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Tess was a single mom, her husband has died some years earlier in a vehicle accident, she wasn’t wanting for anything as a result of the accident, except for male company. Her twin daughters were turning 18, leaving for collage and both were expected to join the Navy on graduation. So looking forward more than the coming 18th birthday bash, she was expecting to become a little lonely, an empty nester and all that brought into focus.

The day arrived, and the three women enjoyed the first few hours, opening presents, preparing for their guests and ensuring that everything was OK!

The afternoon rolled around and the house was not so much packed but there were about 20 or so guests and another 10 family members, including both their grandparents, an aunt and an uncle plus a couple of cousins.

The party was well into the late evening when family members were leaving, and many of the other guests also. The Twins were happy with the gifts they had received, many of which would be of assistance when they moved to College, including a large digital tv and associated software, which would enable Netflix and Disney and internet due to additional hard and software.

The party was more than winding down when pool usage went up, the neighbours son, several other females and the twins, donned swim wear and were involved in games and just mucking around.

Tess managed to don her bikini, while the evening was still reasonably warm and she kept the food and drinks available as those who wanted them had access at all times.

She was sitting on one of the lounge chairs, situated just outside the pario door when the neighbour’s son approached. Tess acknowledged him and he sat on the matching chair just to her left. They chatted for a little while until he seemed to run out of items to talk about. Tess became aware that he wanted to ask something but due to his casino siteleri age was somewhat embarrassed.

So she decided to directly ask, “Well Cy, how is it going to be for you, Not having the twins here to assist with your studies, and possibly being alone in the pool here?”

Cy, short for Cyril, blushed and Tess smiled at the bright red colour of his face. She sat and waited for him to settle and answer her question. After some time, she had to stand and move to the kitchen to get a couple of drinks. On her return he was still sitting there but seemed to have settled down. He glanced at the pool and the quieter antics going on. Tess followed his gaze and she smiled, “I think they are running out of steam, don’t you think?”

Cy turned his gaze to Tess and finally replied, “Yes I think so!”

Tess then repeated her earlier question. “Well Cy, how is it going to be for you, Not having the twins here to assist with your studies, and possibly being alone in the pool here?”

His Blush returned not as bright as before and he answered her this time. “I suppose I haven’t really thought about it all that much, Yes I’ll miss the Twins, I’ll miss having their tutoring, which has improved my studies to the point I have now also been accepted into a college.”

“Oh Cy that is great news, I’m sure that the twins will be very happy to learn the news?”

Cy seemed to have lost his line of thought due to her interruption, but then continued. “Yes I suppose that the pool won’t have the attraction of the last few years, but if you will allow me I would like to continue tho use it?”

“Of course, I mean it’s just a jump over the fence.” She smiled at him, “You are always welcome Cy!”

“Er Thank You, I really appreciate that.”

“But, I sense a but Cyril, what are you trying to say?”

“Please don’t be mad, Err Tess, I want…. güvenilir casino Um I would l like…..” His voice went quiet and he didn’t continue.

“Oh come on Cy, how long have we known each other, look there’s only the twins and four or five other females, yourself and two males and me here, they are far enough away and making some noise, they couldn’t hear what you say even if they tried, come on, I still hear a but?”

Glancing towards the pool area, Cy seemed to swallow a gulp, he tuned to face Tess and said, “Please don’t be mad?”

“Ok I won’t, come on blurt it out?”

“Can I call you Tess, please. I mean I suppose over the years we, I mean all the guys and girls who have been here have never really called you by your name, you have just been the Twin’s mom, and while it hasn’t been ignorant or rude, we have just never used your name.”

“If that’s all that’s bothering you of course you can call me Tess, but can I ask that you only do that when no one else is around. It would just seem out of touch, I mean I agree with the fact that my name hasn’t been used and I am sure that anyone would pick up on your use of my name straight away ad possibly wonder?”

He nodded and smiled, “Ok I can do that, and er…….”

“Here’s that but again, come on Cy what is it?”

Cy glanced towards the pool again, blushed a little and turned back to face Tess. I would like to….. Errr, Um…..?”

“Come on out with it?” Glancing towards the pool area also Tess wondered what his stuttering was trying to say?

“Ok, Tess I would like to see your breasts without the bikini?”

Tess sat a little straighter on the chair, glanced towards the pool area and wondered with amusement that despite all the young teenage bodies flitting around the pool not 20 metres away, here was a teenager male, probably full of that male testosterone, canlı casino asking to see her naked breasts. Looking back at Cy, he was blushing again. Tess decided her answer, standing up from the chair, she leaned towards him, took his hand and pulled him erect and led him into the kitchen. Closing the patio door she turned to him, able to see over his shoulder to wards the pool.

Still amused that he had asked to see her breasts, she moved her hands to the bikini top, gripped the part between her breasts and slowly drew them outwards, allowing her breasts to be naked to his gaze, she allowed her breasts to be naked for a minute or so, then replaced the coverage again.

Tyrning away she went to the kitchen and made two cups of coffee, indicated the stool at the breakfast bar and as he sat, she pushed the coffee across the bar. As Cy picked up the coffee cup, the patio door slid open and the twins and the rest of the group entered, all wrapped in towels and glancing down to ensure no drips on the floor.

Tes laughed and the guilty looks disappeared, Joining Cy at the bar, several reached for the drinks already there and the twins asked for coffee. Everyone made themselves comfortable and Tess asked, “So parties over?”

Grinds and smiles and nods all around even Cy joined in. Tess then announced Cy’s important news to all and watched as the twins and the whole group reacted with back slaps and congratulations to Cy. His embarrassment again showed. The group settled down drank their drinks and moved to bed rooms to change and they slowly drifted off home. Soon only Cy and the twins were left helping to clean up the residue from the party, Cy slipped away at one point after a thumbs up to Tess, the twins busy didn’t note he was gone till a while later.

As Tess and the twins slipped into their bedrooms, Tess showered and lay on the bed. She was still amused that Cy had asked to see her breasts, maybe he might get enough courage and ask to see her naked, if he did Tess decided right there and then that if he did then she would seduce him and have some male attention at least until he departed to college.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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