African Girl Maid For English Rose Ch. 02

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Chapter 02

Chiku And Victoria Evolve

As time elapsed, I expanded my education and my confidence evolved. I managed to tear myself away from my demanding English Miss, meeting a nice black boy and resolving to move in together.

However, despite my highly impressive honours degree in English Literature, jobs were extremely hard to obtain and we became despondent and disgruntled as money dwindled.

My boyfriend’s job was poorly paid and we desperately needed a second, supplementing income.

One day, my Mother, who was still employed as maid to Victoria’s Mother, mentioned that Victoria owned her own house now with her boyfriend and needed a full time maid.

I quivered uncontrollably at the thought —— no way could I work for that spoiled, self-centred girl! I am bright and intelligent. How demeaning it would be!

How could I forget the ignominy I had endured in front of her white friends!

I said to myself, never, never, never will I slave and wait upon a white girl again!

As the weeks then months rattled by, there were still no imminent signs of meaningful employment. I started to feel a strange yearning to see Victoria again. Maybe my submissive nature was taking hold of me!

This, coupled with a now mounting monetary problem, enforced me to think deep and hard.

Finally, I asked my Mum if the maid’s job was available and luckily Victoria had dismissed the last girl only a few days previously so I was granted an interview.

I plucked up the courage to call. Apparently, it was a large, detached house with 6 bedrooms and an indoor swimming pool. I realised why she needed a full time maid.

As I rang the large, engaging doorbell, my heart was beating fast and furiously then. The door opened and our eyes met!

I could see her smug satisfaction that her African girl was back, this time practically begging to be her maid!

Victoria looked even more stunning than ever, alluringly attired in an expensive black mini-skirt with matching shoes and an inviting low-cut top. She sported an abundance of exquisite jewellery which radiated the natural beauty of this ‘English rose.’

There was no semblance of friendship now. I could see that she was putting on airs and graces in front of her handsome companion. This was clearly now going to be strictly an employer/employee relationship.

Victoria and her boyfriend sat down as I was made to stand before them.

‘You may remember Timothy, we are engaged to be married,’ she said.

‘Congratulations,’ I said.

‘You will be required to work 6 days a week, staying over during weekdays.

Your duties will be cleaning, ironing, shopping, serving meals and anything else I may require.’

‘But Victoria,’ I retorted. ‘I can’t stay. I too live with a boy and he would definitely not allow it.’

An incumbent anger engulfed Victoria’s face!

‘Firstly, you address me as Miss from now on and my boyfriend as Sir and secondly, they are the conditions of employment. Take it or leave it, there are plenty other willing girls.’

‘I understand Miss; you will be my first priority.’

How had it come to this: – An intellectual, gorgeous black girl having to succumb to this self-indulgent white bitch. Now I had to tell my boyfriend of my new job.

What would he think of me serving a white girl’s needs? I was scared he may leave me as I would see so little of him.

Luckily, though he was far from happy, Duane understood my despairing dilemma and agreed to the arrangement for the time being.

Every Monday he would drop me off at 8am and would bursa escort bayan pick me up usually at 6pm on the Saturday, unless Victoria was having a house party, in which case I would be required to serve food and drink into the evening.

The meticulous demands of Victoria made the job absolutely exhausting though when she was out I would often engage in pleasant conversation with her boyfriend.

He was so nice; a real English gentleman with exquisite manners and exhilarating conversation. I could see he respected my obvious inner credentials and he seemed fascinated by my contrasting but equally captivating beauty compared to his girl.

I saw no harm in occasionally flirting with him, although the ramifications of such risks would be colossal! I think we sympathised with each other’s plight.

We seemed to have lots in common yet we were both addicted to the mesmerizing aura that was Victoria London-Smith!

Although I adored my own beau, I found this handsome English guy so much fun and felt an element of jealousy when he showed Victoria affection.

They would often make love sporadically. One evening after I had served dinner and tidied up, I spied through to the living area as they caressed and kissed. Victoria began unbuttoning Timothy’s shirt, then unzipping his trousers as his arousal increased. He was an extremely fit man and his prowess personified the pains of his endeavours!

Like most sporty people, his appetite for sex was incessant and his penis magnificent in its splendour!

I felt a desperate desire to join them both but could only watch for the next hour as they made love. Victoria was the most agile girl imaginable; her manoeuvrability honed by regular sessions with her private gymnastic tutor.

The sex was sensational although his large prick seemed too big for her sweet, cute little fanny!

Timothy seemed to enjoy it best when Victoria was on top of him, gyrating her sexy arse gradually round and titillating the top of his enormous penis. I felt so horny, so wet, so wanting——-.

He then swung her round and lifted her on top of his pulsating member as he sat on the couch. Sex from behind initiated a cry of joyous satisfaction from ‘my Miss,’ as Timothy pushed and probed with purposeful precision.

The English girl’s cheeks were red and flushed. She gradually raised her delightful thighs to a squatting position. This brought wails of gratification from Tim. He rubbed her breasts ever-more vigorously;

Victoria’s nipples were now clearly erect!

This position showed the terrific toning in the white girl’s legs. She was so subtle and really knew how to please her man!

She tantalisingly moved her pussy so that it was touching only the uppermost tip of his penis then began prolonged circular movements, each one greeted by roars of ecstasy and an almost pleading imploration from her man.

He was approaching orgasm but she made him wait, with immaculate poise and control!

When finally he did cum it was with a multitude of orgasms of ever-increasing magnitude; a series of uncontrollable belches initiated at intermittent intervals.

Victoria’s pleasure seemed to intensify with her boyfriend’s groans and she too entered a frantic state of ecstasy as she approached orgasm. Finally the immaculate climax, as they peaked almost in tandem.

They embraced in exhaustion for several minutes before embarrassingly realising I must have heard their unrelenting screams of passion.

Victoria was flushed and her clothes creased and crumpled as she ordered me to run her a bath. I saw Timothy and couldn’t nilüfer escort help but smile cheekily. His response was shy and coy but that night I fantasised about him and his girl pleasuring each other so perfectly.

Sometimes I plucked up the courage to engage in a little flirtatious activity with Tim. I desperately wanted to show him how attractive I could look and flash a little flesh, so to speak!

One evening Victoria was otherwise engaged at a friend’s house. Tim was eating in the dining area of the large kitchen. I hatched a plan, to pretend to be emptying the washing machine, making out I was unaware of his presence.

I picked out my finest silk pink panties and delightfully sexy bra and made my way downstairs.

I sensed his eyes were embracing me then heard his voice as he gently said ‘hello.’ I portrayed an element of shock and apologised for my semi-nudity.

‘Don’t worry Chiku, you look fantastic,’ he said. I became more relaxed and assured as we conversed together, purposely flaunting my assets as I tidied the kitchen.

I bent down as often as possible to reveal the curves in my bottom and was starting to feel a warped sense of pleasure in playfully portraying myself in front of my mistress’ man.

‘What if your girlfriend should come back now and saw you studying her maid,’ I commented.

‘She’s a bitch to you Chiku and to me, at times. You are a real beauty too you know, with an additionally pleasant personality.’

‘I can’t believe you could fancy me, when you have the most gorgeous girl imaginable,’ I said.

He pinched my bum as I slipped passed him then asked if id like to relax and watch a movie.

‘Id love too, I said, ‘but I still have a lot of tidying up to do upstairs. Victoria’s room is a mess.’

He took me by the hand and sat me down on the couch.

‘Let me wait on you for a change,’ he commanded and he brought me a nice warm drink and some fruit. I couldn’t believe this was happening and must confess to feeling a smug satisfaction that I could contort with the white girl’s husband-to-be.

Anyway she treated me so viciously at times that I thought I deserved a small indulgence!

I placed my legs across Tim as we settled down for the movie and he slowly stroked them almost mesmorising me in the process. He tickled my belly and kissed me gently on the neck, talking into my ear. Oh so sweet and gentle!

The movie became somewhat secondary. He played with my hair though I couldn’t comprehend his fascination. Black girls’ hair tends to be coarse and wiry not like the smooth, silky feel of a naturally blonde white girl such as Victoria!

Yet Tim clearly found me comparable and I revelled in his adulation. ‘Would you mind standing up please Chiku?’ he politely requested. ‘I want to analyse you a little more thoroughly if you don’t mind.’

He began squeezing my bottom, slightly displacing my silky panties so he could fully fondle the cheeks of my buttocks. ‘I love the shape of arse you black girls possess,’ he commented, to my distinctive delight but semblance of shock!

Eventually, I turned round and while kneeling on the couch, pulled down my bra and threw my bouncing bosoms in his face.

I felt his bounding erection, as he began moderately biting my prominent nipples. ‘What magnificence,’ he remarked. ‘You are so perfect.’ I wondered where we were heading and I think Timothy reached a point where he realised there were boundaries.

‘I so want you Chiku but I can’t go any further. You know Victoria and I just can’t.’

The sadness in his voice was matched only by türbanlı escort my innermost feelings. I desperately wanted this man to fuck me like he had so vehemently fucked his English girl but, with a kiss that seemed to last an eternity, I parted to my room.

Over the ensuing days, I felt a wicked sense of delight at having such intimacy with my mistress’ man. It was no reflection on the adoration I I felt for my own boyfriend yet this white English boy was a gem and I couldn’t help but immerse myself in dreams about him at every free opportunity.

Girls are very intuitive though and I felt that Victoria sensed something. One evening, as I brushed her long, beautiful blonde hair, she gazed at me intently, with a look of menacing meaness.

I felt extremely uneasy, not knowing where to perpetrate my glaze but making sure I avoided eye contact with my miss.

Timothy worked away for long periods and Victoria told me she was taking a holiday with her Mummy – a month’s retreat to the Caribbean – but my initial feelings of joy at the thought of some time off were quickly tempered as she informed me that I would be required to accompany her.

I later found out my Mother would be travelling as well so the idea of a tropical holiday immediately curtailed any trembling thoughts I had about informing my beligerant beau!

A week henceforth, we were in the idyllic setting of St Lucia, its sunshine and warmth a massive contrast to the grey, cold climate of The Mother Country.

Although me and my Mum were required to maintain the villa and satisfy the white womens’ whims, we still managed to relax considerably more than at home.

It was great to have time together with my Mum though of course I was still pre-dominantly Victoria’s little plaything!

Every day she wore a different bikini, often skimpy and revealing and drew many admiring glances on the exclusive beach.

She had quite a number of white female friends on the island as they all regularly holidayed here and one particular day is embedded clearly in my recollections!

It was Saturday morning and another blazing, beautiful day in the sun-drenched Caribbean.

Me and my Mum made breakfast for our mistresses on the varanda then, after washing and tidying the dishes, we were required to administer a relaxing foot massage as they lay by the pool.

‘I’m going to the beach after dinner Mummy,’ said Victoria.

‘Well don’t forget I am visiting an old friend tonight and will probably stay overnight,’ said her Mother,’

‘Are you taking Ewoma,’ Victoria pouted, referring to my Mum.

‘As long as you are ok with Chiku,’

‘I’ll be fine Mummy, Caroline and Samantha are coming to the villa to see me, so that works out perfectly and I think Scarlett and another girl might come too.’

‘You are going to be busy tonight Chiku,’ Victoria forthrightly uttered.

I could see a glint in Victoria’s eyes and my body shuddered with an abundant mixture of fear and fantasy as I wondered what the evening had in store. It had been a while since my miss and I had spent a night unhindered by boyfriends and Mothers!

Later, as I meticulously ironed Victoria’s stunning dress and prepared with diligent delicacy the evening’s ravishingly lovely cuisine and Caribbean cocktails, I began feeling a strange yearning for Timothy.

I wondered if Victoria missed him too. I allowed myself a wry smile as I pondered our little, naughty escapade and it made the bossiness and cattiness of my white miss a touch easier to tolerate.

I sensed that although Victoria still had control and power over me, the pendulum was swinging somewhat.

Believe me! That evening any thoughts of equality to my white English rose were banished as far as far away from my thoughts as this black African girl was from her homeland—————-.


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