not in love with all my friends either.”

She pressed my back against the car and leaned in to kiss me. I was slightly freaked out because anyone could drive by and see us but that thought flew out of my head as she nibbled my bottom lip. When she pulled back she looked into my eyes again.

“I love you too Mia, with my entire heart.” I kissed her and then hugged her before she stepped back and walked around to the passenger’s side of the car. We drove to her house in silence. I knew I absolutely loved her but I was so scared that someone would find out and then I’d be shunned. I knew even then that me loving her would hurt the both of us like hell.

When we arrived at her house Angela and I sat in the car we couldn’t seem to stop looking at each other and giggling like five year olds. We were finally able to make it out of the car and to the front door without acting like complete morons. Inside the house Angie’s mother had already started cooking dinner and the whole house smelled of roasting chicken. For a moment I took pause to appreciate the sheer domesticity of it all. Angie and I literally ran up to her room after we had yelled a brief hello to her mom.

The second the door was shut and locked we were all over each other, I couldn’t stop myself from kissing her as my hands drifted over the landscape of her body. Just as I started to let my fingertips creep beneath her fitted shirt there was a knock on the door. I sighed and Angie said a few choice words under her breath as she stepped away from me and went to open the door. Her mother was standing there with Asia in tow. The little girl and her grandmother entered the room and Mrs. Montonaro asked me how my first day back had gone. Everything that had happened that day flashed through my head before I answered “Fine.” She just smiled and announced that she was going to run a few errands, before she turned to leave she handed Angie something and said “I know I can’t stop you two and I’m not even going to try, but don’t you ever let me find out about that happening under my roof again.” Then she was gone .

When her mother left Angie turned to me and handed me the underwear that we had misplaced the day before. She and I looked at each other for a moment before bursting into fits of laughter. Asia looked up from the toy she had been playing with and stared at the two of us like we were lunatics before going back to the noisy flashing toy she had been playing with. Because the baby was in the room Angie and I made sure we kept our physical contact under control but we still caressed one another with our eyes. The way she looked at me kept me blushing and giggling, and for the first time it struck me that she wanted more from me than fifteen minutes in the backseat of some car. When I met her eyes I smiled at her and wished I had the vocabulary to convey to her how she made me feel, I realized that no one had ever made me feel cherished before, not even my parents, and now here was this beautiful girl who could touch my soul with nothing more than a quick glance.

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