Amber’s Teacher Ch. 05

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Amber and I went to bed. She had brought her nightie with her, a short, pink filmy garment with matching panties. We cuddled close together and began to talk about our first meeting. I told her how I could not keep my eyes off of her as I placed my order that day about two months before. The way I just had to look at her perfect ass in those tight jeans. How I imagined massaging her pussy that I could almost make out the outline of through the fabric, and that I was pretty embarrassed the many times she caught me staring. And when she smiled back at me, how quickly my cock grew hard.

She told me that, yes, she quickly became aware of my stare, but that she didn’t mind the way she usually did if men my age stared. In fact, she told me that she thought I was cute and enjoyed the attention. She told me that she listened as gave my name and waited until my food came up so that she could give it to me, then returned with the broom to sweep under my feet. She confessed to looking for, and seeing the bulge in my pants and looking at the way my pants hugged my balls as she had me raise my legs.

As she reached this part of the story, I could not resist slipping my hand into her panties again. Apparently, telling me the story was arousing her as much as hearing it was arousing me. “Keep talking,” I said, as I ran my finger along her already wet slit.

“I thought about you the whole rest of the day. I wondered how big you were, how your balls would feel in my hand. I never thought any of this would happen or to see you again. But when we started talking through the instant messenger, I got so excited.”

As she talked, I teased her pussy, and as she finished, seyranbağları escort she was so wet that I easily slipped my finger all the way into her tight hole. She moaned and leaned up to me and kissed me passionately. She put her hand into the boxers I wear as pajamas and lightly stroked my cock. We quickly slipped out of our clothes.

I told her, “Get on top of me and let’s try the 69 position.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

So I guided her into position with her on top, and she giggled and said, “Now I get it.”

I reached over and turned on the lamp, because I wanted to see her hot young pussy as I ate it. I began by spreading her lips apart, and applying the tip of my tongue directly to her sensitive clit. She let out a cry of surprise and pleasure. I continued on and she rocked backward on her knees, putting more pressure between her clit and my tongue. I wanted to give it to her fast and make her cum hard. I could tell I was succeeding because she was panting, moaning, and humping my face almost like an animal.

“Oh yes, oh God, oh yes, ohhhh!” came out, sounding almost like she was crying. I was face to face with her tight ass and her pussy was gushing milky cum over my face.

She let out a shudder and moaned “I’m cumming!”

I slipped my finger into her cunt and felt her pussy spasm.

To my surprise, she moaned, “Oh Jack, I want you to fuck me, now!”

“OK, Baby,” I said, needing no further invitation. She rolled off of me and onto her back and spread her legs for me. I got between them and leaned over to the nightstand for a condom. Suddenly, gentle nice girl Amber had sincan escort gone wild!

“Hurry,” she cried as she grabbed my cock and rubbed the head between her wet pussy lips, trying to get it inside. “Oh God I can’t wait!”

Finally, I got the condom out of the wrapper. My cock was in the air over Amber’s stomach as I rolled the condom down over it. She was wide-eyed with anticipation, and her pussy was srill oozing. I began rubbing the head along her slit as she had done. “Feel good, Baby?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” she cried.. “I’m ready, Baby. Fuck me.”

I started to push in a little, as it felt like the outside of the condom was really slippery, and so was her pussy. But every time I tried to push in, my cock slipped out, toward the back, or front, or side.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“You’re so tight it doesn’t want to go in,” I told her. “Try putting it in and I’ll try to use my hand to keep it from going back or sideways.”

Using this technique, we were able to gradually insert the head of my cock. I felt the lips of her pussy envelope my cock in their velvety wetness. I tried just fucking her with the head only, not forcing it in too deep, yet not withdrawing enough to slip out. The end of my shaft rubbed her clit as Ii made tiny strokes in and out. Her breathing again turned to panting as she told me, “Oh yes, Jaxk, keep going, baby, I’m going to cum, baby, uh, oh, oh, oh, fuck yes!”

I felt her cunt get even wetter as I brought her to orgasm again. My sensitive cock head slipped just barely in and out as it felt like her pussy lips were polishing it.

“Are you ready for all of me, Baby?” sıhhiye escort I asked her as she gradually let down from her orgasm. Since I had just cum in Amber’s mouth a few hours ago, I thought I could go for quite a while, maybe even the rest of the night, before cumming again.

“Oh yes, Baby, fuck me all the way!” she moaned.

Her pussy juices all over my cock made it nice and slippery, and it seemed to get easier to stroke in deeper, a little at a time. Finally, on an inward stroke, I put some weight behind it, and my cock was buried in Amber’s virgin pussy. She let out a little cry. “Did it hurt, Baby?” I asked.

“Not that much, ” she answered. “It feels so good the way you are filling my pussy up. Don’t stop!”

I kept going with nice, long strokes, making sure that I positioned myself so that my shaft kept rubbing her clit as it went in and out. I looked down to see my cock entering her pussy. What a sight!

“Look at my cock going into your hot pussy,” I told her.

“I am,” she said. “It turns me on so much. You are making me cum again!” she cried. I sped up my stroking until she orgasmed again, then at the end of it I just stayed as deep in her pussy as I could get as we kissed tenderly. “Don’t you want to cum again, Baby?” she asked.

“I do, but usually I can only do it once in a night,” I told her. “It’s part of the disadvantage of not being eighteen.”

“To heck with eighteen year old guys,” she said. “I’ll take my hot teacher any day.”

Surprisingly, I was still hard. I played with her nipples as I began stroking in and out again. It felt like I might cum again after all. I sped up and after a furious effort, I did cum again.

“If I hadn’t been with such a little hottie, I couldn’t have done that,” I told her as my cock gradually softened and slipped out of her dripping pussy. .Our bellies were slick with her cum. She went to the bathroom and brought a towel. We snuggled together naked as we fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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