Ah Bombay Ch. 02

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It was another hot day in Bombay. The past few days had been a bit cooler than the previous nevertheless, it was still hot. Geeta had just finished doing the laundry but the dirty clothes were already starting to pile up. The baby had to be changed because his diaper had leaked. And Geeta had changed into another sari because of the heat. She now changed into a hot pink sari top. It was actually one of her favourite ones to wear at home. It seemed as though there wasn’t much work to be done for the day since she had done her shopping the day before and the cooking for the evening meal didn’t require much preparation. All in all, it was seeming to be an easy going day.

Since the baby was sleeping, Geeta decided to watch TV just before the baby woke up to be fed. Just as she sat down and watch her favourite Indian soup opera, the doorbell rang.

“I hope its not the milk man again. He never gets his schedule right,” she said with annoyance. Geeta ran to the door and opened it. It was Priya.

Priya is a girl that lives down the road from Geeta. Geeta used to tutor Priya in the evenings during her days in middle school. Ever since then, Priya and Geeta had become friends. Priya came to Geeta’s house at least once a week. She turned out to be a lovely looking 19 year old girl.

“Hello Aunie!” said a cheerful Priya.

“Are you crazy or something? You delivered the milk yesterday!” joked Geeta.

Priya laughed and said, “Quit it auntie! How come whenever I come over, you always think it’s the milkman!”

“It will remind you to study hard so you don’t end up being the wife of a milkman!”

“You’ll never change will you Auntie,” said Priya smiling.

Geeta smiled back. “Come on in.”

Priya lived in a house just down the road from Geeta. She was the daughter of a very famous shopkeeper in the area. Geeta had come to know her when she was only in middleschool. She had tutored Priya up until her first year in College where she took up another tutor that had more experience in what she was studying. But they maintained their relationship after that. Priya also grew up to be a very pretty girl. She was tall, about 5’7, big black eyes and long curly hair. She had light brown skin. Her voice was almost like that of a child, high pitched and very innocent sounding. Her breasts developed into a perky pair that were the centre of attention on her body. Today she was wearing a simple ensemble consisting of a white body hugging t shirt that accent the curves around her hips well, and some simple grey trousers.

“Where is my little baby!” said an excited Priya. She hadn’t seen the little one in quite a while. “He’s a sleep right now but I am sure he will be awake anytime. I’ll feed him then.”

The two girls chitchatted for well over a half hour before the baby began to cry in the other room. Priya excitedly hurried to the room upon hearing his cries while Geeta followed behind, smiling at her innocent laughter. After oogling the baby with love, Priya handed the child over to her mother who sat down in her usual chair where she fed the baby. As Geeta was preparing to feed the baby, Priya bent over to once again shower the baby with the usual cheek pinking. Geeta could not help but peek at Priya’s breasts. Because of the hot weather, her shirt was sticking to her body, giving Geeta a fairly nice few of Priya’s bra which was visible enough to make out the rough pattern of her bra. After Priya was done, Geeta lifted her sari top and bra exposing her buxom womanhood to both the baby and her. Priya did not move away from Geeta until a minute or so after the baby had begun to feed. She then sat down in front of Geeta and continued to make chitchat.

After burping the baby and putting him back in his crib, the two women moved back to the master bedroom where they previously were.

As the two women sat on the bed, Priya hesitantly asked, “Geeta, I have an odd question, but I hope you don’t mind me asking it.”

“Go ahead Priya ask me whatever you want,” replied Geeta, rubbing Priya’s shoulder in reassurance.

Priya nervously went on with her question. “Well, you see, I have always wondered what breast milk tastes like. I know it’s a weird kind of question but its something that I have wondered.” Geeta laughed for a few seconds. Priya went on.

“I have heard it tastes kind of sweet but I am not postive.”

Geeta stopped laughing and smiled at her. Then she slowly inched closer to Priya, not breaking eye contact.

“Would you like to taste some?” asked Geeta.

“If you have some in the fridge or something, yes I…I wouldn’t mind,” replied the naïve girl.

“I have some fresh milk for you right here,” said Geeta sofly, and began to unbutton her sari top slowly. Priya looked in shock as continued to unclasp her bra.

“Come, taste my milk,” she said as she stuck out her chest in encouragement. Priya, bursa evi olan escort still shocked at Geeta’s proposition, looked at her with her big dark eyes and slowly obliged. Priya bent down to Geeta’s breast and licked her areola first and nipple to make it moist. She then put her voluptuous lips around Geeta’s nipple and began to suck her milk. Geeta gasped quietly and shot her head back as a wave of sexual pleasure came over her. Her nipples immediately became erect. Priya’s mouth on Geeta forced her breast to swell as her mouth pressed up against it. After indulging a few seconds on her breast, Priya stopped.

“Mmm…” she said as she moved back, wiping some milk from her lips with the tip of her finger. “It does taste sweet.” Geeta laughed as she moved her hair back behind her ear with her finger.

“Have some more.” Geeta held her breast in her hand as Priya bent down for another taste. She teased Geeta’s nipple with her tongue once again and began to suck more milk out of her. Geeta felt a second wave of lust rush through her body. Her face looked down at Priya’s lips sucking at her buxom milk filled breasts and instinctively her hand moved to the back of Priya’s head, stroking her long dark hair. Slowly, Priya moved away and sat back up.

“Your milk is very sweet,” said Priya as she smiled. “Do you always get excited like that when you are feeding?” She was referring to Geeta’s erect nipples.

“I try not to think like that. I only got that way because your hair was tickling my breasts. You also licked me before sucking, that got me a bit excited,” responded Geeta in a mischievously shy manner. They both giggled.

Priya moved back a bit and said nothing. She then shifted in her spot and brought her arms together in a rather naughty way causing her breasts to squeeze together through her shirt. “I wonder how it would feel like if I was to be sucked.”

“Well…I am pretty sure milk won’t come out of you but we can find out.” Both girls had gleams in their eyes as they looked at each other’s dark eyes. Geeta, with her breasts still exposed, reached over and helped slip off Priya’s top and threw it on the bed. Priya reached back and undid her bra, causing her perky breasts to fall into place. Geeta in the mean time slipped her bra and sari top off completely and threw it near Priya’s shirt. She noticed that Priya’s areolas were rather large, which was a pleasant surprise. She then moved her hair back behind her ears and went down and began sucking Priya’s supple breast. Priya’s mouth dropped open as she felt for the first time, the pleasure of her nipples being sucked. Geeta teased her areolas and nipples by licking and sucking and then repeating. Priya looked down, watching her old tutor’s breasts sway back and forth ever so slightly as she enveloped a good part of her own breast into her mouth.

“How did you like that?” asked Geeta as she moved back. “Did it feel good?”

“I’ve never felt like anything like that before.”

“I must admit it is a pretty good feeling.”

Both girls sat topless for a few seconds, each admiring the other’s breasts.

“Can I taste you again?” asked Priya.

“Certainly,” responded Geeta with a smile.

This time, Priya positioned herself more comfortably and moved down and once again began at Geeta’s tit. Her free hand reached over and started caressing Geeta’s sides, paying particular attention to her love handles. Geeta let out a soft moan as she caressed Priya’s back with one hand and her own free breast with the other. This time, Priya sucked in less milk and focused more on licking and attempting to put as much of Geeta’s breast in her mouth as possible. Geeta’s excitement heightened as Priya’s hair tickled and teased her stomach. Slowly she started to move her hand from her breast down to her pussy, slowly rubbing it through her sari. Just before Priya’s sucking started to intensify, she moved her head away from Geeta’s breast.

“I love the way you taste,” she said as she came away.

With an intense look in her eyes, Geeta then reached over and kissed Priya on he lips; softly but with passion. At first Priya’s lips didn’t move but as Geeta worked her lips, Priya began to relax slowly and give in. Geeta then, ever so slowly broke off the kiss.

“Do you know what else feels good?” asked Geeta.


She directed Priya to the top of the bed and signalled for her to lay, putting the pillow up against the headboard so that her head would be up. Priya moved, her tits swaying as she did. Once Priya was set, Geeta moved in front of her, sitting between her legs and unbuttoned the front of her pants.

“What are you doing?” Geeta raised her left eyebrow as she smiled seductively but didn’t respond to the question. After undoing her button and slowly unzipping her zipper, Geeta reached over to Priya’s waist, grabbing hold of her altıparmak escort pants and slipped them off. She discovered Priya wearing a while lace panty that appeared to have a wet spot in the centre. Noticing the spot, Geeta gently touched the area with her fingers to confirm. She then slipped her panties off and threw them to the side. Geeta then spread Priya’s legs began to lick her pussy. Priya let out a loud high pitched yelp as Geeta’s tongue sparked a wave of lust to enter her body. Geeta licked her pussy slowly so as to not over stimulate her right away. After a few seconds, when she felt that Priya had gotten used to her tongue on her fruit, she began to lick more frequently. Priya’s hands instinctively went to her breasts where she began caressing and eventually massaging them. As Geeta’s licking began to gain intensity, Priya’s body started to become restless and squirm. With the intense pleasure she was experiencing, her hands began to move from her breasts, to the back of Geeta’s head or to her slender thighs that she would squeeze. Priya’s initial short, high pitched yelps became longer as Geeta began sucking on her pussy, paying close attention to her clit especially. To gain some sort of control of Priya’s constantly moving body, Geeta grabbed a hold of both her thighs, forcing Priya’s hands to move back to stimulating her breasts. She squeezed her erect nipples to increase the already overwhelming pleasure racing through her supple body. Geeta in the mean time focused on Priya’s clit, munching and nibbling at it like no end. She would tease the throbbing piece of flesh every now and then by licking the entire vagina slowly before diving back onto the clit. This drove Priya wild, forcing her to develop an intense expression on her face, complimenting it with a groan that filled the room. With every slow lick that Geeta provided, a jolt of sexual rush would drive through Priya’s body causing her entire body to spasm. Priya hadn’t felt as sexy as she was feeling right now. She crossed her left arm around her bust and gathered her tits together and squeezed them as hard as she possibley could. She squeezed each nipple with her other free hand.

Priya had her eyes closed for most of the time. The last time she had her eyes open, Geeta was lying on the bed on her stomach with her legs and pelvis spread liberally over the mattress, her chunky buttocks clearly the centre of attention. This time when she opened her eyes, she discovered that Geeta’s entire pelvis was in the air. Her legs were spread far apart with her heavy ample tits hanging down over the bed swaying back and forth with every movement, sometimes even slapping up against each other depending on how hard she was moving. Her nipples teased the bed sheets as they caressed the white fabric every now and then.

It was not long after that Priya came to a raging orgasm. Her yelps turned to suppressed screams as her body gyrated as wave after wave of orgasm hit her. Her mouth dropped but barely any sound came out of it in the initial onset of her orgasm. Geeta struggled to keep Priya’s pussy in her mouth by spreading her own legs back down over the mattress while she cummed, filling her mouth with oozing hot sex. She kept cumming and cumming all over Geeta’s face. Priya held her breasts in each hand as a means of support while her body jarred every which way. She squeezed them as hard as she could bare and lifted them as high as they could possibly go. Almost a minute had past before Priya’s orgasm showed any signs of calming. Geeta spread some of Priya’s cum over her thighs with her tongue allowing a good part of her pelvis to give off an alternative glisten to the glistening shade that her sweat had provided. She finally moved away from Priya’s pussy but not before she spanked the wet cunt with her hand in a final act of tease. Geeta then moved up beside a panting Priya, cupped her sweating face with her hand and kissed and indulged in a passion rich kiss.

“How did that feel? Asked Geeta smiling as she circled Priya’s nipple with her finger.

“Oh my God Geeta…that was amazing,” she said, still trying to catch her breath. “I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Geeta sat upright on the bed bedside her, holding her in her arms, kissing her softly on her lips while her free hand caressed and teased Priya’s breasts. Both girls shortly broke off the kiss and just sat there staring into each other’s eyes. Eventually, Priya began to explore Geeta’s body, particularly Geeta’s meaty breasts.

“You like those, don’t you,” said Geeta as Priya licked one of her nipples. Geeta then shifted.

“Here, let me show you something.” Geeta positioned herself so that Priya was in a semi lying down position and Geeta was on top of her. Geeta moved herself so that her pelvis would be on top of Priya’s, essentially so that both their pussies could rub up against each other. Geeta smiled her seductive smile at Priya. She quickly moved forward, grabbed Priya’s body and ravished her with a make-out session. She kept Priya close to her body by wrapping her arms around her, vigorously rubbing her hands up and down her back and sides. Both girls’s breasts squeezed up against each other, their erect nipples pressing into their breast tissue. Their make-out session on the bed quickly began to get more intense. Both women’s pussies started to become moist and moved ever so closer to the other’s. Geeta struggled to let out a moan despite Priya’s best efforts to keep her lips locked overtop of hers. Both women’s bodies began to sweat. Finally, Geeta moved Priya’s pelvis up close to hers. Both women’s wet pussies were now in contact with each other. Geeta began moving her pelvis overtop of Priya’s in a rhythmic fashion. Priya followed suit. The make-out session soon became a game of who could make contact with who’s lips first as both women became intoxicated with the lust that enveloped their bodies. Faster and faster their pussies grinded up against each other and fast and faster the both women began to breath and moan. The loose joints of the bed made eerie squeaking noises, which were quickly drowned out with the sound of each girl’s flesh slapping up against each other as both women began to intensify their rhythm. Their bodies were sweating intensely now. So much so that both women’s bodies slid against each other frictionless. Beads of sweat ran down both o them, getting caught in the separation of their breasts. Both women’s breasts squeezed and slapped up against each other, jiggling and swelling with each rhythm. The girls were lost in sexual ecstasy.

Priya’s moans turned into loud yelps as Geeta’s high-pitched moans disguised the squeaking of he bed. At this point, both women’s bodies where as close to each other as possible in the position they where in. Each could feel the hot breath of the other cool their sweat dripping face. They’re tits were entangled with each other, wresting for space. At the climax of their rhythmic pussy grinding, Geeta came. Her teeth grinded against each other and then let out a loud yelp. As each wave of orgasm jolted her body, her yelps became louder and louder. She shock uncontrollably as her body moved violently up against Priya’s. Geeta’s milk filled tits squeezed together unintentionally as she moved her arm forward to feel her pussy. It had never gotten this wet in years. Geeta’s orgasm only encouraged Priya to grind harder and more vigorously against Geeta’s. As she felt her body come closer to orgam, Priya moved Geeta’s still orgasming body close to hers. Finally, Pirya came. And boy did she come hard. She screamed out loud as her climax hit her like a bolt of lightening. Her sweaty body shook violently against Geeta. She struggled for air as she tried taking back control of her body. Geeta in the mean time was just getting over her orgasm but as she realized Priya was orgasming, wrapped her arms around the hot and sweaty body in an attempt to control her. Geeta could tell Priya was coming hard. She could feel Priya’s tits jiggling even though they were tightly pressed against her own. She could feel Priya’s heartbeat thumping wildly. And mostly she could tell by her sounds that it was in fact one violent orgasm. And Priya’s intense expression could hardly hide that.

As Priya’s hard orgasm began to subside, both girls collapsed on the bed, holding each other in their arms, Priya on top of Geeta. Priya’s hair, wet from sweat, clung onto Geeta’s flesh. Both women struggled to catch their breath while their eyes closed. Their bodies glistened and shined in the evening sun. Geeta began to make out with Priya once again, her hands moving freely over Priya’s perspiring body. Priya soon after broke off the kiss and attacked Geeta’s tits one last time, licking her nipples and flesh. She soon rolled off of Geeta’s body and laid there, her breasts heaving up and down with every breath. Geeta rolled onto her side, facing her. Her luscious tits swelled up in size. She moved her leg on top of Priyas and moved close to her body. Geeta’s finger toyed with her lips as her eyes studied every inch of Priya’s body.

“Did you like that dear?” asked Geeta as she spread cum over Priya’s pussy.

“Oh my God Geeta…what did you do to me?” She responded by laughing. The two women lay there for quite some time before Priya got up off the bed. She kissed Geeta one last time.

“I want to stay with you so bad but I have to go. My mom must be waiting for me, I have to cook dinner too you know,” said Priya as she moved the wet hair way from Geeta’s eyes. Priya didn’t want to leave. Her face was clearly displaying the heartbreak of the moment. She wanted to stay and experience more. But Indian life was to prevail.

“I understand,” said a smiling Geeta as she rubbed her pussy slowly, watching Priya put on her bra, watching her breasts move up and swell. After getting fully dressed, Priya moved over to Geeta’s hear and whispered this:

“You have changed me today…and I won’t forget it.” Priya kissed Geeta on the cheek and left for home.

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