American Mom Ch. 09

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Non Nude

This is a parody story, no characters represent any real person, alive or deceased.

All characters are over the age of 18, including cartoon characters who have failed several years of school.


Wednesday morning found Francine Smith kissing Stan goodbye at the front door as he left for the airport to fly to his overseas assignment. “I can’t wait for you to get back home in three weeks so we can pick back up where we left off last night Stan; and last week in Baltimore.” Francine smiled at her husband before kissing him on the lips.

“Me too Francine; me too! You were insatiable last night.” he responded back as he headed to the cab.

While waiting for her morning coffee to brew, Francine pondered the events of last night. ‘I am so completely horny this morning still from that encounter in the hallway with Steve last night.’ She thought to herself as she stared of blankly into space.

‘The teasing shows I put on for Stan in the bar and the parking lot the other night; the bookstores by myself. It has all really ignited a fire in me. All of it is so naughty and taboo.’ She thought as she got up from the table and poured her coffee.

The sound of her cell phone ringing startled her from her semi-trance.

“Oh, hey Lois.” She greeted her friend Lois Griffin on the line.

“Good morning Francine. I thought I’d call to see how everything is going. It’s been a while since we talked.”

Lois and Francine had always enjoyed each others company, going back to their days of bar hopping in college. They had tons of fun back in the day, picking up guys and taking turns winning the amateur night wet T-shirt contests.

“Things have been okay I guess; although lately things have been looking up.” Francine responded.

“So is old Stan still a stick in the mud?” Lois laughed.

“He’s gotten a lot better.” Francine smiled, remembering the exciting events of their Baltimore trip and last night. “He was a monster in bed last night.”

“Wow Francine, look at you; sex on a school night.” Lois laughed.

Walking down the hallway while talking, her friends comment reminded Francine that Steve had asked the previous afternoon that she wake him early for school this morning so that he could finish a paper that was due.

“Hey Lois, give me a second. I’ve got to wake Steve up for school. He only has a couple of weeks left to get his grades up for graduation, and he’s got a paper due. The young man has failed school once and I don’t think they will let him go to school next year and graduate when he is 19.” She laughed as she walked over to his door, put the phone to her side, and gently tapped.

“Steve; are you awake?” No Reply.

Again she tapped on the door and waited for an answer. Again nothing.

Francine turned the knob and slowly opened the door inwards. The morning sun came brightly through the window and onto her face, causing her to squint her eyes partially to shield from the sunlight. She looked across the room to where her son’s bed was as she brought her free hand across her forehead to help block the light from her eyes.

As the blonde mom’s eyes focused more clearly, she could see Steve laid out on his bed. His face looked so peaceful, his eyes shut tight. He was laid flat on his back with his left arm across his chest and right one over his head. Her eyes roamed down his body.

Then she saw it.

The bed covers had been completely kicked back, revealing that her young son was totally naked. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped as she took an involuntary sharp intake of breath and her whole body jerked backwards. Francine Smith found herself staring straight at the longest and thickest cock she had ever seen in her life.

She stood transfixed as her eyes glued onto her son’s gigantic length. Without averting her gaze she mumbled into her cell phone. “I’ll have to call you back Lois.” She said softly as she hung up the call without waiting for a response from her friend.

Steve’s manhood was laying heavily on his stomach, slightly arched upwards, his large bulbous cock head pointing straight towards his face, covering his belly button. It was not even fully hard, yet even from the distance away that she was standing Francine could clearly see the thick veins that ran the whole length of the monster shaft as it lay against her son’s diminutive five foot five inch frame.

“Holy Fuck” she muttered as she stood completely spellbound while focused on her son’s hard cock. It was easily one and a half times the size of her husband Stan’s, and looked to be much, much thicker.

Francine finally managed to tear her eyes away and look at her son’s face. He had not stirred and still slept soundly, despite her earlier audible şişli bayan escort gasp of shock.

Returning her eyes to his dick, she stepped deeper and deeper into his room, the sunlight moving from her eyes as she got closer to his bed. Now she could see the full magnificence of the hard, young cock clearly.

She now stood just a few feet from her son’s bed, looking down onto him, and the epic sight of his huge morning wood. The sunlight lit his whole figure, with the exception of a dark shadow across his stomach, caused by his glorious hard-on.

Francine fixed her gaze intently on his cock, her eyes still wide and her mouth beginning to salivate uncontrollably. Every inch of his giant pole looked shiny and perfect to her. Every vein looked ready to burst out from under the tight firm skin. His fat cock-head stood proudly, rising and falling ever so slightly as he drew each breath. It was the most hypnotic sight she had ever witnessed.

As she stood with her hand drawn across her mouth trying to prevent any sounds of shock or excitement from escaping, her breathing had grown heavy and her heart pounded against her chest. She found herself rethinking everything she ever thought was true about her son. ‘I can’t believe that last night I thought he was hiding his dick from me because he was embarrassed I would think it was small.’

Her boobs heaved under her robe and she felt an intense but immense feeling deep inside. Her pussy suddenly felt hot and wet, almost willing her to put her fingers down there.

She continued to move her eyes along her son’s naked frame, admiring his flat stomach, and his young sleeping face, but all the time being drawn back to his massive hard-on.

Images flashed across the horny mother’s mind. She imagined how amazing it must feel to have that huge thing plow inside her pussy. She noticed his big balls too, hanging below his legs and resting gently on the bed. They looked like two golf balls; perfectly rounded and formed. ‘Full of hot and potent young cum.’ She thought to herself.

She felt her pussy get wetter as his massive stick suddenly twitched. Her breathing grew heavier and she had to press her hand to her mouth even tighter to try to hold it in.

Almost unconsciously she raised her cell phone, turning off the flash and pointing it at his massive cock *CLICK*

No mother should look at her son the way Francine did, but the sight of that cock protruding from Steve was too much for her to walk away from. *CLICK*

She must have stood looking at him and taking photos for over ten minutes, if not longer. She just could not pull herself away from the sight before her. The sun shone down on his cock through the window, artistically spotlighting it on his frame.

Her whole body shook with intense excitement and at the same time intense nervousness. ‘What would he say if he woke up and caught me staring at his huge cock? His own mother admiring that giant pole?’ she thought as she set her cell phone on his dresser facing his bed and set the timer before quickly running to the other side of his bed. *CLICK*

She looked at the image on her phone. She had perfectly captured his hard cock in shot, next to her face. Setting the camera on multi-shot, she ran back to the other side of the bed once more and posed for several photos sticking her tongue out close to his hard monster cock while looking into the camera. *CLICK* *CLICK*

Finally, she began to step back, ever so quietly towards the door. Her eyes remaining transfixed on his body, but especially on his prick.

Francine managed to get back through the door and gently pull it back shut. She finally removed her hand from her mouth and quickly ran the short distance down the hall and into her own bedroom, closing the door behind her. She tore at the cord around her robe and tossed the robe off her shoulders. Her huge tits leaped forward as she threw herself down onto her bed and onto her back.

Now naked, she spread her legs wide and slapped her hand between her legs, clawing her fingers along her pussy lips as she looked at the images on her phone.

Her heavy breathing caused her tits to fall and rise across her chest and her whole body shook with excitement. She doubted that she had ever been this turned on in the whole of her life.

“OH FUCK!” she groaned out loud as she shoved three fingers deep into her wet cunt, grabbing her boobs with her other hand. She furiously pumped her hand against her wet cunt and dug her fingers in deep. She could feel her pussy muscles tighten and clench around her fingers, her whole insides felt on fire.

The sight of that huge cock just burned into her mind as she picked up the pace of her deep finger fucking. She could hear the wet squelching sounds get şişli escort louder “Oh my God! His cock is soooo fucking big,” she moaned as she imaged it sliding up her wet pussy. The thought of fucking her son now consumed her mind as she felt herself ready to explode at any moment.

Her heartbeat raced and her breathing grew very loud as she kept slamming her fist towards her insides, slapping her knuckles against her clit each time she drove her fingers in.

Bringing her other hand down she threw her legs high and wide and gave her clit a hard slap with the tips of her fingers, then began to furiously strum her clit with all her strength. “OH FUCK YESSSSSSS,” she now screamed. Her moans of intense pleasure grew louder; and she didn’t care who heard her.

She could feel her pussy oozing all over her invading fingers and coating them in her thick hot juices. She arched her back and lifted her ample ass from the bed as her pussy clenched and fluxed, then erupted in a huge messy orgasm.

Her whole body shook violently from head to toe while she clenched her teeth tightly as her legs involuntarily slapped together and she gripped her thighs around her fist and forearm. She rode the orgasmic wave of intense lust that overtook her whole body and soul.

Abruptly a nasty thought entered her mind. ‘What the hell; why not?’ she thought. Without giving it a second deliberation, she quickly jumped up from her bed and quietly hurried down the hallway to the bathroom her kids shared. Francine needed to get in there before Steve got up to take his morning shower. Haley was still away for a couple of days, so she had no worries about her daughter ruining her little plan.

Once inside, with the door closed and locked, Francine quickly undid the belt on her robe, slipping it off her shoulders and letting it fall to her feet. As her body trembled with anticipation, Francine quickly pulled her nondescript nightgown up over her head and off her body, tossing it aside on the bathroom floor. “I think I’ll just tease my big cocked boy a little bit to start my day off right.” She told her reflection with confidence and a radiant smile.

Taking a moment, she turned sideways looking at her profile, studying herself in the mirror. Her big breasts stuck out and sat proud upon her chest, her erect nipples hard and engorged with blood from her mounting excitement. She ran the tips of her fingers over them resulting in a pleasurable sensation that shot straight to her little pussy, her arousal intensifying.

Straightening her posture, she pushed her chest out and ran her hand down from her chest and over her belly. As she stood naked before the mirror her hand unconsciously slid back across her belly, straying lower, and into the thin line of her brown pubic hair. Francine’s finger flicked her clit a couple of times. “Gawd; What a horrible time for Stan to leave for three weeks. I really need a nice, hard cock.” she sighed out loud.

She moved her hand lower, sliding a finger between the soft, moist, pliable pink folds, pressing her finger upward and inward, experiencing the sudden warm, arousing burst of sexual heat that swept through her.

“Stop it Francine! You don’t have time for this. Not now; maybe later.” She said softly to her bright smiling reflection before pondering deeper. ‘Am I making a mistake? Is this a bad decision?’ Francine quickly resolved her conflict ‘Oh poo poo; there is no harm in a little teasing.’

Bending over, she picked up her robe and tugged it back on, pulling it shut tight over her nude body and tying the belt in a loopy bow. Her nipples were extremely hard and protruding through the white silk robe, poking the material out with two noticeable little bumps. She made sure to leave an exaggerated gap in the robe.

Looking in the mirror Francine could clearly see a large expanse of cleavage and the soft flesh that sloped between her big tits. The look was considerably sexy, just what she wanted, perfect for teasing a teenage boy, even if it was her own son. The mere thought that she would catch Steve looking at her cleavage sent a convulsion of arousal through her. She knew she was now ready.

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. “Hey! What are you doing in the bathroom before me, Hag? It’s my allotted time slot. Open the damn door!”

‘Here goes nothing.’ She told herself as she confidently opened the bathroom door, her tits seductively jiggling beneath the robe as she stepped into the hallway to be greeted by her son’s jaw hanging open.

“Mom? Oh; uh; sorry. I thought Haley was in there.”

“No problem honey. Haley won’t be home until dinner tonight.” Francine said, her big smile spreading wider.

“Did you get a good night’s sleep? I hope you feel better this morning.” she mecidiyeköy escort asked cheerfully.

Steve stood in the hallway, slowly transferring his weight from one foot to the other, obviously waiting for her to get out of the way so he could get in, piss and proceed to get ready for school. “I really gotta go mom. I’ve been…”

Suddenly he stopped in mid-sentence. They looked at each other, their gazes connecting for several seconds before he finally looked away, his eyes straying down, stopping uncontrollably where her breasts pushed the robe out, revealing the impressive amount of smooth, soft, deep, fleshy cleavage. His mind raced back to last night’s encounter in the hallway.

Francine’s pussy twitched as she saw the tenting bulge of an obvious hard-on beneath his pajama bottoms. Her face flushed when she realized she was staring at her son’s massive cock coming to life.

‘Oh my God!’ she thought to herself. When Steve’s eyes finally returned to his mother’s she could see pure wanton desire burning from them. She hoped her own eyes didn’t reveal she was having similar desires.

Suddenly weak in the knees and unable to move, her skin was afire as she looked into his dazzling dark eyes. ‘My little ploy worked.’ Francine thought to herself, ‘It truly worked. He is getting turned on looking at me!’ Francine liked the feeling. ‘Uhmmm; it really feels good to be lusted after, even when it’s my own son.’

She began to worry when neither she nor Steve moved as they both stood there, leering at one another. The safe, cautious part of her brain screamed ‘You shouldn’t have done this. You’re playing a dangerous game. Why did you put yourself in such a predicament?’

Her wild side also began pulling at her thoughts ‘Fuck that! This is harmless fun. I can tease anyone I want. Why not Steve? He sure looks like he is enjoying himself right now. I’m sure he enjoyed himself last night and the other day when I was tanning.’

Taking a deep breath, Francine cleared her throat. “You better get ready for school sweetie.”

“Yeah,” Steve replied, his eyes reverting back to her deep, inviting, exceedingly exposed cleavage as he brushed by, slipping into the bathroom and closing the door behind him.

‘Uhhhmmmm. Steve didn’t just look at me; he eye raped me!’ Francine realized. His eyes had caressed her flesh, exciting her and sending waves of arousal coursing through her horny body.

Francine had no idea how much fun and satisfaction teasing a teenage boy could bring. ‘The way Steve was looking at me was just so thrilling; so exciting! I know I’ll be dressing really sexy around the house for the next three weeks while Stan is gone.’

“What a damn rush.” She said out loud. The whole experience left her breathless, her pulse racing, face flush, and her pussy was absolutely throbbing and soaked.

Steve was whistling a happy tune when he came down stairs to the kitchen a few minutes later to grab his lunch before heading to the bus stop.

‘What is up with my luck last night and this morning? Mom looked unbelievably hot in her robe this morning in the hall outside the bathroom; but that gown last night? Holy Shit, nothing is ever going to beat that. She looked just like a playboy centerfold.’ He mused as he grabbed the brown bag from the refrigerator with his name on it.

As he swung the refrigerator door closed and turned, he was half frightened out of his wits as he nearly ran his mother over. “Mom! What the…” he cut his sentence off before drawing the ire of his mother for cussing.

As he composed himself he noticed that his mother seemed to be wearing more makeup than normal. Her hair was more stylish as well, giving her a more alluring appearance.

“Have a great day at school sweetie.” Francine told her son as she leaned in to give him a kiss. Steve began his normal routine of turning his cheek so she would have somewhere to land her lips. Effortlessly, Francine gently caught his chin and drew his face back, closed her eyes, and landed a three second kiss directly on his lips.

As he stood stunned, Francine headed for the back door. “I’m going to get an early start on my tan today.” She called out cheerfully.

That was when Steve noticed her attire. Francine had a two piece swimming suit on with a gauzy wrap around her waist. From under the top edge of the wrap Steve could see the waist band of a tiny gold bikini bottom rising up and over her hips. The waist met in the middle of her back in a tiny strip of fabric no wider than one inch that turned down between her butt cheeks. He immediately recognized that this as the suit she wore the a few days earlier, tanning in the yard.

‘Holy shit! Mom’s wearing that Brazilian thong bikini; in front of me!’ He was still staring intently as his mother turned once more and waved cheerfully. “Bye dear!”

Steve walked to the bus stop crouched over, trying his best to conceal his hard on, while at the same time trying to understand what was going on with his mom.

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