Alien Invasion

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To all my lovely Followers.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my stories. I am so grateful and I really appreciate it as I try to be a better writer.

This story was written very recently while my Mistress left me to go on a journey that lasted over two weeks. I wrote for her homecoming!

With love and kind regards,



alien invasion

(Warning: This story may contain traces of tentacles)

“She is so beautiful.” Suzy thought.

But Suzy could not define why she found the girl so beautiful. The afternoon light helped, filtered by the rain-streaked windows of the tiny bar. The girl’s almond-shaped eyes definitely helped too. Suzy was sitting in the shadows in her favourite corner of her favourite bar. She went in the first time because of its name, ‘Cafe Courage’. It had been a time when Suzy was feeling far from courageous. A relationship had ended unexpectedly and Suzy had been badly hurt. The bar was in a part of Amsterdam that she knew well, the Jordaan district.

The beautiful girl was sitting at the bar counter and drinking heavily, really heavily. Glass after glass of Dutch gin and it appeared to be having no effect. She held the tiny glass in long elegant fingers and leaned forward slightly as she sipped the clear liquor. It was such a delicate movement and Suzy was fascinated by the slimness of the girl’s body. A chest even flatter than her own? Was this even possible?

It was then that their eyes met. And the smile happened. For Suzy it was like the sun coming out. ‘Radiant’ doesn’t come close.

Fenne smiled too. And it was Fenne’s bar and Fenne had always been kind to Suzy whenever she came in. Fenne kept the men away and so was very protective of the girl she knew to be fragile in some way. In truth Fenne was a bit in love with Suzy but she kept it to herself. But Fenne felt a certain something when Suzy opened the door and sought out her special quiet corner.

Then that smile happened again. And it lured Suzy from her seat and on to the bar stool beside this mysteriously beautiful girl.

“Sonia.” Said the beautiful girl and a hand was extended. The girl’s voice seemed with any trace of any particular accent. It was, Suzy thought, a kind and gentle voice.

“Suzy.” Suzy responded and she took the hand and held it and the hand was so delicate and cool to the touch and, well, thought Suzy, simply beautiful. Fenne poured two shots and smiled to herself. Suzy made a face and threw back the bitter oily liquid. Actually, thought Suzy, the gin wasn’t so bad once you got used to it. Fenne poured again and Suzy and Sonia drank.

“I have something much better than this at home… ” Sonia whispered.

Suzy laughed out loud at such an obvious come-on but she was flattered too. It had been ages since she had allowed herself to be hit on quite like this. But this was special, she told herself, this is an unusual situation and it was time that she allowed herself to take a risk.

“One for the road, or maybe it should be ‘one for the canal’.” Sonia laughed and ‘one more’ was poured and Fenne watched as the girls walked out into the rain arm in arm.

“Where are we going?” Suzy asked.

“Not far Suzy, my apartment is on Keizersgracht… it’s very close.

Suzy had certain memories of the Keizersgracht canal, especially the bridge where the canals joined and Leidsegracht crossed and it was here that they had said goodbye and it was here that the woman she loved cut her loose from everything she had ever cared about.

Water cascaded from the overhanging roofs, they stayed close the walls to avoid the worst of the rain. Suzy looked at her new friend more closely as they walked along. Those eyes were astonishing, neither one colour nor another and sometimes seemed almost black. Sonia was laughing and joking and walking perfectly steadily but Suzy had seen her drink at least a half bottle of genever. She was all arms and legs in the taxi. Suzy was a lanky girl herself but Sonia seemed to be even longer limbed. They held hands and the touching made Suzy feel calm and confident.

Over the bridge and Sonia called for the driver to stop. Steps down to a low door and then a dark corridor. Sonia took Suzy’s hand and led her. A noisy rattling lift with no sides and a metal grill for a door and then the apartment. Now Suzy could actually hear the blood roaring in her veins.

It was if the whole world had changed a gear. In that darken hallway, Suzy was crossing into another world.

A cavernous room with a vaulted ceiling covered in tiny stars. Suzy ran to the windows and looked down at the canal. People running home through the rain, the taxis splashing over the stones. She turned as Sonia was offering her a glass of white wine. God… Suzy knew she had to slow down on the drinking.

Both girls moved at the same time and the kiss came quickly. Not hungry, but full of promise. Having got over that fethiye escort step, they could relax. Music was playing and Suzy danced under the twinkling stars. The apartment was huge. There was a spiral staircase to an upper level. There was even a minstrel’s gallery which was lined with books and cushions piled high.

Suzy sensed it was time and in the guise of a silly striptease, she got undressed. Once naked she stood quite still, in the centre of the room and waited for Sonia to come to her. Sonia sat on the arm of the Sofa and gazed at the naked young woman. Her face had a look of tenderness and wonder too. Then Sonia rose and walked slowly across the room. No word was spoken but Suzy looked inquiringly at her guest, expecting her to follow her lead and undress.

But Sonia chose to remain fully clothed and instead, reached out with her long fingers and touched Suzy’s belly button, then the little breasts and their stiffly erect nipples. Suzy suddenly felt as if Sonia had never seen another naked girl before such was her curiosity at Suzy’s body. Sonia’s touches were feather light and delicate. She traced the outline of Suzy’s hips and the all the little bumps down her spine. Then Sonia looked into Suzy’s eyes and Suzy felt the cool fingers touch the bottom of her tummy, then her mound. Suzy held her breath and the room was spinning round and she wanted to wait but not wait and she knew she was getting wet. And she could wait no longer.

Suzy reached out to unfasten Sonia’s belt buckle. Their eyes met and Sonia’s were filled with tears. And Sonia stepped back and unbuttoned her shirt and opened it and at that same moment time stood still.

Sonia had no breasts, no nipples, her chest was smooth and her skin shone and glowed and was so beautiful and Suzy felt her knees trembling and could not move. Sonia undid her jeans and bent to pushed them down to her ankles, kicked them off and she too was naked.

Suddenly Suzy’s felt faint and collapsed on the sofa. Sonia’s skin seemed translucent. As she turned to throw her jeans into the corner of the room, Suzy saw she was ‘different’ between her legs. Her slit was so pretty and seemed to conceal absolutely everything.

Sonia bent over the trembling girl and their lips met and their tongues met and Suzy suddenly felt as if she was safely at home. The air in the room changed, she felt a soft breeze blowing and she could hear the wind in the trees. Sonia’s tongue slid deeper into Suzy’s mouth and seemed to envelop her entirely.

The kiss ended, the two girls looked at each other and laughter filled the room. Sonia’s eyes were now completely black and she looked fantastic. She lay back on the sofa and opened herself to Suzy in the most wonderful way. Suzy kissed Sonia’s chest, the skin so smooth so cool against her lips, it seems to be becoming even more translucent.

Gently Suzy touched Sonia’s mouth, it made the girl giggle and Sonia poked out the tip of her tongue.

“Humans have only one tentacle Suzy.” And Sonia waggled her tongue and laughed. “But Sonia has many tongues.”

Now all Suzy wanted was to kiss again and feel that wonderful feeling of perfect peace.

“Come… follow me Suzy.” And Sonia, holding out her hand made to lead Suzy up the spiral staircase. Here the ceiling was lower and supported by huge wooden beams. A huge bathroom and the bedroom itself. The bed was enormous.

“Suzy, please sit on the edge of the bed and open your legs.”

Now it begins, thought Suzy and did as she was told. She felt no shame but her heart was pounding.

Holding tight to the edge, Suzy watched as Sonia examined the way Suzy’s body was formed, with its folds and openings and the way the petals met and the little hood and it’s hidden pearl.

Sonia looked up into Suzy’s eyes.

“Lie back Suzy.”

Suzy did so and Sonia climbed on the bed and straddled her. She was fascinated by Suzy’s little breasts. Feeling, cupping, squeezing…

Now Sonia bent to kiss her lips.

“I’m going to take over your breathing Suzy. Is that OK?”

But before Suzy could reply, Sonia’s tongue once again entered her mouth. It was strange feeling at first but Suzy felt that peaceful feeling return again. There was a moment’s panic but then Suzy could feel her chest rise and fall and a sensation of calmness that she had never felt before.

Sonia’s skin felt so incredibly smooth and soft to the touch and Sonia’s tummy pressed against hers. She felt Sonia’s hands on her bottom and the first touch of Sonia’s ‘many tongues’.

Suzy felt the cool wetness find her. Circling the soft skin of her anus. And as Sonia breath filled Suzy’s lungs, so the tentacle slid inside the tight little aperture. Deeper and deeper, the rippling sensation of the tentacles little ridges as is slid deeper and deeper.

Suzy abandoned herself to the feeling. She forgot her identity, her separateness. A little mouth was suckling her clitoris, a tiny tongue drew shapes escort fethiye and patterns along its length. Suzy had never felt so aroused and she knew there was no going back and Sonia was going to make her come in a way she had never known before. The tentacle in her bottom began to withdraw, slowly at first and then faster, the ridges…

Suzy knew she was melting now and she was at the very point of orgasm. A soft tendril slid into her vagina swelled and swelled and the climax overtook her, swamped her and great waves of pleasure carried her to an unknown shore.

There is a soft wind blowing in the attic room and it makes the slats of the venetian blinds flutter. Suzy is tied by the wrists to one of the wooden beams. She is naked. Two women are talking quietly in the next room.

Sonia is one of the women and the other is of similar looks but older. They are not wearing clothes but equally, they do not seem naked. Their skin seems almost transparent and shimmers in the afternoon sunlight. Their long slender arms are wrapped around each other, their hands stroke each other and their tentacles caress each other’s bottoms and lower backs and their tongues enter each other’s mouths.

After a long embrace, the two women enter the room in which Suzy is held captive. The women are not afraid of revealing themselves in their natural state. They are hungry for Suzy’s human body and most of all her orgasms. They are hungry for her breasts and for the opening between her legs and the other opening too.

Suzy turns as she hears the others approach. She is afraid but a mere touch from a slender finger soothes her and she begins to feel the first stages of arousal. The older woman stands in front of the tethered girl and touches her breasts and watches as the nipples harden. Filled with curiosity the woman licks each breasts, leaving a coating which she then builds up layer by layer. Licking and licking until Suzy’s whole chest is coated in a sticky flexible film. The woman stands a little way apart and her long fingers slide between Suzy’s legs. Now Sonia moves behind the helpless girl and runs her fingers up the valley between Suzy’s buttocks. Sonia smiled as Suzy writhed at her touch and she let her tentacle emerge from her own opening as she guides it through Suzy’s anus and deep into her bowels.

The woman kneels and licks Suzy’s legs, coating them with film, her hips and flanks, her tummy and thighs are steadily being coated. The woman’s opening reveals her own tentacle and she guides it into Suzy’s vagina. More fluid and more licking until all three are sealed together suspended from the beam like a chrysalis, a cocoon.

The older woman’s tongue-tentacle is deep inside Suzy’s mouth and sustains Suzy’s life and her mind. For Suzy, the three are back in The Cafe Courage, sitting at the bar while Henne fills three shot glasses. They are now in more human form.

But inside the chrysalis, back in Keizersgracht, Sonia has invaded Suzy’s body and her fingers have enveloped the human girl’s vulva, each fingertip a tiny sucking mouth. A sap emerges from each fingertip and coats the delicate folds. The fingertips play so lovingly with the soft skin that hides her clitoris, each tip a massaging mouth. The sensations overwhelming the girl, but she is a long way from a sexual climax.

In their other world, the three are sealed now, as the sun sets and the lights of the city are lit, the canal boats glide along the canal.

In their collective conscious they are in the little bar, laughing and telling outrageous stories. Henne is joining in and Suzy is pleased that her two friends find her as lovely as Suzy does. The conversation turns to sex and I don’t know how it happened but Henne is taking Suzy into the back room and they are kissing and cuddling and Henne tells Suzy she loves her and Suzy says she loves her too and Henne touches Suzy’s bottom and the giggle and kiss again. And something passes between them, that moment, the moment of complete understanding. For many, this moment has more erotic potential that the act of sex itself. It is the moment that two people step into that blissful world of simply knowing that the night will end in endless passion.

“More shots!” Shouts Suzy, and the all down yet another glass of Genever. It’s late and Henne is happy to close her bar for the night.

“One more at Keizersgracht?” Said the older woman.

And once the doors were locked, the three set off with arms linked, along the Windmill Path to number 430 Keizersgracht.

Everyone was quiet as the lift rattled up to the fourth floor. Henne loved the apartment and ran, as I did, to the windows. Then the social niceties and drinks served.

Then there was a pause so pregnant that it made them all giggle. Like girls around a swimming pool, daring each other to dive in. The first to take the plunge was Enna. She made a dive for Suzy and they just fell into each other’s arms and kissed and kissed. The other’s fethiye escort bayan watched and Sonia clapped her hands. Then hands and lips and arms and legs were everywhere. Unbuttoning, unzipping, pulling down and pulling up even tearing. On a mountain of cushions on the soft carpet, the four made one of themselves.

Lips found other lips, tongues found crevices and creases and fingers made it all possible. Opening, spreading, inhaling… there were no winners or losers in this sexual maelstrom. The older woman’s breasts were full and luscious and Sonia and Suzy feasted on them. Fenne was content with Suzy’s little bottom and alternated between slaps and caresses. She delighted in prising open her firm buttocks and glimpsing the shadowy opening. Then her tongue could hold back no longer and Henne, making her tongue all pointy, broke through into that bitter tasting but fragrant world. As Henne’s lips closed over the hot opening, she felt Suzy’s fingers side either side of her clitoris. She gasped as Suzy found Henne’s special place. So instinctively, so quickly.

Henne felt a pressure and an unexpected wetness and her vulva was enveloped with lapping mouths. Henne’s clitoris was beautifully long and needed lots of stimulation to escape from its earthly bounds. But when wet lips drew the flesh up and tongues slid up and down its length she lost all control and let herself be engulfed.

Fingers and tongues, lost and found again. Suzy felt a second finger enter her bottom and squealed as the fingers worked in unison and drew her opening apart. Each woman knew what it would take to reach the top but the sheer joy of this erotic swirl of aroused flesh was intoxicating and no-one wanted to lose the joy of anticipation.

Above their heads, suspended from the roof beam, the cocoon twisted and turned. Suzy’s little body had been totally invaded and partly dissolved. Now the creatures had reduced their human lover to an orgasm generator. The little mouths at the end of each tentacle coaxed climax after climax from the shapeless form inside their arms. They fed on each moment of ecstasy and greedily they probed every part of the girl’s helpless body. The probing tongues drew her little breasts into points and sucked on the hard nipples. They seemed to be able to make Suzy come at will.

The poor girl had no conscious awareness of her ordeal. Suzy’s mind was elsewhere. She was being lifted on to a pile of cushions so that Sonia could lick and lap at the full length of her anal cleft.

In the cocoon, one of the older woman’s tentacles had penetrated the girl’s cervix and lay nestled in the womb. Suzy had been brought to a state of arousal when even the lightest touch would induce a series of sexual climaxes of shattering power.

The moment that the tentacles reached one another would be the ultimate moment. There were no barriers, the full extent of Suzy’s clitoris was gathered into the gently sucking mouth. The anal spasms grew stronger with each orgasm. It was as if Suzy had been stripped of everything except those organs and nerves which were responsible for arousal and orgasm. The tentacles envelops her womb, entered it and caressed it.

On the floor below, now Suzy was lying on her back with her legs up on the sofa and spread wide apart. Sonia was suckling her left breast and the older woman her right. Lacking breasts of their own, they were delighted with Suzy’s and Henne’s too.

Henne was on the sofa and was using her lips and teeth to stretch and nibble Suzy’s labia. Below Henne’s fingers sought Suzy’s hidden opening and drew little moist circles on the dark skin. Suzy was in ecstasy and was so close to her climax but Henne seemed to ensuring she went no further into her passion.

With one last effort Suzy raised her hips and found Henne’s mouth and the stimulation she needed and it happened. In a howl of joy Suzy’s orgasm broke over her. Henne was coming too, the girl’s pleasure, her spasms were all that was needed to take Henne over the edge into orgasm.

At the precise moment of Suzy’s climax, the cocoon burst open and a gleaming, shining body slid on to the floor. Her skin was almost transparent and her eyes shone with a dark light and she was utterly naked as she stood alone in the centre of the room. Any trace of the cocoon was gone, as were the two aliens. This gleaming creature was the result of their hours and house of passion.

The creature began to descend the stairs to room still fragrant with the delicious scents of female sexual pleasure. Suzy and Henne were lying in each other’s arms on the huge sofa. The creature stood over the two sleeping figures and lay beside them and gradually became absorbed into younger girl’s body.

Sunday morning and the bell rang as Suzy pushed the bar door open. Henne was behind the bar. Their eyes met and Henne lifted the flap to come from behind the bar. She closed the door and pushed the bolts into position. The ‘Bar Open’ sign hanging on the window was turned to read ‘Bar Closed’ and Henne took Suzy’s hand and they walked up the narrow stairs and into Henne’s apartment.

Regular customers were disappointed to find that The Cafe Courage would remained closed for several days.

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