Alexa Bliss’ Wild Night – (Wrestling With Temptation – Episode 1)

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Where the hell am I?

That is Alexa Bliss’ first thought as she awakes from a deep sleep. Her second thought is of the raging headache that just came over her, the result of a massive hangover. Whatever she’d drunk last night, it was either very strong, or in very large quantities. Or, probably both.

Opening her eyes, she stares blearily around the room, and is happy to recognise it is her hotel room, which she had been staying in for the previous night’s episode of Raw.

That’s good, she thinks, at least I made it back okay.

Seeing her handbag on the bedside locker, she reaches a hand out to grab it, but her arm is prodded by something in the bed. She reaches inside the bed covers to retrieve the foreign object, and pulls out a pair of glasses.

They are not hers.

Only then does she realise that she isn’t wearing any underwear. She always wears a pair of knickers going to bed when she’s on her own, so if she is completely naked, that can only mean one thing:

She fucked someone last night, and they must have left their glasses behind.

Oh great, not again, she thinks, as she slowly sits up in bed, her tits popping out from under the covers.

Leaning over, she puts the glasses down on the bedside locker, and retrieves her handbag.

She is relieved to see that all of her belongings are still there, including her phone, purse and tampons. Looking around the room, she also realises that her shoes, a black dress and underwear have all been neatly placed on a nearby chair.

Wow, what a gentleman he must have been, she thinks. He didn’t even take her knickers with him to wank in, or sell on eBay.

Taking her phone out of her bag, she hopes it will provide her with some clues as to what she might have done after Raw ended.

Sure enough, her most recent pictures are selfies of her in a black dress, partying in a club somewhere. But she doesn’t see anyone she recognises, nor does she see anyone wearing a pair of glasses.

It’s starting to come back to her now. She wanted to go partying after Raw, but none of the other women were keen on the idea, so she decided to go by herself.

At least she knows how her night started. The bad news is that based on the amount of alcohol she was drinking in the pictures, she is unlikely to remember any more than that.

Not unless any footage of her night out emerged on social media overnight, which would be a big problem, but a quick search of Google reveals nothing incriminating.

Finally mustering the strength to move, Alexa puts her phone down and hauls her naked ass out of bed.

Confident that the rest of her belongings are in the wardrobe where she left them, she heads towards the bathroom and closes the door.

After having a piss, a shit and washing out her mouth, she heads for the shower, hoping the cold water will clear her head and wake her up.

The cold spray makes her shiver, giving her goosebumps and making her nipples so hard that they could cut glass. After adjusting to the temperature, she grabs the hotel’s shower gel and spreads it all over her body. Working up a lather in every crevice, she pays special attention to her crotch and in between her tits.

She loves it when guys cum between her tits, and if she had sex last night, then she knows she probably asked for it.

As she steps out of the shower, she hears the door of the hotel room open and close.

Not a problem, she thinks. It’s probably just house-keeping. Putting on the complimentary dressing robe hanging on the back of the izmit rus escort bathroom door, she opens the door and emerges back into the hotel room, expecting to greet the hotel employee.

But the person standing there is not a hotel employee.

“Oh hey, you’re up” the unidentified male says.

He is a skinny man, in his 20s, wearing a wrestling T-shirt and shorts. He is holding a Starbucks cup in one hand, having just put a second cup and a room key down on a nearby table.

“Uh, yeah… yeah, I am,…” Alexa responds, trying to figure out who the man is, and what answer he is expecting to hear.

“Coffee?” he asks, handing over the second coffee cup.

“Thanks,” she says, accepting the cup, but wary of drinking from it for the time being.

“So… that happened last night”

“Yeah, about that…”

“Look, I understand. I obviously know who you are, but you don’t have to worry, I’m not going to tell a soul about last night”

He seems like a really nice guy, Alexa thinks. He didn’t take any of her things, he’s offering not to tell anyone what happened… he even brought her coffee.

She needs to know what happened last night, and he deserves to know the truth. So, she decides, that is exactly what she will tell him.

“Okay, I’m going to be honest with you, and I’m sorry in advance… but I have no idea what we did. I remember going to the club, but I was so drunk. I don’t know where we met, I don’t remember where we went… I don’t even remember your name. I’m… so sorry.”

“You don’t remember… anything?”

“No, sorry.”

“Okay… well, I can’t say I’m surprised.”

“Can you tell me? It’s okay, whatever happened, I’m okay with it. But I really would like to know.”

“Well… it was my mate’s 21st birthday yesterday. A group of us went for something to eat, then we went to Raw because we’re all wrestling fans, and then we went drinking all night.”

“Did we meet at the club?”

“No, my mates and I were drinking at the bar here in the hotel. We all left the bar at around 3am, and when we were leaving, we saw you coming in to the hotel. You had obviously been drinking as well, but I didn’t know you were at a club until just now.”

“Okay, then what?” she asks, now feeling safe enough to drink the coffee she is holding.

“Out of all my mates, I’m the only one who’s single, so they said I should go over and ask for your number. I was drunk myself, so it seemed like a great idea at the time. But to my surprise, you said I could have more than that…”

“And I asked you to come back to my room.”

“I actually asked you to come back to mine first, and incredibly, you said yes.”

“Wait… this is your room?”

“Yeah, did you not see my stuff in the wardrobe? And how did you think I just let myself in? I assumed your room key was in your handbag.”

“I… didn’t check,” Alexa admits, regretting not looking in the wardrobe, or looking to see if her room key was at the bottom of her bag.

“Anyway, we came up here to my room and we… well…”


“Yeah, if you could call it that.”

“And… how was it?”

“It was… fine.”

“Just… fine?” she asks, curiously. She hasn’t received such a luke-warm comment about her sex since the time she lost her virginity.

“Honestly… I mean… you wanted it, for sure. But you were pretty out of it, so I had to do all the work. And I think you enjoyed it, but…”

“It was a bit of an anti-climax?”


“Sorry, like I said, I wasn’t at my best. And I really do appreciate izmit escort you not telling anyone, that’s very kind of you.”

“That’s okay. My mates wouldn’t believe me anyway, they probably think you ditched me at the door.”

“Right, well… I should go. Um… I found your glasses, they were underneath me in the bed, I left them there on the bedside locker.”

“Oh, thanks, I was wondering where they went to.”

Finishing her coffee, throwing the empty cup in the bin and retrieving all of her stuff, she keeps the dressing robe on as she heads out of the hotel room, before realising that there was one thing she still didn’t know.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” she says as she stands in the hallway with the room door still open. “I never got your name.”

“Oh yeah, I told you last night, but you forgot that as well. It’s Jason.”

“Jason. Thank you, for everything.”

“Sure,” he says abruptly, as he closes the door.

Staring at the closed door in front of her, Alexa feels so guilty.

He was a nice guy, he didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, he did a lot of things right.

But what about her?

No, she got so drunk that she didn’t remember meeting him, didn’t remember having sex with him, and didn’t even remember his name!

He had clearly been let down by her, and by everything that happened, when she knows it should have been one of the highlights of his life.

Reality did not live up to the fantasy, and it was all her fault.

Frustrated, she heaves all of her items in to one arm, and knocks heavily on the door with her free hand.

“Did you forget something else?” he says as he opens the door, now wearing his glasses.

Ignoring him, Alexa barges back in to the room.

“Okay, there’s something you should know about me,” she proclaims, as she throws her things onto the ground, and fishes around in her handbag for something.

“What’s that?”

“I hate disappointing people,” she says, pulling her phone out of her bag. “Whether it’s disappointing the boss with a bad match, or disappointing fans by not having time to sign their stuff, or disappointing people in the bedroom. I hate it.”


“And you’re clearly disappointed with what happened last night. There’s nothing I can do to fix that, but I can make up for it.”

“Oh yeah, how’s that?” he says, looking interested despite his clear frustration.

“By giving you an experience that you will never forget…”

…Alexa unties her dressing gown, letting it fall to the floor…

“…and by recording it to make sure we can never forget it again…”

…Alexa opens the camera on her phone, and starts recording a video.

“I… uh…” Jason stutters.

“There we go. Hard to say no when there’s a naked woman standing right in front of you, isn’t it?”

Alexa moves over to the desk and sets her phone down, facing the camera towards the bed. She then makes her way towards the bed, and sits down seductively, legs spread wide open.

“Come on then… remind me of how good you are. And keep the glasses, you’re cuter when you wear them…”

He pulls his shirt off, making sure his glasses remain in place, as he makes his way over to Alexa. She can she his erection growing through his shorts, and she puts her hand up the leg of his shorts, stroking his dick, feeling the blood pumping through its vein.

“You like that? There’s more where that came from,” she says, as she invites him to stroke her tits while she strokes his dick.

Suddenly, she wraps her arms around his head and drags kocaeli escort him down onto the bed, rolling around so that she ends up on top of him.

“I am a wrestler, remember? I can twist you and fuck you any way I want…” she teases, as she leans down, passionately kissing him, ramming her tongue down his throat, as her breasts rest on his chest.

She can feel his throbbing dick through his shorts, and can’t wait to pull them off.

She shifts backwards, pulling his shorts down, revealing the dick that she so desperately craves.

Kneeling in the ground, while he lays on the bed, she locks her lips around the shaft and licks it up and down, tasting the pre-cum she has made him produce.

She hears him moan in pleasure, while she gags as his tip touches the back of her throat.

“Mmm, I want it inside me,” she says, releases the vacuum around his dick.

Climbing up onto the bed, she gets on all-fours, spreading her moist pussy lips to invite him to guide his penis inside.

He duly obliges, resting one hand on her waist while she caresses her ass with the other.

He thrusts in and out, every motion setting off the pleasure centres in her brain.

“Oh! Oh God, yes!” she screams, with her back arched and her head bent back.

He spanks her ass, sending a crack like the sound of a whip echoing through the room.

“Fuck, yeah, again!” she tells him, which he obeys.

“Ohh… fuck!” she screams, as she feels cum dripping out of her pussy, her tits flopping around.

“I’m going to cum soon…” he tell her in advance, panting as he says it.

“Okay… turn me on my back,” she says.

He fully withdraws his dick, allowing her to assume the position.

“Did I tell you last night how I like to finish?” she asks.


“Fuck my tits and cum in them.”

With no objection, he starts titty-fucking her, while she starts fingering herself, easily fitting four fingers in because of how wet she is.

His dick, covered in her cum, slides easily through her tits.

“Here it comes! Ah!” he announces, as a stream of warm, white cum spurts out of the tip of his dick.

It spurts up, covering her all the way from her tits to the tip of her nose. She opens her mouth in pleasure, allowing it to drip inside.

His work done, he then goes down on her, taking her fingers out of her pussy and replacing them with his own.

She grabs the edge of the bed as she screams and spasms in pleasure, covering his hand in cum.

She grabs his hand so she can lick it off and taste it, as he collapses beside her, both of them panting with exhaustion.

“That… was…” Alexa starts to say.


“I was going to say ‘incredible’, but yeah, that works too.”

“You’re going to have to send me a copy of that video, by the way,” he tells her, looking over to her phone on the desk.

“It’s much better than an autograph, that’s for sure”, Alexa laughs, as they lay in bed all morning, before exchanging contact details and parting ways.


Unbeknownst to both of them, an unknown figure sits in a dark room.

The only source of light is the laptop screen in front of them.

The Figure’s eyes dart around the screen, studying every inch of the video they are watching.

The malware they have installed on Alexa’s phone has finally paid dividends.

Right-clicking the video file, the Figure renames the file to “Alexa Bliss and Fan”.

The Figure then moves the file to a folder labelled “LEVEL”.

Hovering the cursor over the folder, The Figure sees there are now 23 video files contained within.

Happy with their work, The Figure closes the laptop, plunging the room into darkness…

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