Anal Stories: Jess , Bethany

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** The ad was on the fourth page of the newspaper’s classified section. Small print, no header. Dr. Ana Von Gaarten, Ph.D. is seeking stories of anal sex for a sex study. Must be personal and must be well-detailed. If the story is accepted for inclusion into the study, the writer will receive $1,000 dollars and will be required to sign a waiver for publication purposes. Send replies to P.O. Box 745, New York, New York … **

Dr. Von Gaarten,

My name is Jess and I am a lesbian. I want to share my first anal time with you but it’s not what you would think. It was not a strap-on; it was a real live man! I had to be coerced into it but looking back on it, it was well worth it! Hope it’s not too short!


I said I wasn’t going to speak to her. I said that I wasn’t going to touch her. Instead, I decided to leave her. After five years of ups and downs, highs and lows, I couldn’t deal with this. You wouldn’t be able to, either, if you’d found your lover in bed with a man. Not a big deal? It is if you’re a lesbian.

It was our last evening in San Francisco. We’d decided to take the trip as a reward for buying our first home and had had a wonderful time – until Bethany almanbahis met Jeff Winters. It was even worse because she knew him. He was an old boyfriend from high school and was in town for an electronics convention. Small world, eh?

I’d gone downstairs to luxuriate in the spa for awhile and was unpleasantly surprised to find the two of them in bed. Bethany had only smiled.

“What the fuck is going on?”

“A little education.” She said, grinning at Jeff. “Come join us.”

“Are you crazy? He’s a man.”

“Yes, he is.”

“And you’re a lesbian.”

“Yes, I am.”

“You don’t see a problem?”

“Not at all. Come here and let me show you.”

“Fuck you!”

Bethany laughed again. “That’s the general idea.” I turned on my heel, intending to never speak or touch her again but Jeff grabbed me, holding me tightly. “Show her what I mean, Jeff.”

“NO!” I didn’t want to be fucked by a man. I wasn’t interested at all. I still had my hymen to prove that point. Bethany just laughed as I struggled in Jeff’s arms. He pushed me facedown on the bed and held me there while my girlfriend, soon to be ex, tied my hands and feet to the corner posts of the almanbahis yeni giriş bed. I started to cry. “Bethany, please! You know I don’t want this.”

“Yes, you will. Trust me.”

How could I trust her? I was so demoralized. This was the woman I wanted to spend my life with and she was betraying the most basic tenet of my life: no men. I laid there crying my heart out and nearly choked on a sob when I felt Jeff’s rough tongue basting my ass crack. It felt different but so good. The sobs in my throat quickly died, replaced whimpers and moans. His tongue lapped by sensitive ass flesh, nipping near the entrance to my dribbling pussy and lightly rimming my asshole.

Without a warning, his tongue delved inside my asshole and I came immediately. I was stunned that I had cum so quickly and without any vaginal stimulation. Bethany moved into my view, a smile on her face. “God, Bethany, what are you doing to me?”

“Giving you a little education. You know I like to share my knowledge with you.” She bent down and kissed me, sliding her tongue in and wrapping around mine and the sensation of her tongue in my mouth and Jeff’s in my ass made me cum again. I groaned almanbahis giriş in disappointment when she pulled away and moved down with Jeff. She slid her body underneath mine and presented me with her fragrant pussy, slick with juices and I happily bent to my work. In the mean time, she was working on my own sopping pussy, sucking the lips in and thrusting her tongue deep into the wet core.

Jeff’s tongue left my asshole and I jumped when I felt the head of his cock pressing against my sphincter. “Relax.” He whispered and Bethany redoubled her efforts, drawing my attention away. The pain was brief, made better because I was orgasming through most of his entrance. It was the most incredible feeling I’d ever felt. Jeff began to move but did it slowly, matching Bethany’s loving licks. I tried to apply myself to licking her pussy but I couldn’t stop gasping at the sensations that were racking my body and turning me into a quivering mass.

I came and came again, moaning into Bethany’s juicy puss and eagerly sucking her dry until she came again. It was only a few moments later that we all three came together, Jeff pumping his load into a condom and pulling out after catching his breath. Bethany slid out from under and untied me and the three of us laid together, trembling and temporarily sated.

“Are you still mad?”

Bethany giggled as I cuddled up to her. “No, but let me know the next time you want a little education.”

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