Alex and My Cousin’s Wedding

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It began innocently enough. I was surfing the web, and came across a cousin I had always heard of, but never personally knew. His name was Alex. I invited him to chat with me, and we started talking. A few days later something happened and our conversation turned very sexual. He was not only handsome, but extremely smart. I realized I was getting wet from our conversation.

We were talking about our sexual experiences. I was so turned on by him I had to make myself cum to release the pressure, so I found the closest thing I could grab, which was a hairbrush handle, and slid it inside me while pretending it was him. This was my cousin so this shouldn’t be happening, right? I began to feel a throbbing in my moist pussy and I started breathing heavy and dripped my hot juices all over that poor hairbrush handle. I came very hard and yelled out his name. At that point I didn’t care that he was my cousin. I don’t think I ever felt as turned on as I did that night. I knew one day I wanted him inside me, to pleasure me until I was completely spent.

A year later, his brother sent me an invitation to his wedding. It fatih escort was in another state. I had always been friendly with his brother and assumed Alex was going to be at the wedding. Since we lived in different states, we had never met, but developed this intense cyber sexual relationship. I knew if I went to the wedding, I could finally meet the older cousin I fantasized about quite often.

The day of the ceremony, I walked into the chapel, and saw him from across the room. My heart went into my throat. We made eye contact and I knew then and there something was going to happen. I couldn’t even concentrate on the ceremony. I could feel myself sitting there and my pussy getting sopping wet and tingling. The ceremony couldn’t end fast enough.

During the reception, Alex made his way over to me and told me to follow him. We hadn’t even spoken until this time but he was my older, much admired cousin, and I had to listen. I followed him to an empty meeting room at the hotel. As soon as we were alone, he pushed me against the wall and pressed his lips against mine, kissing me very deeply while slipping etiler escort his hand into my soaking panties. He pulled them down and began massaging my clit. I felt the bulge in his pants and knew that I wanted, needed, to have his cock in my mouth. I needed that as much as I needed my next breath.

I unzipped his pants and I saw it in front of me, erect and pristine. I had waited so long to see it in person. I got on my knees and I slowly ran my tongue along his pulsating head, and suckled on the tip, and then forced the entire shaft in my mouth, getting every inch of it. I started fucking his cock with my mouth. I was massaging his balls while his member was getting sucked. All I wanted to do was to pleasure this man. He was moaning while I was licking his shaft, but I didn’t want it to end yet. I wanted him inside me. I took his swollen cock and plunged it into my wet pussy. It slid right in, but I cried out a little because the pleasure was indescribable. He was moaning and thrusting into me so hard and I told him to turn me around. I wanted to be on all fours and have him ravage me. He fucked me like beşiktaş escort an animal. He pulled my hair with each thrust inside me. My juices were mixing with his and running down my leg. We were covered in sweat and praying that no one walked in, but knowing we wouldn’t stop if they did. He kept thrusting and making my hot cunt throb with joy.

I knew I was going to come, but I didn’t want Alex to cum yet. I could feel my clit start to pulsate and I was coming while he was still thrusting inside of me. I screamed when I came, because I had never felt a pleasure like that before, but I wanted to taste all of him when it was his turn. I knew he was going to come soon so I took his cock out of my pussy and put it in my mouth. He gushed a river of hot stickiness down my throat and I loved swallowing every last drop.

We lay in each other’s arms, naked and kissing for awhile. We finally got dressed and rejoined the party. I saw a bunch of our family members talking to each other, and I realized my older cousin just gave me pleasure unlike anything I had ever known. I knew this wasn’t the end. It excited me that no one was aware of what had just transpired, and that I finally got to fuck the cousin that had been arousing me for so long. I think I might start coordinating our family reunion next year. I have an idea of who would be first on the invite list.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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