Alice Needs Her Brother’s Support

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Patrick drove home exhausted from working a 10 hour shift delivering food for his latest part time job. Ending this particular shift he promised himself it would be the last as he had saved enough to split rent in an apartment, his first away from home, with his best friend Brian.

Brian had been bugging Patrick to commit to the move since they graduated high school a few months ago but Patrick had issues going on at home.

His younger step sister, Alice, was having problems with her grades, friends, teachers, and her parents. The only person she seemed close to and comfortable with was Patrick.

As much as he wanted to move out, and could finally afford to, pressure from his parents, and a guilty feeling of abandoning his step-sis had so far kept him from moving out with his best friend.

Alice wasn’t always so closed off from everyone. She’d performed dress up fashion shows for her family when she was little and loved the attention. She’d have sleepovers with friends, work lemonade stands, sneak into movies, and was even kind of popular until around the time she became a senior in high school.

Worried about her becoming shy and withdrawn, his parents tasked him with supporting her through whatever was going on.

It was Friday night and with their parents out at the casino for a few hours Patrick took the opportunity and knocked on Alice’s door.

“Go away” she responded, but Patrick allowed himself in and walked over to the bed where she was face down with her face in crook of her arm.

“Sis, I don’t know what’s gotten into you but whatever it is maybe I can help.”

“Nothings wrong” Alice said softly, “er well somethings wrong i just can’t explain it, and with you about to move out makes it worse somehow; you probably think I’m a freak, and you don’t have to pretend to help me, I’m sure you have better things to do.”

Patrick looked at his little step-sis and tried to guess what was going on in her head. And he couldn’t help but wonder why she hid her slim figure under that black sweatshirt and baggy sweats she seemed to wear all the time.

Genuinely feeling bad for her he offered the first thing that came to his mind.

“I think you should be getting outside more, I know your not the sporty type but let’s go for run, get you into some leggings, a cute t-shirt maybe?

Alice let out a sigh of annoyance and Patrick realized he should start with something easy, maybe even fun.

“Ok sis, I’ll tell you what I’ll give you a massage, I swear you’ll feel better, you’ll take a shower and change clothes and then we’ll take a quick jog, better?”

“Actually ya why not” Alice replied as she was surprised how her bro was able to lighten her mood.

“Ok, you can stay lying on onwin giriş your back,” he instructed.

He laid a hand on her lower back as he swung his right leg over her body and sat on his heels. He realized he was straddling his sis at this point but with her thick sweats on it didn’t seem too awkward for either of them.

He ground his knuckles into her hands and wrists, up her arms and squeezed her shoulders. Moving up to her neck Patrick figured she wouldn’t get the full benefit and asked if she was ok with him going under the sweatshirt.

“Sure, ya whatever” she mumbled, but Patrick could tell her stress and worries were melting away.

He felt inspired to give her an excellent full body massage and left her sweatshirt on and instead crawled backwards so that he was facing her feet.

Without asking he slipped off her two white socks and aggressively massaged the soles of her feet, squeezing her cute toes then up to her ankles and slim calves. His movement was restricted somewhat from the baggy sweats.

As he gently ran a finger up and down the back of her knees he noticed her shuddering as if a crazy idea just came to her and she surprised Patrick by saying with her eyes still closed, ” take off these stupid sweats, this massage is amazing and I don’t want to miss anything.”

Trying to figure out what she meant by ‘anything’ Patrick tugs on her sweatpants from the thighs and as it’s pulled over the slope of her butt checks revealing two surprises for Patrick.

Alice had been hiding a delicious perky butt under her shapeless sweats and a neon yellow pair of panties that seem out of place on his shy 18 year old sister. It looks amazing on her tight butt and Patrick does his best not to stare as the sweats are now bunched up around her ankles and he begins kneading his knuckles into her lower, mid and then upper thighs. He can’t believe this perfect butt wrapped in a candy yellow thong belongs to his step-sis that he never once imagined in a sexual way. As he feels guilty for his excitement he backs off the upper thighs and starts massaging her calves again.

“Wait that was starting to feel so good” Alice, still with eyes closed, sounding upset.

Patrick doesn’t ask her to clarify exactly what she wanted and too nervous about his cock beginning to stiffen he grabs her lower back from under the sweatshirt and works his way up and down her back. As he reaches her shoulders he has to crawl back up her legs and sit back on her now exposed butt.

He notices a small smile as he situates himself and his heartbeat starts racing when he hears a tiny moan when he jiggles his body around a little until he’s comfortable.

Squeezing the shoulders where he notices the most tension he runs onwin yeni giriş his fingers up the sides of her body and feels her ribs on her thin frame. A soft obstruction stops his fingers and he embarrassingly realizes he just grazed his sister breasts. He adjusts his sitting position fearing she might feel his hardening boner and she tenses up out of embarrassment and readjusts her body a few too many times as well.

Patrick can’t help himself and needing to stare into his sister’s ass again he scoots back down toward her feet and begins massaging her upper thighs where they meet her butt. He grabs both cheeks to squeeze and push together and rub in all directions.

Alice is less shy now and letting out more and louder cries of pleasure.

Especially when her step brother grabs both ass cheeks and pulls them apart to reveal the thin yellow line of fabric barely covering her ass-hole and her pussy; which has now become a little wet which Patrick can see from the damp spot in her panties.

“I think I’ve had a crush on you since our parents got married last year” Alice whispers shyly.

“I can tell by this little wet spot sis” Patrick says teasingly as he playfully touches the damp panties.

At this touch she arches her little butt in the air and waves it in his face

“Well don’t pretend you don’t like it I could feel your cock getting hard 20 minutes ago” she says now fully awake and in the best mood he’s seen from her in a long time.

Alice looks at him very seriously and says, “can you do me a favor big bro, I mean step brother?” And as she playfully draws a circle around both butt cheeks slowly circulating smaller snd smaller until she points at her butt-hole and asks ” can you massage me here, pretty please?”

Patrick is having a hard time believing this is happening and tells her that sure, whatever it takes to make her happy, as he begins stroking his dick as he stares at the perky ass his sister is proudly sticking up in the air for him.

“Would you like me to massage with my tongue or a finger,” Patrick asks.

“Ummm. Not sure, how about your tongue first, and then one finger. Then if another finger could fit you should try that as well.”

“And I don’t want to sound greedy but you’d be the best step bro in the world if you could fit your dick and a finger in my ass at the same time,” she said with huge smile and her eyes still closed.

Patrick can’t believe his sister is actually talking about this and can’t wait to get started.

He peels her panties to the side and gets a good look at her perfect little butt hole. He softly blows some air on it, spits on it and then slaps her right ass cheek hard so that she yelps out in surprise. Then he softly kisses it onwin güvenilirmi and strokes it up and down with his tongue. He drags his tongue further down to taste his sisters little pussy and glad his parents aren’t home because she lets out a loud moan of pleasure.

Looking at his sisters wet pussy he can’t help himself and sits up on his knees with her butt in the air and takes off his jeans and briefs. His dick bounces out rock hard at seven inches. He brushes the head of his dick against the soft wet lips of Alice’s pussy and she looks at him and begs him to shove it in.

Patrick teases her by lying back down and facing her ass and pussy while flicking his tongue around and as far into her butt crack as he can. As she lets out another loud moan he shoves his finger far into her mouth so the back of her throat coats slimy spit that he can help use to push into her ass. It’s tight and slow but they both enjoy the tight pressure of her hole.

Her butt is resisting his finger and he pushes harder and tells Alice to try and open up for him. She’s able to and it slips in. It’s warm snd tight and Patrick pulls back to just before it pops out he pushes it back in. Several times until he pulls it out and shoves that finger plus a second into her mouth again.

While she’s tasting her finger she looks at him and then looks at his raging cock and nods conveying that yes, it’s time for him to put his cock in her now slightly less tight asshole.

Patrick grabs her hips and places his cock directly into the center of her ass and waits for her hand to reach around and direct the head of his dick into her butthole. It’s wet and the tip of his dick finds a little space to push into and Patrick thrusts more and more into Alice until the whole head is covered and she loves the intense feeling and tells him to go more.

The progress is faster now and after several more thrusts into her ass, his dick is all the way into his step-sisters little ass. While he holds the yellow thong to the side, his dick is fucking his sisters ass as hard as he can while she keeps her face and cries out into her pillows.

He feels ready to cum and pulls out in time to spray wads of cum into the top of her butt crack so that it runs down her crack and onto her pussy.

She rubs his cum around her pussy and sticks her ring finger covered in both their cum into her ass and takes it out and tastes it. With a smile she kisses Patrick’s lips and tells him how much she appreciates taking the time to help out his younger sis.

With a sneaky gin on her face, Alice peels off her little yellow panties and hands them to Patrick

“For you to remember me when you move out,” Alice says with a pouting expression.

Patrick rolls over and texts Brian that he’s gonna save money by living at home for a while longer.

“I’ll keep these anyway sis, go to bed before mom and dad get back, maybe tomorrow you can give me a massage,” Patrick tells her with a kiss on her cheek goodnight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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