An Irish Experiment Ch. 04

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It was now coming up to six o’clock in the evening. We’d been fucking on and off and having showers for nearly seven hours. She was my boss, we’d worked together for years and now we were acting like this. Easily one of the stranger days I’ve ever had. But now we were getting towards the grey area of evening, between man and beast. Were we to have dinner? Did she want me to go home? I watched the TV passively. It was all just repeats and ads. That last orgasm had taken it out of me and I could feel myself getting sleepy. I crossed my arms across my chest and pushed my legs together. I stretched my whole body, arcing it forward and slumping back, relaxed. My breathing became deep and my eyelids became heavy. The last thing I remembered was an old fat white man making racist jokes while supposed to be talking about cars.

I didn’t dream exactly but I remember hearing sounds. Keys jangling, footsteps, hard at first then gentle. Then movement, like a slow wave. The rocking woke me and I looked around. The room was darker now and lit by the light of the TV. There was a football match on!

“Sweet!” I thought to myself.

I looked around and Milly was sitting on the couch beside me. She was having tea and toast. My brain was not awake enough for me to think of anything funny to say. I sat up and noticed I was fully erect, my penis making a huge tent in my tracksuit bottoms.

“Hiya,” I said, groggily. “Sorry about that.” I said, nodding towards my tent. Milly took a bite of her food. I looked at Milly’s body. She was still wearing the grey business skirt and white shirt, the jacket folded neatly on the back of a kitchen chair. She held a small plate between her chin and breasts to catch any stray crumbs. She had her feet up on the coffee table, the angle accentuated the shapeliness of her legs and highlighted just how huge her breasts were. The bottom of her breasts were close to her lap. My eyes lingered on them. They looked so good in that crisp white shirt, straining the buttons, yearning to get out.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I know what happens when men sleep,” she smiled as she chewed. “Besides, you showed it to me earlier on, remember?” I did remember and I cringed at the memory.

“Yeah, sorry about that too!” I said, then paused. Where was Charlie? Here I was with her phenomenal flatmate and she was nowhere to be seen. “Is Cha-” I started but Milly began talking at the same time so I stopped.

“You don’t have to apologies for that either, Greg,” she remembered my name! “Besides, I have experience hiding body parts that are,” she paused looking for the right word, “Prodigious!” she smiled at me and nodded towards her chest. I smiled back, melting a little.

“What time is it?” I asked, not wanting to look at my phone. It might be rude, it might break the little spell that surrounded our conversation.

“It’s a little after eight. Would you like some tea or coffee?” she offered.

“Ehm, I’m not sure,” I said. Maybe she and Charlie wanted me gone? “Do you know where Charlie is?” My steel rod still tenting my tracksuit bottoms.

“I’m right here!” Charlie’s voice rang brightly. She stepped into the living room wearing yoga pants and a lemon yellow string crop top. She gave a pose, her right arm straight up with hand bent down, her left hand on her hip, left leg slightly bent at the knee. She looked amazing. She walked to the centre of the room and stood in front of Milly and me.

Her hair seemed blonder and fuller, bouncier. Her legs and tummy seemed more toned and muscly but it was her breasts that showed the biggest difference. I stared, my mouth wide open. I don’t know if she had specifically chose this top so she could show off but, if she did, it absolutely worked.

“Oh Charlie!” said Milly. I forgot that she hadn’t seen her earlier this morning so didn’t know about her recent growth. Milly took her feet down from the coffee table and put her plate down.

“Oh, these little things?!” Charlie said cupped her breasts and lifted them up and laughed. She then noticed the tent in my pants. “And what were you guys up to?” she said, smirking.

“Nothing!” I said, flustered. “I just had a nap and…” I trailed off, failing to explain myself.

“Ah, I’m only messing!” she said. Milly got up off the couch and stood beside Charlie. The two women stood close to each other and looked each, deeply and seriously. Charlie’s long blonde hair highlighted against Milly’s brunette. Charlie was two or three inches taller than Milly but they held eye contact in silence. I could feel my breathing get deeper. Milly was the first to blink and she looked down at Charlie’s chest. She seemed slightly lost for words.

“When…?” she trailed off. “What have you been doing at work? And eating?” She looked back up to her face. Their breasts were close to touching. “Is it something to do with…?” Milly turned to look at me. Or at least in my direction. Was she looking at me or the tent in my pants? Charlie followed her gaze.

“I think so. I haven’t been doing anything else unusual!” Charlie’s right breast was closest to Milly so she cupped and lifted up her left breast. “But they feel amazing.” She involuntarily bit her lip and closed her eyes and she touched herself.

“May I?” the almanbahis yeni giriş German woman asked, tenderly.

Charlie opened her eyes slowly and nodded. Charlie’s breathing was matching mine. Milly raised a hand slowly to Charlie’s heaving chest. She paused, inches away from it. She looked from Charlie’s breast to her face, for reassurance. Charlie smiled, took Milly’s hand and guided it in the final few inches.

The two women moaned in unison. And I knew my erection was not going to be subsiding any time soon!

“Oh, it’s nice!” Milly said gently, her gaze going between Charlie’s breast and face. Charlie pressed Milly’s hand and squeezed. “If you keep growing you’ll soon be as big as me!” The two women laughed.

“I used to be happy with my size,” Charlie said, looking at Milly but talking to everybody and nobody. “Though I did sometimes wish I was bigger. I thought about how it would change the way men and women would look at me. How it would affect my clothes and what I wore. I don’t know the cause for the change but I like it.” She looked at me invitingly.

I got off the couch and limped awkwardly and stood close to the two women. Charlie continued talking. We were in a triangle, close enough to be touching. Milly’s breasts taking up the majority of space between us, dwarfing Charlie’s. My cock jutting out from my tracksuit bottoms just about visible under the mammoth mammaries.

“I even sometimes touched myself thinking about having big boobs but I knew it was a fantasy,” she looked from Milly to me. “But then this guy shows up with his enormous cock and now I don’t know what to think!” The two women laughed again and I joined in, nervous, not wanting to break whatever spell has descended upon us. “I just feel really happy to have two wonderful people in my life now. Happy and horny!” Ok, I legit laughed at that one!

“Yeah, me too!” Milly agreed. “I hope you don’t mind me saying Charlie but I always thought you were cute but seeing you like this it’s just,” Milly paused, looking for the right word, “incredible! I’d never really thought about being with a woman before but now?” The question hung in the air unanswered. The two women looked at me. I gulped.

“Do you guys want dinner or anything?” I asked. They laughed again.

“Greh-egg!” Charlie said, putting two syllables in my name. She stepped back, away from our little triangle and flopped onto the couch. Halfway between where Milly and I had been sitting. “Now that you say it though, I’m starving! Do you guys want pizza or an Indian or something?”

“We could order an Italian?” Milly said. “Though I just want to drink some wine!”

“I could go for an Italian, yeah,” I ventured.

“Doesn’t that thing ever go down?” asked Milly, smiling and pointing at my cock.

“Well, it would, if I wasn’t around two such beautiful ladies!” I hoped that would charm them. Milly rolled her eyes but stayed smiling. Charlie threw a cushion at me but she was also smiling. I caught the cushion and sat on the couch, back where I had been. “Would you prefer if I covered up?” I placed the cushion on the protruding tip of my cock, trying to balance it. Charlie leaned forward, sticking her chest out. She reached over and knocked the cushion off its perch.

“Does it look like we’re the covering up types?!” she laughed.

“But for a cock so big,” Milly said, sitting on the arm of the armchair that matched the couch, “How does it stay hard so long?” She crossed her legs at the ankle. I couldn’t decide which to look at, her legs or her breasts.

“Well, I have gotten soft today! I promise!”

Charlie looked up from the take-away menu to Milly.

“It’s true, it has. And I’ve worked with him for years and never saw it hard,” she went back to the menu.

“I’m sorry if the questions embarrass you or annoy you or anything, Greg. Like I said, us Germans are very open. It’s just I’ve never seen a cock so big and to be honestly, I find it fascinating. I was very distracted at work today!”

Milly looked up again.

“What happened? Did you show your cock to Milly?” Charlie asked me, a smirk forming at the corner of her lips.

“Well,” I said, hesitating. “I walked out of your bedroom with it sticking out of my tracksuit and Milly came out of her bedroom and… well, yeah! She saw it! I put it away straight away though!” I protested my innocence. I didn’t want them thinking I was more of a pervert than I actually was!

“And I was so disappointed!” Milly fake pouted before laughing again.

“I know what I’m having,” Charlie said, handing the menu to Milly. Milly took it but didn’t look at it.

“Do you know how big it is?” Milly asked.

“He told me earlier on but I think it’s gotten bigger since we first… hooked up,” Charlie said, stroking it through the fabric.

“Oh yeah? Much bigger?” Milly followed up.

“Eh, a little,” the two women were discussing the size of my dick in front of me as if I wasn’t there. Charlie turned to me. “Stand up and take it out. Let Milly have a proper look!” I wasn’t sure if she was serious so I stayed put. “Come on! Up!” She poked me, she was serious!

I stood up, reached into my pants and manoeuvred my meat out and peeled down my tracksuit bottoms almanbahis giriş to the knee, bending as went. I straightened back up, revealing myself to the two women. Both were staring at it and I was so hard. My cock was twitching in time with my pulse. I was so horny a drop of pre-cum was forming at my slit and I was so hard my cock was straining upwards.

“Oh my!” Milly cooed. “It’s fucking huge!” She uncrossed her legs and walked over to me. I looked at Charlie, uncertain. Were we a thing? Did she mind Milly looking at me? She told me to get up so she can’t be too protective! Maybe she was being literal when she said everything was shared. Charlie, however, wasn’t looking at me now. Her eyes stayed fixed on Milly’s tits as she crossed the room. Milly took my seat on the couch so her face, while about a foot away from my dick, was at the same level.

“Can I touch it?” she asked, her voice quiet. I went to say something but then noticed she wasn’t talking to me. Charlie nodded at Milly and smiled. She reached out and I noticed she had long slender hands. She hesitated a moment when she was close and looked up at me, meeting my gaze for a second before returning to my cock. Her fingertips touched the skin on my shaft. Her touch was cool.

“Oh you’re so warm!” she said, looking me in the eye again. ‘You’, not ‘it’. She reached as far as she could around the shaft but had chosen the thickest part, the centre, to start with. “It’s so thick! Look Charlie, I can’t get my fingers around it!” she said, turning to Charlie.

Charlie had moved her body to face the action. She had one foot up on the couch and the other on the ground, her legs were wide open and she slid a hand into her tight leggings. The other hand cupped her full breast through the fabric of her crop top.

Milly looked back to my cock then back to me. She moved her hand gently up and down the shaft. It felt so good. I saw Milly mouth open slightly and got the urge to push my cock in there. She must have felt the same as her face moved closer to my tip. She looked up to meet my gaze and she slipped easily off the couch so she was kneeling in front of me. Her mouth was at the perfect cock height and she spoke.

“Can I suck his cock, Charlie?” She was asking Charlie, not me.

“Mmmm, yeah. If you can!” the blonde said joking.

Milly leaned forward, her mouth wasn’t open anywhere near wide enough. Her tongue darted out and she licked at the pre-cum oozing from my slit. She tasted it and looked up at me.

“You taste nice!” she pulled the foreskin back further, exposing the whole cockhead. She looked at it in amazement. “The head on its own is big! And then there’s the rest of it!” She turned the shaft away from her, examining the sides. She then lifted it, pointing it towards my face. It went several inches past my belly button. Milly pressed it hard against my taut stomach. “It’s huge!” She ran her free hand over her crisp white shirt that was straining to contain her enormous breasts. She let go of my cock suddenly and it sprang down, the weight of it nearly pulling me forward. It bobbed up and down before coming to rest.

Milly put her hand on my shaft again, her delicate fingertips inches away from her thumb that reached around from the other side. Again she popped her little tongue out but this time she lifted the cock up and flicked it on the underside of my helmet. I couldn’t help but let out a moan.

“Yeah, he likes that!” Charlie chipped in. Her hand was busy under her leggings.

Milly, my shaft in one hand opened her mouth as wide as she could. She tried to get my cock in her mouth but it was too thick. She took it back out, turned it away from her and attacked it from a new angle. It just about fit but I could feel her teeth scraping around my exposed cockhead. I was well familiar with this sensation and had grown (if you’ll pardon the pun) to love it. Milly stroked my shaft with one hand as she sucked as best she could on my cockhead. It was a tight fit and I was loving it but she popped it out of her mouth.

“It’s too big for me, I think,” she said, still stroking my cock. She lifted it up again and licked my heavy, full balls.

“That’s ok,” I managed to say, “There’s other ways we can have fun!”

Milly planted little kissed up and down my shaft as she stroked it. She made a point with her tongue and moved my cock around it. It might have been too big for her mouth but she still knew how to handle it.

“I just want to eat it up!” she said, attacking it from the side and pressing her teeth down lightly.

“What do you have in mind, Greg?” Charlie said, her voice thick with desire.

“I want those huge tits,” I said, the words out of my mouth before I could help it. Milly’s face exploded into a huge smile.

“Oh, yes!” she squealed. She let go of my dick and started undoing the buttons on her shirt. She pushed her chest forward to see them better but it also had the affect of straining the buttons even more than they already were.

“Hang on,” I said, “Do you think you could pop those buttons?” I was nervous asking but it was a fantasy of mine for as long as I could remember so I had to give it a shot.

“Oh yes! I can do that easy!” Milly said, still smiling. almanbahis güvenilirmi “Hang on!”

I stepped back to give her room. I had seen videos of button popping and sometimes they were like bullets!

Milly took a deep breath which swelled her shirt more than it already was, put her elbows behind her back and jammed her shoulders backwards. Three buttons flew off her chest, one hit my leg and the others went flying past me. The gap revealed Milly’s bra, it was silver and black and I could already tell it was overfull, seeing boob spilling out of the gigantic cups. I continued to stroke my rock hard cock, staring at her enormous globes. She breathed out, letting her shirt go back to normal, the gap closing slightly but I could still see.

On autopilot I kneeled down in front of Milly, leaned forward and put my face in the gap of her shirt. I breathed in deeply. I felt her hand pull my face into her cleavage.

“Oh yes, baby!” I heard her say. I felt her reach down and grasp the exposed shaft that I didn’t already have a hold of. I reached around her back and pulled her towards me. I couldn’t breathe but it felt amazing. Each of her breasts was far bigger than my head! I started stroking my cock faster and faster. Milly matched my speed, we were totally in sync when Charlie stepped in.

“Take it easy, Milly! We don’t want his rocket going off too quickly!” she giggled, her hand still in her leggings. Milly let go of my head and I reluctantly pulled my face away from her breasts. “Besides, he’d cover your skirt and I don’t think that’s what he had in mind!”

“Was it what you had in mind?” Milly asked me sweetly.

“Well, to be honest, no,” I replied. I was a bit nervous but I had to go ahead. “I would like to put my… dick… between your…” I didn’t finish the sentence but I didn’t need to as the smile on Milly’s face and the fact that she undid the rest of her buttons told me all I needed to know.

“Oh yes please! I love love love that!” she said, excitedly. “Here, sit up on the couch!” She patted the couch beside Charlie and I went to sit down.

“Eh, don’t put your naked arse on our couch!” Charlie interjected. I swung around to look, the length of my cock whooshing through the air going unnervingly close to Milly. I quickly stripped my tracksuit bottoms off and laid them carefully where I was about to sit. I sat down and spread my legs, giving Milly space to fit between. She reached down and undid her unpopped buttons and gracefully removed her shirt. Her alabaster skin contrasting against the black and silver of her bra. The size of her breasts was just incredible. Each one started close to her comparatively tiny collarbone, sloping out gently at first then massively bulging forward until they got to where her nipple protruded. They then swept down, going further down, close towards the belly button. I could tell there was some sag, how could there not be with breasts that size. They moved slowly, like mountains, as Milly reached behind herself and unhooked her clasps. Her boobs pressed the fabric of her bra tightly, overflowing before the last clasp was undone and her breasts fell forward. She scooped the bra from underneath her breasts and slid the black shoulder straps down over her slim and toned arms. I was spellbound. Milly looked up and saw the affect she and her breasts were having on me and smiled coyly.

“Enjoying the show?” she asked, her voice quiet and timid.

“Very much,” I just about managed to say.

“Your boobs are so fucking hot,” Charlie said. I looked over, having half-forgotten she was there I was so entranced by Milly and her breasts.

Milly slid the cups off and finally revealed her entire breasts to us. They were pale and milky, huge with slight blue veins just about visible. Her nipples were light pink and puckered. I reached out automatically to touch one. I cupped her right breast with my left hand, the right still stroking my cock. I ran my thumb over the bottom half, eventually getting to her nipple. As I passed over it Milly took a sharp breath in. I looked at her face, her eyes closed in pleasure.

Charlie eased her hand out of her leggings and moved over to Milly and me. She leaned forward, moved my hand out of the way and took Milly’s erect nipple in her mouth. Milly moaned loudly.

“Oh God that feels good!” She put her hand on the back of Charlie’s head, ran her hand through her hair. I could hear the sounds of gentle sucking. The sight of this beautiful blonde sucking on this huge breast was exquisite. Charlie put both hands on the breast she was sucking and squeezed. It bulged forward. I pointed my cock at Milly’s other breast and rubbed her other nipple with the tip. Milly gasped again. Without looking Milly put her hand on my cock and started stroking. She leaned down, her huge breasts moving with her, and gave my cock a quick suck. She quickly leaned back, not wanting to crush Charlie between me and her breasts. I leaned forward and took Milly’s nipple in my mouth. It was a bit uncomfortable but I couldn’t resist and it was oh so worth it. I lifted her heavy breast up and ran my tongue around the edge of her nipple. I flicked it a few times with the point of my tongue before sucking the whole thing in my mouth. It felt and tasted amazing. It was warm to my mouth. I felt her hand on the back of my head and the mental image of me and Charlie sucking on these huge breasts popped into my mind. I felt the beginning of an orgasm tingle in my testicles and the skin prickle across the back of my scalp.

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