All About Zack Ch. 16

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I picked Zack up a few weeks later. Sylvia wanted me to go in for a cup of tea, but after what Zack had told me about her being strict with him, I didn’t want to. I made a sarcastic comment about taking him to see his uncle, and his Auntie Faye. I hit the nerve I was looking for as she gulped and looked embarrassed. Serve the bitch right!

I took Zack into his new room. He looked shocked at the double bed. I opened the wardrobe and watched him; slowly he worked out why my clothes were in there, pushed to one side.

“Danny didn’t like his job, we had an argument and he left when I wouldn’t move back with him. We’ve split up for good. This is a new start for us Zack, nobody knows us here, and we could stay if you want? It would just be you and me again, together.”

I could feel my hands shaking as I waited for him to respond. He walked to the other bedroom, I followed him and he turned back to me when he saw it was empty.

“Do you mean, you and me, we sleep, together?” he asked, as his eyes went round the empty room again, and then back to me.

“For as long as you want, if that is what you want?” I said with a hard gulp.

He walked past me to the main bedroom. I followed him slowly giving him more time to think about it.

“This is a big step mum,” he said softly.

“I know darling, if you want some time to think about it I understand.”

“No this is a big step for you I mean. In front of people you’ll be my mum, but when we’re alone you’ll be my slut!”

He walked up to me and ripped my blouse open. I gasped in shock as the thin material shredded. My braless boobs were now free for his eyes. I stood panting and waiting for whatever was going to happen next.

“You know I fucked Auntie Sylvia don’t you mum?”

My mouth dropped open. I never thought it went that far. He held up his phone showing me his aunt getting fucked from behind.

“Do you want to take her place?”

I slipped my arms around his neck, still trying to come to terms with her seducing my son just to get her kicks!

“I’ll be better than her you know that darling?” I cooed as I kissed his neck.

He was all over me pinning me to the bed as he fucked me hard. I didn’t get a chance to undress; Zack just ripped my clothes until he could get at what he wanted! We fucked in frenzy that night and then slept together. In the morning we had a slow loving fuck, which brought tears of joy to my eyes.

Over the next few weeks I got out of him the games she made him play. He said he was embarrassed by them, but he grew to like dominating her. To be honest I didn’t think Sylvia had it in her to play such games. But then again I was fucking my son so who am I to judge?

I had a few glasses of wine and waited for Zack to come home from work. I just hoped he would like what he saw. He smiled as he came into the bedroom; I had tied myself to the bed. I saw his eyes look over the things on the bed.

“Use what you want darling,” I cooed.

He clipped 2 clothes pegs to my nipples and 10 to my pussy lips. I felt him push the vibrator into my wet cunt. I wasn’t really sure about the custard but he used it anyway, trickling it over my quaking boobs, taksim escort and then licking the trail it left. He would flick the pegs and twist or move the vibrator. Each time he did this I groaned and shook. I pulled at the ties on my wrists as he gave me such a wonderful orgasm.

3 weeks later I was walking down the high street in a tennis outfit. God the men that leered, and the whistles, had my pussy dripping like a tap!

I suppose going into the chip shop, with white yoghurt all over my black dress was a little over the top, but I eventually relented, and it did turn me on much to my surprise!

A few years later we are still together, but someday I know I’ll have to give him up.

“You don’t see Sylvia when you go to see your mates do you darling?” I mumbled, and then continued to lick his stiffening cock.

He grinned down at me with a dirty leer.

“I only fuck blondes now Tina, horny blonde sluts like you. So is it right that Auntie Faye is pregnant?”

“Yeah, only I’m not sure how. I mean Brian couldn’t get Sylvia pregnant, he can’t have kids.”

“She must have had it with someone else then,” he said with a chuckle.

“I bet Brian’s in a quandary. Zack she has never hit on you has she?”

“God no, I mean you don’t think I had anything to do with her getting pregnant do you mum? I know I was up there with her a few months ago, but I’d never fuck her not when I’ve got the woman I want right here, no I’d never do that.”

“No of course you wouldn’t darling,” I said smiling at him.

“Good, I’d never lie to you mum,” he said with a grin, “I mean I know I had sex with Sylvia but that was her pestering me. I was young and innocent then, and a little stupid I guess. Still as long as you are happy that’s all that matters.”

I licked around the head of his cock, and then shuffled forward a little awkwardly.

I’d never forgive myself if I made her and Auntie Faye pregnant. What could be worse? Making that bitch Stephanie pregnant I suppose. No mum you are all I need. I love you.”

“It’s OK sweetie, and please don’t keep mentioning them.”

“Hey talking of making people pregnant, did you know Maria’s having a baby?”

“No, I didn’t. I haven’t seen much of her lately; she seems to be out whenever I call. Still it’s nice to have friendly neighbours isn’t it Zack?”

I smiled as our baby kicked my stomach. I shuffled slightly getting my belly full of baby comfortable, another 2 months to go and I would be a mother again.

Zack held my hair as he began to thrust into my mouth.

“Yeah I only fuck hot blondes like you Tina,” he hissed.

I swallowed all I could, but a trickle still ran out of the corner of my mouth.

I got off my knees and struggled back onto the bed. Zack wiped my face with a tissue. He went out of the room and came back 2 minutes later.

“I’ll make you a drink before I go.”

“Zack do you have too, I mean I get jealous when you go out with girls. I know she’s younger than me but she’s Maria’s daughter. I don’t want us falling out with them.”

“Look mum we are only going to festival together, I’ll be back in 3 days. Besides I promised her mum I’d look çapa escort after her, she is only 18 after all.”

“I haven’t seen her father around for awhile either, not since we heard him shouting at Maria. I wish you had let me go and make sure she was OK. Hey I was sure Maria said he had the snip.”

“You must be mistaken mum.”

Zack went off to make my drink with a smile on his face; god knows what he found so amusing, probably my big fat bump. He came back with my tea and then fetched Christine.

“Happy birthday sweetheart,” I cooed at our two year old daughter.



Eventually things dried up between Zack and me, well it had to I suppose still he had left his mark on my life. James and I never married. I suppose it was never going to happen in view of the sexual side of our relationship. We still see each other from time to time; well he married my sister you see. I suppose I didn’t really mind that much thinking back. Anyway I think he always had a soft spot for Stephanie.

Mum is still at a loss with her two daughters. But I think I have let her down the most, because I have 3 kids now and another on the way. It was all I really wanted I suppose, kids I mean. I think I’m quite a good mum, and although it is hard bringing them up alone I’m quite happy doing it. The triplets, now seemed to take up most of my time, and I’ve already decided on the name for my new baby, Kevin or Kathy!

So that is my story to a finish. I doubt you’ll want to hear about nappy changing and teething troubles. Anyway I’m off to mum’s house for my birthday with the 3 kids now, and the 7 month bump. Stephanie is coming down too, mum says Stephanie wants to see me, apparently she told mum this was one birthday I would never forget. I love surprises.



I felt quite guilty about marrying James, but he told me he was never into Sylvia. He was more interested in me! James is kind and considerate and I’ve never really had that with Trevor. Besides as soon as guys I date know I’ve had 5 kids, they sort of vanish into thin air. I’m not stupid I know why, but James is well, not like that.

Now after having run off with Tina’s husband all those years ago, mum was kind of ready to strangle me for a second time. Sylvia and James had split up and called the engagement off, before James and I made it known that we had started seeing each other. Well only 3weeks, but that isn’t really the point here. OK he shagged me several times over the last couple of years, but I never intended stealing him from my sister. I remember one time we met up in London. He told Sylvia he was going to see his mother in Wales. Then another time he waited on the next railway station. James looked quite flushed. I could see he was hiding something and eventually I got it out of him. My little innocent sister had waved him off in her bikini! I mean she just stood on the station in just her little bikini; OK she’s got the figure for it but fucking hell!

Come to think that was the same time I thought I saw Zack whiz past on the train going in the other direction, funny how bakırköy escort you see things sometimes.

So to the point of my last offering, I just wanted to put things straight, my sister is not the sweet and innocent, or the hard done by person you might think she is. She’s the biggest bitch in the world, and I hate the fucking cow! Now I’ll tell you why she has upset me so much.

James and I have been married just over a year. He once told me that she had been, ‘doing things’ with Zack. OK I know I have too I mean one of my kids is his. But that isn’t the point. Now my darling bitch of a younger sister has been having fun with Zack, right under James’s nose! Again I know I’m hardily one to talk, as James and I were fucking too. But just this week I was clearing out the boy’s room. I came across this dusty video. So I put it in the machine….

“You fucked up little cow!” I shrieked.

“What’s up Stephanie?” James called, as he came running into the room.

“Look at the fucking evil whore, look!”

“Jesus,” James mumbled.

He ejected the video and tried to calm me down. I was all for getting in the car and going to see the sick bitch. It was only James that stopped me; he wouldn’t let me have the car keys!

I sat the boys down when they came in; through my tears I dished out orders that they were never to see my sister again. I turned on James after that, this was the time when he was seeing her.

“Did you know about this James? Boys get to your room, now!” I yelled.

“Um, look I, I, didn’t, um,” he whimpered.

“Oh you sick fucking bastard!”

Gradually he confessed to knowing a little of what was going on. I sat, and I listened, and I kept calm, and then I threw my cup at the perverted fucking weasel!

I ran upstairs and I threw his clothes out of the bedroom window. I can’t remember all the names I called him, but I’m sure the neighbours can!

Sylvia had ruined everything; I started wondering if any of my boys had fathered her kids! God the idea of it made me feel sick. I know my stepfather was responsible for one of my kids, but this seemed to kick me harder in the stomach.

I sat stewing for the next two days, the boys steered clear of me for a while. They said sorry and everything, and seemed to take over tidying the house for me. While I sat there with my blood boiling!

“I couldn’t really blame them could I? I mean it was all her fucking fault, tied to the bed like some kidnap victim. Oh but she wanted it, moaning and groaning like some lust crazed whore! Even Zack was there for fucks sake! Zack…..Zack, god she’s having a fucking good laugh at all of us! Zelda, Adam, Carrie! Oh yes the next bloody kid is going to start with a fucking K! Mum, are you still there?”

I hung up the phone.

Two days later I sat with my mum. She still couldn’t believe it, I didn’t want to tell her but I had to talk to someone.

“What are you going to do Stephanie?” mum asked, with tears in her eyes.

I pushed the video into the machine, and sat with my arms crossed.

Mum rushed to the door, I heard her talking to Sylvia, she ushered the kids into the kitchen.

“Mum, what’s up?” Sylvia asked.

“Your sister is in there, go and speak to her.”

“Hi sis what’s up with mum?”

“Happy birthday Sylvia, you evil fucked up bitch!” I hissed.

I watched her face drop, as I pushed play on the remote control!

The End.

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