Anal, from Merissa’s POV

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Anal, POV

As my step dad has mentioned, and I alluded to, he was the first to fuck me in my ass and while he took a couple of stories to lead up to and tell the anal story, I am going to kind of combine them.

As he mentioned, some of my previous boyfriends had attempted it, clumsily and hastily before. He on the other hand by introducing me in the manner he did, made it extremely easy and sexy.

It started with the very first time he ate me out and in so doing also sticking his tongue in my ass as well as all the other ass play we did. Explaining and having me ease my way into it, with pushing and relaxing my ass, as he slowly advanced his fingers into me, was so great, while at the same time fucking my pussy.

My mom was still out of town and we had fucked the night before and it was quite good. I did however want to try anal and I also wanted to be very adventurous. I mentioned about an adult toy store, as I had seen some toys that had intrigued me, and as he had already had a couple of fingers up my ass, thought I was ready for anal sex.

Prior to leaving, as I had something in mind to elevate things a bit, I drained some lube into a small travel bottle and took with us to Fascinations, the local, big adult toy store. Once we were there, I mentioned wanting a dildo, and was somewhat shocked when told my stepdad had found my big one in the room, after my last short stay. The thought of him holding my toy, made me blush a bit and made my pussy a little wet as well. After a bit of time I found what I wanted, a vaginal vibrator (remote) as well as an anal plus, that was remote as well. While my stepdad paid for them, and since I had already spoke to cashier, I snuck off to bathroom, and using the lube, stuck the anal plug into my queenbet güvenilirmi ass and inserted the Lush into my pussy, which was already quite wet, just thinking about the afternoon ahead of us.

When we got in the car I told him of my antics and kissed him full on the lips in the parking lot, licking his tongue with mine and bruising my hand across his crotch. When I was in the bathroom I had installed the app on my phone and showed him how to operate them, and then leaned my seat back for the ride home. Wow, before pulling out of the lot, he turned them both on a very low steady vibe. The feeling of two vibrators, one in my pussy and one in may ass at the same time was fucking amazing. I must have cum three times in the time it took to drive home and my shorts were soaked by the time we pulled into the garage, as he had left the anal plug low and slow, but at stop lights would play with the lush, driving me fucking insane.

We got in the house and went to the basement as there is a very large couch, as well as carpeted floor to fuck around on. Once there, I stripped and was flushed and horny as fuck. He had me sit on the table in the middle of the sofa arrangement and from there, as he had stripped as well, I looked on him as he played/manipulated the vibrators in my holes for a good 45 minutes, making me even more wet and even more fucking horny. After this time, he stood and leaned over to me, and as we engaged in a hot kiss, he pulled the lush from my pussy, and as he did so he broke our kiss, lifted me and turned placing me on the couch and as he did so, fell face first into my sopping pussy. He at my pussy with his usual enthusiasm while the plug in my ass was working me ever more to craziness. Combine that with his magic queenbet yeni giriş fingers in my pussy, rubbing the vibrator on that tissue that separates my ass and pussy and I swear I came for 15 minutes straight.

It was as one of those orgasms was decreasing, that I told him to “fuck me already.” He stood up, aimed his hard cock at my pussy and drove it into the hilt, which hit my clit and drove me into another orgasm. He continued fucking me like this for a a few minutes and slipped out, since I was a wet mess, more than once. Finally, I felt his cock begin to swell, and even though I told him I want his cock in my mouth, he stabbed it into my pussy, and left it there as he came. As he has been fixed, and I knew this, I had no concerns about getting knocked and it felt awesome.

After he had come he pulled his cock out and directed it to my mouth. I started to clean it off, as I felt this large gob of his cum, slide from my pussy and down to my ass, which made me cum again. At this time, he reached around and pulled the plug from my ass. Without a word, he pulled his cock from my mouth and dove into my crotch. We were kind of in a 69, as I had got his cock back into my mouth, and as he licked and sucked and fingered my pussy and ass, I worked in getting his cock hard, again.

After a few minutes of this, he pulled up and out of my mouth and spun me around. As I was already on my back, I pulled my legs back and asked, “are you going to fuck my ass now, daddy?” As he had taught me, I started pushing and relaxing my ass and watched him spit on his cock and on my ass, the spit on my ass getting sucked in, a bit as I relaxed. He then put his cock head at my ass, and as I pushed and relaxed, on about the third time, it was almost queenbet giriş as if my ass sucked his cock into it. I kept this up, as he was not all in yet. Again, when he pushed the last bit, and past the second ring of my ass, he was now all in and I could feel my ass spasming, which with his cock in it, felt more amazing than I could have imagined. Once those settled down, I told him “fuck my ass, with long, slow strokes, daddy.” Calling him daddy nearly always makes him want to fuck me even harder, I had figured out. He did as I asked and for quite some time fucked me with long strokes. I cold feel him almost every stroke nearly exit my ass, and each time he pushed back in, as well as the back stroke could feel all of his cock rubbing my anal walls. He had started playing with my clit at some time, and I told him to play with my pussy, with his fingers, while he fucked my ass. After a few minutes of this, I couldn’t take it much longer, and told him, “pound my ass, I want you to fuck me hard and deep!”

He took me at my word and started with long strokes, but different than before he was going pretty fast and very hard, I was getting my little ass pounded and it was making me drive towards an orgasm, I could tell was going to be awesome. I could feel my orgasm building and both my ass and pussy were starting to spasm, which I know he felt and was going to make him cum, and at that point, I really wanted to see him cum on my tits and I wanted his cock in my mouth. I told him to cum on my tits and finish in my mouth. A second or two later, I felt his cock head swell and knew it was coming, and at that time, I started to cum. He pulled his cock out of my ass, slid up my legs until his cock was just below my tits and shot a rather large load of his cum on the space between them, then he slid further up, dragging his cock in his cum to my mouth, and as I sucked him deep into my mouth/throat felt his cock spasm another three times, leaving a nice load of his cum in my mouth. I licked his cock clean and then said, when can we do THAT again?

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