Afternoon Surprises

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Afternoon Surprises

My last meeting of the day has been cancelled, and I am determined to make the most of my unexpected few hours. Heading to the toilets to freshen up before heading home, I impulsively wriggle out of my knickers so I can enjoy the fresh spring breeze gently drifting up my skirt, teasing me every step of the way. The novel sensation sends ripples of desire through my body, making my pussy wet. The delicate breeze is like a gentle tongue teasing my moist lips with featherlight kisses. And the wetter I get the more intense the sensation becomes, triggering wave after wave of X rated thoughts. I begin to plan all the things I want to do to Will when I get home, things I want him to do to me…

By the time I reach the front door I am so turned on I have to take a moment to compose myself, to control my excitement, stop myself from rushing in and not making the most of this golden opportunity. I slip my key into the lock and quietly let myself in, hoping to maintain the element of surprise.

Pausing in the hallway, I smooth my skirt over my hips, savouring the twin sensations of the feel of the silky soft fabric under my fingertips and its cool caress against the bare flesh beneath. I glance in the mirror, and, as I undo an extra button on my shirt and adjust my breasts to accentuate my cleavage, I notice the rising colour in my cheeks and matching flush of excitement creeping across my chest. As a final flourish I shake my hair free from the sleek, professional bun I wear for work and allow the chestnut coloured waves to tumble over my shoulders.

From music blaring for upstairs, I guess Will is working in his study. Smiling in anticipation of his response, I make my way upstairs, careful to avoid the third step from the top as I know its loud creak is better than an intruder alarm, even over Will’s loud music. As I reach the study door I am almanbahis şikayet surprised to realise that the music is coming not from behind the closed door in front of me, but from our bedroom down the hall. As I tiptoe towards the open door I try to picture Will’s face, imagine his surprise when he sees me, hears the plans I have for us this afternoon.

But I am the one taken by surprise.

Will’s naked silhouette — his strong, broad shoulders, that firm bum that I can never resist playfully biting, those long muscular thighs –all as familiar to me as my own reflection. But the scene in front of me is something new. I freeze, unable to tear my eyes away, a strange heady blend of shock and arousal clouding my brain as I watch, the details imprinting on my mind. I have a vivid imagination, have pictured Will in many different positions and situations, but this… There was never any hint, any suggestion this might be something he would want. Had I missed something? Or was it a secret he was keeping from me?

Confused by what I have just witnessed, I retrace my steps, pausing to grab my shoes and bag as I slip out of the house. In a daze of mixed emotions I wander aimlessly, a strange blend of confusion and arousal clouding my thoughts. The sight of my favourite café bar snaps me out of my reverie, and I decide to find a quiet corner where I can have a much needed drink and try to order my thoughts.

I settle myself at a table in the corner where I can sit undisturbed as I try to make sense of all I have just witnessed. My glass of wine arrives and I take a large gulp; I barely taste it as it flows down my throat, but the familiar sharpness registers somewhere in my brain and grounds me. I take another drink — just a sip this time — and begin to replay the images seared onto my memory.

The towel was the first thing that struck me as out of place; not the incongruity almanbahis canlı casino of it being spread on the bed, but that I recognised it as an old one I had shoved to the back of the cupboard, kept only for emergencies like mopping up a spill or a flood. Momentarily irritated by the fact it was probably dusty and potentially leaving marks on the pristine white bedding I had changed just that morning, I almost forget lost my train of thought. Almost, but not quite. Because as I turn my mind’s eye to the towel I remember that laid out on top of it was a selection of sex toys.

Butt plugs and dildos in a variety of sizes, colours and textures, and, judging by the glistening sheen of lube, many of them had been recently used. There were vibrators too — small, powerful bullet type toys that could be used to enhance the effects of the butt plugs. The thought of all those toys and the potential pleasure they represent reignites the flame of desire burning deep inside of me. I shift in my seat, squeezing my thighs together in an attempt to relieve the increasing throbbing sensation in my pussy. As I mentally scan the array of toys I realise one of them is familiar — an implausibly large dildo I won at a hen party a few years ago, that, after one trial use, has languished, forgotten, at the back of my underwear drawer.

Watching him reach for this toy — long, imposingly wide, and rippled with ridges — I take in a sharp breath of apprehension. Memories of how it stretched me to the limit flash through my mind, and I wonder how it will feel for him. He coats it liberally in lube, stroking it firmly, much as he would his own cock. I imagine his face, smiling at the sensation of his slick hand slipping smoothly over the ridges, judging the distance between them, anticipating the sensation of each one progressively easing inside him. Adjusting his position a little, he reaches almanbahis casino round and tilts forward, and guides the dildo to his well lubricated asshole. Teasing himself open with increasing pressure, he slowly lowers his hips and eases the dildo, inch by inch, inside him. He pauses, lifts up a little, and slides a little deeper this time. I feel myself relax with him, sense the intense pressure of the solid shaft as he pauses once again to accustom himself the unfamiliar girth.

Slightly surprised by how aroused I am now the initial shock has worn off, I let the scene play out in my mind as I sip my wine, idly wondering If the corner is dark enough for me to get away with touching myself. I order another glass of wine and settle back to mentally enjoy the rest of the show.

I was surprised just how deep he was going, but still he slid down. I couldn’t see his face from my vantage point, but from his body language I could imagine the expression of ecstasy on his face. The way his head is thrown back, his whole body taught as he holds back his orgasm is unmistakable; this inanimate toy was giving him something I can’t.

Bringing my mind back to the present, I try to think a little more rationally about the situation. We have always been open to trying new things together, so why should this be any different? Maybe it is just a private pleasure for Will, but it could be something for us to explore together. If I could give him what he needed, what he truly desired… But did I want this? Could this be something I could enjoy too? I enjoy giving him pleasure, is this really any different? And would I — could I — enjoy it?

The more I think about it, the more keen I am to explore this idea (and not just because I am very horny and a little tipsy — I think maybe that just helped to open me up to the idea). I wanted to fill him, stretch him, stimulate him like I had seen him do. Just thinking about the possibilities gives me a strange sense of power; not to control, but to give Will pleasure in a way I never had before.

So I decided to do a little research, maybe buy a few new toys for us to try together and give Will a sexy surprise.

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