An Insular Family

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There were just 3 people plus the minister at the gravesite. As the minister spoke, the three people just stood there, holding hands, with tears streaming down their faces. The three people were Anna, her brother Shaun, and their father Carl Pearson. The person in the casket was the children’s mother. Just a couple of short months ago their mother had complained of feeling run down and went to see a doctor. What she found was that she had Stage 4 cancer and it had metastasized to the point that only radical chemo treatments could only slow her inevitable demise. In counsel with her family, she elected to forego the treatments, wanting only to enjoy her last time on earth.

The reason there were no others at the funeral was not that they were bad people. It was just that they were a very insular family. They really just wanted to socialize with their own family members. Until last year, that family had had two sets of grandparents. They too were very insular. The grandparents had been thrown together as orphans when they were young children and bonded in a way usually only found among family members. It was that closeness that led the Pearson family to lose all of them at one time as they were coming back together from a play when a drunk driver crossed the line and hit the car they were in, head on.

Carl Pearson’s an accountant and worked out of his house, so he had no work buddies, not that he minded. For him, all he needed was found in the 4 walls of his house, his loving wife and his wonderful children.

Now the children were motherless. Anna, at 15, was particularly devastated by losing her mother. Shaun, at 16 was also devastated by hid it behind a façade of toughness. Carl had married his childhood sweetheart when they were both 18 and now, he found himself a 35-year-old widower.

For the month after the funeral they all moped around the house unless they were at school or working. Evenings usually found them snuggled in the parents’ bed, just holding each other quietly. But gradually they moved from the bed to the living room where they snuggled together on the couch. Eventually, one of them turned on the TV and they stared mindlessly at whatever happened to be on. A couple of months later they seemed to come out of their stupor and they looked for shows that would, if not cheer them up, would at least distract them.

Anna and Shaun were much like their parents, preferring the company of family to anyone else. Oh, they were friendly with the other kids at school, it was just that they didn’t feel like they needed friends, not when they had each other. They walked together to and from school every day. When Shaun got his driver’s license, he drove them to school in the family car.

They got into a routine, Monday through Friday, the kids would go to school, come home, sit down at the kitchen table and do their homework. By the time they were done with their homework, their father had finished work for the day, so the three of them would make dinner. After dinner, they would watch TV until it was time for bed. Weekends would find the three of them up early and they would go for a run. They all liked running, it was a good way to exercise and it didn’t force you to interact with others like a team sport would. After they got back from their run and had showered, they each did their chores. Theirs was a rather traditional family, so the division of the chores was along traditional sexist lines. That meant that Anna did the cleaning and laundry while the guys did yard work and home repair.

Their routine changed when Shaun entered his senior year of high school. He joined the cross-country team and started running every day after school instead of immediately sitting down to do his homework. Anna took it on herself to take over the cooking. By the time she was 18, Anna had essentially taken on her deceased mother’s role.

Shaun had decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and started taking accounting at a local public university. He’d gotten a partial scholarship by joining the college cross-country team so he didn’t have to work to pay for college. Instead, he started helping his father with his work.

Although Carl was happy with his family, he missed the other benefits that came with having a wife, namely, sex. Besides, he really wanted another child. He and his deceased wife had been talking about having another child when she was diagnosed with cancer. After agonizing for weeks, he decided to try online dating. It took a few weeks, but he finally got a date with a woman who looked promising.

In the meantime, Shaun had been asked by a classmate to accompany her to a Sadie Hawkins dance. While he was uncomfortable with the whole idea of going out with someone outside the family, he too wanted to get laid. He was tired of beating off to porn and wanted the real thing. So, he agreed to go.

Both of those events happened on Friday and the conversation that night was awkward.

“Kids, I have something to tell you.”

“What, istanbul escort Dad?”

“I have a date for next weekend, Saturday to be specific.”

“A date! You can’t do that. I won’t allow it.” Anna yelled.

“Yes, I can and I am.”

With that, Anna stomped her foot and stormed off to her room.

“Dad, I guess this is not the best time for me to say this, but I have a date the same night.”

“No, it probably isn’t. I was really hoping you’d be home with Anna. But there is nothing to be done about it. I will talk with her in the morning. Congratulations on the date. Where are you going?”

“The school has a Sadie Hawkins dance.”

“One problem, we only have one car.”

“No problem, Dad, she is picking me up. Remember, it’s a Sadie Hawkins dance.”

It was clear the next morning that Anna was still mad as she pushed herself in her run, just to stay away from her father. Later, it was also obvious when she was making breakfast because she kept slamming things down on the counter.

After breakfast was over Carl cornered Anna and said “Honey, we need to talk.”

“What’s there to talk about! You are breaking up the family for some hussy.”

“I am not breaking up the family, I am just going out on a date.”

“Why? You don’t need a wife, I take care of the house and cook your meals.”

“Honey, uh, there are things a wife does that you can’t. Uh, a husband and wife do things in the bedroom. Besides, I really would like another child.”

“Yew. You mean sex. Aren’t you too old? Oh, that didn’t come out right. But you know what I mean.”

“No, I am definitely not too old. Believe me, I still have urges and, as I said, I would really like another child. Your mom and I were planning to have another child when she got sick. Now, I feel as though I owe it to her to have another baby.”

“I still don’t like it.”

“Well, I have another thing you won’t like. Shaun has a date too. He has been asked to go to a Sadie Hawkins dance at his school. It’s next Saturday night too.”

Hearing that, Anna’s face just crumbled and she started to sob. “You are both deserting me. It is the end of the family.”

“Now honey, we are not deserting you. It is just one date.”

“But why is Shaun going out?”

“Uh, honey, he is a guy and guys get urges. He will have to leave the house one day and start his own family. As will you. Don’t you want to get married and start your own family”

To which Anna wailed “But I have a family or at least I thought I did.”

“You do have a family and no matter what happens, we will always be your family. We just might not live together.”

Anna’s reaction to that statement was to storm off to her room and, after slamming her door as loud as possible, flinging herself on her bed where she cried herself to sleep. The rest of the weekend was no better as Anna was still mad at her brother and father.

Sunday evening found Anna alone in her bedroom fuming.

“Urges, I can’t believe those guys. Of course, they have urges, so do I. But I take care of them quietly at night, why can’t they? And Daddy with his ‘I want to have another baby.’ Then he goes on to say that Shaun and I will both want to have children someday. Of course, we will. Why can’t we just have them together? Wait, what did I just say? Of course, that’s the perfect solution! I can take care of their urges and have their babies. Then the family can stay together. Of course, I will have to have Daddy’s baby first, before he gets too old. But how do I take care of Shaun’s urges? I’ve heard the girls at school talk about giving their boyfriends blowjobs but they also said their boyfriends were only satisfied with blowjobs for a little while. Oh, didn’t Kerry say she satisfied her boyfriend by letting him fuck her ass, that way she could stay a virgin? She also said she’d had to stretch her ass first. I can’t remember what she used to do that but I bet I can find something online.”

With that, she sat down at her computer and started researching. It wasn’t long before she realized she needed an anal dildo and some lube. Thank god for Amazon Prime. She placed an order and had her package delivered Tuesday. She spent the next few nights in the privacy of her own room stretching her ass. The guys had no clue what thoughts were going through her head and were just thankful that she was not storming around the house. Last Saturday when they were watching TV, she even managed to huff while she sat stiffly on the couch. She had just radiated anger.

Saturday came around and the guys were nervously pacing as they waited until the appointed time. Anna flitted around the house. Other than not looking angry, the only other difference was her clothes. She was just wearing panties and a T-shirt, definitely not her usual weekend wear. It was also clear that she didn’t have a bra on because her b-cups jiggled as she pranced around.

“God, Dad, what’s with Anna? I’m stoked enough about this dance and watching her tits ataköy escort jiggle is keeping me so hard I’m going to have a hard time not jumping my date as soon as we get in the car.”

“I don’t know but I certainly do know how you feel. I’ve never looked on her as a woman before, but now…”

Finally, it was time for the guys to leave and off they went. Unfortunately for them, neither had a good time. Both were awkward and uncomfortable. It was clear when they parted from their dates that there would not be a second date for either of them.

The guys were commiserating together in the living room the next morning after their showers when Anna entered the room. She was wearing a robe, something they’d never seen her do other than when she was going to her room after taking a shower.

“I take it from the looks on your faces that last night didn’t go well. Good, because I have the solution to all our problems. That includes your urges and your desires to have babies.”

That said, she untied her robe and let it drop to the floor. The guys just stared at her naked body. Anna was not a great beauty but she wasn’t ugly. She had a nice enough body and a girl next door kind of look. She’d shaved her pussy while taking her shower and her vaginal lips were clearly visible.

“Honey, what are you doing? Put some clothes on!”

“No, I am the solution. I will take care of your urges and have your babies. Dad, you once said that is what wives do. Well, I will be both your wife’s.”

“Honey, but that’s incest. We can’t do that. Not only is it illegal, but the babies might come out deformed or something.”

“That’s just a myth, incest babies, especially first generation babies, are no more likely to have defects than a non-incest baby. As for illegal, well, we can just move and I can pretend to be Shaun’s wife in public while being the wife to both of you in our home. It is not as though we have any relatives or close friends.”


“No buts, I can see from the tent in your lap that you want me. Now you can have me.”

While this was going on, Shaun just stared at his sister’s body. He was so horny from watching her prance around all day Saturday then to have his hopes for relief crushed by his disastrous date.

“Dad, I don’t know about you, but I really like her solution. Our experiences last night showed how unprepared we are to find women who will marry us. We know and love Anna. Frankly, she is the ideal woman for me. She is someone I can talk with for hours or just sit quietly with while reading a book, and get a load of that body. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed how hot she is.”

Carl just sat there with kind of blank look on his face, so Anna walked over to him and knelt before him. Then she reached out and unfastened his pants. He watched as though it was happening to someone else as she fished out his cock.

“Oh, god, oh god, oh”

That was all he could get out as she took his cock in her mouth. It wasn’t until he exploded into her warm mouth that he could utter a coherent thought.

“I guess I should quit that internet dating site.”

“You’d better. I promise you guys that I will be all the woman you will need. I will take care of all your urges. In fact, for the next month I am not going to wear any clothes. So anytime one of you feels the urge, just bend me over and fuck me.”

“One caveat, I am having Daddies baby first, so Shaun you can’t fuck my pussy until I am pregnant with his child.”

“Oh, okay. I guess blowjobs will do.”

“I didn’t say I would limit you to blowjobs. I do have one more hole.” With that, she turned slightly and pointed to her ass.

“I’ve been stretching it out these last few days so I’d be ready for you. Now, Daddy, until I am pregnant, all of your cum must go in my pussy. So, no more blowjobs and no anal for at least a month.”

“Okay guys, let’s get the party started. Daddy, strip and lay down on the floor. I want to control how fast you enter my pussy. Unlike my ass, I have not stretched it.”

Carl, now fully on board, stripped quickly and laid down on the rug. Anna, already wet from playing with herself while shaving her pussy, quickly straddled him and started lowering her pussy over his cock.

“Oh god, I feel so full and you are only half way inside me.”

She grunted a little and slid another inch, then turned to her brother and said “You need to strip, I’m losing all my virginities now. Also, look in the pocket of my robe. You’ll find a tube of lube. I’ve already lubed up my ass, but it won’t hurt for you to get your cock as slippery as possible.”

By this time, Anna had her father’s cock all the way inside her pussy so she lay down on him and kissed him on the lips.

After the kiss, her father said “Honey, I love you and your solution. I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Your pussy is so warm and tight. I can’t wait to see your belly swell with my child.”

“I can’t either. Shaun, avcılar escort are you lubed up? If so, come stick it in my ass. I loved the feel of my anal dildo when I was stretching my ass and I can’t wait to feel your cock in there.”

Shaun positioned himself and started pushing his cock in his sister’s ass. “Oh, my word. Your ass feels so good on my cock. I know I will not miss your pussy while Dad is getting you pregnant.”

Once he was fully in her ass, Anna declared “Now we are fully together as we are meant to be.”

They were a little awkward until they got a rhythm but then it wasn’t long before Anna got her first loads of cum in her pussy and in her ass.

True to her word, Anna stayed naked for the next month. A good thing to, because her men each fucked her several times a day. She was sore for first few days but soon got to enjoy sex as much has her men, to the point that she tended to tease the guys if she hadn’t gotten fucked in a couple of hours.

Two weeks after her initial fuck session, Anna missed her period. She had her Dad buy some home pregnancy testers and, sure enough, she was pregnant. That started a free for all with her body. Now both her men had access to all her holes and, boy, did they take advantage of that.

That lasted only a short while before she came out to the living room dressed in shorts and a T-shirt.

“Okay, guys, the orgy is over. I told you that I would be naked and available for a month. Well, the month is over and now you are going to treat me as your wife. I expect you to romance me and get me ready to have sex with you. That doesn’t mean there won’t be times that we just fuck. But those will be mutually agreed times. Do you understand?”

The men looked at each other and said “We understand, dear.”

“Of course, the last month has showed me how great sex can be. So, I expect you to romance and fuck me at least twice a day. Understood?”

Shaun said, “Fuck yes!”

“I definitely understand. Does that mean, flowers and candy? ” said Carl.

“No, definitely not candy. I’m going to get fat enough over the next 8 months without you feeding me lots of candy. I expect a little cuddling and making out, but the occasional flowers would be nice.”

“Another thing, we need to move. While we don’t really know our neighbors, they are aware that we are all related. I won’t be showing for a few months, so now is the time to start looking for a new home. It’s a big town, so all we need to do is move to the other side. That way it’s unlikely we’ll run into anyone that knows us. Shaun, you and I are getting married, well, we are buying rings. It’s more believable if I am married to you than to Dad. He can be your Dad who just happens to live with the young couple and helping them financially.”

The next three months were hectic, boxing up the stuff in the house and getting it ready to sell while looking for a new place. Finally, the day came when they were settled into their new house.

“Okay guys, now that we’re settled, it’s time to formalize our marriage. I know we can’t get married in a church or even at the Justice of the Peace, but I want to have a ceremony. I also want us all to wear rings. Dad, do you want to wear the ring you wore when Mom was with us or do you want a new ring?”

“If it’s okay with you, I’d really like to wear the ring your Mother put on my finger. But this time, you will put it on my finger. I loved your mother very much and while I love you very much, I can’t let go of her memory.”

Anna heard his words and put her hand over her face.

Thinking he’d hurt her, her father blurted out “Honey, it’s okay, I’ll wear a new ring.”

Anna looked at him with tears streaming down her face and said “No, Dad. I’m not crying because I’m hurt, I’m crying because that was a beautiful thing to say. I will always want Mom to be part of our family.”

The three of them came together in a group hug and held each other, silently weeping at their loss.

After a few minutes, Anna pulled back and looked at her brother, then said “Guess that means you and I are ring shopping tomorrow.”

Shaun blanched a little at that. He hated shopping and was not into jewelry at all. But he recognized the look on his sister’s face and realized there was no way he could get out of it, so just nodded.

Next Saturday found Anna cooking up a feast while the guys were putting up garland and flowers in the living room of their new house. That evening, the three of them each recited the vows that that had each written, when they were done, their father said “By the power invested in me by our love for each other, I pronounce us husband, husband, and wife. Amen.”

The next few years were happy ones for the insular family. Anna first had her father’s child, then three more with her brother. Her father’s child was a boy, Patrick, while Shaun’s first born was a girl, Alice. His next two were fraternal twins, a girl, Sara and a boy, Ted.

While his sister was busy having his babies, Shaun graduated from college with a degree in accounting and joined his father in his business. Which was a good thing as business was booming and Carl had been having a hard time keeping up until his son could join him as a full accountant.

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