An Adventure

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I saw the hard cock at the edge of the opening between booth’s. I ignored it and continued to watch the porn movie. When I next looked the cock was all the way into my side of the booth.

I studied it and decided it was a fine looking cock, a bit smaller than mine and circumcised. It was throbbing with the guys every heart beat. I looked at it until it was slowly withdrawn.

I went back to watching my movie until I saw fingers on my side of the hole. I looked and I saw eyes behind the fingers. I had my own cock out and was slowly masturbating but having him watch me made things unexpectedly better so I increased my effort. A finger signaled for me to get closer. After a short debate with myself I put my cock by the hole. He pulled it to his side and slid it into his mouth.

I had a mouth over my cock before but he was the first to want it there.

He made love to my cock. I was quickly losing control and tried to pull back but he held me there until I spilled three days worth of cum into his mouth. I could feel him swallow.

I was drained and had to sit. I did manage to whisper, “Thanks,” and contemplated leaving. His cock slid to my side again. Before I had made a conscious decision my hand was caressing it and soon masturbating it.

It was the fourth cock not my own in my hand. On a camping trip with friends I had participated in a circle jerk, well several circle jerks. One of those friends and I had masturbated each other several times after that trip. I had liked doing that but after we each married those games had ceased. I had now been married for five years and was starting to feel trapped, bored.

Again without making a decision I found myself kneeling with the cock two inches from my mouth. I could smell his cock and ended up licking its head. I heard the guy groan. I licked his cock again. I liked the taste.

I slid his cock into my mouth and I suddenly felt my power over him. The center of his life was now in my mouth. I felt his cock begin to spasm and knew he was about to cum. I made no decision and simply waited for him to fill my mouth with cum.

I was not surprised by the taste, I had tasted my own cum, but was surprised by the texture. It was not the most pleasant thing in my mouth but I held his cock until he slipped back. I swallowed.

I heard him whisper thanks. I smiled.

We ended up leaving our booths simultaneously and I followed him out to the parking lot. Before we got in our cars I asked, “Is there a way to get that weird feel out of my mouth?”

He smiled and said, “Yes, rum and coke. I am on my way to get one now.”

“I’ll follow you,” I said.

It was a small neighborhood type joint and we sat at the bar. We each ordered rum and coke and began on the peanuts in the bowl in front of us.

We introduced each other, his name was Ed, and we learned the other was married. The rum and coke did take the film from my mouth and I thanked him for the tip.

“Was that your first time?”

“Yes, but I think I could do that again under similar circumstances. And you?”

“I go there about once a month when my wife goes to visit with her mother. Tonight was a perfect night for me although you are the first I have talked to afterwards. Oh, I forgot. Once I had a guy do me as another fucked him in the ass and that was exiting.”

“I am getting hard just visualizing it.”

He glanced at my crotch and smiled.

“What time does your wife expect you home,” he asked.

“She is also visiting her mother. Will not be back until late Sunday.”

“I live half a mile away.”

“Check please,” I said and followed him home. We got naked and went into the shower together. We played with each other’s cocks until they were as erect as they ever get then went to his living room and he started a porn DVD.

He was soon on the floor with my cock in his mouth. He was not in a hurry which was good since I had just had an orgasm and was going too last for a while. Soon enough I again filled his mouth and he swallowed. When he sat up he kissed me sharing my cum with me.

I slid to the floor and sucked him off slowly until he filled my mouth with cum. I sat up and shared his cum with him in a long lasting kiss.

He got us cokes and we watched the porn movie for a while. I had not noticed it was a bisexual couples swap movie until then.

As the scene shifted to a man fucking the other in the ass I asked him if he had ever been part of that. He said no but that his wife fucked him in the ass at times.

“With what,” I asked.

“A vibrator. Usually when my cock needs and incentive to recover.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, and it does revive my cock. Would you like to try it?”

I thought about that then said, “Yes, this is apparently a night for experimentation.”

“Let’s go to bed,” he said.

He paused the movie then turned the TV off. We went into his bedroom and he placed a pillow under my hips as I lay down ass up, then he lubricated me as he fingerfucked my ass.

He took out isveçbahis yeni giriş the vibrator from the night stand and put a condom over it. I noticed the vibrator was about the size of his cock. He slid the vibrator into me slowly. I felt some heat but no pain. I was well lubricated. I liked it.

I soon felt my cock begin to recover then felt his cock begin to recover. After ten minutes of fucking me with the vibrator I asked him if he had another condom. He understood and was soon replacing the vibrator in my ass with his cock. I felt the pressure of the flare of his cock before he slipped in. It felt fantastic when it did.

He made love to me and even kissed my neck and shoulders. It was his third quest for a cum that evening and he lasted a while and I enjoyed being fucked a hundred times more than expected.

I felt him groan then felt warmth in in me. He had cum. He continued to fuck me slowly until his cock fell out of me with a pop. As soon as he recovered his breath he exchanged places with me.

I lubricated his ass and finger fucked him then slid a condom over the vibrator and fucked him with it until I covered my cock with a condom and slowly penetrated his ass. My cock was longer than his but no wider than his or his vibrator. Entrance was easy.

I made love to him for quite a while before I ejaculated. Like he had done I continued fucking him until my cock popped out of his ass.

I put the condoms in a small trash can by the bed as he took the pillow out from under him. We cuddled together under the sheet and he turned the lamp off. We were both asleep in seconds.

He was sucking my cock when I awoke.

“Good morning, we need to shower,” he said.

I followed him to the bathroom and we watched each other piss then went into the shower with his toothbrush. He offered it to me first so I brushed my teeth then he did.

We both had erections and I sank to my knees and began to suck him hard. He stopped me and pulled me up to him and gave me a long loving kiss. He then turned around and leaned on the shower wall.

“Fuck me,” he whispered.

My wet cock slowly slipped into his ass until I was all the way in then I reached around him and gripped his cock. I began to fuck him at the same pace I masturbated him. Neither of us lasted long and he soon had my warm cum in him. He ejaculated immediately. I continued my embrace and my caresses to his cock until my dick popped out.

He sank to his knees and soaped my cock thoroughly and after rinsing it he kissed it, stood and kissed me.

We stepped out and we went to his kitchen and made coffee.

A thought crossed my mind and I asked, “Did you know who I was before last night?”

He nodded yes then said, “You are the second person I ever fell in love with on first sight. My wife was the first. Our wives know each other and may at times fuck each other. They are in the same town now.

My wife was the one to suggest that I follow you last night and see where you went. I was very pleased you went to the adult theater and was absolutely ecstatic when you sucked me. I was very pleased when you talked to me before we left the theater.

I was beyond happy when you decided to follow me home. I am yours for anything you want for as long as you want.”

He kissed me then poured coffee for us. As we sat he asked me how much about our night to tell his wife.

“You want to tell her?”

“Yes, she knew I sucked cock when we met, She had caught me sucking her brother’s cock once. Her smile for me then made me fall for her immediately.

She thought I just wanted to save face when I asked her out but she eventually agreed. We had a great time together and when we finally fucked she liked me even better. It took me a year to convince her to marry me but she did marry me.

I did suck her brother off at her request. She ate pussy at my request. The pussy she ate first first for me was the girl you married. I was at your wedding but last night I was sure you did not recognize me.”

“I had this feeling that I had seen you before but I had no idea where or when. Tell her everything in minute detail, I feel she would be happy for you.”

He called her right then and put his phone on speaker then described our night in detail. He asked her if she had seen my wife there and she surprised us by saying that Elsa was eating her Mom’s pussy as we spoke.

“How much can I tell her?” she asked.

I said, “Just tell her that I met your husband at an adult theater then we went out for a drink together. Let her connect the dots. How often do you two have sex?”

“Often, at least once twice a month. She is worried you will disapprove.”

“No chance of that even before last night.”

“Good to hear, talk to you later. Two naked women have come to get me and Mom is still in bed with somebody. Love you Ed bye.”

Ed and I smiled as we drank our coffee. We kissed then he said he knew the place for breakfast. It was a diner that specialized in sausage gravy isveçbahis giriş covered anything. I had it over a sausage biscuit and Ed had it over home fries.

We had been there for a while before I noticed the place was a friendly diner to lesbians and gays. There were every combination of couples filling up the place. Oddly I felt just fine being there with Ed.

He saw that and gave me a quick kiss.

“You are the only man I have been here with but my wife and I come here semi-often. Semi-often there is a woman here for her to kiss. You are the first man for me to kiss here. Thanks.”

I gave him a quick kiss.

We went to my house and I picked up my toothbrush and some clean clothes then returned to his house. We got naked and watched the end of the bisexual couple movie.

“Would you swap?” he asked.

“You mean fucking each others wife?”

“Yes, and us fucking while all four of us were on the same bed.”

“Yeah, at least once. I have no idea how I would feel until we have. Have you and your wife swapped?”

“No, the closest we have come is when I sucked her brother as she ate his wife’s pussy. They would not return the favor.”

“Her brother would make a full swap impossible anyway.”

“Probably but she did tell me they had masturbated each other once. I have no way of knowing if its true but I suspect my wife and her big sister have gone down on each other. I also suspect her sister goes down on their mother.”

“Well, there is no chance for a pregnancy so its not incest anyway.”

“Yeah, that’s how I feel about it.”

Another ass fuck scene came on and got our attention. Our cocks were soon hard. He got on the floor on his hands and knees. I went to the bedroom for the lubricant and as soon as his ass and my cock were covered I slid my cock into him for the second time that day.

I again took his cock in my hand and slowly masturbated him as I fucked him. Every once in a while I stopped and kissed him.

The scene in the movie ended with an outrageous cum shot over the back and Ed commented, “They are bareback, why didn’t he cum inside. It would feel really good for his partner. Some times I wonder if the directors have ever fucked anyone.”

We felt the buzz had been taken out of our fuck so I sat down behind him and pulled him to my lap. I caressed his cock and chest and he turned to kiss me often. My cock stayed in his ass.

The movie ended with the men fucking each others wives. When Ed stood I turned him to face me and sucked his cock. He was soon careening to orgasm and I took all his cum in my mouth. He sat back down facing me and again my cock slid into his ass.

I scooted up and put him on the couch behind us on his ass and began to fuck him. I put his legs on my shoulders and began to just pound into him. I did not last long and he moaned when he felt my cum in him.

We kissed until my cock popped out then I went to the shower and cleaned my cock. He was doctoring up some ramen noodles in bowls, adding sliced hot dogs, garlic powder and fresh chives. He put the two bowls in the microwave then after a minute and eleven seconds we sat to eat. It was delicious.

“Want to go to a gay club tonight?” Ed asked.

“Do you got to them often?”

“No, never have been to one. I have been to a lesbian club with my wife and we had fun, she more than me. I have always wondered about gay clubs but have never considered going by myself.”

“OK, we can go. It will be interesting.”

He kissed me and after we finished our lunch we ended up back in bed and took a nap. I was awakened about an hour later by a phone call.

“Are you still with Ed?” my wife asked.

“Yes, we just had Ramen soup.”

“Have you sucked his dick?”


“More than once?”


“Oh, his wife told me you know I eat pussy and it doesn’t bother you. Is that true?”

“Yes, and if you need you may bring the pussy you want home. I will stay out of your way.”

“I love you. See you tomorrow.”

“I love you. Bye.? It was the first time either of us had told the other we loved them in months. I cuddled to Ed and went back to sleep.

We again went to the shower and again I fucked him as I masturbated him. We dressed then went to the big deli and ate a lot. We drove to a club on the block behind the lesbian club and we sat at the bar making comments about the clientele.

A t-girl came to us and after kissing each of us asked if we were interested in something different.

I said, “Yes but we want to see how this place checks out. It’s our first time here.”

“Oh, then let me tell you what you need to know. The bartender is juicy but straight, you well get nowhere with him. The flaming queen server will play with anyone that wants him but he insists on condoms even to give a blowjob. I don’t by the way.

The restrooms are over there but not much happens inside although no one complains if you just watch them piss. Some don’t mind if you hold their dick for them isveçbahis güvenilirmi as they piss.

The real action is on the back porch. It is dimly lit and has some dark corners. It gets very crowded as the night progresses and some times you have to wait a while to have room on the rail to put your elbows on. There is usually someone behind you immediately after you are in position. Let me know when you want to go out.”

“Would now be too soon?”

“Now would be prefect.”

We followed her out and saw a few men out there. Some were sitting on a bench as a cock slid in and out of their mouth. Our new friend put her elbows on the rail and after I placed a condom on my cock I lifted her dress and found a well lubricated ass. I slid in and reached for her small cock. I caressed it as I fucked her slowly. I kissed her neck. She moaned.

I looked for Ed and found him sitting nearby with a cock in his mouth. I turned my attention back to the fuck and felt the t-girls cock begin to twitch and suddenly explode. I slowed to a halt then withdrew.

I turned her around, embraced and kissed her lovingly. She loved the kiss. I loved the kiss.

She led me to the bench Ed was on and sat. She took the condom off my cock then sucked me off. Ed was on his third or fourth cock by then.

I kissed her after she swallowed my cum which she really liked.

“Buy me a drink,” she said.

I patted Ed and we went inside. Ed joined us five minutes later and kissed us. His mouth was coated with cum.

I got each of us a rum and coke and asked Ed, “How many?”

“Five, one more after you left. I loved the attention. You two looked like you loved your fuck.”

“We did, she said. It was my best in a while, I had an orgasm.”

She kissed me again.

We stood by the bar and watched the crowd for a while until a guy took our t-girl’s hand and led her to the back. She winked at me.

I needed to take a piss and Ed followed me. We watched a couple of guys piss as we waited for a place at the urinal then saw some guys looking at our cock as we pissed. Ed had an erection before he zipped up. A guy saw that and took his hand and led him to the back porch.

It was a while before he rejoined me and said, “Nine. The guy that took me out sucked me off and I sat on his spot and sucked him off. Before I managed to stand up two more cocks were presented to me to suck. There is a lot of cum in my stomach. I’m glad we pigged out at the deli.”

I gave him a soft kiss and asked him if he had seen our lady out there.

“Yes, there was a long line to fuck her. She will probably run out of condoms soon and come back in.”

“Do you want her?”

“Yes, but I have no condoms.”

“I have four. Let me know when. Any one you want to fuck you?”

“Yes, you. And maybe that guy in the black sports coat and the gray slacks.”

“Smile at him as I hand you a condom then keep looking at him as you walk out.”

He did and the guy followed him. Several minutes later a guy came to me and asked if I was alone.

“No, my partner went to the patio to play and I’m just waiting for him.”

“Why are you not out there too?”

“Oh, I have been, very nice out there.”

“Yes it is, I really love it when I find a place to sit and somebody keeps me company.”

“I can do that,” I said and walked out with him. There was no place for him to sit so I leaned on a wall and he knelt in front of me. He lowered my slacks to my knees and began a soft loving blow job. I guy slid next to me and pulled out his cock then put my hand on it. I began to masturbate him as he caressed my ass.

He was soon behind me and I felt his cock search for my ass. I handed him a lubricated condom and I spread my ass cheeks for him. He slid in and fucked me so quickly he had an orgasm before I had begun to enjoy his cock in me.

I gave a condom to the guy sucking my cock and leaned against the rail. I was next to Ed. We were fucked side by side as we kissed.

When the guy fucking him left another guy slid his cock into him. When my lover had his cum another took his pace. It was the allegedly straight bartender, His cock really filled my ass.

He fucked me hard then embraced me as he took my cock in his hand. I felt his cock throbbing in me. I felt his warmth. Many kisses and soft strokes later his cock popped out and he turned me to him and kissed my lips. He knelt and sucked my cock until I filled his mouth then lifted my slacks up and buttoned the top then slid my cock into them. He carefully zipped me up. His kiss last kiss ended and he just walked away.

I turned to Ed and asked, “How many is that?”

“Nine. My ass has caught up with my mouth.”

“Lets go home. I want to be number ten.”


He got his pants on and we walked out. As I walked past the bar I went to the bartender and kissed his lips and said, “Thanks.”

“Anytime,” he said.

The only number I could give Ed that night was number two, I was the second to suck him off that evening.

The next day began with a shower and the laundry of his linens. We went out for chicken fried chicken then returned to his house. I helped him make up his bed and after a long kiss I went home. We had not made a single sexual move on each other all day. We were sated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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