Amy’s Vacation Ch. 06

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Chapter 6

(Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Any people and events mentioned are purely fictionalized for the purposes of this story.)

With the sounds of Caribbean music, the warmth of the sun, and the dazzling array of guests at the beach, Daddy and I walked around and found a pair of loungers to enjoy for the day. We tapped our rubber wristbands to a sensor on the back, and they immediately registered the loungers as ours. Daddy set about hoisting the accompanying umbrella and I began unpacking our stuff onto a small table between our loungers. I’d brought a book to read from the airport, but looking around the beach, it seemed that people watching was going to be a lot more fun.

Daddy got the umbrella up. It was a few feet across and provided a lot of shade. But, I didn’t come all the way from Michigan just to sit in the shade! I was ready for some sun. I pulled my lounger out from under the majority shade of the umbrella, so that I could bask in the glow of our warm, shining sun. Daddy did the same, parking his right next to mine. We laid out the provided towels and I slunk down onto my lounger, propped at a 45-degree angle with my legs out before me so I could take in my surroundings. I put on my cats-eye sunglasses (so Aubrey Hepburn of me) and started scanning the beach, looking at the other visitors.

People were out and having a great time. I saw numerous couples lying out working on their tans, others playing in the waves, or simply walking hand-in-hand on the beach. There was a pretty serious looking volleyball game going on, and a few of the participants were naked! Penises and boobs were flopping around everywhere. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

A waiter came up and introduced himself as Carlos. He asked if we would like anything to drink. Daddy once again elected for a Red Stripe, and I left it up to Carlos. “Surprise me,” I said with a smile. He nodded and winked with a “Yes, Miss Strekal,” and hurried off to bring me who-knows-what to drink.

“Wow, these loungers even let the waiters know our names, Daddy,” I mentioned.

“They sure do. The level of technology here really surprises me. I bet if we’d made friends already, they’d know where to find us here at the beach, via the app.”

“Hmm, hadn’t thought about that. We should definitely make some friends,” I giggled.

“Speaking of making friends… you will definitely attract some attention if you walked around a little bit more in that bikini. I noticed a few men staring at you. And that thong makes your curvy booty look SO scrumptious!”

“Daddy! Stop! You’re making me blush!”

“Oh, but you know I love it when you blush, pumpkin. Now, what do you say we get *really* adventurous, and work on our all-over tans?”

Daddy stood up and unceremoniously slid off his Speedo. His manhood flopped out and hung for everyone to see. I couldn’t help but stare. The foreskin completely covered the head, but even in this state, it looked engorged and powerful. It was definitely a little bigger than its normal “resting” state, I guess. Maybe being at a beach where nudism is allowed makes men “puff up” a little bit, like a bird trying to make himself as big as possible.

He looked over at me and cocked an eyebrow as if to say, “Well? We’re waiting…”

I stood up and untied my yellow bikini top. My breasts fell a little and were suddenly completely exposed to the cool breeze. The sun on my nipples felt wonderful and my nipples decided on their own to “puff up” a little bit too…

Next, I untied the sides of my bikini bottoms (what little there was to them) and I was free and completely nude on a beach in Jamaica. WOW! What an experience.

However, there was no thunderous applause. No cheers of encouragement. Just another girl getting naked on a beach.

Nudism *is* normal, and the people here know it.

That being said…. inside of my head… there WAS thunderous applause!!!

There WERE cheers of encouragement!

Because I, Amy Strekal, was fully accepting my nudist side… and things in my life would never be quite the same again!!!!

(cue thunderous applause and cheers of encouragement…. haha!)

I sat back down and Carlos came over with our drinks: an ice cold beer for Daddy and something that was neon blue with a pineapple and cherry poking out the top.

“A ‘Coco-Loco’ for the lovely Miss Strekal,” Carlos announced as he placed the drinks on a small little table that would fit in the tiny gap between our lounge chairs. “It’s made with rum, pineapple juice, coconut water, blue curacao, and a dash of pomegranate juice and mango nectar. Enjoy!”

His eyes traveled all over my body before I left. I smiled and thanked him. I didn’t mind him noticing. I actually liked it. I felt older than my 18 years and beautiful; it was a great feeling.

As we laid out over the course of a few hours, Daddy and I chatted about all sorts of things, from “What famous person we would like istanbul escort to go nude with?” (Daddy chose Raquel Welch, and I went with Tom Hardy) to “Where else would we like to travel together for a vacation?” to “What should I do about college?” It was a wonderful bonding time between us. We made jokes, admired other guests, and chatted about what we wanted to try out tomorrow.

At some point in our conversation, a tall, naked and nicely tanned man in his mid-to-late-50’s was walking past and said “Well, hello, there. Having a fun day?” We said “Hello” back and replied that we were. He smiled and nodded, then kept walking.

Five or so minutes later, Carlos showed up with another round of drinks. “These are from Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, over there,” and he motioned. Daddy and I turned around and it was the man who had said hello earlier, plus a blonde woman wearing large sunglasses. They were smiling at us and waved. We smiled and waved back, at which point, they beckoned us over.

“Well, you do want to make some new friends here, right, angel?” Daddy asked.

I smiled, “Yeah… yeah, I do. Let’s go over and say hi.”

We stood up, and I started to grab for my bikini.

“Wait…. why don’t you leave that here,” Daddy suggested. I wasn’t so sure, but then, the Alexanders were nude, so, why shouldn’t we be too?

So, we collected a couple of short towels from our bag, leaving our long ones on our loungers, and took our drinks with us.

The Alexanders were at a luxury relaxation area. Set partially under a shade tree, it was a nice, wide wooden deck area just above the sand, sitting in front of a rather large cabana. A knee-high, 6-foot long table was set with a few bowls of fruit, shrimp cocktail and chilled champagne. To each side were some wicker couches with large soft cushions, all set atop an area rug. Behind, two mist machines panned slowly back and forth, casually blowing a feint breeze of cool mist across the area. At the head of the table, facing the ocean, was a matching wicker chair. Mr. Alexander sat on the chair, and the wife reclined in the corner of one of the couches with her leg extended along the length, gazing towards the ocean, until we neared them and were greeted with a warm smile. Mr. Alexander stood as we approached their area.

The couple were both rather attractive and in good shape. Mr. Alexander was probably about 5’10” tall, with salty black hair, wonderful blue eyes and a deep, all-over tan. I would have guessed him to be in his mid-to-late 50’s. He had nice pectorals, if I may say. I confess, I glanced down at his hanging penis, circumcised, with a slightly purple head. In my mind, I screamed “Did I just check out this guy’s junk in a public place?!?!?!” and I think my heart heard me, because it started beating much faster from the thrill of doing so and the potential embarrassment of being called out for peeking.

His wife was about my height, perhaps 5’5″ or 5’6″, with sandy blonde hair, perhaps in her mid-50’s. Once she removed her sunglasses, I noticed that her blue eyes seemingly matched her husband’s. Her smile was large but genuine- an obvious warmth that would invite anyone to feel completely at ease around her. A “Tom Cruise” smile, I would say.

Ms. Alexander had a slight belly and her venus mound was bare like mine, but very pronounced, almost like a little curvy belly all it’s own. It was adorable.

But what struck me most about Ms. Alexander was her areolas.

They. Were. HUGE!!!!

Although her breasts weren’t particularly large- they fit her slightly curvy, feminine frame, her areola covered the majority of her breasts! I mean, like, 50% of her boob was areola. I’d never seen any girl who looked even remotely like this. I was stunned and fascinated at the same time.

As we stepped near to them, Ms. Alexander stood up to greet us as well.

“Hello, I’m Celeste, and this is my husband David,” she began as she stuck her hand out towards me.

I shook it in turn. “I’m Amy… Amy Strekal,” I replied, “and this is my Father, Phil.”

Daddy shook David’s hand, then Celeste’s. “So nice to meet you both,” he said, “and thank you for the drinks.”

I stepped around Daddy and shook David’s hand as well. He had a huge smile on his face. “It’s our pleasure. You two looked like you could use a refill when I walked past!”

We all laughed. “Well, when on vacation, you’ve gotta vacation, right?” Daddy said.

“Amy, won’t you please sit down with me?” Celeste returned to her seat and patted the couch next to her. David returned to the chair in the middle, and Daddy sat opposite of Celeste on the other couch, near David.

I smiled and set my drink down on the table, then sat next to her. She immediately reached out and took my hand. It was warm and delicate, and for a second time in just a few moments, I felt completely at ease with this total stranger.

“You must be one of the Young Ones here.”

“Young Ones?” I queried.

“Oh, sorry- yes, halkalı escort that’s what we call the nudists who are the minimum age to come to the resort. You’re probably 18, right?” she answered.

“That obvious, hmm?”

“Honey,” she patted my hand, “believe me, we NEED more girls like you, coming to resorts and discovering their nudist side. You’re our future. David and I used to own the highest-rated nudist resort in Nevada: The Stargazer Resort & Spa.”

Daddy spoke up: “I’ve heard of the Stargazer! It’s rather famous. Many of the people in the chatrooms I go to talk about it.”

I looked at Daddy. He was in chatrooms about nudism? I had no idea…

“Well, that’s great to hear, Phil,” David picked up on the conversation. “However, Celeste and I don’t own the Stargazer anymore. We sold it a couple of years back, but still maintain an “ambassador” type presence with it. We’re happy to extol the virtues and amenities of it, although we’re no longer a part of the day-to-day operations. We’re happy to retire, travel around, check out all of the other great nudist resorts and campgrounds that we missed out on for all of those years while we ran our own. The next time you and Amy want to visit a nudist resort, it’d be great if you’d try the Stargazer.”

Daddy smiled, “I’m sure it’d be wonderful. I’ve seen pictures… you have quite a place down there.”

“Thank you so much, Phil, that really makes me happy to hear you say that,” Celeste stated, with her warm smile. “So, tell me, Amy, what do you think about The Oasis?”

“It’s WONDERFUL! Daddy and I have been having a great time, so far. We just arrived yesterday, and it feels like we’ve already packed in so much.” I went on to tell her about Daddy picking me up at school with the trip being a total surprise, the flight down, and dinner and dancing from last night. I made sure to recommend Mario’s Mango Madness to her. I did leave out all of the sexual things that had happened, though. I doubt she’d understand…

“And have you and your Father found your bungalow to be comfortable?” she asked with a squeeze of her hand.

Oh. Maybe she DID understand…

I blushed. “Well, um, yes, it’s very comfortable. The beds are great…”

“A comfortable, welcoming bed is one of the most important things while on vacation,” she winked at me.

“Celeste is right. We always spent a significant portion of our budget upgrading the beds every few years at Stargazer. Guests need to feel pampered and relaxed when they’re on vacation. Nudism definitely does that, but so does a great bed. Plus, we always found that it really helped to enhance intimacy.”

“That sounds almost scientific, David,” Daddy opined.

David laughed. “Well, a smart inn keeper listens to what their guests tell them in the reviews. The beds were mentioned just as much as the spa, the pool and the food. People know what makes them happy, and if you cater to that, their return will be almost guaranteed. I’m sure with you and Amy already having such a marvelous time here, you’re thinking about future return visits.”

Daddy looked at me. “I’d absolutely love to.”

I blushed, hopefully not too visibly, and reached for my drink. I took a long, long sip from my straw. Luckily, I didn’t get brain freeze.

“Would you all like some champagne?” David asked.

“Yes, of course, let’s pour the two of you a glass,” Celeste continued.

David pulled a chilled bottle of Veuve Cliquot from the bucket and poured glasses for all of us.

“A toast,” he said, “to new nudist friends!”

“Cheers” all around.

Celeste gave me a giggly wink as she clinked her glass against mine, and then I tasted the best champagne I have ever tasted in my life!

Okay, so, it was probably the second time I had ever tasted champagne…

The first time was at a frat party on the local college campus…

And it was Korbel…

And it was terrible…

So, this champagne tasted wonderful. And it was actually FROM Champagne, France! It was light, bubbly, with a slight flavor of green apple and buttered toast. When we get back to Michigan, Daddy has GOT to get a few bottles for our house!

We continued to chat and get to know each other. David and Celeste were a fascinating couple. They’d been married since college and had gone into business together around age 25. They didn’t have any kids, because they had wanted Stargazer to be successful and their focus had to stay on that. They were perfectly content traveling the world for the rest of their lives, but they did maintain a residence at Stargazer, as well as another home in Aspen, Colorado and a small apartment in Paris, France.

“With this set up, you all must be staying in one of the nicest bungalows at The Oasis,” I guessed.

“Well, we’re old friends with the owners. You know, a lot of nudist resort owners know each other. We may be competitors in a sense, but overall, it’s just a wonderful community.” David mecidiyeköy escort followed. “We really aren’t afraid to make recommendations of other resorts to our guests. Again, the more nudists we have visiting resorts and introducing their friends and families to nudism, the better it is for nudists as a whole.”

“And that’s why we were hoping to get some time to meet you and your Father, Amy.” Celeste continued. “You’re just so lovely looking… such a beautiful face… and I LOVE your long, brown hair. And it’s great to see you being so open and confident, enjoying your nudism.” Her eyes cast down my body. “And such lovely breasts! I must say, I’m rather jealous of your curves.”

I smiled and blushed. Celeste smiled as well, and squeezed my hand again, resting the top of my hand upside down on her thigh. It was so soft and warm, just like her hand. Did this woman emanate heat?

“If you don’t mind me saying, Ms. Alexander…”

“Amy, please… it’s Celeste….” Another smile.

“Celeste…” a smile from me, “you have the most extraordinary and beautiful breasts and areola I’ve ever seen, although, I’m not too practiced at seeing women in the nude… mainly just the girls in my gym class and on the cheerleading squad when we shower afterwards. But, I’ve never seen areola like yours.” I blushed helplessly at my own confession.

I was met with pleasant laughter, followed by a little jiggle of Celeste’s boobs in my direction. “Thank you SO MUCH, Amy! That really means a lot to me. I’ve always said, they’re my best asset!”

“We even tried to get Celeste into Playtime Magazine, back in the early 90’s,” David added.

“Well, Playtime was stupid not to have had Celeste pose for them,” said Daddy.

I nodded in agreement, and Celeste simply lifted her glass in toast, and continued, “Playtime or not, I still love posing for the camera. Tell me, Amy, have you ever considered posing nude for photos?”

“Well, um, actually, earlier today, Daddy took a bunch of me while we were getting ready for the beach.”

“I’d love to see them,” David said. “I thoroughly enjoy photography, ever since I began taking pictures of Celeste when we first met. It’s such a joy to photograph someone you care so much about.”

Celeste added, “David always makes me feel my most beautiful when I’m in front of his camera.”

Daddy piped up: “Plus, it’s so easy, when you have such a lovely subject!”

“Very true.”

“Oh, David, Phil… now you’re embarrassing us girls!” Celeste chided with a grin. “But, they do raise a fair point, Amy. David and I were talking about doing a photoshoot before supper tonight. Would you like to come by and participate? We recently did a nude shoot with Hannah O’Shea, a famous nudist from Ireland, and it was wonderful. She and I really enjoyed it, and David and her boyfriend both seemed to get a lot of great shots from it.”

“Um, well, that sounds fun, but, I think Daddy and I had dinner plans….”

She smiled, “I totally understand. If you’d like to change your mind, though, David and I are taking dinner in tonight, after we finish taking photos. We can order double from room service. Our treat!”

Daddy gave me a look. “It’s up to you, angel. We can do whatever you want.”

I smiled once again at Celeste. Since having my photo taken this morning, I have felt a bit more beautiful and confident. And I did enjoy posing for Daddy. Would that same feeling emerge when posing for David, and when posing alongside Celeste?

“Well, if it’s not an imposition… I… we’d… love to come over tonight.”

“Wonderful!” David was elated.

“Sounds like a great time. We’ll be there.”

Celeste turned to me: “Amy, you can wear whatever you want, but, I’m kind of thinking it’d be fun to start with a few dresses that we can slide off, and then maybe a few underwear to nude shots too. Would that be okay?”

“Well, to be honest, I don’t really have a lot of outfits. Daddy surprised me with this trip and he kinda packed light.”

“That’s okay… we’ll mainly be nude anyway. And I always have some props we can bust out too, if we want. If you would like, there’s a FABULOUS dress shop here at the resort. They have some things that you would look absolutely radiant wearing!” Celeste continued.

We chit-chatted for another hour or so, getting to know David and Celeste even more. I continued to sip champagne and eat shrimp cocktail, and while the men chatted about sports, Celeste and I busied ourselves with scoping out a few of the guys and girls on the beach. As we did, she would hold my hand, or even sometimes lightly scratch my back, which, I have to admit, I loved. She even commented on how I was getting goosebumps.

The day wound down and we decided that we should go freshen up before the photoshoot. I wanted to look perfect for my first shoot with someone else, especially someone like Celeste.

Dad and I gathered our belongings and headed back to the shuttle area. As we rode back, I wondered at what the night might bring… and then wondered why my boobs were so cold.

It was only then that I realized: I hadn’t bothered to put my bikini or my wrap back on!

I guess I was adapting to this whole nudism thing quicker than I thought!

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