Alexis Ch. 02

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I stepped into the cold water and flooded my face under it. What the hell was I feeling in that basement? Sexual frustration that’s what. I had actually been tempted by my own daughter; had actually thought about taking her over the weight bench and fucking her! How could I be thinking like that?

The shower had managed to suppress the aching erection that had reared its ugly head moments before and after toweling off, I actually felt normal again. My confusion and guilt for what had come over me was still settled deep down in my mind and now I had to go back downstairs and face my daughter.

I put on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and went downstairs to find Alexis, hoping that we could talk about what had happened downstairs. I couldn’t find her anywhere and realized then that I had obviously upset her. She had most likely gone out or to a friend’s house. She knew, as well as I did that something had gone on between us. Most likely she had gotten out of the house to avoid me.

I tried to rationalize the afternoon’s events for the rest of the day and finally settled it to be an overreaction on my part. Alexis would never try to seduce her own father and I was ashamed that I had even counted that as a possibility. I continued with the rest of my evening, but was unable to concentrate on anything else other than my daughter. I waited for Alexis until nearly ten o’clock before I heard the door. A gloomy looking Alex passed through the living room, ignoring me, and going directly up the stairs to her room. I was given no chance to apologize, nor give my concern for where she had been for the later part of the afternoon and evening. Frustrated and somewhat angered, I decided that it be best if I tried to go to bed myself. I hoped that things would be different tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately sleep came to no avail that night. I tossed and turned for what seemed like hours, visions of Veronica and Alexis flooding through my mind. Finally at around two I got up to go to the bathroom. The lights were all out in the house except for a small glow which shown through the doorway of Alexis’s bedroom. I stopped at her door and slowly peeked in unsure about whether she was asleep or not. Slowly and quietly I walked into her room and was immediately flooded with her young scent. That clean, fresh smell floating around her room. The comforter on her bed was disheveled and pulled back and I knew Alex must be up. I cautiously sat at the edge of her bed running my hand along the soft cotton covering of her sheets. I touched her pillow where her head would lay. I must have figured that Alex had gone downstairs or something and that I had more time, but did not see Alex come to her doorway and pause and watch as I explored her bedroom.

Then I heard a small peep and immediately rose towards the door to see Alexis. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Alexis. Good God she looked more sexy than ever wearing the smallest pair of black panties I had ever seen, barely large enough to cover her young sex. And the small black bra didn’t do her justice either. Her hair was disheveled and lay gently over her right shoulder. Immediately şişli escort images of her young body nude flashed through my mind and I looked away in guilt. She walked over towards me and I watched her walk. Her young legs and her nice firm tummy.

“What are you doing Dad?” she asked as she sat down beside me curling one thin leg underneath the other.

I sucked in a quick breath before replying, “ I couldn’t sleep. I thought I’d come in to check on you.”

“Oh.” she said plainly breaking my gaze and I realized that I had openly been admiring her young body. I decided it best that I apologize now while I had the chance.

“I’m sorry about today sweetheart. I’m not exactly sure what came over me.” I adjusted myself to try to conceal my now growing cock hoping she wouldn’t notice. Luckily she didn’t notice my erection.

“I am,” she said looking down almost in shame. I looked at her nervously; her big hazel eyes gazed up at me.

“You do?” I questioned. I realized she had gotten closer to me in the past few minutes and stood only about 6 inches away now. I could literally feel the heat of her young body against my skin.

“Yes.” She said quietly looking at me. “You were obviously uncomfortable around me.”

Relief swept over me at first and then sadness as I realized she must think I don’t enjoy her company. “Sweetheart yes I was, but not for the reason you might think.” I tried to explain.

“It’s okay Dad. It’s not like we see each other all that often. I can see how you felt weird lifting weights with me.” She replied.

I touched her arm gently, “Honey that’s not it. Please don’t think that I don’t enjoy you around.” I insisted.

“Then why did you just up and leave without saying a word to me?” she asked. We sat there a moment staring at each other.

I stared at her a few moments. This was it, the moment of truth….

“Because Alexis….. you’ve grown into an attractive young lady, I can’t believe how fast. Heaven help me, I was unable to take my eyes off you.” I said rather quickly before adding, “If I had stayed down there in that basement,” I paused, “I’m not sure I would have been able to control myself.”

I looked down at the ground then in guilt and waited in silence for her response. My cock was now strained at full mast and I feared she would notice my struggle for control.

Then she looked at me, her eyes boring into mine. I whispered again that I was sorry. My whole body was in overdrive as I gazed at her. Then her eyes left my own and she gazed down at my lap. Oh God, here I am sitting with my daughter with a straining erection. God how I wanted her to kneel down in front of me and suck the living daylights out of my cock.

Not again. I promised myself. Just get up and leave Kevin and then you can jerk off in your own bedroom. Don’t scare her away.

“Well you’d better get back to sleep now honey.” I said nervously and got up from off her bed. “I’ll see you in the morning.” I left the room as quickly as I could.

I found myself jerking off to thoughts of Alexis nearly five minutes later as visions of her young body riding mecidiyeköy escort my cock into oblivion raced through my head. This had to stop. I had to control myself and get these sinful fantasies out of my mind.

* * * * *

The next morning I awoke 25 minutes late. Startled I jumped out of bed, raced to the shower and within 10 minutes I was running down the stairs, my tie halfway wrapped around my neck. Alex had already left for school apparently and I found a pot of fresh coffee awaiting me when I scampered into the kitchen. I mentally thanked Alexis and rushed out the door. That’s when I noticed the familiar silver Taurus belonging to my beloved wife and I panicked. What the hell was she doing here? As she stepped out of the car, I remembered why I had fallen in love with her so many years ago. Her form was wrapped perfectly in a dark navy suit with heels. Her breasts, her hair, her walk, everything about her screamed perfection. As she walked towards me and removed her sunglasses, I dreaded what she had to say from the cold look which lay in her eyes.

“Good morning.” I said rather coldly myself, as she stopped in front of me.

“Hello Kevin.” She replied looking up at me. “I came by this morning to talk to you.”

I raised an eyebrow at the reply, “Well as you can see Veronica I’m running rather late this morning. How nice of you to come by when I’m actually not home.” “This is important Kevin, can you go in late today?” With that she urged me inside the house. I dropped my briefcase and coat on the back of the couch and turned towards her trying to act calm and reasonable as she began to speak.

She stood by the fireplace with her back to me and holding a packet of white papers within her hand. I stood staring at her. “So what’s this all about, although I have a feeling I already know.”

She turned around, “Kevin, you know as well as I do that this relationship has been over for a longtime. We just haven’t had the guts to face the obvious.”

I could feel my face turning red with anger, “ ‘This relationship’ yes has been over for a longtime because of you fucking around. I mean lets face it Veronica, you barely know our daughter, you’re never home, you don’t give a fuck about anybody except you.” My face turned crimson as I stared at her. “Jesus Christ Veronica, you won’t even try to fix us.”

“ God Kevin, how stupid do you think I am?! “ she yelled at me, her expression dark with anger and hate. I looked at her questioningly.

“ Oh how uncommon for you to blame our fucked up marriage on me.” I replied.

“Well don’t think I didn’t know about the secretary’s you fucked while on lunch at the office. Don’t you think I tried calling the office? And just to hear someone say that you and a young lady had reservations to lunch? You don’t think that hurt me you son of a bitch!”

I ran a hand through my hair and threw my tie over the chair nearby. “ Jesus Veronica……… we’re both unhappy with each other. I don’t know what to tell you.”

She walked towards me then…” Well I do, I want a divorce.” And with that she threw the neatly stapled pack of istanbul escort papers on the coffee table and walked by me coldly.

“Just like that huh?” I asked sarcastically. “And what about our daughter? Do you even want anything to do with her?”

She turned, “Jesus Kevin open your eyes. Our daughter hates me, and now that the divorce proceedings will be starting, she won’t want anything to do with me before or after. She can stay here, she’ll be better off with Daddy.” She added in a sarcastic and mockful tone.

“Fine.” I said not knowing what else to do. I waved a hand at her as I turned away.

“ I’ll be back later this afternoon to pick up some things and hopefully, try to talk to our daughter.” She walked towards the front door, opened it, and walked out.

My blood was boiling with fury, contempt, and pain as I realized that this was it. I was now going to become a divorced forty-year-old man. God damnit, I was mad. I couldn’t go into work this morning with the way I was feeling right now. I felt like a fucking bomb waiting to go off. I ripped at the buttons of my shirt and plopped onto the couch in despair. How the hell was Alexis going to handle this? Veronica had said that Alexis hated her. Well I knew they weren’t particularly close in the mother-daughter-bonding situation, but I thought they got along all right. God I felt awful. I went upstairs and took a long hot shower; I didn’t even want to touch the papers that were sitting on that coffee table. I just wanted to go to bed and sleep, but I knew I couldn’t. I had too much to do. I called my office and tried my best to apologize for canceling the meeting.

“For God’s Sake Kevin, are you trying to ruin us?!!!” Mark Solomon screamed on the phone. These clients are putting big bucks on us and you pull this about not being able to come in!?! What’s going on with you?” he asked utterly concerned.

“Mark I’m having a really bad fucking morning. Veronica came by and served me fucking divorce papers. I couldn’t come in today with the shit that happened this morning. I promise though, it’ll never happen again. Tell John and Sydney I apologize for my absence and that I will meet with them first thing Wednesday.” With that I hung up the phone.

By about 11, I had pulled myself together, put on a pair of Levis and a t-shirt and decided to start reading through the divorce papers. I sat at the kitchen table, grabbed myself a cup of black coffee and began reading. Well, at least she didn’t want the house, but she wanted the summer cottage! That little bitch! Our summer cottage was Alex’s most favorite place to go during those long hot months. I would take her there for about 4 weeks every summer. Of course Veronica would go, but lately it had been an issue going with the supposed work she had to do and now she wants it? I don’t think so; if I have to I’ll trade her the house for the cottage. The cottage was only 45 minutes away, not that bad a ride for Alex to get to and from school right? By the time I got done reading through, I was livid. I could see why Alexis disliked her mother so much. Her selfishness and apparent enjoyment for other people’s sadness was very obvious to me now.

I wasn’t quite sure when Veronica was coming back to the house, but I hoped that Alexis got home from school before. Because I was sure if I was to be alone with Veronica in my house, I might just kill her.

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